SN Ch. 31

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Yan Qing still suffered from some after-effects of the drug, so her thought process was a little slow, and she was unable to keep up with Huo Yunshen’s reaction speed.

She felt that Huo Yunshen was like always deliberately teasing her, but now the idea was relatively simple, and his worries had the upper hand, so she seriously thought about this issue, and said gently: “The floor is not good, it is too hard. Now, I’m going to bed, but…”

She pointed to the single bed beside the bedroom door with her white fingers, and asked in a negotiating tone, “Can I move it in? You can sleep with me. It’s in the small space, so it should be useful.”

The words she said were serious, but after all, it was a condition that she had personally rejected earlier, and now she herself had come forward to invite him in, so Yan Qing’s ears couldn’t help but turn red, and the small flames seemed to spread.

She pretended to be calm: “I’m just making a suggestion, if you don’t accept it, treat it as if I didn’t say it.”

After speaking, she wanted to slip away as if her tail was on fire, but was stopped by Huo Yunshen: “My wife’s words are imperial decrees, what do you want me to do? Of course I’m going to do everything you say.”

“But I want to ask,” he grabbed the restless kitten in his arms, “I took your advice and did not try to enter your room before ‘forty meals’. The rule of “sleeping on the floor” was equivalent to passive fulfilment, can I have forty unused points then?”

Yan Qing was stunned: “…Ah?”

Huo Yunshen made a lot of sense: “The original forty points can voluntarily give me the reward, so the points are useless, return them to me, that’s what’s right.”

Yan Qing’s head was so tired, but she laboured to deal with him: “The problem is, you haven’t eaten enough forty meals yet.”

“But the reward is in hand, and you nodded your head to the exchange condition.” He patiently caressed her long hair and followed her instructions, “Do you want to overthrow the rules you set? If so, any physical contact I have with you in the future, don’t I have to worry about those terms anymore?”

Yan Qing was confused by him, but luckily the last sentence was easy to understand.

Mr. Huo meant that if she didn’t give him these 40 points, she would be agreeing to letting him do whatever he wanted in the future!

At first glance, it seemed to be a fallacy, but her mind was not bright at this time, and she couldn’t understand his words, so she could only agree: “…Okay, my IQ is affected after I got drunk. I’m warning you not to bully me.”

Huo Yunshen rubbed her belly. Seeing her red earlobes, he graciously told her, “It’s rare for you to be silly for a few days. It would be a shame not to take the opportunity to bully her.”

So blatant, Yan Qing wanted to hit him so much that she raised her hands, but then she saw Huo Yunshen’s pale face. As the night passed, he seemed to have suffered some kind of major torture, and even seemed to have lost weight, he was thus trying to hide his bloodshot eyes by lowering his eyelids.

He was smiling lightly, but Yan Qing could feel that his whole person was bitter, and only a little sweetness from her would do the trick.

Yan Qing’s heart was almost collapsing, and the little paw that she stretched out consciously changed direction and touched his head: “After all, you’re a fan, so the idol decided to indulge you.”

She wanted to… give him a little more.

Huo Yunshen actively pushed the small bed into the bedroom and placed it side by side with Yan Qing’s big bed.

“It’s too much, Mr. Huo.” The bed was simple and not heavy, Yan Qing tried to pull it out, “I’ll agree with you, but you can’t go too far. What’s the difference between this and sleeping on one bed?”

She pulled the bed three meters away. When she got to the window, Huo Yunshen pulled it back again. This time, he left enough gap for them to move: “I gave in.” Just let it go, no one could stand in, after Mr. Huo said this embarrassingly.

Yan Qing disagreed, then she pulled the bed and did not stop until it was two meters away from her bed: “I also gave in enough to give you face, right?”

Huo Yunshen was obviously not satisfied, he pursed his lips slightly, and silently tried to fight against her.

Yan Qing looked at the usually stern man, but now because of the two beds, who had a stubborn and naive appearance, and she couldn’t help laughing angrily, then she softened her heart to him again, and finally placed the bed one meter apart: “It’s alright, eh?”

Not really.

Huo Yunshen endured deeply and didn’t say anything.

He was afraid that Qingqing would regret it, and drive him out of the room.

