YXBG Ch. 24

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Yin Ruoji grabbed Wen Xuan as soon as he arrived at the office the next day, and asked viciously: “Have you been to see my wife?”

Wen Xuan was startled by his appearance. She was momentarily frightened, and she was a little weak when she said: “Yes… But I…”

Yin Ruoji didn’t talk too much nonsense and slapped her. Wen Xuan was knocked to the ground by his tremendous strength, her cheeks swelled immediately, she looked at him in astonishment, eyes full of disbelief.

“Don’t you like me?” He smiled like a demon. “Now? Do you still like me? Don’t you want to break up my family? I am telling you, if you stay with me, you will never get Chang Mei’s treatment from me! I will torture you until you can’t stand it yourself and leave obediently!” He said the cruel words ruthlessly, making the woman in front of him pale and shiver.

“Yin Ruoji…you…how can you beat a woman…” She always thought that Yin Ruoji was just a little cold, but she never thought he could be like this.

“Wen Xuan, I punish people, regardless of gender.” He stared at her coldly, took out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe the hand that had just slapped her, “I don’t know what method you used to coax the people before, but you shouldn’t use it on me, let alone provoke my wife.”

“Why, I… I am pregnant with your child!” She whimpered, “It’s really yours, that night.”

“Shut up!” Yin Ruoji immediately smirked, “Wen Xuan, now, go get your salary for the next three months, and then get out!”

“President Yin, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have wishful thinking, I was wrong, but this child really belongs to you, please believe me, the child is innocent… I don’t ask for any status, let me stay with you…” Her tears kept streaming out, her eyes closed. Her mascara and eyeshadows were glued together, and she looked terrible.

Yin Ruoji immediately looked at her in disgust: “I don’t have any impression of what happened that night. You just want to explain that this is my child with just a few pieces of paper? Ridiculous!”

He approached her and slowly said, “Do you remember Zhou Qi? Your boyfriend from college, is your relationship okay now!”

Wen Xuan opened her eyes wide, and said in horror: “President Yin, I don’t… this child is really yours, please believe me…”

“I think you have misunderstood what I mean,” Yin Ruoji said softly. “This child can’t be mine.”

She was dumbfounded.

“So, either you will deal with it yourself, or I will find someone to help you.” He dropped this sentence and slammed the door away.


When Yun Xin visited for the second time, he also brought a lawyer, and insisted on taking Xiaomei back to the UK. Although Yin Ruoji had the intention to keep Xiaomei, the other party’s materials were all available, and he even brought the lawyer with him first. Xiaomei’s departure was already a certainty.

Seeing Chang Mei’s melancholic look, Yun Xin couldn’t help feeling soft: “I will come to China every year to discuss business. Then I will bring Xiaomei back to see you. I understand your feelings for your child, but my parents also desperately want to see the child.”

The eager concern in his eyes made Yin Ruoji alert, and he immediately hugged Chang Mei. And Chang Mei, because of her many thoughts, did not refuse his familiar and warm embrace.

“Mr. Yun Xin, when will you return to China?” She just wanted to know how long before she could meet her daughter.

Yun Xin looked at her pale face and suddenly felt that what he was about to say was very cruel: “It’s next month at the latest. I will handle all the transfer materials and the procedures for going abroad for Xiaomei.” He couldn’t help adding: “Don’t worry, my parents are very kind people. If I marry a wife in the future, I will also ask her to treat Xiaomei well.”

Everything was a foregone conclusion, Chang Mei slowly stood up and said softly: “Then you talk to my husband, I want to go back and take a break…”

Yun Xin’s concerned gaze stuck tightly to Chang Mei’s body, and when he withdrew his gaze, he met Yin Ruoji’s warning gaze and smiled calmly: “Your wife is so charming, I can hardly imagine anyone who can refuse her charm.”

“Mr. Yun, I think we should continue with the previous topic.” Yin Ruoji did not relieve his sense of hostility because he praised his wife.

Xiaomei was very sad when she got to know that she was going to the UK with Vincent. But on the one hand, she was reluctant to part with her parents here, on the other hand, she was eager to get acquainted with her own blood. Besides, even if she desperately tried to stay, the court would not agree. Her little head was full of sadness about the imminent separation, but she could only pack the things in her room. Faced with this reality, Yin Zhefei suddenly stopped arguing with her like before.

Yin Zhefei remembered that he had so eagerly hoped that Lu Xianxian and Yin Xiaomei would disappear from his life, and now it had happened.

But he couldn’t be happy at all. Although Yin Xiaomei was very hateful, but…he felt that when he was with her, he was more like his true self, and he was really happy. Yin Zhefei smiled again when thinking of her being so angry that she was emitting smoke.

He was not a person who loved to laugh, and followed his father, but when he was with Yin Xiaomei, his mood was always going up and down.

But compared to Yin Zhefei’s sentimentality, Yin Xiaomei regained full energy two days later. After all, she was used to being alone, so she still had to face life positively. What’s more, she still had something to do!

Chang Mei’s spirit was not very good. She didn’t ask Yin Ruoji how the matter was handled but adopted an ostrich attitude. She was afraid of knowing what she didn’t want to know.

But she still had a glimmer of hope from Yin Ruoji in her heart. This hope was accumulated based on years of trust. Even in the face of stormy waves, she would not be crushed all at once. If she was unaware, nothing would happen. Chang Mei had always persuaded herself like this.

In the sunny afternoon, Chang Mei was pruning the shrubs with Xiao Min in the garden, and by the way, she almost trimmed her fingers. “Be careful!” Xiao Min saw that she was about to cut off a section of her finger, and quickly grabbed her hand, “Madam, look at it!” He was in shock.

