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In the post, there were many hand-in-hand photos of Pei Jin and He Xun.

Front, side, back. Although the photos were a little fuzzy and the distance between the photos taken was a bit far away, it could still be seen that the two people in the photo were close together with their fingers clasped together.

When they remembered that when she transferred school together, Pei Jin had said that she was single before, and the students with a big brain started imagining countless versions of love.

[…The two had a conflict for some reason, so the girl wanted to get rid of the boy, and the boy is reluctant, so he then transfers to school and wants to regain her love.

[After many hardships, the two are back together.

[Upstairs, where is the hardship, it only took a little time to work.

[Half-day effort is just in our eyes, who knows what happened to the two of them in this half-day?]

[We raise our hands. At noon, the boss seems to have held the girl in the corridor, as if he was going to do something bad.

As soon as this sentence came out, everyone’s enthusiasm increased.

[So passionate? Is there a picture!

[Held in the corridor!!! Did he force a kiss?]

[No] ……

After seeing the messages, the girls who had not recognized him at noon, as the popular boy next door who had just transferred to their school He Xun, until they saw the back photo, recognized him. It was a pity that she and her companion didn’t take a picture at noon.

When the discussion was in full swing, a discordant voice suddenly appeared in the post.

[Do you know how Pei Jin met He Xun? She deliberately pretended to be a boy and mixed in the boys’ college, and also became a roommate with He Xun! That’s how they hooked up! In fact, the epic beauty in your mouth is a dead pervert who likes to peep on boys!]

One stone caused a thousand layers of waves.

As soon as this sentence came out, the entire post almost exploded.

[Seriously? No picture, no truth.

[It’s… impossible. How can it be so easy for girls to go to boys’ schools? If it is so easy, then anyone can go.

[I don’t believe it, just sit and wait for the real hammer.

[Maybe because I watched too many TV series, the girl’s heart is bursting, I inexplicably find it very romantic. If Pei Jin really went to a boys’ school and lived in the same dorm with He Xun, wouldn’t the two of them be fated?]

[Ah ah ah ah, suddenly want to know the same bedroom where the two people learnt how to get along.

[I don’t believe it anyway, are the other fools boys? Wouldn’t they find anomalies?

Were those boys in boys’ college all stupid? It had been so long, and they hadn’t found the fact that Pei Jin was a girl.

Xu Yi stared at the phone in her hand with red eyes.

In the beginning, she didn’t pay much attention to the new transfer student. Although many people said that the transfer student would soon steal her title as the school flower, she didn’t care at all. She had always been a school flower since she was a child, as she had very good looks and had never met an opponent.

She had lived so well all the way, and the only roadblock she had faced was in He Xun.

The transfer student had just transferred, so she attracted everyone’s attention, but after a while, she believed that the transfer student would be thrown behind her.

She was still the school flower of No. 12 Middle School, and no one could replace her.

But then she accidentally learned that the transfer student was called Pei Jin. This name was exactly the same as He Xun’s roommate, but in this world, there were many people with the same name and surname, so she didn’t pay it any special attention. But at noon, she heard another heavy news.

He Xun had transferred to their school!

He Xun actually transferred?

Reminiscing about Pei Jin who had transferred to another school before, an amazing idea came to her heart.

Was this girl Pei Jin the roommate of He Xun?

If she was really He Xun’s roommate, what did it mean? That meant He Xun’s roommate was a girl from start to finish, not a boy!

Xu Yi saw all the pictures of Pei Jin that others had taken secretly.

Even though her heart was sour, she still had to admit that Pei Jin was indeed a little prettier than her. In the photo, Pei Jin had a youthful and beautiful pair of ponytails, a pair of cat eyes that were pure and moving, her features were exquisite and small, and her temperament was pure and clean. It was the currently most popular “first love face”.

Xu Yi tried to suppress the sourness in her heart and carefully recalled the appearance of the boy Pei Jin. The boy Pei Jin was really too ordinary, such that people couldn’t even remember his looks. Except for a mess of hair and a pair of dirty glasses, she really couldn’t remember anything else.

But from the physical point of view, Pei Jin, the transfer student, slowly overlapped with He Xun’s roommate.

They must be one and the same!

Xu Yi’s face had become gloomy. She was typing on the reply interface, using her fingers very hard, as if she was about to pierce the phone interface, “He Xun was transferred from a boys’ college! So, what about Pei Jin? Where did she transfer from? Do you know? She also transferred from a boys’ college! He Xun’s original roommate was also called Pei Jin. There are indeed many people with the same name and surname in the world, but there are so many people with the same name and surname who can be involved with He Xun. Move your mind to think about it!”

[This poster seems to be familiar with Pei Jin and He Xun? Who will it be?

[Brothers, I feel like it’s going to be shocking.

[But Pei Jin really looks pure and innocent, she doesn’t seem like a pervert at all.

[Which abnormality can be seen by looking at a person?

[But there is a saying that doesn’t mean that such things are born from the heart? Pei Jin’s looks really can’t match the abnormality?

Xu Yi sneered at these words, and replied, 【Poster: Knowing people, you know their faces, not their hearts. She is a dead pervert! If you don’t believe me, you can go to the school next door and ask if the roommate of He Xun from before was also called Pei Jin or not!

As soon as Pei Jin and He Xun walked to the top of the stairs on the third floor, her mobile phone vibrated several times.

She had muted the group chat which had a lot of news. Generally, if the phone vibrated continuously, it meant that someone was looking for her.

Pei Jin took out her phone and took a look and found that it was a message from Mengmeng.

[Mengmeng: Oops, Sister, someone wants to bring out your past!

[Mengmeng: Someone in the post said that you had studied in boys’ college before and had been roommates with He Xun.

[Mengmeng: This is a link, please take a look. If you need my help, just talk to me!]

Pei Jin’s face paled for a moment.

He Xun found out immediately, “What’s the matter?”

Pei Jin bit her lip, not knowing what to say.

He Xun put the thermos bottle aside, took Pei Jin’s phone and looked at it for a few times. After reading it, his face slowly became gloomy.

Pei Jin was a little nervous. Before, she deliberately concealed her being a girl, just because she was afraid that He Xun would treat her as a pervert.

After she appeared in front of He Xun, as a girl, He Xun never mentioned the previous thing, only smiled and said that she has beautiful long hair.

So, what did he think now?

“Brother Xun, I…” Pei Jin’s face was pale, and she said the words in her heart, “Actually, I didn’t deliberately transfer to a boys’ college. I really didn’t intend to spy on boys’ sex, you believe me, I am not…”

He Xun had covered her lips before the word abnormal was spoken. This kiss was extremely gentle and tender, with a strong sense of comfort. The anxiety in Pei Jin’s heart slowly dissipated in this kiss.

As soon as the kiss ended, He Xun panted slightly and pressed his forehead against hers, his voice was low and sexy as he said, “Peipei, I know, I know all of it, in fact, I’m very thankful that you can come by my side.”

If Pei Jin hadn’t transferred to a boys’ college, he would not have been able to get acquainted with her, let alone fall in love with her during the day and night. If Pei Jin didn’t share the dormitory with him, they wouldn’t have any stories at all, let alone him who had now transferred school while chasing her.

It could only be said that everything was an arrangement of fate.

He Xun straightened up slowly, looking at Pei Jin’s pure and aqua-colored cat eyes, and promised word by word, “Don’t worry, leave this to me.”

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