FPH Ch. 10

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The sun shrouded him, and he was coated with a layer of warm yellow, which neutralized the coldness around him. His skin was fair, and the warm sun fell on his face, as if it was about to melt into him.

Gu Nian couldn’t help thinking of the magazine cover she saw the day she first met him. Just like then, the blue sky and white clouds overhead had become his foil. With him in focus, all backgrounds were blurred.

Shengyue’s shadow gradually blurred behind him, only he stood there tall and jade-like, quiet and stable.

Chu Zhaoyang’s deep black eyes flashed with shallow pleasure, this girl really liked him so much, she looked demented as soon as they met.

His refreshing mint aroma wafted lightly along with the breeze, which also made Gu Nian sober, realizing that the two were too close to each other at this time, and she was about to stick into his arms. Looking down, she could see that her toes were almost touching his.

Gu Nian quickly stepped back and waved at Chu Zhaoyang with a smile: “Mr. Chu.”

She really liked him so much, and she was so happy when she saw him.

Chu Zhaoyang thought confidently in his heart.

His eyes fell on Gu Nian’s white face soaked in sunlight. The feeling that warmed his body, as if a warm spring was flowing through his limbs, had come back.

For some reason, the night he met her, the nightmares that would haunt him every night did not reappear. On the contrary, what appeared repeatedly in his dreams was her smiling face in the sun.

Then one night, he had a nightmare again. After waking up in a cold sweat, he unconsciously thought of her in the sun, and then gradually fell asleep. It was a peaceful sleep.

“Come to dinner?” Chu Zhaoyang asked, thinking that if he took the initiative to invite her to dinner, she could agree to him.

Gu Nian paused before nodding: “Well.”

It should be a meal.

Chu Zhaoyang was about to say something when suddenly a male voice stood between the two: “Old Chu.”

Chu Zhaoyang’s expression became more serious. He looked up impatiently and saw a tall man walking over with an elegant smile, but with obvious curiosity in his eyes.

“Who is this?” Yan Beicheng walked over to Chu Zhaoyang and glanced at Gu Nian with interest.

This was the first time he had seen Chu Zhaoyang standing so close to a woman. Just looking at it from a distance, Chu Zhaoyang’s eyes were so focused that it seemed like he was going to eat the girl at any time.

Chu Zhaoyang held back for a while, and then said coldly, “Friend.”

Gu Nian was extremely embarrassed, and quickly said, “Then I’ll go first, I won’t disturb you.”

After speaking, she hurriedly entered Shengyue as if escaping.

Chu Zhaoyang sneered at Yan Beicheng, and entered Shengyue with a sullen face. Seeing Gu Nian looking for someone in the lobby, he took out his mobile phone and made a call.

Someone suddenly tapped on his shoulder, as Yan Beicheng came over: “Why, you like someone?”

Chu Zhaoyang: “Haha.”

The two entered Yan Beicheng’s exclusive room in Shengyue, Qi Chengzhi, Han Zhuoli and the others were already talking in the room.

A few of them looked over, and Han Zhuoli looked suspiciously around Chu Zhaoyang a few times: “Why do I think Lao Chu is different today?”

“Of course it’s different, Lao Chu’s spring has come. I didn’t expect with his facial paralysis, he would like a women.” Yan Beicheng poured himself a cup of tea and gestured at the corners of his eyes, “I saw Lao Chu talking to a girl at the door just now, and the corners of his eyes were full of spring.”

Shocked, Han Zhuoli immediately jumped up: “Damn it, old Chu has already gotten a spring? Then what should I do! Is that girl still there? I’m going to have a look.”

“Stop!” Chu Zhaoyang rarely called out and stopped Han Zhuoli, “Don’t be ridiculous, girls are thin-skinned.”

He paused, straightened his collar with his long fingers, and straightened his back, “However, she does seem to like me very much.”

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