YXBG Ch. 23: Yun Xin

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“Uncle?” Chang Mei stared at the man in front of her in surprise, and said at a loss, “You…please come in and talk…”

Yun Xin explained, sitting on the sofa in the living room, “Speaking of which, you might not believe it. But Vixen is really my sister’s child. I’m 90% sure about this. I’m from the UK and this is a photo of my sister.” He handed over a picture of a beautiful British girl. Although the girl above looked British, but her facial features had some oriental feeling, and they even looked a lot similar to Chang Mei.

“This is my sister. She is a beauty, isn’t she? We have had a good relationship since childhood, but my sister was a very rebellious person. She had always refused to follow the arrangements of our parents. My parents had a headache. But just before I came to China, my sister also uncharacteristically expressed her willingness to come with me. She said that she also wanted to come to China to study. At that time, my parents and I were very happy, so I let her come together. But then I learned that she came because she met someone, a Chinese boy. She had come to China to see him. She just said that she was going out for a stroll. I didn’t take it to heart at the time, but told her to be careful, but then she only left me a letter saying that she was going to stay in China. Then she disappeared. What happened later was very complicated. We almost found her several times, but she ran away. Then one day I found the boy, and he said that my sister had an argument with him, ran away from home in a rage, and he didn’t know her whereabouts.”

“She died in a car accident.” Chang Mei thought of the materials given by the orphanage.

Yun Xin’s expression dimmed: “Yes, I think she had a high possibility of having committed suicide. She had always been a bit of an extreme person, and then she went back to find the boy, but because of her language inconsistency, she quarreled again. I have no specific details. I guessed it. But I didn’t know that she had a child before, and the boy probably didn’t know it. Both of them were people with a low sense of responsibility.” He sighed, “I am still the owner of the house where my sister used to live. They told me that she used to have a big belly for a while, and I wondered if she still had a child, but didn’t let anyone know about it.”

“Then how do you know that child is Xiaomei?”

“I was suspicious when I saw her that day, but at that time my business in China was over and there was no way to find her. So, this time I made a special trip to China to meet her. Please give me a chance to see her.”

“Sir,” Chang Mei felt that she could not digest this fact at all. She already regarded Xiaomei as her own daughter, and never thought that she had other relatives. Could it be that God had taken her husband away, and wanted to take her child away as well? “I’m sorry, I can’t believe you when you say that. I can’t let you see her because of the safety of my child.” She decided to be selfish once. Xiaomei was also her child, another her. How could she lose the other part of her?

“Ms. Chang Mei, I can understand your feelings, but I still beg you to give me a chance. I hope you can understand my parents’ feelings. They were so excited that they cried when they knew they had a granddaughter. This is true. I really want to see Fiona.”

Chang Mei was simply upset after sending Yun Xin away. Suddenly, she was filled with a fear, a fear of losing everything. Her mind was so confused that she didn’t know what to think for a while. A Chun didn’t dare to say anything anymore, and quietly went back to the kitchen to cook.

“Oh! Yin Zhefei, let go!” Xiaomei’s scream came, and Chang Mei looked up in astonishment, and saw a tall young man walking in with a little girl with hands and feet flailing like a wild cat.

“How did I warn you last time, did your skin get itchy again? Face the wall for an hour today!” Yin Zhefei was so angry, he didn’t expect this little thing to be so persistent and still peddling his personal belongings, she was absolutely hateful.!

“You bastard! This old lady is helping you publicize for free, you don’t thank me! You bully me!” Xiaomei bared her fangs and brandished her claws, even angrier than him.

“Hey…” A faint sigh sounded, and the two cockfighting guys immediately returned to their senses.

“Mom!” Yin Zhefei let go in shock, Xiaomei immediately fell to the ground, “Why are you back?” Xiaomei panicked, but she had always been a good child in her mother’s mind. It was not worth it.

“I want to come back early today to have a reunion dinner with you.” Chang Mei wanted to laugh, but she just twitched her lips helplessly. Xiaomei had lived at home for so long, and her relationship with Zhefei was so good. What should she do? And Yin Ruoji, did he really betray her?

“Mom’s complexion is not good.” Xiaomei ran over and touched her mother’s face and looked at her. Why did her mother’s eyes become red, as if she had cried?

“Xiaomei…” Chang Mei said, her voice choked, “Mom really doesn’t want to leave you…” She hugged the little child tightly, full of dismaying thoughts, this was her child, she believed this was her child.

“Mom doesn’t want Xiaomei?” Yin Xiaomei’s face turned white, and her voice was full of panic.

“Mom! What’s going on!” Yin Zhefei hurriedly stepped forward to support his mother.

Chang Mei finally couldn’t help crying and lost her voice: “Today there was a foreigner who came and said he was Xiaomei’s uncle and wanted to take her back. In fact, I knew from his eyes that there was a blood relationship between them, but…”

“Xiaomei is not leaving, Xiaomei wants to be with her mother!” Yin Xiaomei was frightened, and said in a dumb voice: “He must be a liar, a liar, Xiaomei is an orphan, there are no relatives at all, otherwise, why would he come here now? It must be a human trafficker. If they see a little girl, they have to catch it back to make her a child bride.”

