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After sending Xia Weiwei off, Mu Yixi was in no hurry to go back, so he dragged Feng Weiming to a nearby park for a walk.

“This is what you wanted me to see? You took away A Qi’s girlfriend to prove that she is not good?” Feng Weiming shook off Mu Yixi’s hand and asked with a slightly raised voice.

Mu Yixi’s expression immediately looked like he had seen a ghost: “How is it possible?”

Feng Weiming looked at him distrustfully. Mu Yixi had never had a girlfriend, but the number of girls who liked him were like crucian carps across the river, and he would always be gentle with those who had the courage to approach him. However, that kind of tenderness always carried an indescribable sense of distance, which was enjoyable but at the same time there were no mistakes about his intentions. It was the first time Feng Weiming saw him take the initiative to court a girl. That gentle and considerate look was annoying to look at.

Feng Weiming didn’t find that Xia Weiwei had any special advantages over the other girls they had met. Why did the brothers Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi treat her differently?

Mu Yixi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and raised his hand: “I promise I have no intention of robbing Xiaoqi’s girlfriend.”

Then why are you courting her? Feng Weiming looked at him coldly.

“Xiaoqi only cared about Lin Pei’er and ignored her. I’m helping him make amends.” Mu Yixi said solemnly, but in less than two seconds, he broke down, his slender fingers pressed against the center of his lips, and he smiled a little badly: “Mingming, do you still think this girl is worthy of Xiao Qi’s love?”

“…Is Lin Pei’er all right?” Feng Weiming asked without answering.

Lin Pei’er was specially found by Mu Yixi. She wanted to be Mu Yiqi’s girlfriend. In fact, what she had been doing around Mu Yiqi was always establishing the image of “I am Mu Yiqi’s girlfriend”. Everyone had tacitly accepted it, and the one who was still outside of this circle of knowledge was maybe only Mu Yiqi. But he was also subtly influenced so that he naturally accepted some of Lin Pei’er’s intimacy.

Mu Yixi didn’t need to do anything, as long as he suggested that Mu Yiqi was getting close to a girl, Lin Pei’er immediately responded.

So, with today’s “coincidence”- Mu Yiqi guessed right, today’s meeting was not an accident, but a deliberate arrangement.

This move really stimulated Mu Yiqi’s current girlfriend Xia Weiwei, making people see her inferiority complex, pretentiousness and lack of confidence. Another point was that she didn’t have deep feelings for Mu Yiqi. Although Mu Yiqi was stumbled by Lin Pei’er, he always remembered her, but with Mu Yixi by her side, she could ignore Mu Yiqi and enjoy Mu Yixi’s tenderness and consideration for herself.

Coupled with the close admiration she unconsciously revealed when she called him “her friend”…

Feng Weiming agreed with Mu Yixi and felt that this girl was quite ordinary and not worthy of Mu Yiqi. But in comparison, Lin Pei’er seemed to be too calculating.

For a big family like them, sometimes they would rather have a partner who was stupid but didn’t cause trouble than someone who is too smart and cunning. Xia Weiwei didn’t seem like a troublemaker, and at least Mu Yixi could suppress her, but not necessarily Lin Pei’er.

Mu Yixi had always gotten along well with Lin Pei’er. Lin Pei’er became his secretary general, and it was a pleasure to work with her…

“It’s hard to say. Xia Weiwei is not good anyway.” Mu Yixi sold out. In the last life, Lin Pei’er spent so much effort and could only be called the best supporting actress, so unless Mu Yiqi’s character had changed in this life, killing Xia Weiwei’s ideas with a woman who was doomed to fail was also a good choice. Lin Pei’er was good as a friend and subordinate, but as a partner, nobody would be able to let their guard down.

“You don’t like them?” Feng Weiming asked sensitively.

Mu Yixi smiled and said, “I know you’re worried about Xiaoqi. Don’t worry, I don’t like all the girls related to Xiaoqi, and I won’t rob him.”

Feng Weiming felt that something was right, but something was wrong as well.

He should be worried about Mu Yiqi. With Mu Yixi’s cleverness and cunning, he could easily sell out Mu Yiqi. It was estimated that after he was sold, Mu Yiqi would even have to count the money for him. He should stare at him for Mu Yiqi. Feng Weiming clearly thought.

He warned: “It’s enough out of you. Aqi’s own life should be his own responsibility.”

Mu Yixi shrugged and changed the topic: “Obviously, this is the first time I heard you mention a girl. Xiaoqi is already in love, do you like anyone?”

Feng Weiming pouted lightly: “Boring.” He never thought about this question before.

“Obviously you can’t do this, girls are sometimes quite cute.” Mu Yixi shook his head. He never thought that he would grow up with Feng Weiming and become his elder brother. Speaking of which, they had hardly discussed the topic of girls. Should his big brother teach him the physiological knowledge of puberty? Brothers getting together to surreptitiously watch pornography was also an experience that he had never experienced, but it was interesting to listen to. Why don’t they try it one day? However, with Feng Weiming’s mysophobia, it was estimated that he would immediately show disgust when he saw the blatant display, and would rush out of the door, right?

Thinking of that picture, Mu Yixi unconsciously bent his lips and smiled.

Feng Weiming looked at Mu Yixi’s expression, paused, and asked, “Who do you like?”

Mu Yixi was stunned, and immediately knew that Feng Weiming had misunderstood. He joked, “Well, I like my mother, Xiaoqi and Xiaoxuan, and Mingming…”

Feng Weiming’s face flushed, and he didn’t know if it was because Mu Yixi was being perfunctory or something else, but he said: “I don’t like you.”

Mu Yixi had become trained to be indestructible against Feng Weiming’s ruthless remarks. At least he used to “hate”, but now he just “doesn’t like him”.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t like me, as long as I like you.” Mu Yixi said sweetly.

Feng Weiming’s face turned even redder: “Shut up. I’m not gay.” The last three words were said lightly. He had seen gay people in France and had a broad horizon, but at home, homosexuality was definitely not a good thing.

Mu Yixi was a little surprised by Feng Weiming’s seriousness, and quickly said with a smile: “Just kidding, you are my brother, I like you because you are family, not because of other messy reasons…”

Actually, for Mu Yixi, this messiness was not enough. It didn’t matter, he didn’t even care if his partner was male or female, as long as the other party could make him hard- yes, in the last life, Mu Yixi had always been “impotent”. He had a physical reaction when he was alone, but no matter how beautiful a man or woman who was stripping naked in front of him was, he did not get hard. He hadn’t been moved by anyone. He could smile softly at anyone, but his heart was always steady.

In this life, his focus was on Mrs. Mu and Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan, and he had no time to think about these things.

If he watched porn with Feng Weiming, he should be able to harden up, right? Mu Yixi thought uncertainly. If it really didn’t work, he could close his eyes and pretend that Feng Weiming didn’t exist.

Mu Yixi made up his mind happily, but by then he could only see the back of Feng Weiming who had gone away. The back was so straight that he looked tense, as if it contained infinite anger.

Mu Yixi blinked, how could he be so angry? What did he say wrong again?

“Hey, Mingming, wait for me!” He quickly chased after him.

Then, Feng Weiming heard his voice and started running in front of him!

Mu Yixi was completely dumbfounded.

It was impossible for Feng Weiming to do such a childish thing, it must be his delusion…but pinching his arm, it hurt! ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

In the end, Mu Yixi resigned and ran after him, thinking while struggling, how long would it take him to coax this little ancestor this time?

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