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He Xun’s words meant that he already knew she was a girl?

When did he discover it?

Pei Jin suddenly remembered with shame the night the two slept in the same bed. Did he know that night…

Pei Jin opened her mouth wide, and said blankly, “Brother Xun, the night we slept in the same bed, did you know…”

When he heard the four words “slept in the same bed”, a faint blush could not help but appear on He Xun’s ears.

That night he thought that Pei Jin was a straight man, so he was able to lie on the same bed with her without distracting thoughts, and even fell asleep very quickly, with no dreams all night. Now, it was absolutely impossible for him to lie down with her peacefully, and it was even impossible for him to simply sleep in a bed with her.

He Xun coughed slightly and lowered his eyes slightly, “Not at that time.” After hearing that he did not know then, Pei Jin breathed a sigh of relief, and just let it go, but then her next breath came up again.

Just a few days ago, He Xun deliberately teased her and asked her if she wanted to take a bath with him, and later asked him to bring her underwear.

He didn’t find out that night when they shared the bed, but he should have found out later, right? So, he did it on purpose?

After realizing this, Pei Jin whispered in embarrassment, “He Xun!”


He Xun lowered his head slightly and saw that Pei Jin’s lips were as red as March peach blossoms.

His eyes darkened, all of his mind was attracted by the red lips in front of him, and his body leaned slightly unwillingly.

At this time, two girls’ screams suddenly came not far away.

“Wow, how come there are people here!”

“Although there is no surveillance here, these two people are too bold!” Twelfth Middle School was very tolerant of puppy love, but no matter how tolerant it was, it was impossible to allow students to openly do intimate actions in public.

In the eyes of these two girls, it was He Xun and Pei Jin who were hiding in an empty corner preparing to do bad things.

He Xun heard the words and pressed Pei Jin firmly to his chest, without letting the two girls see her face.

Although the two girls thought that the boy’s back was tall and handsome, many of the boys were just killer from the back, but their faces were too ugly, so they didn’t stay there much, and left after making some noise.

After the two girls left, He Xun took Pei Jin’s hand and left the corner.

Pei Jin pursed her lips and quietly glanced at He Xun beside her. Was it her illusion, or did he really want to kiss her just now?

After arriving at the cafeteria, they saw that there were not many students eating in the cafeteria. The meal time was over, and there were not many leftovers.

He Xun spent money to get a small stove lit in the canteen and to get three more hot dishes cooked.

During the time when the two people waited for the dishes to be cooked, Pei Jin looked down at her toes and asked her questions.

“Brother Xun, why did you transfer to this school?” He was obviously playing well in the boys’ college, why was he still tossing about? Wasn’t it troublesome?

He Xun looked down at her, “Because of you.”

Because of her? But why?

Pei Jin wanted to open her mouth to ask several times, but in the end, she still didn’t ask.

Anyway, if He Xun wanted her to know, she would know the reason sooner or later.

When the two returned to the classroom, the classroom was very lively. When Fatty saw Pei Jin, he hurriedly waved to her and greeted her enthusiastically, “Little Five!”

Pei Jin did not expect that Zheng Li and Fatty would be already in the classroom. She raised a smile on her face and said hello to them, “Fatty, Zheng Li.”

Zheng Li walked to He Xun and winked, “She’s so beautiful.”

He Xun showed a smile in his eyes that had not disappeared since he saw Pei Jin.

After a while, the lunch break got over and everyone returned to their place. Because He Xun and his friends had just transferred over, they were sitting in the last row for the time being.

As soon as Pei Jin sat down, Yu Yuan hurriedly came over and said, “So you knew them from a long time ago!”

The people had all seen the scene where Fatty greeted Pei Jin enthusiastically just now.

She greeted Zheng Li and Fatty just now, and now there was no need to pretend not to know each other, so Pei Jin nodded and admitted.

Yu Yuan rolled her eyes and asked strangely, “Why do they call you Little Five?”

“Because I am the latest in their small group to join, ranking fifth…” At this point, Pei Jin suddenly realized Zhang Chen didn’t transfer to this school with He Xun, only Fatty and Zheng Li came with him.

So, was Zhang Chen already out?

After Yu Yuan heard these words, an expression of envy appeared on her face.

It turned out that Pei Jin had long been integrated into the small circle of the big brothers and had been recognized by them. They even nicknamed her as Little Five.

