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Because of Director Liu’s performance from before, everyone knew that she had something to do with Director Liu, and the security didn’t stop her after thinking about it.

Liu Yan walked in front of Si Huang step by step, looked at the boy who was about her own age, took off her backpack with a cold expression, brought out a cotton pad-like thing from it, and handed it to Si Huang with both hands.

Si Huang recognized the function of this thing at a glance, stood up from the chair, stretched out his hand to accept it, and said softly, “You are really careful, it must have taken a lot of time, right?”

“No.” Liu Yan said blankly, “No, I did not do it alone, Ning Ning and Zhou Xiaowen also helped.”

Si Huang didn’t know who she was talking about but noticed that Liu Yan’s ears were blushing red like blood, so he smiled and didn’t continue to stare at her. “It just happens to be of use, it really helped a lot.”

Liu Yan wanted to say something, but Director Liu who had been staring at him couldn’t take it any longer, and roared, “Stinky boy, stop hooking up with my daughter!”

Si Huang still didn’t respond. Liu Yan swept Director Liu with a sharp eye, and she didn’t look any less like an arrogant queen than Guan Li.

Director Liu dared not speak in front of his daughter, “Humph!”

“Pfft.” Si Huang laughed.

Liu Yan’s ears moved, she was embarrassed to continue to look back at Si Huang, so she immediately strode towards the staff.

The staff of the crew already knew that she was Director Liu’s daughter, and none of them dared to neglect her. Who knew that Liu Yan would take off her backpack again, and take out some small gift bags and give them to the staff. With a serious face, she said, “These are cookies and snacks made by our knights. They are all natural and have no artificial coloring. We just ask that you take care of His Majesty.”

Take it! But if you accept it, you must agree to her request! So crafty!

The female staff accepted it readily, and were secretly excited: Actually, we have wanted to take care of Si Huang for a long time, okay? It’s just that we couldn’t find a reason and were sorry, Director Liu’s daughter is really good!

In fact, a female staff member immediately jumped up in front of Si Huang and said softly, “Master Si, do you need any help from me? It’s okay to serve tea and water, anyway, I’m idle right now.!”

The women who were one step slower gritted their teeth.

Several male crew members almost spit out a mouthful of old blood when they heard the words. Nima, you are still idle, obviously you can do a lot of things? Why did you just serve that kid for free!?

Director Liu watched the female staff members of the crew greet Si Huang one by one and surround him with the attentive look of thumping his shoulder and back. He suddenly felt how ridiculous he was when he admired Si Huang for enduring hardship since he had no assistants before.

This guy didn’t need to pay for an assistant at all, there were already a bunch of people rushing over to serve him!


An Yiyuan originally wanted to see Si Huang’s joke – could an underage boy perfectly cope with the enthusiasm of women? You might even the lose the rice in trying to steal the chicken[1], he might instead make these women unhappy, and as a result, he might even be rejected by the crew.

As a result, he watched Si Huang’s hearty smile cope with each woman, as he told them in a soft and gentle tone that he was not tired and told them not to worry. These women were just as good as young girls, happily continuing to do their own thing.

He was also more handsome than him! An Yiyuan gritted his teeth secretly, never thinking that he would one day lose in front of an underage person of the same sex.

The rest time was over.

Si Huang was taken to get fitted for the wires.

The small pieces that Liu Yan gave him before were tied to his crotch and waist, which could isolate and reduce the squeeze pain caused by the wires.

It was a woman who buckled the wires for Si Huang, she carefully did it, and whispered: “Don’t be nervous when you are pulled up, keep your balance, and then do as the director says, it’s not difficult! If Your Majesty does it well, I’ll bring fruit for Your Majesty tomorrow!” The style of the latter sentence changed instantly.

Si Huang raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “If it’s done as you said, it’ll be time for me to bring fruit to thank you.”

Female worker: “…” It’s over! Si Shao is really handsome! What should I do if I’m going to become a scumbag?

Here, her wires had just been fitted, and An Yiyuan had also completed his fitting. He looked at Si Huang and shouted, “Xiao Si, have you ever hung from wires before?”

Si Huang smiled lightly, “Does bungee jumping count?”

An Yiyuan: “Haha! It counts!” Then the words changed, “Let’s make a bet?”


“If you can hang from the wires properly in one go, I will call you Your Majesty and give you a good word on Weibo.” After hearing this, he thought it was like encouragement from the seniors to the juniors, and it was to motivate the juniors to do better. Then An Yiyuan said again: “If you can’t hang in at once, then it’ll be your turn to worship me on Weibo.”

