FPH Ch. 11

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Yan Beicheng: “…”

Seeing the little girl’s reaction just now, she didn’t seem to like him.

Yan Beicheng took a sip of tea and asked a little strangely, “Why do you think so?”

Chu Zhaoyang gave him a look of contempt, and said, “When we first met, she rushed into my arms.”

Yan Beicheng: “…”

The girl really didn’t look so enthusiastic.

In fact, Gu Nian was trying to catch the thief.

Chu Zhaoyang said solemnly: “When she was in the car, she peeked at me crazily.”

Everyone: “…”

Chu Zhaoyang straightened his body and neatened his collar with his long knuckles: “She looked at me full of admiration.”

Yan Beicheng: “…”

Young man, you really think too much.

After a while, Shengyue’s manager came in and whispered something in Yan Beicheng’s ear.

After the manager left, Yan Beicheng looked at Chu Zhaoyang with schadenfreude: “I said Lao Chu, you shouldn’t have said that the girl likes you, because she is on a blind date now.”

“…” Without a word, he stood up and walked out.

“Where are you going?” Han Zhuoli asked from behind.

Chu Zhaoyang had already opened the door, and spit out two words with an indifferent expression: “Catch the traitor.”

At this time, Gu Nian didn’t know what Chu Zhaoyang was thinking.

She had just finished the phone call with the man and gotten to know where he was, so she walked over, and this was the first time she saw what the man looked like.

Slightly fat, not too much of a face of a Chinese character, his skin was white as if smeared with powder, like flour dough, and the eyes were small, somewhat triangular.

Gu Nian was almost pissed off.

According to Aunt Su, the man felt that his condition was good, and he was picky about women. The ones she introduced to him in the past were either disliked for the fact that they were not local, or disliked for the other party’s poor job, or disliked for the other party’s low education. And the one thing that had never changed was that the woman was required to be beautiful.

It was not that she was superficial, however since the other party’s requirements were so high, but with the other party’s appearance, did he still want the woman to look good?

“Miss Gu?” The other party looked at her with confirmation.

Gu Nian nodded and introduced himself: “Hello, I’m Gu Nian.”

The other party raised his hand and glanced at his watch, then gave her a mean look: “Miss Gu really has no sense of time, you are late.”

Gu Nian did not have a watch and took a glance at the time on her phone, two minutes late.

Not wanting to see his mean face, Gu Nian sat down, lowered her eyes and said “Sorry”.

“I heard that you are a police officer from the police station?” The man asked without asking Gu Nian to eat something.

“Well.” Gu Nian generously admitted that, she had always been proud of her work, so a smile appeared on her face.

“Do you still plan to continue doing this job when you get married in the future?”

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with this job.” Gu Nian said coldly.

The man snorted disdainfully: “Isn’t the Pian’er police station just dealing with trivial matters of the neighbourhood all day long? It’s often seen in sitcoms. It’s a shame for a girl to do this job. It’s not a job with great promise.”

“Our task is to maintain social order and protect the safety of citizens. In my opinion, this is a very meaningful and honourable job. I don’t need to be understood, but please respect my profession.” Gu Nian said, her eyes were already filled with undisguised contempt.

Enraged by her gaze, the man threw the BMW key that he had prepared in his hand on the table, and said angrily, “Who are you playing with! If it wasn’t for Aunt Su’s face, would I come to see you? The little police officer, it sounds good to be a civil servant—”

The man paused, tilted his head, and asked with a disdainful expression, “Are you a civil servant?”

Gu Nian pursed her lips, and no longer wanted to answer.

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