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When the sun set in the west, it dyed the entire sea surface orange.

Whenever the sun set or rose over the sea, it gave people the illusion that they could see the end of the world.

Gu An walked up to Gu Nan with his hands behind his back like a young adult. “It’s such a beautiful day, brother, do you think we should open champagne to celebrate?”

Gu Nan said, “Get out.”


Then he rolled around.

Gu Mingyu threw a grape into his mouth and smiled, “How many peanuts did you eat to get so drunk?”

Although it was indeed a good time to drink, but… how could they drink in front of their sister!

Then he waved his hand, “What are you going to drink? A bottle of Coke!”

Gu An, “…”

No chance!

Gu Mingli actually came over holding a large bottle of Coke.

Bai Mohua said, “Is there any milk…”

Gu Mingli said, “No.”

Bai Mohua said, “Then I’ll drink Coke too.”

The sun was setting in the west, and on such a beautiful day, a group of people were sitting on an expensive cruise ship drinking Coke.

Nan Feng: “…”

He really didn’t understand the world of rich people.

After taking a cruise and experiencing the ocean scenery, it was time to go home. The sudden transition from warm ocean beaches to cold cities was unbearable not only for humans, but also for dogs, cats and birds.

As soon as Doudou got off the plane, she flew tremblingly onto Nuan Nuan’s shoulders. She moved her little body and tried to get into her collar. However, a big hand ruthlessly grabbed her out and threw her onto Gu An.

“Don’t disturb her sleep.”

Gu Nan only glanced at a certain parrot with his eyes. Doudou shivered, feeling that this terrifying human being was more terrifying than the cold air outside.

Can’t afford to offend, can’t afford to offend…

Doudou could only do the next best thing and hide in the hat behind Gu An.

Gu An: “…Come out!”

Doudou’s broken voice sounded a little muffled from the hat.

“No, no, no!”

They had been playing crazily at the beach all day today. As soon as they got on the plane, Nuan Nuan fell asleep in the arms of her elder brother. At this moment, she was hugged by Gu Nan, wrapped in his coat, and only a furry head was exposed. Her head and little face were buried in his clothes and could not be seen.

They returned directly to Gu family house in Lincheng this time, and Bai Mohua also came with them, planning to play for a few days before going back.

“You’re finally back!”

Father Gu had been waiting for a long time. When he saw them, he walked over with a smile on his face, and then snatched his daughter from his eldest son’s arms.

Gu Nan: Since you are older, I won’t argue with you.

Father Gu held the sleeping Nuan Nuan like a baby, fearing that she would be cold, he walked back into the house and took off his coat.

The little girl was warm and not cold at all. She was sleeping peacefully and looked very cute and beautiful.

“Uncle, we will sleep at your house today…”

Gu Mingyu yawned and spoke lazily.

Father Gu carried his daughter upstairs and said, “You can choose the room of your choice. Today Nuan Nuan will sleep next to me and her mother.”

Briquette and Rhubarb consciously went to find their own nests as soon as they came back. Even Little Orange, the extra cat, let it sleep in a nest.

They had so much fun on the cruise that it was already two o’clock in the morning when they came back, and luckily Father Gu was waiting all the time.

When Nuan Nuan woke up the next day, her expression was still very dazed. It was only after her mother put her clothes on that she woke up.

“Good morning, mom.”

The little girl who woke up said good morning softly, hugged her mother’s neck affectionately and kissed her on the face.

Mother Gu arranged her hair gently and kissed her forehead.

“Good morning, baby.”

Gu An and Gu Mingli had already gone to school. Nuan Nuan got up late today. When she went downstairs, she only saw her grandfather, her eldest brother and her father.

As for the third brother and cousin, they were not awake yet and could sleep better than her.

“Good morning, grandpa, good morning, dad, and good morning, big brother.”

The little girl softly said good morning to everyone.

Mr. Gu hadn’t seen his sweet granddaughter for a few days, and he was smiling happier than anyone else at the moment.

“Nuan Nuan, come to grandpa for breakfast.”

Nuan Nuan immediately ran over with small steps, rubbed his hand like a kitten, sat down obediently, and ate a hearty breakfast.

It wasn’t until Gu Linmo and Gu Nan went to work that Gu Mingyu and Bai Mohua got up one after another.

Gu Mingyu only ate a little breakfast, and the little girl Nuan Nuan couldn’t help but look at him and asked worriedly.

“Third brother, you eat so little.”

He ate less than she did!

Gu Mingyu crossed his legs, and said with a sad look on his beautiful face.

“Your third brother also want to eat a lot of meat, but in my profession, I can’t eat too much. I can only get to eat a little bit. Even if I eat so little, I still have to exercise every day to lose weight.”

Nuan Nuan’s eyes suddenly widened, and then she looked at him sympathetically.

“Third brother, you are so pitiful.”

Gu Mingyu also felt that he was quite pitiful.

“Yeah, but I’m quite satisfied just watching you eat now.”

Although he also wanted to eat more.

But today’s lunch meal was really rich, including braised pork, cola chicken wings, braised prawns in oil, and lots more… all of which he liked to eat.

Gu Mingyu’s mouth watered, especially when he saw Nuan Nuan eating so happily.

He couldn’t hold it back, and then he accidentally followed… He ate too much…

After Gu Mingyu finished eating, he picked up Nuan Nuan and said, “Let’s go… run with your brother!”

Of course such a cold day did not allow for going out for a run, but there was no gym at home, so after obtaining Gu Nan’s consent, they went to the villa in Biewuan Nanjin.

Gu Nan’s villa had a well-equipped gym. As soon as Gu Mingyu arrived, he ran angrily in the gym for an hour and worked out for half an hour before finishing.

Bai Mohua was also dragged along. Nuan Nuan and he ran with Gu Mingyu for less than half an hour before running away. The little girl took him to the garden behind, not knowing how the vegetables and fruits she had grown here before she left were doing. Most importantly, how were the strawberries doing?

After all, it was already autumn, and the peach and pear trees that were planted before didn’t have many leaves to begin with, and now they had all fallen out, and they didn’t look very pretty when they were bare.

However, the seasonal vegetables planted, such as Chinese cabbage and radishes, were growing exceptionally well. The seedlings were as tall as an adult’s hand, and their lush green appearance was very attractive.

What surprised her the most was the strawberries in the shed.

The strawberry shed was not too high, so Nuan Nuan was able to walk directly into it, but Bai Mohua could not do it, he had to bend down.

The neatly arranged strawberry seedlings on the soil ridge were growing well and were all alive.

“Are these grown by Nuan Nuan?”

Bai Mohua squatted down and fiddled with the strawberry seedlings with his slender fingers.

“It was my eldest brother and my father who planted it with Nuan Nuan.”

Bai Mohua was a little envious, “Remember to call me next time you want to plant something.”

“Then what if my cousin is not here?”

Bai Mohua said with envy. He thought about it, he still had to go back.

His clean and delicate face suddenly wrinkled, and suddenly an idea flashed in his mind.

“Nuan Nuan, what do you think if I buy a house here too?”

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