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Yan Mu saw Lu Chengyu was in a daze, so knowing that he was sad, he stretched out and shook his hand, “Go in, I’ll accompany you.”

Lu Chengyu focused his mind, smiled at Yan Mu, and stepped into the room. Although the furniture in the house was covered with a layer of dust and was a bit old, from the furnishing style of the house, it could be seen that this was a very warm family home, and even the furniture was preserved as far as possible.

“When I was young, my dad built a shelf on this wall to arouse my interest in learning. As long as I got good marks in exams, he would buy a cartoon character mould I liked and put it on it,” Lu Chengyu pointed to the old style shelf. On the old multi-treasure rack, the Monkey King, Calabash Baby and other toys were still in good condition. He walked to the shelf, took off a fox enamel doll, poked its head, and saw that the fox’s head began to sway from left to right. He smiled and put the doll back in its original position, and said to Yan Mu behind him, “Come, I will take you to see the room I used to live in.”

Yan Mu followed, and after entering Lu Chengyu’s room, he saw that the furnishings in this room were neat and tidy, and there was no sign of moving. Looking around the house, he was silent for a moment before he said, “It’s very good here.”

“When our family first moved into the house, my parents said that this house was best for me,” Lu Chengyu opened the window to let the house have better air circulation, “I can see the trees, flowers and plants in the community outside the window of my room. My mother said that more green is good for the eyes.” He didn’t know if it was because he saw enough green when he was a child, but Lu Chengyu’s eyesight had always been good. Although his work and rest were no better than other children.

Standing next to the bookshelf, Yan Mu said: “Uncle and Auntie were very good to you.” He wondered why, since their family of three had such a deep relationship, why they were involved in those complicated matters.

Lu Chengyu smiled, tacitly acquiescing to this sentence, and ran his fingers across the rows of books on the bookshelf, and finally stayed on the book “One Hundred Thousand Whys”, which was the book his father bought him when he was in elementary school. When the book was handed over to him, he also said that the book should be called “One Hundred Thousand Answers to Children”.

After more than ten years, the pages of the book looked a bit old. Lu Chengyu opened the book lightly. There were a few doodles of his own on it. Turning a page, there was a row of simple addition and subtraction, which looked like a child writing at will.

Lu Chengyu paused with his finger, then quickly flipped through the pages. After finding it, he found that two adjacent pages were glued together.

Yan Mu realized that something was not right, turned around and found Lu Chengyu a knife. Seeing Lu Chengyu’s expression, he put the knife aside and put his hand around his back from behind.

“I always thought that my parents simply died in an accident. It seems that I was too stupid.” Lu Chengyu smiled bitterly, he thought he was smart, but he wasted a lifetime before finding out that his parents were involved in other things before they died. The warmth coming from behind made Lu Chengyu feel much calmer. He took the knife next to him and slowly opened the two pages of the book glued together.

Among the pages of the book was a thin piece of paper with a series of numbers and a few letters on it. Lu Chengyu looked at these numbers and recalled the number game that his father played with him when he was young. In order to exercise his memory, his father always used sorting to represent which article, which sentence in the article, and which book was represented by letters.

At that time, his dad praised him as a genius, and he also liked to play this game, so until he graduated from elementary school, he had kept the Chinese language books for six years.

Yan Mu saw that Lu Chengyu suddenly found a pile of Chinese textbooks from under his bed, and then rummaged through them, as if he had discovered something, but he didn’t open his mouth to disturb him at will. Instead, he stood by the window and watched Lu Chengyu. He searched for a book of Chinese language textbook for elementary school students, as if he had read these books not long ago.

Just when Lu Chengyu flipped through the last book, Yan Mu’s cell phone rang suddenly. He looked back at Yan Mu by the window, and saw that his face, which had never had much expression, gained a little respect.

After Yan Mu hung up the phone and saw Lu Chengyu watching him, he hesitated and said seriously: “Grandpa said, he wants me to take you back for him to meet.”

“Now?” Lu Chengyu looked out the window, the sky was about to darken, he smiled, and put the books neatly away. “Is the old man going to invite us to have supper?”

Yan Mu looked at his face. His smile seemed to be the same as in the past, as if the secrets just discovered didn’t affect his mood. However, he always felt that something was wrong with the other party. “The chef at Grandpa’s home is very good at cooking.”

“Then let’s go.” Lu Chengyu stood up and clapped his hands. “Respect for the elderly is a virtue that needs to be observed.”

Seeing that there was no reluctance on his face, Yan Mu returned the call that would pass back the message to Mr. Mu. When he finished the call, Lu Chengyu was already standing at the door as if he was all right.

