YXBG Ch. 25: Misunderstanding

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Zhang Xiangyi’s study was filled with a dull atmosphere.

“Why are you doing this…” The delicate girl frowned and stared at the bandit like boy in front of her.

“I am doing it, why are you asking why? Didn’t you tell me to do it?” Zhang Xiangyi yelled impatiently and cynically.

“But this is not right…” The girl lowered her head, as if thinking about how to tell him.

“Damn, why are you so indecisive!” He finally got irritated. “I said I wouldn’t do it. You asked me to do it and now you are questioning me! You are playing with me!”

For Uncle Zhang, who was eavesdropping outside, he only felt that the blood vessels in his forehead were jumping suddenly. Now the girls were really amazing. She sounded so gentle and well-behaved. It turned out that his poor grandson was the one who was forced to bow by the overlord!

The girl slowly said: “Forget it…I will teach you…”

Uh? What? This… this was too bold! How could this kind of thing be taught by a girl, that grandson would have a shadow for the rest of his life! Uncle Zhang hurriedly kicked the door open and shouted: “Stop! Let go of my grandson!”

The two people in the room turned their heads in astonishment.

Eh? what happened? Zhang Bo’s heroic movements were awkwardly frozen at the door, looking at the two fully clothed people in the room. He laughed and said: “Ha! Xiangyi, this is…”

The girl recovered from the surprise, stood up cleverly, and bowed slightly to the old man who was almost as strong as Zhang Xiangyi in front of her eyes: “Hello, grandpa. My name is Hu Yueer, I’m here to help Zhang Xiangyi with homework.”

“Ha, it turns out that it is Hu Fei’s younger sister, is she already this big?” Zhang Bo continued to laugh.

“Grandpa, what are you saying? Who did you just tell to let me go?” Zhang Xiangyi stared fiercely at the old guy with a guilty conscience who was now gossiping in front of him, very upset.

“Um…I…I’m afraid that she will treat you…” Uncle Zhang couldn’t go on. The little girl in front of him was very delicate and well-educated in her gestures. It really didn’t look like she would be dating Zhang Xiangyi. With her thin arms and legs, it was unrealistic for her to push Zhang Xiangyi down.

“Where did you think of it!” Zhang Xiangyi roared, waving a piece of paper full of questions in his hand, “I finally found someone who would teach me the questions, what are you thinking about?!”

Uncle Zhang was so dizzy by his bear roar, he turned around and ran away and almost hit the door. Oops, he was too unlucky, it was wrong for him to think that his grandson was being raped, think about it, his grandson is like a bandit, which girl would be willing to follow him!

Hu Yueer turned her head and looked at Zhang Xiangyi with a smile and said, “Your grandfather is so funny, how can he think that my eyesight is so bad?”

“What are you talking about?!” Zhang Xiangyi knew what she meant, but his own old man made him feel ashamed for no reason! He roared again, “You still look down on mr. You have no chest and butt, so you should have a little more brain!”

Hu Yueer shrugged and said calmly: “You are really a bear, and the level of appreciation of the opposite sex is still in negative.”

“Who do you think is a bear?!” Zhang Xiang asked angrily.

“Whoever is speaking to me.” Hu Yueer looked at him with pity for his IQ in her eyes, “You should study hard, or you will repeat the grade. How many grades have you repeated?” She looked at him.

Zhang Xiangyi felt very confused. He remembered that he and her brother had been playing together all the time, but… “Generally, a man at your age should have a very big child!”

Zhang Xiangyi was almost so angry that he vomited blood: “I am only 18, I have never left a grade at all, and there are no damned children!”

“Liar!” Hu Yueer looked at him in shock. He looked at least 30 years old!

“When did I lie to you! You stupid woman!” He swore, scribbling nonsense when answering the question.

“People who don’t know permutations and combinations dare to say that I’m stupid! I wonder if your brain is even as big as a walnut.” She said coldly, seeing Zhang Xiangyi about to run his mouth again, she said leisurely: “Don’t refute, or I will leave immediately! You know, no one wants to give you tutoring except me now.”

A series of swear words turned into an angry growl in Zhang Xiangyi’s throat, and he bitterly sat back in his chair. The chair creaked in protest due to his huge body.

“Moreover, you must remember to tell Lu Xianxian that my brother is going to learn taekwondo with her. You know, he admires her very much.” She reminded him not to forget the agreement between the two.

“I know! You don’t have to say it every ten minutes!” He was very angry.

“I’m afraid your brain is too small; you won’t be able to remember!” She laughed, watching him jump again, and gracefully added: “No refutation!”

Zhang Xiangyi stared at her, as if he had eaten a mouse and swallowed his words back.

This kind of tuition, no matter how you look at it, gave people a sense of worry about their future.


Chang Mei found that the photos under the pillow was missing.

She was terrified, how could they be missing? Where did the photos go? She clearly remembered that the pile of photos was all under the pillow! She was in a hurry. Could it be that A Chun found them while cleaning? But A Chun kept smiling today. Before going to buy the vegetables, she was still violently criticizing the price increase with her. With her straight-forward character, she would have screamed a long time ago if she had found those photos. Or A Fei? But the child was always boringly studying in his own room, why would he come to her room? Or was it Xiaomei? It was impossible to be Xiaomei. She was careless and playing outside all day.

She was thinking about it, but the doorbell rang, and she hurriedly walked downstairs. When she opened the door, there was a big bouquet of roses.

