YXBG Ch. 44: The so-called Truth

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Sean was a vigorous and resolute person, and he soon fixed the time of the audition. Yin Xiaomei fit this role extremely well, coupled with her high reputation and acting skills, the producer and director couldn’t believe she was willing to act in a movie with newcomers!

However, Yin Xiaomei, who was in the midst of intensive work, couldn’t help but feel a headache when she thought of her mother’s decision. From her heart, she naturally did not want her parents to divorce. As a father, he had also cared about her.

Especially after she experienced the pedophile incident in her childhood, Yin Ruoji always kept a certain distance from her on the one hand and also asked Yin Zhefei to do the same. On the other hand, he never relaxed his attitude towards investigating the men around her, even the teacher Li of the school was investigated by him.

He really took her as his own daughter and didn’t want her to be hurt again, although he never said anything.

But aside from selfishness, the education she received required her to respect her mother’s decision, especially the other person’s life choices, which made Yin Xiaomei feel extremely distressed.

But she knew that there was someone who might make Chang Mei change her mind. Although she was a hundred times unwilling, she still sent a WeChat message to Yin Zhefei: Are you free? Let’s have a meal together…

Yin Zhefei replied to her almost immediately: OK.

She was holding the phone, and there was a vague feeling in her mind. Yin Zhefei’s attitude towards her parents was so strange so he must also be aware of what happened back then.


Because Song Yuanyuan was closely guarded, the gathering of Yin Xiaomei’s trio whittled down to only her and Lin Diyi.

“Ah, why are they so inhuman that Yuanyuan can’t even come out,” Lin Diyi sighed, “I promise not to let her eat more.”

“Of course, she can’t. The commercial will be broadcast soon. Qin Yuan can’t wait to hurry up and let her stay in the villa 24 hours a day during the summer vacation…” Yin Xiaomei curled her lips. She hadn’t seen Song Yuanyuan for a while, but in the photos recently sent by Zhang Xiangyi, she looked thinner, but her unhappy face seemed to show as if she was dug out of a grave.

“Okay, but I can’t stay longer today. There will be media interviews at the gallery in the afternoon. I have to go over and help.” Lin Diyi said while looking at the time on her phone.

“By the way, you said that you work part-time in a gallery… I’m so curious, shall I go with you?” Yin Xiaomei was waiting for dinner with Yin Zhefei, but there was no class, so she was very free in the afternoon. She was very interested in art, so she felt eager to check the gallery out.

“Um…” Lin Diyi was obviously very embarrassed, “Forget it, if a big star like you goes, all those who came to interview the painter will start interviewing you.”

“Well, that’s true, but which artist is being interviewed? Is he famous?”

Lin Diyi’s eyes flickered, “Well…he’s quite famous…”

Yin Xiaomei looked at the phone and said absently, “Then wait for me to dress up and go with you. It just so happens that Yin Zhefei is looking for me! I’ll go with you some other day! I won’t delay your business!”

“Well,” Lin Diyi nodded a little unconsciously.

Yin Xiaomei had her own thoughts, and naturally did not notice her strangeness.

She had thought about what to say to Yin Zhefei today, but when she really faced him, she couldn’t say it.

“Did you call me out just to watch me in a daze?” Yin Zhefei made a deliberate joke when he saw her looking solemn. Because of the special identity of Yin Xiaomei, Yin Zhefei specially chose a friend’s wine club, which was very private, so there was no need to worry about paparazzi taking photos. The warm yellow light rendered the ambience around them ambiguous, and Yin Xiaomei, who was sitting on the red velvet bench, looked even more amazingly beautiful, wearing an emerald-green silk dress which made mouth appear plump and her eyes deep.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, every time Yin Zhefei saw her, he couldn’t help but develop an urge to get close to her.

“Smelly…” Queen Yin rolled her eyes at him.

“Eat something, a salad, it won’t make you fat.” Yin Zhefei saw that she had regained her usual active look, which made him feel relieved, so he pushed the salad in front of her.

“Actually, I have something to ask you…” Yin Xiaomei did not eat but took a sip of red wine.

“You ask.”

“Do you know what happened to our parents back then…”

Yin Zhefei stagnated his hand holding the cup, and said lightly: “Why are you asking this?”

“Do you know? Can you tell me?”

Yin Zhefei frowned and didn’t speak.

“Mother has been very unhappy all these years, and when father came to the UK to find her, she also avoided him… I thought it was a coincidence at first, but when I came back this time, I suddenly realized that there was a problem between them.” Yin Xiaomei thought for a while but decided not to tell her about Chang Mei’s return. “And after I came back, you never asked about mother even once, and you didn’t even ask to talk to her, because you were afraid she would miss you and you will miss her too. You don’t want her to come back, why?”

“Sometimes I think you’re smart, sometimes I think you’re stupid…” Yin Zhefei’s sarcasm was mixed with a spoiling tone that he hadn’t even noticed. “In fact, what happened back then was very simple, even if I tell you, it’s okay.” He paused, and said carefully, “You think, mom loves Dad so much, what would keep her away for so long? Dad he…had an affair…and wanted to divorce mother…”

“What! Impossible!” Yin Xiaomei immediately denied, “It’s absolutely impossible!”

“What’s impossible, you were just a kid at that time. Every day you only knew about pranks, and your nerves were as rough as water pipes. What can you know…?”

“Hey, you are doing a personal attack!” Yin Xiaomei angrily said, “What evidence is there for you to say that!”

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