Director Liu heard this and thought that it wasn’t much and would also help in the publicity, so he didn’t say anything to stop it.

Si Huang nodded with interest, and suggested, “I think adding some elements would make it more fun.”

“Huh?” An Yiyuan listened attentively.

Si Huang chuckled: “The loser hangs from the wires and jumps up and down, and how about posting the video?”

This ‘bet’ was mentioned by An Yiyuan. An Yiyuan thought that Si Huang’s acting skills were good, and he could explain it with talent, but he couldn’t even be so good at sports, and he had never acted in any drama at a young age, so he shouldn’t be better at hanging from wires than himself.

“Don’t say that senior bullied you then?” An Yiyuan raised his eyebrows, and he waited for the right time.

Si Huang shook his head, then waved to Yu Xi, and asked him to come over and whispered a few words in his ear.

Yu Xi looked at him in surprise, his expression was a little awkward, but he nodded in response to his explanation.


The scene which required hanging from wires was naturally a fighting scene.

The fight between Prince Feng Chao and Young Master Qianji was triggered by Si Huang’s words just now.

“The Emperor’s Path” mainly told the story about the growth history of the prince of the Feng Dynasty. He had not been tempered as yet when he met Qianji, and it was normal to be slapped in the face by Qianji, a peerless hermit character in the whole play.

Originally, An Yiyuan was confident that even if the protagonist of this scene was Young Master Qianji, he would still amaze the audience and make the audience’s attention mainly fall on him in the future. It was just that fate made a joke for him, and it made him meet the evildoer Si Huang.    

After the two hung up on the wires, Director Liu repeatedly checked with them… More precisely, he confirmed with Si Huang that there was no problem. After receiving an indifferent response from Si Huang, he made a gesture to the staff, indicating that it was time to start.    

The body of Si Huang, who was reborn in this life, had not been hung on the wires yet. If he had experience in memory but no physical experience, he would definitely have been a little stiff and jerky. However, the body strengthened by the Five Treasures could not be compared with her previous life when she was sixteen or seventeen years old, and her agility and reaction speed were comparable to the peak of her previous life.    

With a command, she felt a pulling sensation in her waist and crotch, and she found her balance point without a trace of tension.    

Seeing that Si Huang was doing well, the staff looked towards Director Liu.    

Director Liu also looked surprised, thought for a second, and nodded to the staff.    

The male staff in charge of controlling the wires was instructed, “Turn.” After changing the experimental slowness just now, the wire was mobilized.    

Si Huang was all too familiar with this kind of pulling feeling. His consciousness drove his body, and he swirled gracefully in the air. The snow-white and loose gown flew over, like blooming snow lotuses. His legs were still weak and vertical, but they seemed to be stepping on the breeze of nothingness.

His expression was indifferent, his eyebrows were clear and bright, and his eyes were not squinting at all. He flicked his wide sleeves as if returning to the wind and snow, and his ink hair fluttered in the wind.

When the staff came back to their senses, they realized that they had been affected by Si Huang’s aura at some point and had even controlled the wires to drive Si Huang to complete a set of high-altitude maneuvers without even giving a hint. What was even more surprising was that Si Huang also finished it smoothly.

If he had to use one word to describe Si Huang’s high-altitude performance, Director Liu absentmindedly murmured what everyone wanted to say: “Perfect.”

The screen in front of him repeatedly displayed the figure in white clothes and black hair, spinning, shaking, and fluttering his sleeves, as he stepped in the air, turning sideways… His every movement was smooth and flowing, and his expression did not show any discomfort from beginning to end. The young master who was good at peerless martial arts seemed to have come through time and space and appeared in front of them.

This was still the effect of the clip without post-editing.

“It’s unbelievable.” Liu Dao thought to himself, how many surprises (scares) did this kid Si Huang have to give before giving up?

The most depressed of everyone here was An Yiyuan who was playing against Si Huang.

“You lied!” He was still hanging in the air, looking at Si Huang with amazement and anger flashing in his eyes.

Si Huang lightly flicked his sleeves, “So what if I lied to you.” The calm tone was leisurely and moving, and after a pause, he raised his eyes to look at An Yiyuan and said, “Comparing to someone who is nine years younger, who is more coercive. Don’t you think it’s very cheeky?”

An Yiyuan blushed at the words.

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[1] Lose the bait along with the prey.

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