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When Yu Yuan heard this question, she said in an affirmative tone, “It is true, the boss is going to transfer to our Class 8!” When the other girls heard this, they came over curiously.

“Then we can see him in the afternoon?”

Yu Yuan was not clear about this, but since they were already at school, so they should come to class in the afternoon. After realizing that they could see He Xun himself in the afternoon, many girls in the class became more active.

Embracing He Xun’s golden legs, wasn’t it the rhythm of lying down and becoming the winner in life? It depended on who moved the fastest.

Yu Yuan recalled the information whe had just received, and continued, “By the way, not only He Xun himself, but also his two friends will also be transferred to our class. In other words, today, our class has four transfer students, hahahahaha!”

Pei Jin felt a little strange after listening. Two friends? But He Xun, obviously had three good brothers.

Who was the missing one?

After everyone had chatted in the classroom for a while, Yu Yuan finally remembered about food. Handsome guys were important, but they could not beat food.

She took Pei Jin’s arm enthusiastically, “Beauty Pei Jin, let’s go to the cafeteria for lunch.”


Before they walked out of the classroom with their meal cards, they heard various voices coming from outside the classroom. The voice sounded a little noisy and chaotic, but Pei Jin didn’t care about it either.

The campus at lunchtime was always the most active and lively. She took out her mobile phone with her free hand and glanced at the time. It was already 12:30 noon. After seeing the time, she was just about to put her mobile phone back in her pocket. At this time, a short and sharp scream sounded in the classroom.

Yu Yuan stopped and stretched out the hand holding Pei Jin’s arm to cover her mouth firmly.

Pei Jin’s heart jumped suddenly, she suddenly realized something, and slowly raised her head with feeling.

In the next second, her eyes collided firmly with He Xun’s.

He Xun was dressed in black today, and the black color showed his slender figure to the best advantage, his hair was obviously well-taken care of, and his hairstyle was messy and stylish.

He looked at her very aggressively, his eyes were as deep as a black hole, Pei Jin subconsciously tilted her head slightly, trying to avoid his gaze.

After seeing He Xun, all the students in the class became excited. They thought they would only be able to see him in the afternoon, but they didn’t expect to see the real person at lunch!

And the real person was really handsome at an explosive level! The figure was also good to the explosive level!

Yu Yuan took a deep breath, and just wanted to take a step forward and introduce herself briefly, but she didn’t expect He Xun to take the initiative to walk towards her.

Yu Yuan took a breath, feeling surprised. She wanted to say something, but before she could speak, the next second, she heard He Xun slowly say two words.


Hearing this call, not only Yu Yuan, the rest of the classmates in the class, and even Pei Jin herself was surprised.

He Xun, did he recognize her? Did he know she was Pei Jin? Pei Jin who had been in the same dormitory with him for so long?

Seeing Pei Jin’s dazed appearance, He Xun’s face slowly showed a smile.

He walked to Pei Jin and touched her hair in a familiar manner, “Have you had lunch?”

Pei Jin slightly raised her head to look at He Xun and shook her head subconsciously.

He Xun moved next to her naturally and took her hand, “Let’s go, eat.”

When Pei Jin was led away by He Xun, a heated discussion broke out in the class.

“Fuck, fuck, what is the relationship between the big guy and the big beauty?”

“What else is it? Looking at them like this, it’s obviously a relationship.”

“I don’t think it is like that. I asked Pei Jin in the morning. She said that she is single. She has no reason to lie to me!”

“Looking at the big guy, I feel that he is more active. I think he is chasing the big beauty. Get it.”

“Fuck, the good-looking people really always have a master, or will soon have a master, the boss’s transfer is probably for Pei Jin!”

“It must be, the boss transferred to our class, obviously it was intentional. The big guy deserves to be a big guy, chasing people straight to the door of the house, nothing anybody could do, and they had all lost. It’s time to eat, and to study.”

Pei Jin was led away by He Xun. After regaining her senses, she shook her hand but didn’t break free.

She and He Xun were originally two eye-catching personalities, and now that they were holding hands and walking in the school, the rate of them turning heads had become almost 100%.

Pei Jin couldn’t stand it, so she called out in a low voice, “Brother Xun.”


“Can you not hold me?”

He Xun slowly spit out two words, and said, “No.”

After she had said those words, He Xun’s strength in holding hands had actually increased by two points.

The temperature was not low at noon, and Pei Jin had started sweating soon.

She was thinking about getting to the canteen as soon as possible. When they reached the canteen, He Xun should let go of her hand, right?

The two walked to a relatively empty place, and He Xun suddenly led her to an uninhabited corner.

Pei Jin leaned her back against the white wall and stared at He Xun, who was close at hand.

He Xun leaned over slightly, his peachy eyes curled up, “

“Peipei, you look beautiful with long hair…” After knowing that Pei Jin was a girl, he had imagined Pei Jin wearing women’s clothing countless times. He had always known that Pei Jin was good-looking, but he did not expect that Pei Jin, who was wearing women’s clothing, would provoke his heart so much.

When she looked at him with those big pure and beautiful eyes, he felt as if his heart was drowning.

He thought that the most correct decision he made in his eighteen years of life should be this time. Knowing that Pei Jin was going to transfer school, he didn’t hesitate to do the same with her. Sure enough, he got it right.

If he didn’t come, he didn’t know how many wolves would stare at his Peipei.

Pei Jin bit her lower lip and asked the question she had been hiding in her heart after seeing He Xun today, “Brother Xun, after you saw me, you didn’t seem to be surprised at all?”

Wasn’t he surprised that she was actually a girl?

Could it be that he already knew it?

After realizing this, Pei Jin opened her eyes slightly.

He Xun laughed lowly when he heard the words and gently squeezed Pei Jin’s chin, “Peipei, we have been together for so long day and night, do you think I am so slow?”

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