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To say that who this Wek cub felt was his closest person and whom he could depend on in the Yunbao Club, anyone with eyes could see that it was Xie Luan, and his daily active sniffing was the best embodiment of this fact.

Except for the youth, this cub did not have this kind of continuous sniffing towards other people in the branch. Today, this cub tried to get close to sniff Ya Yi’s body, but Xia Qi and others did not understand what was happening.

Ya Yi had neither hugged this cub nor fed it. In theory, this cub should not take the initiative to approach him and sniff his breath.

Until they heard Zarad’s speculation, then everyone let go of this question.

This was probably because this cub was not unfamiliar with Ya Yi’s breath… the youth would always have the breath of the nox, and this Wek cub smelt the youth every day and would indirectly also smell the smell left by Ya Yi.

Probably he was curious about the extra breath that he could always smell; that this little cub would now try to smell the other person’s breath directly.

The cub approached by his side and sniffed his breath, but Ya Yi stood still, with a cold expression, and let the Wek cub continue.

This nox was also grabbed by the little mermaid at the beginning. Xie Luan looked at this scene and couldn’t help but smile.

“Wang Wu.”

The act of sniffing Ya Yi’s breath lasted for a while. After it was over, the Wek cub approached Xie Luan who had the more familiar breath, then he was held in his arms by the latter. Once again, he smelt the young man gently.

He already knew that this behavior was a manifestation of this Wek cub’s love for himself. Xie Luan would pick up this cub every morning for a while and wait until the cub smelt him enough in his arms before touching his head and putting him down.

“If the living room is expanded in the future, the overall layout will not be changed, so that Ain doesn’t have to re-learn the environment.” In the living room, Xie Luan discussed this matter with others.

Since Yunbao Club entered the top 3,000 of the StarCraft rankings, parents would now send their cubs to their clubs to move in. After a certain time, the expansion of the living room was inevitable.

The staff of the club, especially more caretakers, also needed to be recruited.

Now the branch had sufficient funds. Among the recruited staff, Xie Luan intended to hire two A-class caretakers and then hire B-class caretakers to make up the staff as appropriate.

“It won’t be changed, or only the expanded part will be changed when the time comes. The existing main activity areas would continue to remain the same…?” No one shook their head at this scene, and Xia Qi put forward more ideas after nodding.

The Wek cub had finally been able to familiarize himself with the environment of their branch in the company of the youth these days. Of course, they couldn’t let the cub’s efforts be in vain.

It was already very hard for the cub to be blind. Adults like them should take more care of the cub.

Regarding Xie Luan’s plan just now, everyone present had no objection. As for the club’s relatively good financial situation recently, after discussing with others, Xie Luan unanimously decided to improve the living conditions of the cubs in the club and replace the cubs’ beds with a new batch.

The new batch of beds were currently the latest on the market, and they were also the most popular cub beds preferred by most cub raising branches and parents. They would adjust the most suitable and comfortable temperature according to the physical condition of the cubs. It was said that even the cubs who recognized the bed would like it very much.

The conventional model was suitable for cubs of all races. The enlarged bed nest of Muka cub was still customized by the merchant on Xie Luan’s request. When the porter came to replace the new beds, the cubs who were active in the hall all showed Xie Luan their willingness to take a nap.

In fact, these cubs were just curious about the new beds.

“Nick.” Seeing the terrifying-looking Muka cub hook a pink cocked hat with special care on his forearm, Xie Luan couldn’t help but approach and pat the cub’s sharp forearm twice.

Putting the small tricone brought out of the old bed onto the new bed, this Muka cub lowered his head to the youth, arched his head lightly in Xie Luan’s arms, and at the same time issued a low hiss in response from his throat.

The little pink tricone hat was a birthday hat made by Xie Luan for the birthday of this Muka cub. This Muka cub had kept this little cocked hat on his bed since his birthday. It could be seen that he cherished this hat very much.

Unlike at the beginning, he now knew how to climb into the bed. Xie Luan patted the new bed in front. He quickly saw the huge Muka cub tucking himself in.

