YXBG Ch. 48: Be Smart

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“Is it… okay…” Yin Zhefei couldn’t see her expression but could feel her slender legs wrapped around his waist, he could feel her abundant closeness to him, and he could feel her scorching heat. He reminded himself to breathe. It was just that the beauty was in his arms, and he was nervous for some reason. He really wanted to get there, but he still couldn’t help confirming with her. He didn’t want to take advantage of her hesitance, causing her to hold a grudge.

Yin Xiaomei’s dull brain suddenly realized what he was asking!

She flinched in fright, “Uh , no, no, no… this is too fast… I, I have to think about it again… I’m not ready… You misunderstood…”

Yin Zhefei’s hand was on her. This caused the evasion to stop for an instant. It was obvious that he was tortured by lust and was mobilizing all his self-control to control himself. He was shocked to discover at this moment that even though he deliberately kept a distance from her, acting as if there was nothing between the two, his desire for her had already exceeded his imagination.

Obviously, Yin Xiaomei’s desire for him was not so strong.

While Yin Zhefei was in a daze, she got out of his arms like a living monkey, and finally threw the last bit of sleeves behind the sofa.

She finally succeeded, and she let out a long sigh of relief after sacrificing herself.

Mom, mom, she thought bitterly, I would never do such a high-risk thing again! I really don’t have the material for being a glamorous spy!

“You should go…” Yin Xiaomei gave an order to chase away the guest with insufficient confidence.

Yin Zhefei’s hair was messed up by her, and his shirt was very untidy. It looked like he had been ravaged by Yin Xiaomei. He slowly pulled down the silk scarf in front of him, and his sharp eyes were as bright as flames because of love.

Yin Xiaomei swallowed her saliva. On the one hand, she had a guilty conscience, and on the other, she was worried about his beastly nature…

“Don’t worry…” He said softly, “Are you hungry? I’ll take you to dinner…”

“Well, I’m not hungry, I’m sleepy, I want to sleep… You go back soon!” She was uneasy holding the bed sheet, she was not at ease, it was best for him to get out, otherwise…otherwise facing his beauty, she might really faint…

“Okay…then you take a good rest,” he stood up, “Mother is here anyway, it’s better to wait for the next opportunity…”

“What did you say?!” Yin Xiaomei screamed. She was almost petrified.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. I came over today and saw mother. We talked for a long time. She said something was going on at night, so let me take you to dinner.” Yin Zhefei looked curious when he saw her pale face. “Why is your reaction so big?”

Yin Xiaomei was completely stunned.

“What’s wrong with you,” Yin Zhefei leaned close to her, “Are you entangled about the key? Okay, I lied to you about the key, and it was mother who opened the door for me.” He looked around before, only because he saw Yin Xiaomei being unwilling and suspected that she was really dating another man at home.

After all, Yin Zhefei’s actions were really unintentional, but Yin Xiaomei had a guilty conscience and took the initiative to deliver her tofu to the other…

Ahhhhhh! Idiot! Dad always cared about her safety the most, how could it be possible for him to give the key to another adult man! Not even Yin Zhefei! She really was an idiot! Be smart! Be smart! She pulled her pillow and hit Yin Zhefei on his head and face: “You leave me! Go! You bastard!”

She was obviously the one who took the initiative to jump into his arms and kissed him at the last minute. It was her. It was her who wrapped his legs around him, but she was the one who was driving him away suddenly. Yin Zhefei couldn’t understand what he had done wrong, should he not have asked that question and just done it?

Xiaomei grew up in a foreign country, maybe she didn’t like long-winded men?

The man who was kicked out was seen by the grandmother next door who had just returned home after buying groceries. She looked suspiciously at the disheveled man in front of her. If it hadn’t been for his excessively handsome face, the grandmother would almost suspect that he was a hooligan.

Yin Zhefei smiled at her awkwardly and left in embarrassment.

When Chang Mei returned home at night, Yin Xiaomei was hanging on the sofa in the living room like a dried salted fish.

“Xiaomei, what’s the matter? Did you see your brother?” Chang Mei smiled, “Really, although I was not ready, but yes, I’m so stupid, why would I need to prepare to meet my son…”

Yin Xiaomei gave out a tragic whimper: “Mom, Xiaomei hates you…”

“What’s the matter, baby,” Chang Mei sat next to her in surprise, “It’s all mom’s bad. I didn’t expect divorce to be so troublesome…yes. Are you hungry? Didn’t your brother take you to dinner?”

Yin Xiaomei buried her head in the sofa cushion and let out a scream of frustration-her mother had no idea what chaos she had caused!

She really wanted to kill Yin Zhefei!

Wanted to kill herself even more!


Late at night, Chang Mei sat in front of the dressing table, staring at the divorce agreement in a daze.

Her beautiful face was reflected in the mirror. God did treat her very well. She was obviously over forty, but she looked like a young woman in her early thirties. She could see beauty and charm, but no aging and decadence.

It was just that those beautiful eyes were now shrouded in sorrow.

Her daughter didn’t know that she had been hit today. She was as sluggish as a handful of dried leeks. She went to bed early while facing this paper agreement and felt deep helplessness.

It turned out that she still overestimated herself, she was not that strong.

In Chang Mei’s mind, there was a secret.

This secret was originally told to her by Yao Fei as a joke – after she and Yin Ruoji were married, they had a very good relationship and they were inseparable, so Yao Fei always made fun of them.

And once, Yao Fei inadvertently said something about that year: “…Yin Ruoji that guy can really bear it. Seeing that person take you away, Chen Xi said that he was so scared that his face was blue at that time. You say who didn’t want you to suffer, you don’t know who is really good to you.”

Chang Mei was so frightened that she could barely breathe. She knew what Yao Fei was saying was that Yin Ruoji had witnessed the kidnapping thing.

At that time, Yin Ruoji, who fell from the sky, was simply her patron saint. It could be said that without that matter, it would have taken her a long time to accept him.

She didn’t expect it to be like this.

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