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Because of her superb acting skills, Yin Xiaomei’s scene was passed in one take, so she soon took off her makeup and went home happily, even an hour earlier than she expected.

What surprised her was that she didn’t see her mother at home, instead there was an uninvited guest sitting on the sofa!

“Yin Zhefei! Why did you come in!” She cried out as if she had seen a cockroach in her apple pie.

“You think I am willing,” Yin Zhefei said grimly, “Dad worries about you, so he gave me the key. Also, you should be more restrained, he has seen your scandal in Singapore! It has been said that you are two timing, you can…” His black shirt sleeves were rolled to his elbows, and his fingers holding the water cup were slender and full of strength. That handsome face and graceful posture like a vampire was simply not like a celebrity, it was even better than a celebrity!

However, Yin Xiaomei couldn’t concentrate on appreciating the attractiveness of this man. She was very nervous, for fear that Chang Mei would come back and meet him. After all, her mother still wanted to explain to Yin Zhefei that she was divorcing his father, and she didn’t want them to meet in such a sudden manner like this. So, her mind was so confused that she in a rarely seen display did not reply back to him.

Yin Zhefei thought she was angry because of his attitude, and stepped forward, “Aren’t you going to explain it?”

“Ah, what explanation?” She returned her attention to him.

“What’s wrong with you? Was your brain eaten by a pig?” Yin Zhefei frowned.

“It was eaten by you!” She angrily said, “Return the key to me, how can you hold my key! In case you become obsessed, I am the one who’s going to be at a loss!”

“No.” Yin Zhefei smiled and shook his head. “I have to look after you for my parents, in case you really want to live the peachy news of ‘female celebrities having two men stay with her overnight’.”

At this time, Yin Xiaomei received a text message from Chang Mei, saying that she was discussing the details of the divorce with the lawyer. So, she would be back later. She secretly breathed a sigh of relief and quickly deleted the text message.

“Whose message?” Yin Zhefei couldn’t help asking when he saw her momentarily nervous and then relieved. But he thought in his heart, 80% the message must have been from one of those two male stars.

“It’s none of your business.” Yin Xiaomei poked his chest with her tender fingertips, “You don’t need to care about my business, you are not my father!” She said, walking to her bedroom, but she turned around at the door. It was discovered that not only did Yin Zhefei not follow, but his pair of sharp eagle eyes looked around suspiciously, obviously looking for some clues.

It was broken! He doubted her!

Yin Xiaomei was shocked, thinking that her mother’s suitcase was still lying in the second bedroom. Obviously, he hadn’t seen it, but if he doubted her, it would be very troublesome! By the way, there was still mother’s toothbrush and towel in the bathroom…

She suddenly realized that because she had never guarded against Yin Zhefei’s coming, her living space did not specifically hide the traces of her mother, and when she carefully noticed it, she found that there were flaws everywhere!

How to do, what to do! Obviously, Yin Zhefei probably didn’t expect his mother to come back, so he hadn’t deliberately paid attention to his surroundings, but once he was alert, it would be difficult to handle!

She suddenly yelled “Ah” in a low voice.

Sure enough, Yin Zhefei reacted immediately, “What’s the matter?”

“I’ve twisted my feet…” Yin Xiaomei lied nervously. Fortunately, she was a good actor, so her painful expression was quite real.

“Twisting your feet on the flat ground in slippers? Cerebellar atrophy is a sign of Alzheimer’s.” Despite the sarcasm, Yin Zhefei walked towards her and gently carried her onto the bed.

“You move slowly, there is no swelling, it shouldn’t be a big problem.” He held her ankle and checked it carefully.

While Yin Xiaomei stared in horror at his mother’s thin nude coat on the sofa behind him. The mature style could not be said to be worn by herself. Yin Zhefei would not believe it even if he was beaten to death! She could only blame herself for being an idiot. Yesterday she thought that her mother’s clothes were good-looking, and she had to try it…

“What are you looking at…” Yin Zhefei felt strange and wanted to turn his head to look.

“Wait a minute!” Yin Xiaomei held his face in a hand, squeezing his handsome face with a lot of force.

“What are you…” Yin Zhefei frowned and said vaguely, his neck almost flushed.

“I like my brother wearing a black shirt!” she said nonchalantly.

“Huh? Uh…thank you?”

“I can’t control myself!”

“What do you mean by control yourself…” Yin Zhefei hadn’t finished speaking yet, but Yin Xiaomei had already moved closer to him.

Yin Zhefei instinctively wanted to hide back, but couldn’t avoid it, and his lips were tightly sealed.

His heart seemed to stop beating suddenly, and then he jumped back three times faster. Yin Xiaomei took the opportunity to tear off the silk scarf around her neck and tie it in front of his eyes.

“What are you doing…” He avoided her lips, his breath was husky, but soon he was sealed by the sweetness again.

Because the silk scarf obscured the sight in front of him, his other senses became more sensitive at this moment, his attention was very distracted, but at the same time very concentrated… concentrated on her sweetness… he quickly settled down and gave up resisting and hugged her tightly and kissed her deeper…

But Yin Xiaomei was at this moment, doing super difficult movements- her long legs crossed Yin Zhefei, and her little feet in stockings desperately kicked her mother’s clothes behind the sofa. Thanks to her flexible limbs, the clothes soon fell behind the sofa.

Great, there was only half the sleeve left, victory was in sight! She was overjoyed.

But at this moment, accompanied by Yin Zhefei’s low gasping sound, his big palm touched the base of her thigh.

Yin Xiaomei froze, before she could react, she was overwhelmed on the bed.

She didn’t even have time to retract her legs, so they stood upright like a flagpole without a white flag.

Damn it! He probably thought she was trying to seduce him!

Naturally, her legs just seemed to be caught on his waist, which was very misleading, but she swore to God that she absolutely didn’t mean it…

But she had to admit that Yin Zhefei at this time was more seductive than ever. His black shirt set off his porcelain-white complexion, and the red silk scarf tied to his eyes was the same as his red lips, which made him look a little eviller, tempting her to do whatever she wanted.

The kissed Yin Xiaomei desperately sought out the technique to escape in her mind, but his kiss and touch seemed to have caused a greedy monster in her body, infinitely swelling, and infinitely yearning for more.

“Xiaomei…” He pressed her lips, whispering her name.

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