Chang Mei came back to her senses: “Oh, thank you…” She blushed; she was so careless.

“Madam, let’s go back. If you are so unhappy and get injured, Mr. Yin will come back to blame me.” Xiao Min hurriedly wanted to rush her away.

Chang Mei was about to speak, when the bell outside the house rang: “Hello, Miss Chang Mei? Here is your express delivery!”

Chang Mei quickly put down the scissors and rushed to get the express delivery. It’s really weird, was it the souvenir sent to her by her parents? She returned to the house with the box, took the scissors to open the layers of newspapers, and inside were a few photos.

Chang Mei was suffocated, her hand shook, and the photos fell all over the floor, with dim lights on each one, and Yin Ruoji was naked and entangled with an enchanting woman. She fell to the ground, trying to pick up the scattered photos, but her hands trembled so badly, and her eyes seemed to be blurred. Finally, she fell to the ground weakly and wept bitterly. Xiao Min was about to get water from the tap when he saw Chang Mei fall to the ground. He was startled, thinking that something was wrong with her, and rushed in: “Ms. Chang Mei, are you okay! What’s wrong with you?”

Xiao Min’s shout made Chang Mei’s chaotic consciousness a little clearer, and she reluctantly stood up and said weakly: “Xiao Min, I’m fine.”

However, Xiao Min had already seen the photos on the ground. He was stunned: “Oh my God, this… is this Mr. Yin?!”

Chang Mei hurriedly grabbed the photos: “Xiao Min, if you are finished, go back. You have to go to class tomorrow.”

“Madam, what’s going on?! Mr. Yin… why is he such a person.” Xiao Min’s eyes widened.

“Xiao Min!” Chang Mei’s face looked bad, and her tone became harder, “I’m fine, you go back!”

Xiao Min realized that this was their personal matter, so he had to give in, “Mrs. I will help you up.” He helped Chang Mei to sit on the sofa and left uneasily.

It took a long time for Chang Mei to put away the photos. She had a splitting headache and just wanted to sleep in bed to get rid of this nightmare.

“Ring jing jing ” At this time, the phone next to the sofa rang, and Chang Mei reluctantly got up to answer the call: “Hello, hello.”

“Is it Chang Mei?”, came a domineering female voice, “How did you like the gift I gave you?”

“It’s you…?” She should have guessed that it was from Wen Xuan.

“Yes, of course it is me. I think Yin Ruoji must tell you that nothing happened between him and me, please, you will believe what a man says? I will give you these photos, just to make you recognize the reality. Don’t blame me for being cruel. I don’t want my child to be born without a father, and to be an illegitimate child forever. If you are willing to leave obediently, it’s fine, otherwise, I’ll let this photo be published tomorrow.”

“Are you crazy?!” Chang Mei exclaimed in shock.

“Yes! I’m crazy, to be honest, I just can’t see you by his side, so, as long as you are willing to leave, I will destroy all the photos, how about it, a fair deal! Or you want to let your son and daughter have a look?”

“Wen Xuan, don’t bother me anymore.” She closed her eyes, her voice full of exhaustion, “If you have something, you go and tell him, I don’t care.” She hung up the phone and unplugged the phone line by the way. She really wanted to take a good rest.

She hid the photos under her pillow. The Sky Group was founded by her father. She couldn’t just let it be affected by the scandal, but… what the hell was Yin Ruoji doing, why didn’t he stop this woman? Why didn’t he dare to explain himself? She didn’t even dare to imagine the consequences if that crazy woman who showed A Fei and Xiaomei the photos! There was a huge wave in her heart, but the surface became more and more sunken like stagnant water. She was lying on the bed groggy, even when she was dreaming, she still frowned.


Yin Xiaomei once again got a haircut like a melon hat, which made Zhang Bo feel distressed for a long time. He sighed: “Xiaomei really has a soft spot for this hairstyle!”

“Hey, because it’s more convenient.” Although she said that, she was really depressed in her heart, if it weren’t for revenge on Yin Zhefei’s stinky boy, she would not sacrifice so much!

“Xiaomei is going to leave, grandpa really can’t bear it.” Uncle Zhang hugged the little guy, feeling very sentimental in his heart-no one will need him to play monster games anymore, he felt really lonely.

“Grandpa don’t worry,” Xiaomei comforted, “If Brother Xiangyi is willing to continue to mess with the relationship between men and women, he should soon have a grandson for grandpa.”

“What? You kid, who taught you to say this?” Uncle Zhang stared at her and frightened her.

“But Brother Xiangyi did take the girls home. Xiaomei saw it. He said that Xiaomei didn’t understand the relationship between men and women, so Xiaomei didn’t care.” She blinked innocently.

Zhang Bo was so angry that his eyes blackened: “When did this happen, why didn’t I know?!” No wonder this stinky boy didn’t study well, he was messing up with the relationship between men and women! Dare to fall in love after all his results were at the tail of the crane!

Yin Xiaomei stuck her tongue out in the bottom of her heart. It was correct about Zhang Xiangyi bringing girls back home, but the latter sentence was added by herself, but it should be true! “Xiaomei has seen it several times, and every time it is a different girl.” She nodded solemnly, saying that her words were very credible.

Uncle Zhang almost fainted, several times? Was it a different girl every time? Why didn’t he know that his big-bearded grandson was so likable as a bandit?! Although he liked children, if his grandson was really born, where would he put his old face.

Xiaomei looked at Uncle Zhang’s beard blowing, and quietly made a V sign in her heart!

Zhang Xiangyi, you complaint king, you are still a bit tenderer than me.

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