After he had laid down in the bed, Xie Luan touched the hard shell of his head, and the fierce scarlet vertical pupils were closed. At this time, this Muka cub looked like an obedient sleeping baby.

There were other caretakers in the dormitory watching, so Xie Luan carried the nox and walked to the holding room on the second floor.

There were two unbroken cub eggs there. Counting the time, Xie Luan thought it should be almost time for them to hatch.

The hatching time of cub eggs varied according to different races. The hatching time of cub eggs of most races was between one and three years. According to this, what about the remaining two cub eggs in the incubator? It must be almost time for them to break the shell.

Unlike Ya Yi, who had not broken out of his egg for decades, these two cub eggs were sent to Yunbao Club two years ago.

The life reaction of the two cub eggs had always been normal, but the reaction detected recently was more active. This was not unexpectedly, a sign that the shell was about to break.

This was an experience. Now when he knew that the cub egg was about to break its shell, Xie Luan’s time spent in the holding room for the past two days directly increased by several times.

Although these two newborn cubs would certainly not open the door of the holding room and run out by themselves like Ya Yi did at the beginning, but thinking about it, Xie Luan still hoped to minimize all accidents.

Besides, the cub was born after coming out of its shell, which in itself was also a very meaningful moment.

The birth of a new life, although very young, made people look forward to the future of the other person.

“Why did you run out at that time, it was so cold outside, and I didn’t know that I had to go back.” After applying the nutrient solution to the two cub eggs, Xie Luan crossed his legs to guard in front of the two eggs of different colors and bowed his head at this moment. Then he reached out and squeezed the little nox horn.

Xie Luan’s tone was a little helpless. This nox was born in a cold winter. The temperature when he left the incubator was undoubtedly excessive for a cub who had just broken its shell.

“I wanted to see you.”

Ya Yi replied as he changed to his adult form. The cold-toned silver hair was similar to Ya Yi’s voice at this time, or it was the same as the overall aura of this nox, so cold and beautiful that it couldn’t be ignored.

Wanting to meet the only person who was waiting for it to be born, it was the warm love that made Ya Yi want to find this person quickly.

He wanted to see, he wanted to get closer, and after he got closer, he fell even more deeply in love with this warmth, thus forming an inextricable knot.

But if it was just nostalgia, it would not have transformed into the kind of love for your partner.

The adulthood of the nox race was divided according to strength, and the nox race was far faster than other races in ability growth, so adulthood came quickly for them.

Corresponding to the growth rate, the nox’s ability to learn and understand knowledge was also much higher than other species. They would soon be able to have a mind that matched their strength and easily understood the world.

Because of such superior and unfair racial advantages, the nox race once established an unprecedentedly prosperous empire in the interstellar world.

Ya Yi was a nox. Although he was the last one, he certainly had all the above-mentioned racial traits, and was even much better than the average member of the race.

From the beginning of reaching his maturity, Ya Yi could clearly understand his position in the world, and from the negative emotions he had received, he could also understand the attitudes that most people in this world would have towards him.

By definition, he was no different from a dragon or monster in their eyes.

But the more clearly he understood this, the more Ya Yi could not help but notice the existence of light.

Very close to him, within reach of him.

Xie Luan opened his mouth slightly and closed at the nox’s reason that he “wanted to see him”, and in the end he couldn’t say anything.

Xie Luan didn’t speak at this time, but he was circled by a cold silver tail and leaned against the nox next to him, and then he weighed more on his left shoulder, and he heard a low voice not far from his ear.

“I wanted to see you.” It was a repetitive sentence, but Xie Luan vaguely felt that the emotion in this sentence was not the same as the one just now, but it didn’t really make any difference.

After thinking about it, Xie Luan coughed, and replied unnaturally: “You can see me whenever you want.”

“Well.” A single tone was not clear, and Ya Yi tightened his silver tail.

He noticed the light, and after grasping such a dazzling and warm presence, he would not want to let go.

This kind of feeling was not attachment but infatuation.

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