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The two left the street office together. Jiang Lan invited Ying Qiao to be a guest at home, and Ying Qiao naturally readily agreed.

But instead of going back immediately, they went to the flower and bird market first.

Ying Qiao saw him walking from shop to shop, and when he entered each shop, he asked the boss if he had a talking black starling. The two of them walked half a street before finding one starling that could talk, and whose appearance also met Jiang Lan’s requirements.

Jiang Lan bought it.

Ying Qiao didn’t ask before, but when he returned home with the black starling, he couldn’t help asking, “What did you buy a starling for? You want to keep pets?”

This dark starling was really cute.

Jiang Lan told him the story of Xiao Hei and Uncle Yao: “This starling is very similar to Uncle Yao’s bird but looks much younger. It should be almost the same if you apply a little camouflage.”

When he spoke, his fingers were still teasing the starling, his eyelashes drooping naturally, but the light from the bottom of his eyes still poured out inadvertently.

It was a soft look that was very eye-catching.

Ying Qiao should have disliked or even hated such behavior.

He always felt that human beings were human beings, and the demon race was the demon race, and the natural positions between the two races were different. Even if they were not opposed, they should not be more harmonious and friendly. For so many years, he still couldn’t understand Geng Chen’s original method, and he even somewhat hated the human race.

If Geng Chen was still alive, he would definitely scold him face to face for being stupid.

A human died at hundred, but his living relatives and friends would have to stay and endure the pain.

But the strange thing was that when Jiang Lan was so close to the human race, he did not feel so disgusted in his heart.

It may be because he was similar to Geng Chen in some respects, but he was much lovelier and lovable than Geng Chen.

And this time, the little monster was in his protection range.

When Geng Chen died, he was not strong enough. But now he was strong enough to rub Geng Chen in his heyday on the ground, and he was confident that he could protect the little monster.

Ying Qiao suppressed the complex expression in his eyes, and took the birdcage in his hand: “Is there anything else to buy?”

Jiang Lan thought about it seriously, and said, “Go buy some more ingredients?”

Ying Qiao’s eyes moved: “Buying ingredients? Do you still cook?”

Jiang Lan nodded confidently: “I learned it!”

Ying Qiao felt that he had discovered another advantage of the little monster, he could even cook.

In fact, Ying Qiao rarely ate human food. As a rich and wealthy dragon, he preferred to find the meat of some rare monsters for food. But if the little monster made it himself, he would still be happy to taste it.

The two bought ingredients and went home. Jiang Lan happily carried the bag into the kitchen, while Ying Qiao was placed on the sofa, and Xiao Suan was in charge of entertaining him.

Ying Qiao let Xiao Suan stay on his shoulders as he patrolled the small house.

He had not come here for the first time, but the last time he came was in the middle of the night, and he didn’t have time to stay, so he didn’t observe here carefully.

This house was small, with two bedrooms and one living room, about 80 square meters. The living room and dining room were connected together, but the small space was filled with all kinds of cardboard boxes.

Ying Qiao took a closer look, and his forehead jumped. It was full of instant noodles of various flavors.

“Do you usually eat instant noodles?”

Suan No retorted very seriously: “No, there are also dumplings, wontons and takeaway!”

Ying Qiao:…

The poverty of the little monster seemed to exceed his imagination.

He pressed his eyebrows and saw that the bedroom with the open door was piled up with all kinds of sundries. In fact, the debris was not piled up indiscriminately. A closer look would reveal that the owner had sorted them out, but he was probably not good at packing up. Pillows, small toys, and snacks were piled everywhere.

Ying Qiao originally wanted to ask why he didn’t hire housekeeping, but instead he reacted. Given the economic situation of the little monster, he probably didn’t have the money to hire housekeeping.

He sat down on the sofa in the living room with a headache and heard the clanging sound of pots and pans from the kitchen. Suddenly, Ying Qiao didn’t expect so much for the little monster’s craftsmanship.

After about an hour, the food was placed on the table.

Jiang Lan was very satisfied with his craft. He made braised fish, fried pork with green peppers, scrambled eggs with tomatoes and a mushroom soup.

They were all simple and easy-to-learn dishes on the cooking app. At the beginning, he had studied and studied carefully for a while. Although the presentation was not good, the taste was still good.

Jiang Lan and Ying Qiao sat opposite each other, Suan Ni had his own small bowl, Jiang Lan put the food on the side for him, and then greeted Ying Qiao enthusiastically for a meal.

Ying Qiao fell into a dilemma when he saw the several dishes with different ingredients but the same blackness.

As he said earlier, Ying Qiao was a picky dragon. If someone else dared to let him eat such a meal, he would definitely throw the table up on the spot. But it was the little monster who had cooked…

This unspeakable complex mood was the feeling of parents eating with their cubs for the first time.

Couldn’t beat the self-esteem of little monsters.

Ying Qiao finally made a difficult choice. He barely squeezed a smile, picked up a piece of black fish, and swallowed it cruelly.

It had a mushy and fishy smell, and the taste was neither salty nor light, and it was not too difficult to swallow.

Ying Qiao took a sip of water and let out a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, the brothers both ate very happily, and Suan Ni still seriously commented: “This time the fish is a bit mushy, and the meat is a bit old.”

Jiang Lan: “It’s too late to get up, so I’ll improve it next time.”

Suan Ni said “Yes” and continued to eat.

Jiang Lan turned his gaze to Ying Qiao again, as if waiting for his evaluation.

Ying Qiao hypocritically praised: “It tastes good, I like it very much.”

Jiang Lan modestly said, “I haven’t done it for a long time. I didn’t do it well this time. I’ll do it for you next time.”

