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“Star Show Live Room” often invited traffic stars to do guest interviews, because there was the last interactive session where netizens were randomly selected. This had always been the most popular program for fans, so usually at this time, the program ratings would have an increase, but today the operators of the live broadcast website found that this was more than just a growth, it was soaring!

The server was almost paralyzed by these crazy fans!

While the website was in desperation, fans had already enthusiastically posted screenshots expressing various emoticons on Weibo.

@Orange Official Support: Don’t miss it when you pass by. @Zhou Siyu and @Ji Lin’s official seal on their relationship of sister and brother. We, Sesame Yellow girls, are the biggest winners. So the question is, when will the “Qin Guo” be released? I want to watch the siblings show off!!

This so-called official support account was naturally built by fans of the brother and sister CP. At the beginning, the whole network was very lively, so these fans who built such an account. As the base camp, they collected interactive photos of the two people every day. Although the news that Ji Lin broke in this interview was outdated, everyone knew it, but it was evidence stamped by the master himself, so the support group still ushered in a wave of happiness.

But as a fan, it was never possible for them to be satisfied with just such a little sibling candy, but what could be done? Ji Lin and Siyu only appeared in two variety shows in the same frame. The shots were limited, but they were supported by these fans. But they suddenly remembered: Hey, yes, isn’t there another movie to be released?

Judging from the clips released by the crew, the script had been greatly changed compared with the original version. The two seemed to have a lot of scenes together. The fans were stunned, and all of them were itchy, and ran to the official blog everyday, and couldn’t wait to shake the neck of the crew to let them release the film quickly.

Originally, the attention of “Qin Guo” was relatively high. After the fans made such a fuss, everyone’s expectations for this film suddenly reached its peak.

Why would the crew be willing to let go of such a good opportunity for publicity? At this time, the post-production was actually completed long ago. The release date was originally set for next month, but after discussing with Director Liang, the production team felt that now Ji Lin and Si Yu had a lot of attention from netizens. So, they organized a preview and star meeting, and drew some lucky fans to watch the movie in advance, so as to win a wave of word-of-mouth publicity.

As soon as the news was released, the fans went crazy, but this kind of thing was limited, the total number was only 50, but there were so many fans who wanted to go, so it still depended on luck in the end.

Liu Yu was one of the lucky ones.

She looked at the private letter of congratulations sent to her by Guan Bo, rubbed her eyes, almost thought she had hallucinations, and jumped up from her chair excitedly.

This time the preview would only be held for the fans and the media would not be invited. Only fans would participate. At the same time, because the crew limited the number of people, the number of people participating was particularly small, so they could also chat with their idols up close, which was equivalent to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

She actually won the prize! Sure enough, her encouragement for the establishment of the Sesame Custard Support Club, and her insistence on signing in and punching in Super Talk every day was useful!

Liu Yu quickly shared this incident with the sisters in the group. The others were so jealous, they all told her: “Remember to let Brother Ji and Sister Siyu interact more if you have the opportunity and take more pictures!”

Liu Yu smiled in fascination: “Don’t worry, I know how to do it.”

From being Ji Lin’s pure fan, to being confused by Siyu’s face value and becoming her face fan, and then becoming an iron fan of the sister brother CP, she was a person with ideals. She was in charge of the Sesame Custard Fan Club, and she patted her chest and promised her sisters that she would fulfil her duty!

The preview was added spontaneously by the crew, and it was scheduled for a weekend night, so Siyu was still confused when she was notified.

When asked by fans in “Star Show Live Room” whether she would appear in the TV series adapted from her own comic book, she could neither admit that she was the author nor bluntly say that she didn’t want to act, so she just smiled. But talking about fate, within a few days, her diligent assistant, Shen Yue, put the audition invitation for “Fashion Strategy” in front of her.

Looking at Shen Yue’s shining eyes and the proud expression on her face, “I knew you wanted to act, let’s see, I’ve just grabbed a chance for you”, Siyu was silent.

Siyu: …So it’s not a good thing that the assistant is too self-motivated and understanding.

Therefore, Siyu was busy finding excuses to reject this invitation these days. When Shen Yue heard that the crew of “Qin Guo” had arranged a preview screening, her attention was shifted to this, and she finally did not bother her to take advantage of this opportunity, so she suddenly felt relieved.

To attend this kind of occasion, it was natural to prepare an evening gown. Siyu did not have these kinds of clothes. Lu Xingzhou did not know where to find out about this. Just when she was still worried about where to find clothes, Shen Yue carried over a dress one day.

“This…this was handed over to me by President Lu’s secretary.” Shen Yue didn’t know what Lu Xingzhou’s relationship was with Siyu, so, she handed the dress to Siyu with a bit of trepidation, and asked in a low voice, “Sister Siyu, President Lu is always so nice to you…”

She winked at Siyu.