“Hey, beauty!” Yun Xin smiled softly and handed her the roses.

“Um… Hi!” Chang Mei hugged the flowers, “Mr. Yun Xin, you are…”

“My name is Jing Jing[1], ah, maybe I should carry the flowers on my back,” he bent slightly, gentlemanly, “I took away Miss Chang Mei’s favorite little daughter, and made you sad, so this bunch of flowers represent my apologies.”

“Oh,” Chang Mei was obviously a little confused, “Come in and sit down!”

“Is Xiaomei at home? My cute little angel, she seems to have been hiding from me, I have never seen her.” He shrugged helplessly.

“That’s because you didn’t come at the right time. She should still be in class at this time!” Chang Mei put the flowers in the huge vase.

“Then I won’t bother too much. I just came over to tell you that Xiaomei’s procedures have been completed, and I want to take her back.”

Chang Mei’s body stiffened: “It’s done? How come so quickly!” She frightened him by her fierce reaction, and her face was a little ashamed.

“Actually, I want to invite you to the UK. You can see my parents. Maybe you will feel relieved. Moreover, you and Xiaomei have such a good relationship. If you go together, she may not be so resistant.” He was sincere in inviting her.

“No… I’m not going right now,” Chang Mei refused even though the proposal moved her heart: “I still have to discuss with my husband.”

“Okay, if you want to go, please let me know at any time, you will be warmly welcomed.” He left with a smile.

Chang Mei stayed alone in the room, looking at the enchanting roses in a daze. The afternoon sun came in, bringing a warm fragrance. Her thoughts fluctuated because of Yun Xin’s proposal, or maybe because she just wanted to escape from the vicious woman and leave with her daughter.

She decided to talk to Yin Ruoji first, otherwise she wouldn’t do something like this.

Why did he refuse to talk to her? Although Chang Mei knew that Yin Ruoji was used to handling everything well and protecting her, she needed to deal with this matter together with him. After all, they were husband and wife. How could he deal with this kind of thing alone and not tell her?

In fact, Yin Ruoji, who was sitting in the office, only felt that he wanted to smash Wen Xuan’s body into pieces. He gritted his teeth and looked at the photo in front of him. There was no doubt that Chang Mei had already seen it, and he could even imagine Wen Xuan’s threatening words said to her. At this time, his eyes looked like a leopard who had been hungry for a long time. Not only could he not allow others to fool him like this, but he also could not allow her to turn his wife against him.

“Tring tring.” The phone rang. He picked up the phone and put the photos in the bottom drawer. He said solemnly: “Hey… ok…” He wrote a line of address in his notebook, “Yes, Chen Xi, thank you, I’m troubling you again this time.”

He just hung up the phone, when Wen Xuan walked in with no expression on her face, her face still had the traces left by Yin Ruoji’s slap last time. The enchanting woman sat down coldly: “What’s the matter with you?”

“Why are you so angry?” Yin Ruoji smiled very softly, “Drink water?”

“President Yin, just say whatever you want to. I can roughly guess what you are thinking. Either you marry me or give me 3 million. I think you can make things easier and it’s not like you won’t even be able to afford this little money.” She looked at him and handed the water glass that she had not drunk from over.

Yin Ruoji immediately laughed: “Well, then, let’s get married!”

“What did you say?” Wen Xuan thought she had heard it wrong. At this time, Chang Mei, who was outside the door, also thought she had heard it wrong.

“I said, let’s get married. Anyway, so many years have passed, I am tired. After all, you still have my child.” His hand stroked Wen Xuan’s belly, “I was just angry with your cleverness, but I admire women with guts.”

“You…what tricks are you doing.” Wen Xuan stared at him in disbelief. This man was terrible, and she couldn’t believe that he would compromise so easily.

“This is not a trick.” He stood up straight, “I just think, since this is an opportunity, you might as well use it. Or do you really want the three million?”

“Of course, I want to marry you!” Wen Xuan said eagerly. However, she frowned and returned to her cold look. “President Yin, I have been by your side for so long. With my understanding of you, you won’t compromise so easily?”

Yin Ruoji immediately understood her thoughts from her moments of letting go. He raised his eyebrows and said, “If I say this now, you won’t believe it. Maybe, wait until I show you the divorce agreement. In time, you will believe it.”

A trace of joy passed across Wen Xuan’s face.

“You should know that I am an arrogant person. What happened before is considered forgotten. However, if you wait patiently, you will find that I did not lie to you. I will divorce her and stay with you.” Chang Mei only felt that her body had gone limp, she was holding on to the wall and almost sitting on the ground. She walked out trembling step by step, willing to believe that what she had just heard was false.

The deserted company, because it was the off-duty time, there were only a few people who had to work overtime at night, so they were burying their heads in their meals, and they didn’t even see her come.

Chang Mei never doubted Yin Ruoji’s sincerity towards her, never.

She was pale, and she kept comforting herself: He was just saying it to stabilize Wen Xuan, to prevent her from revealing the photos. Yes, if the photos were taken away, he will explain it to her when he gets home. He would explain it to her.. She thought about it, but the tears couldn’t stop streaming down. Why was she still so sad in her heart even if she thought this way?

Yun Xin’s words seemed to echo in her ears again: “…I want to invite you to the UK, you can see my parents…”

These words kept floating in her mind just like a life-saving straw.

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[1] A reference to being guilty.

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