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Zheng Li watched as the store manager handed the beautifully packaged gift box to He Xun, and smiled, “Axun, when are you going to confess?”

He Xun smiled, “In a few days, if something happens these days, I will need your help.” Other girls had it, so his Peipei should also have it, and if other girls didn’t have it, then she should have that too.

Zheng Li hurriedly packed the tickets and took care of the matter, “It’s okay, leave it to us.”

Fatty also said faithfully, “Brother Xun, it’s okay.”

When He Xun was shopping for gifts, Pei Jin and her new roommates were chatting. Among her three new roommates, besides Yu Yuan, the other two were named Xu Lulu and Zhang Xia.

Xu Lulu was an enthusiastic and sweet-looking little beauty. Zhang Xia had a shy personality and a pair of big glasses on her face. She was a school tyrant, and both of them were easy to get along with. Xu Lulu was actually terribly curious about Pei Jin and He Xun in her heart, but because she hadn’t known Pei Jin for long, she didn’t dare to talk too much about it.

Several people were talking, and suddenly there was a noisy sound of moving things outside.

Yu Yuan liked gossip the most. She stood up hurriedly and leaned against the door to listen to the sound for a while. Xu Lulu also hurriedly asked in a low voice, “What’s going on outside?”

Yu Yuan listened for a while, and said with some uncertainty, “Li Feng and the others are going to move to another dormitory.”

Xu Lulu looked confused, “Move to another dormitory? But school has started for almost a month. Why did they move this time? Their entire dormitory moved away?”

Yu Yuan shook her head, saying that she didn’t know, she was too curious, so she opened the door of the dormitory directly.

The dormitory building of No.12 Middle School was full of boys and girls, and the dormitory opposite them happened to be one where boys lived.

Obviously, Li Feng’s bedroom was undergoing a huge move. The floor was full of quilts, washbasins, toothbrushes and other daily necessities, and it seemed that there was no place to stand.

Yu Yuan and Li Feng seemed to have a good relationship. She walked a few steps across and asked him strangely, “Li Feng, what are you doing?”

Li Feng was busy organizing things into a pile. He took the time to look at Yu Yuan and said, “You can’t watch it yourself? Moving!”

Yu Yuan stomped, “I know you’re moving, but why?”

Li Feng raised his head, and then saw Pei Jin who seemed to have floated behind Yu Yuan, “Why else? There are big guys who want to live here.”

An hour ago, the school’s life teacher directly asked them to move to another dormitory. To compensate them, the three-year dormitory fee, water and electricity bills of the four-person group for their dormitory was made free, and all the fees collected in the previous two years would also be refunded within three days.

The Twelfth Middle School was different from the boys’ college. The Boys’ College was a private aristocratic school. The students studying there were not short of money, and almost all had a luxury car. However, the family conditions of the Twelfth Middle School students were uneven, and the family background of students here was generally and predominantly middle class.

Three years of electricity and accommodation was also a lot of money. If they moved to another dormitory, they could live in the school for three years for nothing, and they wouldn’t even have to pay for water and electricity.

After knowing the news, several of his roommates were full of joy, and they started to pack up their things altogether. Anyway, the boys were strong and didn’t have many things, so the move was still very fast.

In fact, Li Feng didn’t want to move very much, which was troublesome, but he also knew that if he didn’t move, he still had to move sooner or later, so it was better to get things done as soon as possible.

Yu Yuan rolled her eyes and suddenly understood something.

The big guy had even considered the issue of the dormitory, which was really enviable. When would she have this kind of love?

She knelt down and watched Li Feng and his roommates being busy from the aisle.

“Li Feng, what should I do if I encounter math problems that I can’t do in the future?”

Li Feng was the math class representative in the class. He obviously didn’t listen to the class very much, but he could get full marks every time. He never missed even a few points in a math test. Unfortunately, his partial subjects were not good, so his overall score was not high.

Li Feng said lightly, “My new dormitory is 328, which is at the end of the corridor. If you have any questions, come and ask.”

“Okay.” After Yu Yuan saw that Li Feng was about to move the quilt over, she rushed to help, “Li Feng, I will help you take the washbasin.”


Xu Lulu stood by the door and listened. After Yu Yuan and Li Feng had this conversation, the ins and outs were sorted out in no time.

After seeing Yu Yuan and Li Feng walking towards 328, she hurriedly walked back a few steps and said, “The people living in the opposite dormitory are going to change.”

Zhang Xia only had an interest in her grades and was not very interested in this kind of thing. She didn’t care about anyone, so she only pushed the glasses up on her face.

Xu Lulu smiled and winked at Pei Jin.

Pei Jin lowered her eyes slightly.

She naturally heard Li Feng’s words just now.

Big boss, how many big bosses were there? Except for He Xun, there was absolutely no second choice.

After a while, everybody from the opposite dormitory had moved out cleanly, but there was a large pile of rubbish left on the ground, which looked messy and dirty. But all the dormitories that had just been emptied were like this.

At this time, He Xun’s nanny appeared again silently, holding professional tools in her hand, cleaning, mopping, and wiping, everything went on in an orderly manner. Xu Lulu and Yu Yuan were both staring at her.

Yu Yuan said with emotion, “The nanny is on call, which makes one too happy.” You know, when she started staying in junior high school, she did the cleaning and laying the sheets by herself, and her roommate was the same as her.

Xu Lulu spread her hands, “It’s a rich man’s world.”