The big event was decided, but it was still not dark, so they couldn’t lie down with their heads covered. Yan Qing and Huo Yunshen had a fight for a while, so their mental state was now better. If she couldn’t to go back to the program group, at least she should call An Lan to communicate, she didn’t understand the situation after losing consciousness at all, so she still felt somewhat uneasy.

Just as she was about to mention it to Huo Yunshen, he spoke at the right time.

“I’m hungry, I want to eat,” Mr. Huo silently paved the way for another more important plan, “accompany me.”

Yan Qing was surprised because Mr. Huo used to have little appetite. Even if she came to feed, it would not be easy for him to eat a lot. Today was a rare thing. She was happy to see this kind of improvement, so she obediently postponed her plan, and did her duty as a little wife, adding some sweetness to her husband’s meal.

She was thinking: How long would it take to eat, I can still do other things after he finishes eating.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Huo ate three meals together from the afternoon to before going to bed. Although the amount was relatively small, the number of times was amazing.

It dragged on until after ten o’clock in the evening. Huo Yunshen held her by the wrist and said, “Sleep.”

Yan Qing’s plans were all in vain, but the program group also never looked for her. On a release day, the contestants could use their mobile phones freely, and she could send WeChat messages to Ouyang and the others to ask about the situation.

In addition to paying attention to the program group… She couldn’t let her worries about Mr. Huo’s body go.

Seeing him eat hard every meal and fall asleep comfortably, she was always holding on to her heart.

And this old house… was the source of Huo Yunshen’s deep illness.

She wanted to repeat the scene of the day Yun Qing disappeared and change the ending.

Normally, it would be too deliberate to let Huo Yunshen come back. This time was a good opportunity and she should seize it, but before doing so, she needed to ask Min Jing about the details at that time.

Yan Qing made up her mind that as long as Mr. Huo fell asleep, she would pull out the phone under the pillow to find him to chat quickly, but unfortunately, he was lying on his side, staring at her without blinking, not wanting to sleep at all.

A hole was about to be stared into her!

Yan Qing couldn’t bear it anymore and turned to stare at him, but was stunned.

The side profile of the man was blended with the light moonlight, reflecting on his semi-dark outline. His complexion was a cold white, as if the warmth was being leached off it at this moment, and his dark pupils were also plated with soft colours, as if he didn’t care about anything, and he only wanted to see her alone.

He was already too handsome, but mixed with this suppressed evil feeling, he had a look that was easy to confuse people.

With him looking at her with all his heart now, she really couldn’t bear it.

Yan Qing’s breath was hot, and she hid herself under the quilt.

“Are you going to sleep? If you don’t sleep, I’ll use my phone and surf the Internet…”

Huo Yunshen curved his lips: “Okay, look at your phone, I’ll look at you.”

Yan Qing couldn’t sleep anyway, so she didn’t dare to pay attention to him, she simply opened WeChat, avoided the angle where he could see the screen, and then her fingers started flying as she contacted Ouyang and Min Jing at the same time.

Ouyang was poked by her, as soon as she texted, a series of messages buzzed out, and Yan Qing didn’t have time to mute the notification sound.

“Qing Bao, how dare you say that it’s impossible to talk to Mr. Huo!!!!”

“Fuck you, you didn’t see how he picked you up! He kicked He Xiangjin who was hugging you at the time! He used to look handsome and like a big star. But he couldn’t even get up from the ground!”

“He’s so handsome and scary that I’m going crazy! Later, He Xiangjin chased after him. He seemed to have said something to declare his sovereignty. I was too far away to hear clearly, but He Xiangjin seemed scared.”

“You are a princess, you are a queen, my God!”

Yan Qing’s little heart trembled, and due to Ouyang’s roaring, she roughly figured out the situation that night, Ouyang added: “No need to explain, no need to warn, Qing Bao, don’t worry, I’m your person, let’s talk about these things in private. I will never expose these things outside.”

“Mr. Huo’s people are very friendly to me and Curly, but they are very rude to those who hate you. They scared them to death, and now they dare not chew their tongues.” Ouyang kept reporting, “Also—according to the gossip, He Xiangjin was admitted to the hospital because of a sudden illness. Starting from the next episode of the show, our chief instructor will be replaced.”

Yan Qing’s eyes widened: “Replacement?!”