No wonder she had crooked thoughts. After all, in the eyes of Shen Yue, the president of Huan Yi was very arrogant, but when he heard about Siyu’s situation, he turned around and sent them to the door. Such an obvious gesture of goodwill, who would not misunderstand?

If Lu Xingzhou was at the scene, he would stop Shen Yue’s mouth and let her say a few words less. This was not his own idea. It was not him who was always paying attention to Siyu’s situation. The dress style was personally chosen by Fifth Master Lu, and so were the clothes. He didn’t dare to reject what Fifth Master Lu ordered to be delivered!

Siyu opened the box. The tailoring of the dress was exquisite and the materials were extremely luxurious. She tried it on, and when she looked in the mirror, she felt that this look seemed like the choice of another person… So, who on earth sent this dress, Siyu immediately went out of the door.

She went to look through the box again, and she found a piece of paper at the bottom. Nothing was written on it, only a signature, three powerful words: Lu Yuanhe.

Siyu touched the dress she was holding in her arms, and muttered in her heart, this person was really overbearing, and he had never asked her opinion. He only chose clothes for her according to his own preferences, and he was afraid that she would misunderstand who sent it so like a child, he put his signature in the box…

However, Shen Yue who was on the side peeped at her, only to find that Siyu’s lips were raised unconsciously, and her expression was a bit complicated, wondering if Siyu was not happy after receiving the gift? But she didn’t look like it.

Finally, Shen Yue sighed in his heart, alas, women.

On the day of the preview screening, the venue was crowded with various media outlets and fans who wanted to take a look at their idols. Although these people could not get inside, they were surrounding the venue completely. Siyu saw this situation as soon as she reached the venue, so she quickly let Shen Yue turn around and go to the back door to sneak in, so that she would be spared.

The lucky fans who were drawn were waiting in the venue early. The actors’ seats were arranged in the first row. Before Siyu walked over, she ran into Ji Lin in the aisle.

“Sister, sit here!” Ji Lin ran to pull her over, occupying the best position to see the movie, and then poured Siyu tea very naturally, even more skilled than her assistant Shen Yue.

Shen Yue looked from behind, feeling that she was completely useless.

As soon as Ji Lin grabbed her, Siyu could actually feel the fifty pairs of eyes behind her staring at them, and even keenly heard the click of shutters. She stroked her forehead and looked at her over-excited silly brother and whispered in reminder: “Don’t be silly, so many people are watching, pay attention to your image.”

Ji Lin not only didn’t care, but he turned around and waved to the fans behind him. He immediately set off a wave of screams in the theatre. Pointing to his assistant Xiao Ai with his eyes, Xiao Ai walked to the audience with two big bags, Ji Lin took a microphone in hand and said to the fans:

“It’s been hard for everyone to come from afar. This is a gift I prepared together with my sister. I give each one a sesame bun and a custard bun. You can eat them as snacks while watching the movie. Thank you for your comments on “Qin Guo” and your support for us.” She didn’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional, but Ji Lin seemed to have emphasized the pronunciation of the word “my sister”.

Siyu was surprised: “When did I ask you to prepare?”

However, the fans couldn’t hear it. Some of them shouted in excitement. Siyu looked at the auditorium and there were a few girls. They raised the cheering banner, and it said-Sesame Custard is forever?

What kind of people were participating in the preview this time!

The fans who came this time almost all knew the Sesame Custard CP, and the small gift prepared by Ji Lin was so in response to the scene, they immediately showed a tacit smile and looked at Ji Lin and Siyu. When they were standing together, Siyu’s eyes unconsciously showed a bit of motherly tolerance.

And Liu Yu happened to be placed in the front position, very close to the actors’ seats, and just behind Siyu and the others, so the expressions of the two could be seen clearly, and she excitedly held the two buns that were allocated. She took a few photos with her phone and posted them on Weibo.

@I Love Sesame Custard: The Sesame Custard fans, come and eat candy! @Orange Official Support, Brother Ji sent out both on behalf of him and his sister today. Do you think I should eat well, or should I not eat it?

Within a few minutes, after Liu Yu refreshed, she saw “eat, eat!” in the comments. Although everyone did not visit the scene in person, they felt the same, and all became excited.

Siyu looked at the fans who had almost rioted because of the two steamed buns, pulled Ji Lin’s sleeves, and whispered in his ear: “What are you doing?”

Ji Lin answered the question and said loudly, “It’s okay, sister. Don’t you think everyone is very happy, please tell my sister, do you like this gift?” The last sentence he said to the fans in the audience was very loud.

Fans uniformly answered: “Like—”


Si Yu: “??!” She didn’t ask this!

Listening to this neat shout, Ji Lin rounded it up in his heart, and equated their liking for his gifts with his sister.

Hmph, it didn’t matter if the fans didn’t believe what he said, facts spoke louder than words!

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