Ying Qiao:…

Why was there another time?

Ying Qiao stayed and had a meal before leaving.

Before leaving, he looked at Jiang Lan hesitantly and stopped talking, holding back what he wanted to say, and finally only said: “Tomorrow your bonus should be here.”

If you have money, let’s just go out to eat.

Jiang Lan did not hear what he was saying, and smiled happily, “I will invite you to dinner when the bonus comes.”

Ying Qiao now had a shadow over the word eating, and he vaguely responded.

He had to think of a way to improve the food for the little monster.


On Tuesday morning, Jiang Lan did not go to the work unit, but went directly to Hongjing Yuan with the promotional materials.

On the list of key publicity communities given by Director Cheng, the three high-prevalence areas for influenza were actually not far apart, they were in fact all in in one area. They were Hongjing Yuan, Tianhong Yayuan, and Tianhong Garden.

After Jiang Lan made preparations yesterday, he contacted the persons in charge of the three communities and set a place and time for today’s presentation with them, so he brought his things and went straight there early in the morning.

The venue for the presentation was a meeting room of the Hongjing Yuan Property. The leaders of the three communities and representatives of the owners would all come to listen to the presentation.

Hongjing Yuan was an old community. Because of its age, the surrounding infrastructure and community facilities were relatively poor. Moreover, only half of the interior was commercial housing, and the remaining half was still built. According to Xue Meng, most of the residents inside were villagers who had been relocated from nearby villages after their houses were demolished.

The situation of Tianhong Yayuan and Tianhong Garden was similar to that of Hongjing Yuan. Therefore, most of the residents in this community were too old and had a low level of education.

When Jiang Lan arrived in the meeting room, there were a lot of people present, mostly elderly grandpas and aunts. They didn’t seem to be attending the meeting seriously, each eating and chatting while holding breakfast.

The meeting room was full of the smell of food and noisy sounds, a bit livelier than even the vegetable market.

There was an especially sharp and high-pitched aunt’s voice, and Jiang Lan could hear her voice from the door: “I heard that you are going to invite a Taoist priest to do things?”

The man who was questioned said: “Yes, I saw that the woman was uneasy when she died. Didn’t Mei Fang and the others pull her out of the sewer? Later, after hearing that I fell sick, and didn’t want to leave the house.”

“This kind of lady is unlucky. When she is alive, she doesn’t manage her life, and she will harm others even when she dies. It’s time to find a Taoist priest to accept it!”

“It’s definitely not a serious person who can grow up like that, maybe she was a fox, who specializes in sucking men’s spirit…”

Talking about this, the few people looked excited, with their cheeks flushed and their eyes glowing, as they coughed from time to time. The people listening to gossip around them were even more enthusiastic and raised a question from time to time to make the discussion more heated.

Jiang Lan was standing at the door of the conference room, but he only felt that these voices were gathered in one place, sharp and high-pitched, like an awl stuck on the eardrum.

But they didn’t realize it at all, as if they were caught in a wonderful atmosphere,

As they were coughing, the voice became sharp and high, but there was nothing unusual about it… Xue Meng’s symptoms were very similar to them, but they were far from being as fanatical as they were.

Jiang Lan secretly remembered these things in his heart and decided to call and ask his eldest brother after the meeting.

He strode to the front of the conference room, knocked on the table, and the sound interrupted the heated discussion.

The meeting room went quiet for an instant, and everyone turned their heads to look at him at the same time, still keeping the enthusiasm of gossip in their eyes, bright and dazzling.

Jiang Lan blindly followed the regulations and began preaching on the prevention and treatment of influenza.

When the presentation was over, the brochures were brought out and distributed.

At this time, the meeting room became lively again, Jiang Lan was young, and he was handsome again, and he was trying to please them, the middle-aged and elderly people really liked that look. The aunts who had spoken before came around to help distribute the brochures and asked and laughed around him.

Jiang Lan didn’t feel very good about the old aunts who had spoken before, but he still chatted with the few people with a smile on his face for a while, and naturally talked about the hot gossip in the nearest neighborhood.

Jiang Lan heard another version of the story that was different from the news report. It was roughly the same as the taxi driver told him, except that the details were more specific and vivid.

The woman who died in the story was named Chen Ruomei, who had just moved to Hong Jingyuan at the beginning of the year. Chen Ruomei was very good-looking, she had that kind of enchanting and charming look, that she was judged by a certain aunt as having “a fox-like face”.

Good-looking women always got some attention. At first, some people wanted to introduce Chen Ruomei to someone, but gradually, everyone discovered that Chen Ruomei not only dressed out of style, but also went to work at night and returned early in the morning.

Which decent person would they introduce to her at this point? Moreover, Chen Ruomei rarely communicated with her neighbors. The rumor was that she was a lady sitting on the stage spread in the community.

But the thing that really caused a commotion was the affair of the lady sitting on the stage, where she brought her client home a month ago, but broke up with him at home and reported him to the police.

An aunt with her small curly hair said in a contemptuous tone: “She brought the man back, and the man called her a sl*t when he left. She still set up an archway and pretended to be pure. Does this young lady still have a face. The newspaper warned of shouting rape. I heard that the landlord was even reluctant to continue renting her a house.”

After Jiang Lan noticed that she had finished speaking, she couldn’t help but cough, her cheeks flushing.

—-Clearly, she was not among the few people who had coughed before.

The author has something to say:

Longlong: The food tastes very good, I like it very much. But cooking is too hard, it’s not what the cub should do. In the future, I will make a lot of money to take you to a big meal.

Jiang Lan: But I like to cook QAQ


Long Long was very depressed today and didn’t want to eat for about three days.

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