“Yes, I also know that it was arranged by Mr. Huo. It was changed to Zu Li, who has a bigger star position. He is now in the crew and has also figured out the top position. It is difficult for our show to not be popular.”

Top-notch looks, outstanding in singing and dancing, from a new generation of actors and very popular among passers-by, Zu Li was indeed much more popular than He Xiangjin.

Yan Qing stole a glance at Huo Yunshen in a complicated mood, hesitating whether to intercede about He Xiangjin, but saw that Mr. Huo’s brows were tightly furrowed, and his expression was gloomy.

He asked in a low voice, “Who are you texting and what are you talking about.” His expression was so vivid…

He clenched the sheets with his fingers and squeezed slowly.

Yan Qing reflexively clenched the phone: “Nobody… just, with my friends on the show.”

Coincidentally, Min Jing’s reply also arrived, and he and Ouyang’s messages were read together.

Yan Qing couldn’t explain it, so she cowardly pulled the sheets over her head and hid inside to see the response.

Min Jing: “Madam, do you want to ask the details of the day of the accident?”

“Well… I want to try to treat him fundamentally and make his regrets disappear. Don’t tell him, otherwise the effect will be reduced.”

Min Jing understood and told Yan Qing all the details he knew. Yan Qing looked at the words in the dark, describing the cruel pain that was inflicted on Huo Yunshen. Yan Qing was sad, but… she was envious of the affection Yun Qing received.

Yan Qing was not in the mood to talk anymore and stayed in bed quietly for a while.

Yun Qing was really suffering, and Yun Qing was also really happy.

An inexplicable pang hit her chest, so she carefully stuck her head out.

Huo Yunshen didn’t know when had turned around, leaving her to see his stiff back. Watching him breathing up and down, she herself couldn’t sleep at all.

In her plan to treat him, there was still a crucial step left, and she could not miss it…

Yan Qing got up and left her bed that morning.

Yan Qing was depressed, she slapped herself in the face again and again, and almost swallowed the words she wanted to say, they were just too miserable.

There was no other way, in order to save him…

Yan Qing gently lifted the quilt, put on her clothes tightly, and crept up to Huo Yunshen’s bedside and stroked his shoulder.

Huo Yun shuddered deeply.

She whispered, “I know you’re not asleep, don’t turn around, that’s fine…don’t turn…”

If he didn’t turn around, she could still go out for a little bit.

Huo Yunshen deeply cared and was jealous of everyone who chatted with her late at night, but he couldn’t attack her, couldn’t be too extreme, so his heart shrunk every time he couldn’t bear it, then he would turn his back and clench his hands until it hurt. When she approached him, he didn’t believe it, and squeezed harder.

Yan Qing took a breath and sat on the edge of his bed in the dark, quietly lying down against his back.

Huo Yunshen’s heart started beating wildly, and his ears roared.

He grabbed the corner of the bed hard to keep himself from losing control.

Yan Qing raised her hand, and pulled the quilt upto his waist, then whispered, “Shenshen, don’t be troubled, go to sleep, you are too tired.”

Huo Yunshen’s eyes were hot, in the dark he gritted his teeth, and barely made a “hmm” sound.

Seeing his cooperation, Yan Qing relaxed a lot and patted him: “Go to sleep, don’t be afraid, you won’t lose me.”

She coaxed him to sleep.

It was a quiet night, and all the emotions were hidden.

Huo Yunshen guarded her deeply until she fell asleep, and turned around a little bit, then he carefully hugged the unconscious her, as if he was dealing with a fragile treasure, and pulled her in his arms.

After a lapse of three years, his monopoly and extremeness became even worse, and his mentality was distorted because of his jealousy towards others.

And still…because of her closeness and tenderness.

He wanted to hold Qingqing to sleep peacefully day and night, just like the night before he lost her.

But when it really came true, he didn’t even dare to close his eyes, for fear that when he opened it, there would be nothing left.

Huo Yunshen was tired for too long. He persisted until it was dawn, and then he fell asleep with her in his arms.

Yan Qing had a big event planned, so she woke up early and found herself being held by the man. She was in a trance for a moment. Her and his bodies seemed to fit perfectly.

She pressed her temples, stopped thinking about it, and got out of bed.