When the boss came towards her at noon, she was still a little nervous, but she didn’t expect the boss to go directly to Pei Jin.

Seeing that the boss didn’t even look at her, Yu Yuan felt in her heart that it was impossible to lose, but after the loss, her mentality quickly adjusted. Just like a classmate said, “Everyone is gone, what are you doing, don’t mix in between the young couple.”

It was obvious that He Xun had transferred over for Pei Jin, but no one was doing anything. So, she decided to just eat melons quietly.

Yu Yuan looked at the flawless beautiful face of Pei Jin at the same table and couldn’t help gossiping, “Are you two together?”

Pei Jin widened her eyes and shook her head hurriedly to deny, “Of course not.”

Yu Yuan quietly thought: Take a look at the back row. It seems that the boss still needs to work hard.

The accommodation in No.12 Middle School was dominated by co-ed dorms, and the style could be said to be very bold. But it might be that the school was too generous, but nothing overt had happened in these years. After the transfer, Pei Jin was naturally staying in the dorms, and it just so happened that Yu Yuan and their dormitory had one empty bed, so she successfully became the fourth dormitory member.

While Pei Jin got familiar with the new dorm members in the dormitory, He Xun, Zheng Li, and Fatty had been shopping in the mall for an unprecedented time.

After walking too much, the Fatty’s head was covered with sweat. “It’s boring to go shopping.”

Zheng Li gave the Fatty a withering look. “You didn’t need to come.”

Fatty said confidently, “If you are not there, it would be even more boring by myself. So, why not come out together?”

He Xun glanced at Zheng Li, “What gift did you give to your ex-girlfriend before?”

Zheng Li shrugged, “A lot, but you can try lipstick. Lipstick is the least error-prone gift.”

Although he had asked Pei Jin what he liked before, but that time Pei Jin said she was very satisfied even if he gave her cotton candy. The candy had already been sent over, so naturally he needed to send something else this time.

They were now visiting He Xun’s own shopping mall.

He Xun walked slowly to a lipstick counter, picked up a lipstick and looked at it, and said, “Are there any lipstick recommendations?”

The store manager’s eyes were sharp, and she immediately recognized the 17-year-old boy in front of him. It was the son of the manager of the mall where she worked. She smiled sweetly, “He Shao, is it for a girlfriend?”

He Xun curled his lips when he heard the words, and corrected, “My future girlfriend.”

The store manager suddenly realized that it turned out that he hadn’t caught up to her yet, was he pursuing someone?

She smiled and took out a set of lipsticks, “He Shao, this set is a limited-edition Christmas lipstick launched by the C brand this year. With the theme of romantic first snow, it is most suitable for gifting to somebody you like.”

There were a total of eight lipsticks in this set. The lipstick cover was light gold, with patterns on it, which looked very textured.

The store manager spared no effort to recommend it, “He Shao, among the eight colors, four of them are classic colors, which can be perfectly suitable for both daily and banquets. There are also four new colors this year, suitable for overlaying, different application methods will result in different aesthetics. Among the eight colors, the classic colors are suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the other four overlays are only suitable for autumn and winter. With so many colors, girls will surely have one that they will like.”

The manager’s introduction was very good, and He Xun simply took out the card and paid.

This set of lipsticks was not cheap. The store manager said happily as she collected the money, “He Shao, I wish you an early embrace of the beautiful woman.”

Zheng Li couldn’t help but groan after watching the whole process.

When he was with his first love, he didn’t have much experience in giving gifts to girls, so he only knew to ask the counter people to recommend when he bought things. However, the lipsticks recommended by the counter saleswomen were all Barbie colors, and the perfumes recommended to him were all unpleasant. He gave a lot of gifts, but he never saw his first love use them.

Later, he finally learned that the recommendations given by the counter salespeople were usually those that were not easy to sell, and they were specially used to fool boys who didn’t understand the market.

He was also criticized by his first love for having “straight male aesthetics.”

He wanted to remind He Xun just now, and ask him to buy the hottest color, and to not be fooled by the counter person. Unexpectedly, the counter sister directly took out the best and most expensive set of lipsticks.

The prince was not the same, the cabinet sister dared not fool around with him at all, so the recommendations were naturally the best.

So, was he fooled by the counter people to buy Barbie colors because he was not rich enough?

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