YXBG Ch. 42: Losing Weight

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Song Yuanyuan’s first commercial was soon finished.

The color of the advertisement was cold gray, with the texture of a movie. The beginning of the advertisement, showed an empty room scattered with various snacks on the floor, and Song Yuanyuan was sitting by the window with her head on her knees, looking very helpless.

The camera then turned to her fleshy fingers and arms, indicating that the girl’s obesity was real, not the effect of the advertisement.

Then the words “expect a transformation” were typed, and the products were placed in the lower right corner.

“Daddy, isn’t it good!” A Xiang finished showing, and excitedly joined Zhang Xiangyi.

Zhang Xiangyi touched his chin and nodded: “Very good, very special, this Qin Yuan is really not just a flower vase…”

Other skin care products and weight loss products in the same period were mostly colorful and noisy. Such a quiet advertisement traversed it, with special colors and gentle music, it was easy to attract everyone’s attention.

But Song Yuanyuan’s life today was not as easy as shown in the advertisement.

All her snacks were confiscated and replaced by simple meals prepared by a nutritionist for her. The nutrition was very rich, with whole wheat bread, vegetables, fruits, shrimp, chicken breast, nuts, non-fat yogurt… But whenever Song Yuanyuan ate those, she didn’t feel full! She dreamt that she was eating French fries now… She thought she could steal food during class on weekdays, but-

“Song Yuanyuan, this is the food you can eat today,” when Qin Yuan drove her to school, he took out a list very kindly, “The salad can only be one of tomatoes and cucumbers, and you can eat stir-fried vegetables. But it can only be vegetarian. You can choose beef, chicken, fish, but you can’t eat staple food. “

After Song Yuanyuan started to lose weight, she felt that the taste that had appeared in her mouth was fading. She took the list and said pitifully: “I don’t want to eat these. I recently… have been constipated…” She couldn’t help but say this. Her face had gotten red because Qin Yuan was a beautiful man comparable to Scotchy, but she had to discuss this kind of thing with him.

“Eat Fire Dragon Fruit.” Qin Yuan looked as usual.

“It’s better to eat bananas, drink honey water…” She really wanted to eat something sweet!

“The sugar content is too high, no.” Qin Yuan refused without thinking about it, “Let’s just buy dragon fruit, I will buy you some red hearts tomorrow, it will also be good for your complexion.”

Although his tone was gentle, it was not acceptable. Song Yuanyuan shut her lips unwillingly and crumpled the list.

As if perceiving her anxiety, Qin Yuan comforted: “Patience, the process of reducing fat will produce unhappy emotions, but you do not have congenital obesity. If you continue to be obese, it will affect your body. Why? Shouldn’t you take this opportunity to force yourself?”

“But…” Song Yuanyuan retorted, “Slimming products should help me lose weight no matter how I eat them!”

“Oh? You still have such stupid thoughts?”

Qin Yuan sneered, “Even if the slimming products are taken internally, there is no guarantee that you can eat them unscrupulously. Yin Zhefei’s set of products, he himself told me carefully, that the slimming effect is already considered the best, but..” He glanced at Song Yuan’s swollen belly, “It’s actually not that difficult to lose weight. The difficulty is that after losing weight, your previously enlarged skin will sag down like a balloon. This product can just save you.” He sneered. “You should be grateful that the technology is so advanced today.”

Song Yuanyuan unconsciously protected her belly, not daring to imagine what it would look like after deflating, but at the same time she was smart and sensitively felt that Qin Yuan was getting impatient: “You…you don’t seem to like me…”

Qin Yuan said impatiently: “I don’t like people who are lazy and indulgent, and have the idea of getting something for nothing, in any way. Look at Yin Xiaomei, she is already perfect in the eyes of ordinary people. But she would still exercise seriously, and you, with such a rare opportunity, every day the only thing you do is bargain with me, or you just want to escape, you are irresponsible to yourself and irresponsible to Party A, without any spirit of contract. If it weren’t for the 6 million liquidated damages, you would have run away! I can stand you; it is already because I have a good temper.”

Song Yuanyuan obviously did not expect that he would make such an evaluation of her in a few days, and her grievances caused tears to flow from her eyes.

Naturally, she didn’t know that Qin Yuan was a very demanding person. When he was gentle, he was very gentle, but when he was venomous, he was more ruthless than anyone.

“Here ” Qin Yuan stopped the car, “Go down.” Song Yuanyuan got off the car almost as if fleeing, and as she got out of the car, her tears couldn’t help streaming down.

She was the only child in the family, and her parents loved her very much. Even if she liked to eat and had grown fatter, her parents never cared, as long as she felt happy. Had she ever been criticized so disgustingly? Moreover, the other party was still her favorite type of man… and Qin Yuan, when he saw the tears in her eyes, regretted that he had spoken too harshly.

However, when he saw the chubby body rushing towards the gate of the school like a thin-skinned meat bun, his original guilt disappeared.

On the other side, Yin Xiaomei, who had almost wiped out the fire with Yin Zhefei, had moved into a new home at the speed of light.

Sean was so tired that he slumped on her suitcase and stuck his tongue out, complaining: “Babe, why are you so anxious? Wait two days, the school won’t be anxious to find you to go to class.”

Yin Xiaomei thought, of course I can’t live there anymore, or I’ll be easily taken into the ditch by the beautiful boy. But the words that came out were: “Aren’t you always worried about my gossip? What if it was discovered that I was living with Yin Zhefei? Isn’t that clear?”

“Well, it is true! Sweetie, you really got the hang of it!” Sean was very excited, “I’m so relieved.”

“Come on, didn’t you say there is something else, just say it.”

“Oh, that’s the case. I was approached by two media companies with projects. One is a series and the other is a movie. They have a schedule conflict. You see which one you want to choose. Of course, I personally prefer the big screen as it suits you more. It won’t be too long, and the school won’t have any opinions.” Sean handed her the outline and arrangements from the bag, “In addition, there are two reality shows, one having a romantic theme and the other a sporty one. Yes, but I found out that I don’t know much about the culture here, so I’m going to find you a Chinese agent…”

Yin Xiaomei flipped through the outline of the script while he was chattering, and quickly handed it to him: “Let me take this TV series.”

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