Huo Yunshen instinctively hugged her tighter, and said vaguely, “Don’t go, Qingqing, it’s cold outside, wait for me to buy breakfast.”

Yan Qing involuntarily squatted down and patted his hair, then he really calmed down.

She walked out of the bedroom, closed the door, and wrote a note which she left on the dining table: “I’m going out to buy breakfast, will come back soon, wait for me.” The last word fell, and her fingertips trembled inexplicably.

There seemed to be something intangible that crossed the boundaries of time this early morning, overlapping two times in one place.

Yan Qing left the house and went downstairs to find a breakfast shop. The small area nearby was bought out by Mr. Huo, and no one lived there on weekdays, so it seemed lonely. After walking for a while, she gradually saw a stall.

The boss was a nimble middle-aged woman. She was stunned when she saw her. She raised her hand and shouted, “Daughter! You’re back!”

Yan Qing didn’t know her, so she stepped forward and said, “Do you know me?”

The woman excitedly packed her pocket of food: “Why won’t we know each other! You’ve finally come back, where have you been for three years? That boy in your family has been looking for you everywhere.”

Yan Qing’s nose was sour.

She didn’t say much but forced herself to pay the money according to the price, then walked back quickly.

She had to go back quickly.

Huo Yunshen opened his eyes on the bed. He couldn’t tell the time for a few seconds. There was still a faint aroma and warmth in his arms. It was not a dream. He blurted out, “Qingqing…”

No one answered.

He was stunned, and suddenly it was like being splashed head-on by extremely cold ice water.


He stumbled out of bed, almost fell, and threw the door open with a “bang”. The living room was bright with the rising sun, and there was no one else present other than a note left on the table.

Huo Yunshen’s deep eyes burst with fear, and he threw himself to the table. The words on it were the same as three years ago.

There was a choking sound that came out of his throat, and he rushed out of the door like crazy in his thin clothes.

Countless scenes of despair surged up, tearing at his nerves one by one.

However, rushing to the top of the stairs, he heard the familiar footsteps in his buzzing ears, and trotted towards them with some eagerness.

Step by step, walking into his life and crashing into his world, when he was about to collapse at any time.

Yan Qing thought she had come back fast, but she didn’t expect to hear the man’s heavy breathing on the stairs, so she hurried up, and before she could set foot on her own floor, she was wrapped into someone’s arms with a gust of cold wind.

Huo Yunshen’s strength was capable of breaking people, he was holding her desperately, pressing her onto his body.

Yan Qing prepared a lot of words to comfort him, but at this moment, she was embedded into his body, and some emotions came up spontaneously, making her want to cry.

She cried for no reason, raised the breakfast she had bought with effort, and whimpered, “Shenshen, I’m back, I bought you breakfast, and didn’t get lost this time.”

This was not what Yan Qing wanted.

She did this, not to make him sad again.

Yan Qing forcibly pushed Huo Yunshen towards home, sobbing and dragging him to the bathroom, not letting him have a sad moment, washing him by herself, then inserting a straw into the still hot soy milk, feeding it to his lips, with tears in her eyes. She said, “Try it, it’s true, you don’t have to be afraid anymore, I’ve found my way home.”

Huo Yunshen took away the milk, pushed everything on the table away, picked her up from the ground, and put her on the edge of the table .

Yan Qing grabbed his arm suddenly.

His red eyes stared at her fiercely, and said, “Kiss me.”


At this moment, he tried his best to maintain his last sense of reason, and not scare her: “Slept in your room, and the rest of the hand holding was left unfinished, plus four meals yesterday, forty-nine points, and one more, I will finish the breakfast you bought.”

“Now,” his voice trembled uncontrollably, “Kiss me.”

Yan Qing’s brain exploded, and her chest rose and fell rapidly.

It turned out that he had saved so much and was waiting for her here.

She swallowed with a dry throat. Bewitched, she gradually closed her eyes and touched his lips lightly.

She only pecked him, then backed away in a panic, trying to turn her face away.

Huo Yunshen grabbed the back of her neck, and asked hoarsely, “This is the end of the kiss?”

Yan Qing was at a loss: “You…”

She only had time to say one word, before the man indulged his desires, and pressed her down and bit her until her soft lips parted slightly.

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