CFCS Ch. 200.2: Apocalypse World (4)

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The black and red sun appeared in the sky, people fainted constantly on the street, people had begun to panic and were at a loss, and everything was already happening as it should have happened.

When the bodyguards saw the black and red sun in the sky, and the people reported in the news who kept fainting on the street, they also began to have some bad premonitions in their hearts.

Jing Yang asked them to close all the curtains in the house, and not to go outside for three days, nor to be exposed to the black and red sun. When they asked the reason, Jing Yang only said that it was almost time to let them know everything, and when the time came, he would naturally tell them the reason why he did it.

If the human body was irradiated by the black and red sun, it would have a very bad effect on the human body. People who were less exposed to the black and red light would enhance their abilities much faster than others in the future.

Three days later, the sun was no longer black and red, and the bodyguards Jing Yang looked for thought like everyone else that it should be all right, but when Jing Yang opened the TV wall and let them watch the pictures received, they couldn’t believe what they saw was real and could just stare at the screen in shock.

The picture on the TV screen was captured by Jing Yang’s own surveillance equipment on the street. He had long thought that these bodyguards would not easily believe the content on the TV screen. Only by letting them see it with their own eyes and feel it with their own senses would they truly believe. After Jing Yang let them see this, he didn’t expect them to believe it immediately after seeing it, but just wanted them to be mentally prepared.

“I know you can’t believe that the pictures you are seeing are real, and I know that even if you see what you see, you may not be able to accept it right away. But I still want to tell you that starting from today, the current world is no longer the original world, the end of the world has come.” Jing Yang looked at the bodyguards who were calm on the surface, but whose eyes were full of shock and disbelief.

If the black and red sun did not appear for those three days, they might not believe it at all, but the sun could not be faked. During those three days, they also obviously felt a creepy and uncomfortable feeling.

“It just so happens that I’m going to do something, so you can stay with me. After seeing it with your own eyes, you will believe it. Even if no one wanted to see this day come, but this day is here, no one can stop it. If you want to live, you can follow me, although I can’t guarantee that all of you will live. I will also not stop you if you want to leave, because the end of the world has come, and the contract we signed is now meaningless.”

Jing Yang dragged out a large box and opened it in front of them and threw the guns and ammunition that he had personally modified to the bodyguards, one by one, and told them, “It’s the most dangerous thing to shoot a zombie directly on the head. If you don’t have the heart to do it, you will probably be attacked. And if you are bitten by a zombie, you’d better end it before you mutate, otherwise you will hurt more people. I hope each of you can come back alive. After all, I have spent so much money to hire you, even if the contract is void, in this completely messed up world, uniting with capable people will give us a better chance of surviving than acting alone.”

They were ten people. Three people sat in one car. Jing Yang and bodyguards Li Sheng and Wu Zhong were in the same car. Jing Yang sat in the back seat and fiddled with the gun in his hand. This was the gun that he had spent the longest time modifying. It was completely in line with his heart and would accompany him for a long time in the future.

Jing Yang was going to pick up something very important this time, and this thing must be picked up today, because if he had picked it up before today, it was very likely that the thing might not have appeared, and even if it had, it would not have the effect it should have. If he went to pick it up after today, it was very likely that Qi Yun would find a way to take it before him.

After the car drove into the city, they could see chaos on the streets, biting zombies, and panicked escaping crowds. There were screams all around.

These bodyguards were professionally trained people with strong hearts but seeing zombies biting people with their own eyes still made them feel scared.

Since Li Sheng could remember, this was the first time he was flustered and his hands were shaking. His hand holding the steering wheel was already sweaty. He saw Jing Yang looking out the window calmly through the rearview mirror, and couldn’t help asking, “Aren’t you afraid? Why aren’t you scared and shocked at all?”

Jing Yang retracted his gaze from the window, turned his head to look in front of him, and said lightly, “Because I already knew what was going to happen now.”

“Why, why did you already know.” Wu Zhong wanted to convince himself that this was all a nightmare, so he pinched his palm with his fingernails, but he still clearly felt the pain.

“Because I have the ability to predict the future.” Jing Yang said calmly, “That’s why I told you before that if you want to have a better chance of survival, you can stay by my side. You are my selected people, after this period of time, you will also have supernatural abilities. In the future world, only those with stronger supernormal abilities can live better.”

Li Sheng and Wu Zhong looked at each other, if they had heard Jing Yang’s words in normal times, it would be a fantasy to their ears, and they would even suspect that Jing Yang had a mental problem, who had the ability to predict the future, which person with a normal mind would say such a thing? But now, looking at the zombies on the street outside, and the people who were slowly turning into zombies after being bitten by zombies, they had to believe what Jing Yang said.

Li Sheng braked suddenly, and then quickly reversed to prepare for a U-turn.

Jing Yang said, “Don’t turn around, just drive over.”

“I can’t drive in!” Li Sheng said, looking at the large group of zombies running out of the hospital in front of him.

“Go forward!” Jing Yang said in a commanding tone, then stood up and stuck out his body, and forcefully threw a few bombs of his own making towards the horde of zombies, which immediately knocked down a large area of zombies.

“Slow down.” Jing Yang stood on the roof of the car with his hands up and threw a few more bombs to clear the way, then picked up his gun and aimed at the zombies who were about to jump on the car, killing them one by one, firing headshots.

Suddenly a helicopter flew low in front of him, and Jing Yang looked up, just in time to meet a pair of eyes that were looking down.

With just a glance from a distance, Jing Yang recognized who that person was. He did not expect to meet his lover in such a way this time. They couldn’t even say they met, because the helicopter flew away quickly, and they had just looked at each other.

Shang Yue stretched out his body to see if there was anyone below that they were looking for, but in an instant he met a pair of eyes. Although the helicopter was flying at a low altitude, it was still a certain distance from the ground. It was a bit incredible that someone could look at him from such a distance.

He kept looking at the man with the gun standing on the roof of the car, his black windbreaker was fluttering in the wind, his head turned with the helicopter, and he clearly saw his face with his sniper eyes.

The two looked at each other from a distance, knowing that they could no longer see each other, Jing Yang recovered his mind and focused on dealing with the zombies in front of him.

Shang Yue wanted the helicopter to fly back again. He wanted to go down and bring the man up, but now he had a very heavy task to complete, so he could only grit his teeth and hold back the inexplicable reluctance in his heart, and close his eyes forcefully, while acting as if nothing had happened just now.

“Captain, that man was very handsome just now, his black windbreaker was floating, and the posture of holding the gun was like shooting a movie. He was really handsome.” Meng Hu, who was sitting in front and saw the scene just now, said, “But, that person may not have a good mind, everyone was running away desperately, but he rushed to the zombie pile, do you think he is imagining that he is saving all mankind?”

Meng Hu turned to look at Shang Yue, but not only did he not get an answer from Shang Yue, he also received a flying knife look from Shang Yue. Meng Hu had a sense of fear that he would be stabbed in the heart by the knife. Although he didn’t know why their captain gave him such a look, he obviously felt that their captain was suddenly in a bad mood, so he immediately lowered his head and honestly stopped talking.

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