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Or just kiss each other, she didn’t seem to be at a disadvantage…

“Eh, I’m exhausted…” With A Chun’s sigh, the whole living room suddenly brightened. Yin Xiaomei woke up almost instantly when she heard her voice and slid under the table like a slippery snake with lightning-fast speed!

“Huh? The young master is back?” A Chun saw Yin Zhefei standing at the door of the kitchen, and her expression seemed to be more nervous than him for a moment: “Why didn’t you turn on the light…”

Yin Zhefei re-buttoned the button on his chest without showing a trace. Then he walked towards her and said solemnly: “It’s fine to call me A Fei. I came to the kitchen to find something to eat, but I couldn’t find anything.” Yin Zhefei himself was not clear-headed, so he didn’t notice A Chun’s expression of guilty conscience.

A Chun sighed: “Eh, you were not coming back, so the kitchen definitely does not have your favorites, what do you want to eat, I will buy for you now.”

“Okay, I will drive you to…” Yin Zhefei took the opportunity to put the things in his hand on the table.

“Eh, no, it’s not far…”

“Let’s go…” Yin Zhefei had taken the lead and walked out.

“Oh, well, A Fei, why is your face so red… Are you feverish? Pay attention to your body…” A Chun whispered.

“Well, I’m okay, it’s just a bit hot at home…”

The sound of the conversation between the two went away, but the living room light was not turned off, and it was still bright.

Yin Xiaomei crawled out from under the table with a blushing face, and slumped down at the table in shock, rubbing her chest.

Damn it! Damn it!

She couldn’t bear to pull her hair, so she kicked her legs with anger. She was really a nympho, a big nympho! She lost again!

Yin Xiaomei found tragically that it seemed that she had been in such a situation of retreat since she came back! Yin Zhefei, that bastard, was about to win…


After dinner in the evening, Zhang Xiangyi went to Hu Yueer’s house again. It was just that he learned well this time and chose to knock on the door to avoid being injured by the cacti again.

After a while, there was a familiar sound of footsteps in the yard, and Hu Yueer opened the door. She was wearing a silver silk suspender dress, her pretty white face was very moving in the night, and the whole person looked like a silver mermaid.

It was just that what she said was not so touching: “It’s you again, what’s the matter?”

“Where is Hu Fei?” Zhang Xiangyi asked while glancing inside.

“No, he followed Sister Xianxian to shoot some commercials. Don’t you know to call and ask before you come?”

Zhang Xiangyi gritted his teeth secretly, and said patiently, “You won’t ask me to come in?”

“No need, my parents aren’t at home, it’s wrong for a man and a woman to be alone together.” Hu Yueer leaned against the door frame and said idly, “If you don’t have anything else, let’s leave it at the door.”

“…” Zhang Xiangyi scolded her as a thousand-year-old widow a hundred times in his heart, and then he spoke. “I listened to you and reconciled with Yin Zhefei. You were right. I shouldn’t be separated from A Fei because of this kind of thing.”

“Well…” Hu Yueer pushed up her glasses, “Unexpectedly, you are not that stupid.”

“Now we are reconciled…then…thank you…” Zhang Xiangyi said immediately, “Of course I have already thanked Xianxian.”

“OK, cool.” Hu Yueer waved her hand, obviously hoping that he would hurry. “Go away if you don’t have anything else?” At this moment, the old cat Jin Jian came over quietly and rubbed against Hu Yueer’s leg.

“Huh? Jin Jian is very good with you. It even looks a little cute.” Zhang Xiangyi watched the manic old cat that had become so docile.

At this time, Jin Jian seemed to want to jump into Hu Yueer’s arms, so it jumped up suddenly.

Hu Yueer was about to scold Zhang Xiangyi away and was completely unprepared, but Jin Jian had a good meal recently, and he had gained a lot of weight. He lost his momentum while jumping, and his pointed claws dragged on Hu Yueer’s silk dress!

“Ah -!” Hu Yueer screamed as the claws grazed her, “It hurts, Zhang Xiangyi! What are you doing! Quickly catch Jin Jian!”

“Uh … uh … OK …” Zhang Xiangyi hurried forward and grabbed Jin Jian’s fat waist, trying to pull it off her.

But Jin Jian’s claws were still hooked onto Hu Yueer’s clothes. He pulled his claws sharply in such a panic, and the silver silk dress was torn immediately, exposing the pink bra and delicate skin inside!

Zhang Xiangyi stared at the spring scenery in front of him, stunned.

“Ah-!” Hu Yueer covered her face and screamed even more miserably, “You must not see!” Although she wanted to run away at this time, her clothes were still hanging on Jin Jian’s nails, making her not dare to act rashly!

“Oh…yes, I’m sorry…” For some reason, when he caught Jin Jian, his hands were trembling, and his face was a little hot. “I’ll take it away!”

But Jin Jian did not like Zhang Xiangyi very much. Hu Yueer’s scream also seemed to infect it and made him think he was in danger. So, he suddenly started to struggle desperately, his claws moved, and he cried. Zhang Xiangyi couldn’t catch him immediately, and Jin Jian ran to the ground.

“Tear—” Jin Jian, who was desperate to escape, pulled Hu Yueer for a moment, and then succeeded in turning her clothes into rags. The fat old cat who was the original culprit ran away with a large piece of fabric on his body.

Zhang Xiangyi stared at Hu Yueer blankly. It turned out that the girl’s underwear came in sets…

It turned out that Hu Yueer was so white…

It turned out that she was a conservative girl who liked to wear this kind of thin underwear…

It turned out that her legs were so delicate …

Suddenly the whole world had gone quiet, and it seems that the cicadas had also stopped their calls.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

“Ah-!” Hu Yueer suddenly hugged himself, shouting hysterically.

“No, Hu Yueer, look… this thing really has nothing to do with me…” Zhang Xiangyi stammered and explained.

However, the next second, he had already taken Hu Yueer’s punch firmly, who was really anxious, Zhang Xiangyi’s face was slanted to one side by the force of the punch, and he felt gold stars appearing in front of his eyes.

“Get out! Get out of here! You are never allowed to come here again!” Hu Yueer pushed him out, tears in her tone, and closed the yard door severely. Fortunately, Zhang Xiangyi hid in time, otherwise the door would have greeted him on his nose!

Zhang Xiangyi endured the pain on his face and slapped the door desperately: “No, this really don’t blame me, you be  kind! Don’t be angry…”

The darker the night, the brighter the stars in the sky blinked, watching the upcoming storm.

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