TBLF Extra 11 (Ch. 111.1): Vampire × Blood Hunter

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At the beginning of the Chinese Lantern Festival, on the festive streets, there were two figures hovering in the dense night, looking for prey.

“How about him?”

“He smells like wine.”

“What about him?”

“He smells like smoke.”

“What about that person?”

“There is body odor.”

Shu Ran glanced at the girl next to him silently: “Miss, why are you so picky? If you choose to go on like this, when will you complete the hunting mission?”

The girl’s light green eyes were glowing with innocence, and her cherry lips were rosy. When she showed this look, she could easily capture the other person, “But he’s really smelly.”

Shu Ran surrendered in an instant: “Well, change the target.” He explored the terrain and called the girl to move quietly in the night breeze and came near the trunk of a towering tree.

Beside the tree was a small park.

There was a seven or eight-year-old girl swinging in the park. Shu Ran pointed to the little girl: “The blood of the child is very fragrant. Are you okay with her?”

The girl stared at the little girl who was swinging happily, a little hesitant: “Will she be too young?”

Shu Ran almost fainted: “Miss, do you remember that you are a vampire? Humans are born to be our blood bank, and their scientists have always emphasized natural selection and survival of the fittest. What’s more, she can become your rite of passage. It’s her honor to be your hunting target!”

The girl still hesitated.

She had lived in the castle since she was born. As the earl’s youngest daughter, she only stretched out her hand and opened her mouth for food. The human blood she drank was drawn by the servants from the living blood bank kept by the vampire clan, put in a thermos cup, with a straw plugged and then delivered to her.

She had never hunted prey by herself.

But now she was an adult.

The clan stipulated that at the bar mitzvah which was the coming-of-age ceremony, a vampire must go out to hunt for food to prove their noble lineage. Her father worried about her and sent her cousin Shu Ran secretly to follow her to help her complete the coming-of-age ceremony ritual.

They had been out for several days. Shu Ran was getting very anxious.

Shu Ran threatened her with a stern face: “If you don’t do anything, the people in the Presbyterian Church will find that you couldn’t complete the hunting mission, and you will be nailed in a coffin and buried in the ice cellar for a hundred years!”

The girl shivered suddenly.

She gritted her teeth, cruelly, took out a blindfold from her pocket, clenched her small fist and said, “I’m ready to go!”

Shu Ran: “Come on! You can do it! You can!”

The girl put on her blindfold and followed the smell of blood in the night breeze. Her figure flashed, and she was behind the target in a blink of an eye. She covered her mouth with one hand and pinched her neck with the other. Her fangs were cold, and her lips and teeth were soft.

She maintained this position, without moving for five seconds.

Standing on the tree, Shu Ran slapped his forehead, and couldn’t help but say: “You bite! You bite!”

The little girl in her arms was struggling in her arms, and warm tears ran down her palms.

The blindfolded girl raised her head slightly, her fangs left her neck, and even her fingers were loosened.

Shu Ran was about to speak, but he suddenly felt a dangerous breath coming from the night breeze. He suddenly felt fear, and immediately flashed to the woman’s side: “Yingying! The blood hunters are here! Go!”

Just about to run, a man in a black suit appeared in front of them and raised his hands.

Shu Ran hid Qi Ying behind him, and the black-clothed man glanced at them coldly, his thin lips evoking a dangerous smile: “You dare to attack on my turf, you’re so courageous.”

This was a life and death battle, needless to say, Shu Ran’s fangs were exposed, and he quickly started fighting with the other party.

Qi Ying pulled off the blindfold, but she hadn’t even killed anyone, and she was not an opponent of the blood hunter. Apart from staying hidden, she couldn’t help.

Later, Shu Ran took a shot from the man, so taking advantage of the gap where the man fell to the ground, he pulled Qi Ying to flee quickly.

The black-clothed man stood up from the ground, squinted at the dense night, and carried the scared little girl who had passed out to the door of the police station and left quietly.

The blood-hunting clan specialized in dealing with vampires. Shu Ran had been injured. His blood continued to flow, and the wound had begun to rot. In such a situation, he had to return to the vampire clan to heal his wounds.

So, she had to signal to the clan, and soon someone came to pick up Shu Ran. The Presbyterian Church members also came, and Shu Ran’s secret help was exposed. Qi Ying was scolded bloody. The elders gave her an ultimatum that she must complete the hunting mission alone, otherwise the family rules would await her!

As soon as Shu Ran left, Qi Ying could only act alone.

After drinking the stored food she had brought out, the girl who still did not find a suitable target to hunt, started to feel her belly growl.

She squatted on the side of the street, watching the passing crowd, gulping.

In fact, when she left the castle, she had a hunch that she would probably become the only member of the vampire race that failed the blood hunt after thousands of years.

The little girl squatted on the street for three nights, and she was really hungry and almost fainted.

Finally, she planned to go to the hospital to steal some blood bags to drink.

The hospital at night was exceptionally quiet. Smelling the night wind, she quickly found the blood bank where the blood bags were stored.

The room was filled with the delicious smell of blood.

She swallowed hard, quickly took out the blindfold and put it on, then reached out and touched the blood bags.

But what she touched instead was a cold barrel.

At the same time, a joking voice came from the darkness: “Other vampires wear masks, but you wear blindfolds. Why, do you have see-through eyes?”

Qi Ying: “!!!”

She remembered this voice; it was the blood hunter who hurt Shu Ran that night.

She was almost crying.

Carefully retracted her hand, she took off the blindfold, and stammered: “I… I’m not a vampire…”

Man: “You put your fangs away before you speak.”

Qi Ying: “…”

The little girl felt so wronged, she retracted her fangs, raised her eyes little by little, and looked at the tall man in the shadows illuminated by a little light from the corridor.

And his gun was aimed at her.

The light green eyes were stained with a thin layer of mist, she sniffed, and whispered, “I haven’t killed anyone. Let me go, okay?” She blinked, her eyes were wet, and she looked very pitiful: “Please.”

In the darkness, Ji Rang’s throat moved.

The muzzle was slowly lowered, Qi Ying heard his low voice: “Okay.”

She glanced at him incredulously, for fear that he would repent, her figure flashed and she ran away.

There were few pedestrians in the streets at night, and there were many drunks who had the smell of alcohol that she hated. This time, the blood bag was not stolen, she even encountered the blood hunter, and she couldn’t go back to the clan without having hunted a target successfully, but she didn’t have the energy to rush to other places.

The little girl squatted at the entrance of the alley, hugging her knees, thinking sadly, was she really going to become the first vampire in history who starved to death?

Footsteps sounded from within the alley.

She kept squatting on the ground but moved her feet aside to make way for the person passing by. The footsteps stopped beside her, and then the other person squatted down.

It was the blood hunter again.

Qi Ying was about to cry again. She kept moving backwards away from him and he kept moving towards her until her back was against the wall, and then she cried and said, “Didn’t you promise to let me go?”

Ji Rang raised his eyebrows and watched her silently.

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