YXBG Ch. 45: Public Opinion

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Yin Zhefei’s eyes had become lonely, “I saw it with my own eyes and heard with my own ears. What other evidence is needed? I heard dad say that he wanted to divorce mom.” He lowered his eyes, “Yin Xiaomei, you stupid fellow, she’s my mother, do you think I don’t want her to stay with me? Do you think I am willing to be separated from her? But I know that my mother loves him very much. However, much pain mother was in at that time, she just endured it and didn’t let you know.”

Yin Xiaomei was shocked. She felt a bit of suffocating pain for a while. How could it be possible? Father loved mother very much. She had seen it in his eyes. Maybe sometimes she was a little high-strung, but her intuition had never deceived her.

It was no wonder that her mother rarely had a smile on her face these years, as she carried both the love and hatred for her father at the same time in her heart. How much torment she must be in!

It was ridiculous that she thought her mother was so entangled because of her uncle, Yin Xiaomei, you are such a big fool!

Seeing Yin Xiaomei’s big eyes soaked in tears, Yin Zhefei felt an unconscious pull in his heart, so he sat next to her, and gently wrapped his hand around her shoulders: “It’s okay, isn’t mother doing well in the UK.”

“All these years, you must have met with each other behind his back.” Yin Xiaomei buried her head in his chest and said angrily.

“Yes, dad always wanted to find her, and mom didn’t want to face him, so even when I was studying abroad for the few years, meetings with my mom was very limited.”

“Who is that woman!” Yin Xiaomei gritted her teeth. “Mom is the most perfect woman in the world, I want to know who robbed Dad!” She had been back for so long, and she had never seen any trace of Yin Ruoji’s contact with other women, not even the smell of perfume.

“She… was Wen Xuan, father’s secretary, she died in a car accident,” Yin Zhefei said softly.

Yin Xiaomei’s body was shaken, and she was silent. She had long forgotten that she had known Wen Xuan, but she felt that it was well deserved.

Yin Zhefei knew that she felt uncomfortable, so his arm could not restrain his strength a little. His hug at this time was very simple, completely just treating her as an injured child.

It was just that when Yin Xiaomei raised her head slightly, she saw the skin on his neckline and the slightly exposed collarbone,

She couldn’t help but swallow her saliva… She was really becoming a nympho, damn it!


After the heroine was confirmed, “Love in That Era” started shooting soon.

The two male protagonists were both newcomers. The second male lead Cai Xiaokun was actually still a senior at the university where Yin Xiaomei was now studying. The male lead Lai Wangming was also a student at an art high school. Because the background of the story took place in a high school, they were all of similar age and thus matched their characters.

It was precisely because the two male protagonists were both newcomers, that their eyes were as clean as a sunny day after the rain, and their words and deeds were very simple, without too much utilitarianism.

Yin Xiaomei was naturally satisfied with this, but Sean was not in a very good mood.

“Sweetheart, you should really look at what is being said on Weibo, saying that you have lowered your worth and opened the way for two newcomers!” He was so angry that his face went red, “They also said that you switched from the big screen to the small one. It is because you have no market in China!”

Yin Xiaomei was focusing on the script, only raising her eyebrows.

“Why don’t we change to that movie,” Sean didn’t give up. “It’s not too late to pay a penalty.”

“Sean!” Yin Xiao said with a nice temper. “To be successful on the small screen, as long as the script is good and the crew has some conscience, nothing else is needed.”

“Eh, okay, this is your first play after you returned home, if it falls to the street, don’t cry in front of me!” Sean walked away angrily.

Yin Xiaomei chuckled secretly, she hadn’t think that just after a few days of Sean coming to China, he had even learned such things as falling to the street.

At this time, Lai Wangming came over and waved the script in his hand: “Are you free? Can I practice against you?” He was 189cm tall. If Yin Xiaomei was any shorter, she was afraid she would have had to step on a bench to play with him. And his handsome appearance was very natural and easy-going, and there was no common problem that many ordinary beautiful men had-he was not greasy and narcissistic. Yin Xiaomei secretly admired the director’s vision in casting, this was the ideal male number one for the script!

Naturally, Lai Wangming had also watched the movies performed by this rising star, but he didn’t expect the real person to be even more energetic and attractive than she was on the screen, and she was also easy-going and humorous, so every time he played with her, he couldn’t help but blush, and the effect of the actual shooting was very realistic. Even the director laughed and said that other people were acting, while they were performing realistically.

And Cai Xiaokun was a native, so he knew all the places for food here, plus this was his first drama, so he cherished this fate, and he made an appointment with Yin Xiaomei and Lai Wangming to get together for hot pot. While Yin Xiaomei satisfied her appetite, she was photographed by the paparazzi when the three of them were talking and eating happily.

Soon all kinds of sensational entertainment news swarmed out——

[Academy Award New Goddess and Newcomer Actors Have a Happy Dinner] [Bringing Newcomers? or supporting boyfriend?

[Fiona’s “unacceptable nature” disappointed fans, how can foreign celebrities find the right positioning

[Returning to China and changing her boyfriend like clothes, the new goddess destroys her future]

Sean was exhausted!

Yin Xiaomei didn’t respond at all, she just filmed seriously, and didn’t even bother to go to the press conference.

“Baby, can you tell me what you are thinking.” Sean almost fell down on his knees in front of her.

“I will answer them with my strength! I, Xiaokun and Xiaolai are good friends, that’s all! Besides, weren’t you worried that this work has all newcomers so there wouldn’t be any exposure, and now you have exposure.”

“But your image is very uncomfortable right now!” This was the first time Sean had faced this situation, and he was very upset.

“Don’t worry! I am a kid who grew up in a foreign country. This set of rules don’t apply to me, and soon everyone would forget it, but if there are problems with my work and acting skills, it will really disappoint the fans. What’s the matter!” She waved her hand, “Well, don’t delay me from memorizing the script, I want to finish and go home early today~!”

Mom had made a lot of delicious food for her at home!

Since her mother was back, it was naturally inconvenient for her to stay in the hotel, and it was even more unrealistic for her to live in the old house. So, she simply told her to live with herself and she could eat her mother’s loving lunch every day. It was simply killing two birds with one stone.

Naturally, this was a secret, so she would not tell anyone!

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