YXBG Ch. 43: Mother is Back

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“Huh?” Sean frowned, “Are you sure? This TV script is good, but if you see this movie, it is based on the most popular youth genre nowadays, and is being directed by a well-known director…”

“Of course, I know, I recently I haven’t been idle. I’ve seen these newly released youth movies. They are either about abortion or cheating. I don’t know whose youth is at this time, but the youth I had was not like this.”

Her youth might not have been the same as others’. But she knew what beautiful youth was like- it was the clothes of the teenager being stolen away just when he had finished a swimming class, the sweat from unruly players, and the excited screams from the girls who had crushes on the players…

She shook the script of the movie, “This is what “Love in Love”, my God, it’s quarrels, pregnancy and abortion again, I was disgusted when I saw it. Are you sure that playing this role will help my popularity?” Besides, she had a clever look, and she didn’t look like a girl who could do such confused things.

Sean’s eyes were bulging: “But! The other actor is the most famous traffic star in China!”

“Traffic star!” Yin Xiaomei shook her finger to emphasize.

“It’s better than the new people being used in this TV series…” Sean sighed, “Is it because you think there are kissing scenes in this movie…?”

“Of course not!” Yin Xiaomei smiled, “Since I chose this profession, would I still be afraid of the kiss scene? Although this TV series is very different from my previous image, but you see, it is a story of a mixed-race child and her parents moving back to her grandfather’s house. First of all, it highlights the conflicts between these three generations. There is also the contradiction between Chinese and foreign cultures, which is very interesting and funny! The emotional line between her and the two male protagonists is also very delicate and interesting. The image of the character is also consistent with me. There is also the theme of family, love and friendship. If you have a background that is not far or near, it just evokes everyone’s memories. Isn’t it a good choice?”

Sean hesitated and said, “It’s not bad to hear you say that, but my Chinese is not that good yet, so I just saw a part of the script. Okay, I believe in your vision.”

Before Yin Xiaomei filmed “Desperate Agent”, Sean was also not in favor, because too many fighting scenes could hurt her, but because of her skills, she was nominated for multiple awards and won an academy award for the best newcomer.

“I don’t know which newcomer is so lucky,” Sean mumbled, “Two men who are not well-known can play with you as soon as they come up…”

Yin Xiaomei put her things in the closet from the box. She smiled and said, “It is a blessing and a vision, their future will be unlimited ~”

Sean shook his head helplessly, “What about this reality show?”

“Well, well, I’ll think about it again…” Yin Xiaomei hesitated. “I shouldn’t decide in a hurry.”

Sean nodded: “Yes, take your time to think about it. This reality show is not just for people in the entertainment industry. In the past few seasons, there were Olympic champions, real estate developers, the son of a shipping magnate, college students, supermodels, etc., there are all types of people in the script. There are all kinds of competitive games. I am not worried that you will feel tired. You are as energetic as a wild monkey…”

“You really treat me as a superman. It’s…” Yin Xiaomei smiled and smashed one over, “I still want to take movies, but the premise is that it should have a good script, otherwise it’s better not to shoot!”

“I understand, wait for me to find you a reliable one. Once the Chinese agent is selected, it will not be as strenuous as it is now…” Sean immediately got up, “I’ll withdraw first, and I will fix the audition time and let you know! Be safe at home!”

“Don’t worry! I’m better than a bodyguard. I can fight!” After Sean was sent away, Yin Xiaomei put her skin care products neatly on the dressing table. She couldn’t help feeling that even though she was born with beauty, daily maintenance was indispensable…

At this time, A Chun gave her a call.

“Hey, Xiaomei! Is it convenient for you to talk?” A Chun’s voice sounded sneaky.

“Auntie Chun, did you do anything bad? Why are you talking so strangely?”

“Madam asked me to tell you…” A Chun paused, looked around carefully, and said, “She’s back!”


Yin Xiaomei came to the Longquan Hotel where Chang Mei was staying.

“Mom!” As soon as she saw Chang Mei, she rushed over, buried her face in her neck, greedily inhaling the warm fragrance belonging to her mother.

“Xiaomei, why are you alone? How unsafe! Where is Sean?” Chang Mei pulled down her mask, reproaching her.

“Tell me, why didn’t you call me when you came back,” Yin Xiaomei pouted, “Why didn’t Uncle follow you like the follower he is?”

“You kid, don’t talk too much.” Chang Mei nodded her head.

Yin Xiaomei happily talked with her for a while, and then said: “You’re back, Dad will be happy. I know he wants to ask you to come back but is afraid of being rejected by you. Mom, I used to be young and ignorant, but this time I came back, I understood that you didn’t just go to the UK for me. What’s the problem between you and dad?”

Chang Mei obviously didn’t expect her daughter to raise such a question as soon as they met, and she was a little surprised.

“Xiaomei, this is adult’s business…” She stroked her daughter’s hair, not wanting her to know her problem with Yin Ruoji.

“I’m already an adult too, and I earn more money than my uncle!” Yin Xiaomei rolled her eyes, “Please tell me, otherwise, I will tell Yin Zhefei that you came back stealthily and did not see him!”

“A Fei… Have you seen A Fei? Is he okay?” Chang Mei’s beautiful eyes were full of tears, and her heart was full of guilt towards her son.

“No, he has become even more hateful…” Yin Xiaomei finished speaking, thinking that Yin Zhefei was her mother’s own child, she was not reconciled but she still said. “He graduated with a Ph.D. and is now very successful. There were magazines a while ago pushing to interview him. Mom, if you miss him, just tell him in person! I know, he misses you too, although he never asked about you … “

Chang Mei sadly said: “A Fei, he is a sensible child. He is considerate of me, afraid that I will be sad because of him…”

“Mom, don’t cry, you tell me, I’ll find a way for you, OK!” Yin Xiaomei hugged her, “You believe me…”

After a long time, Chang Mei held her daughter’s arm weakly and said slowly: “Xiaomei, after thinking about it for so many years, I finally figured it out. I… this time I came back because I didn’t want to worry about you, and I also wanted to find a chance to meet A Fei… The most important thing is that I want to divorce your father.”

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