After half an hour, the dormitory on the opposite side had been completely renewed. The floor was clean and tidy, there was no dust on the desks, and the bed was covered with a fluffy quilt. The dormitory was just waiting for the new members to move in.

This level was definitely more professional than the staff of a five-star hotel.

After a while, the Fatty’s loud voice came from afar, “Oh, I’m really exhausted today, and my waist is about to break.”

Zheng Li mocked him mercilessly, “How much exercise did you have today? Fatty, let’s forget it.”

Hearing these words, the Fatty was not convinced, “Brother Xun, Zheng Li, he let me die!”

He Xun’s lazy voice was neither hurried nor slow, “Fatty, you really should eat less.”

Even He Xun said that, and Fatty felt a little wronged in his heart.

Zheng Li patted the Fatty on the shoulder, “Axun and I are also saying this for your own good, you can’t keep getting fatter anymore.”

The Fatty grieved and said, “Okay, I will eat fewer skewers later.”

After a few minutes of talking, they had already reached to the door of the dormitory 315. The dormitory 316 opposite them was where Pei Jin lived.

The door of 316 wasn’t closed, the few girls were sitting there chatting, and Fatty walked to the door without them seeing him, then knocked on the bedroom door symbolically and said hello, “Hi.”

The girls all looked at him.

Being stared at by eight eyes, the fat man felt a little embarrassed. He scratched his head and said shyly, “Me and Brother Xun, Zheng Li and the others will live opposite you from now on. I came over to say hello first. You can find us if you need anything.”

After speaking, the Fatty’s huge body moved aside, revealing He Xun and Zheng Li behind him.

He Xun put his hands in his pockets, with a lazy smile on the corners of his lips, his eyes falling precisely on Pei Jin’s body.

Pei Jin lowered her head slightly.

Zheng Li said hello, “Can we come in?”

Yu Yuan said enthusiastically, “Of course.”

The Fatty walked into the 316 dormitory first. As soon as he came in, the whole dormitory seemed to be a little bit cramped, Xu Lulu couldn’t help but cover her mouth to stop herself from laughing.

Fatty really deserved his nickname, he was really fat.

Fatty had a good temper with girls, and even if he was ridiculed, he was not angry. He scratched his head and smiled naively.

The outermost part of the dormitory was the sink, and there were 8 thermos bottles under the counter. In order to avoid confusion, the names of people were clearly written on the thermos bottles.

The accommodation conditions of No. 12 High School were naturally incomparable with boys’ colleges. There were separate bathrooms and kitchens in boys’ colleges.

The kitchen was fully equipped with a high-end water purifier, and they could drink water at the right temperature at any time. Hot water was also supplied 24 hours a day.

But none of these were available in the Twelfth Middle School. Even to get the hot water in the Twelfth Middle School, they had to go downstairs with a water card.

The first time they went to the girl’s bedroom, Fatty and Zheng Li were still abiding by the rules. They didn’t look around randomly. They stood close to the corner and talked with Yu Yuan. Xu Lulu was chatting. As for He Xun, he bent down and tried the two thermos bottles with Pei Jin’s name written on them.


He took out Pei Jin’s two thermos with one hand and said, “Peipei, I’ll fetch you water.”

Pei Jin hurriedly got up from the stool and said, “I’ll just go by myself.”

He Xun picked it up, “See me like this?”

Pei Jin was defeated, “Then I will go with you.” At this point, the dormitory corridor was very lively.

It was very common for boys to appear in the dormitory of mixed-gender dormitories, but when He Xun passed by, it still caused a small riot.

Boys were common, but someone as handsome as He Xun was not common.

He Xun turned a blind eye to others. He held a thermos with one hand, and the other hand naturally took Pei Jin’s hand. Pei Jin tried to break away from him, but she couldn’t break away. He Xun moved in and clasped her fingers tightly.

He Xun held her hand very tightly, and Pei Jin simply gave up the thought of breaking free.

When walking down the corridor, someone kept peeking at the two of them. He Xun looked natural. He looked down at Pei Jin, “Have you arranged everything in the bedroom?”

Pei Jin said, “It’s almost done.”

Yu Yuan and the several people just now helped her spread the quilt together, and with their help, she arranged everything in no time.

“I’ll live opposite you, and you can find me if you have something to do.”

Pei Jin raised her head and glanced at He Xun and gave a soft hum.

She and He Xun were roommates who lived in the same dormitory before. Although they lived apart now, they were still very close. As long as they shouted, the other party could hear them. Now, it seemed to be the same as before.

The place to fetch water was not far from the dormitory building. There were many people fetching water. The two waited for a while before they got an empty seat.

After filling up the water, He Xun picked up two thermos bottles with one hand, and then took Pei Jin’s hand with the other hand.

Pei Jin didn’t bother to struggle and let him do what he wanted.

As soon as the two of them left, various discussions sounded in the hot water room.

“Those two just now were the transfer students who caused a sensation today?”

“Sure they are. Who would have thought that our No. 12 Middle School would actually get four students transferred in one go today? One of them is the big brother of the school next door.”

“The real girl looks much better than the secret photo. I didn’t expect her to look so beautiful!”

“The boy is also super handsome! What kind of fairy love is this!”

Suddenly someone interrupted and said, “But didn’t the post say that the epic beauty is single? What’s the situation now?”

At this moment, a new post appeared on the school’s forum.

[Shock! In just half a day, the famous flower seems to have a master! There are pictures and the truth!]

Within half an hour, there was a hot word on the side of this post.

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