“Silly girl, mother can’t bear to leave you either, but if he approaches through legal channels, I can’t keep you by my side.” Chang Mei looked at Xiaomei who had the same small face as herself, and she became even sadder. She still had a lot of things to do with Xiaomei. She wanted to take her children to see her parents and give them a surprise. During the holiday, she wanted to take her to the playground. She wanted to teach her to dance and make her an excellent dancer…More importantly, she wanted to accompany her more, not like now, where they did not get to spend much time together.

“Mom,” Yin Zhefei comforted his distraught mother, “Don’t worry, when Dad comes back, we will discuss this matter.”

When she heard her son mention Yin Ruoji, Chang Mei’s face couldn’t help but become cold. She didn’t understand the truth, but she had doubts about Yin Ruoji in her heart. Chang Mei didn’t speak but nodded blankly. This matter: let’s wait until everything is clarified, after all, her son admires his father so much.

Yin Ruoji came back in the evening, he had the feeling that the house was covered in gloom.

“Why are you frowning? Wife.” He stepped forward to kiss Chang Mei, but the latter suddenly stood up and said coldly: “I’ll get you a bowl of soup.”

Yin Ruoji was taken aback.

“Dad, Xiaomei is leaving…” Yin Zhefei stood up and explained the whole story. “Mom said that the foreigner doesn’t seem to be lying, and his appearance is very similar to Xiaomei, and he has similar eye color.”

Yin Ruoji immediately pondered. From the perspective of normal legal procedures, they had no chance of winning if they wanted to keep Xiaomei. He looked at the poor little guy who was blinking at him, how could he not feel aggrieved and nostalgic in his heart?

The atmosphere at dinner was extremely heavy, and everyone was worried and frowning. After the meal, Chang Mei returned to the room early, and Yin Ruoji immediately followed. Only Yin Zhefei and Yin Xiaomei were left. They seemed to be always quarrelling, but they couldn’t fight anymore.

“I will let you go this time.” Yin Zhefei spit out such a sentence stiffly.

“Who are you!” Yin Xiaomei rolled her eyes.

“The mouth is hard. It wasn’t like this when you were crying like a pig last time.” He laughed at her.

“That’s to make you feel a little bit of accomplishment.” She was not to be outdone.

It was rare for Yin Zhefei not to reply, and both of them felt that such a quarrel was too useless. Yin Zhefei carefully looked at the little girl in front of him. When she first came, she was as thin as a newborn kitten. Although she was very lively, there were always worries and fears in her eyes, but now she was completely fearless. She had grown a lot taller. He always saw some young boys wanting to act as her flower protector after school. If she was a little older, she would definitely become a man magnet. He just didn’t know if he could see her as an older brother!

The little guy looked at the handsome young boy in front of him and said awkwardly: “Even if Xiaomei is gone, I will come back to see you.”

“You want to come back to take pictures and make money!” Yin Zhefei couldn’t help but pierce her.

“You vicious sand pig!” Yin Xiaomei screamed, almost wanting to stick chopsticks into his nostrils.


Chang Mei returned to her room with a hurried expression. She could not help but feel nervous when she heard the sound of Yin Ruoji entering the room. She had not yet figured out how to face him.

“What’s the matter?” He hugged her from behind, “It was weird when we ate today.”

“I’m fine,” she broke away from him, not wanting to look at him.

“What’s wrong, tell me quickly.” Yin Ruoji turned her over to face him, “There are other things you are hiding from me, not just about Xiaomei!”

Chang Mei finally agreed to look at him and held his eyes: “I am willing to be by your side for life, but if one day you betray me, I will leave.” Her voice was flat, but it shocked those who heard it.

Yin Ruoji’s expression froze, “Why do you say that? What happened?”

“Wen Xuan came today, and she said she was pregnant with your child.” She seemed to be narrating something that had nothing to do with herself.

Yin Ruoji became stiff.

Chang Mei sighed: “Explain, I’ll listen.”

“I…I don’t know…” He was a little nervous and a little irritable. He had never talked so witlessly as today, “Chang Mei, you have to believe me. I, I never wanted to do something to be sorry to you in the past.”

“Her child really belongs to you?” Chang Mei only felt that her eyes went dark, and she almost fainted.

“Chang Mei,” Yin Ruoji immediately supported her and let her sit on the bed, “I’m sorry, I never thought I would be sorry to you. I negotiated a business deal that night and drank with people from the company. I don’t believe I was drunk. I don’t know what happened, you have to believe me.” He had never been so afraid even when he faced the most severe business crisis before, but at this moment his voice trembled uncontrollably.

“I believe you…” Chang Mei closed her eyes and held back her tears. She knew that Yin Ruoji was not such a person, but even if she knew it, she was still sad.

“I’m sorry, she must have embarrassed you.” His brows were frowning, and an impulse to murder surged in his heart when he thought of the scheming woman.

“Yes, she came to show off… and she had paternity test materials, maybe you should talk to her.”

“Chang Mei…I…” He wanted to hug her.

“If so, you can leave me alone. I want to sleep with Xiaomei tonight. After all, I don’t spend much time with the child.” She pushed him away, got up and left.

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