“Let’s go,” Lu Chengyu closed the door of the room, walked out of the house with Yan Mu, looked at the silent living room, slowly closed the door, and then turned his head and smiled at Yan Mu, “Why don’t we go to your house? I want to eat Yangzhou ramen?”

Yan Mu: “…”

Lu Chengyu chuckled, and the two went downstairs. When they were about to leave the community, a familiar old lady came in from outside and saw him. She smiled and said, “Is this not Xiao Lu from the old Lu family. Came back to see the house?”

Lu Chengyu looked back at the place where he had lived for more than ten years, smiled and nodded: “Yes, came back to have a look.”

“It’s okay to take a look,” the old lady sighed. “The old lady of the Yang family died at the beginning of this year. The two families upstairs moved away. Next time you come back, I don’t know how many more acquaintances you will see.”

Lu Chengyu paused, then smiled. After getting into Yan Mu’s car, he turned around and saw that the old lady who had spoken to him before was waving at him. Some of her rickety body was stained with signs of old age.

The best times were always in people’s memory, because when one missed these memories, they no longer existed.

They were beautiful because there were no memories without nostalgia.

Lu Chengyu retracted his gaze and looked in the front at the road. Through this old street, it was a prosperous and beautiful avenue, with neon lights flashing, and there would never be a shortage of handsome men and women on the sidewalks on both sides.

“If you like, you can come and see it often in the future. The environment in the old community is pretty good.”

Lu Chengyu tilted his head to look at Yan Mu and smiled after an instant. He leaned back in his chair lazily and said with a smile: “No need.”

No matter how good the memory was, time could never be turned back, and the mission of mankind was to step on the footprints of time step by step to the end of life. Although everything in the world would end in death, the scenery on both sides of the road of time had its own characteristics. How could he live up to this gift of time?

Life was precious because of the scenery that needed you to move forward. And he might have found the most beautiful scenery in his life.

Looking at Lu Chengyu puzzledly, Yan Mu found that the expression on Lu Chengyu’s face was very relaxed, so he looked at the road ahead earnestly and drove the car very carefully.

The atmosphere in the Mu family’s old house at this time was not as good as between Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu. In the brightly lit house, Mr. Mu was sitting on the head seat, and a few younger generations were sitting near him. Mu Qihua and Mu Qirong were also among them.

Due to the face of the old man, a few younger generations sat upright, but most of them still had some disapproval in their hearts. Wasn’t it just a cousin playing with a man? What was the big deal?

“Grandpa, it’s so late, you should rest,” Mu Qihua said with a smile, “I will entertain him when cousin comes back, why do you need to wait in person?”

“Why, this old man wants to see? It’s not okay to look at my grandson?” Mr. Mu picked up the cup and took a sip of tranquilizing tea, and gave Mu Qihua a cold glance.

Mu Qihua silently shut up. In front of his grandfather, all his methods and eloquence were useless. Cousin, brother can only help you until here, you ask for your own blessings.

As soon as the grandfather and grandson finished saying these words, they saw the helper with Yan Mu coming in from outside the gate. Mu Qihua looked back and almost didn’t cover his eyes directly. Why did his cousin bring Xiao Lu here?

“Grandpa.” Yan Mu handed the gift they bought to the helper, and then introduced Lu Chengyu, “This is Lu Chengyu, this is Grandpa.” This tone seemed to be certain that the old man knew the relationship between him and Lu Chengyu.

Grandfather Mu twitched the corners of his mouth and said politely to Lu Chengyu: “Young man, please sit down.” After he asked the helper to make tea for the two of them, he didn’t ask Lu Chengyu about Huading or his family background or how he got together with Yan Mu. He said politely, “I heard that Mr. Lu is very capable and helped Xiao Yan a lot in his work.”

Lu Chengyu’s smile was much gentler than that of Mr. Mu. He put on a gesture of respecting the elder but not making himself humble: “Grandpa Mu, you are being polite. I should help Brother Mu.” As soon as these words came out, all the juniors of the Mu family looked at Lu Chengyu and carefully looked at the old man. Seeing that the old man was not angry, they decided to watch the excitement while remaining silent.

After all, being told by their grandfather to learn from this cousin since they were children, for so many years, to finally be able to watch his excitement, it was simply a good way to get revenge.

Two cups were served quickly, and Lu Chengyu politely picked up and took a sip, then put the teacup back in place in a natural posture, showing a good expression.

Grandfather Mu then said: “I hear you escaped an accident, do not know if you were frightened.”

Grandfather Mu referred to the issue with the flight, and it was a seemingly ordinary question, but Lu Chengyu felt from his tone, that he seemed to know some things.

Yan Mu spoke at this time: “Grandpa, everyone is in a good mood today, so don’t mention these unhappy things.”

Mu Jianzhong: Where do you see that everyone is in a good mood? !

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