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Once again, after emphasizing that the person next to him was his own sister, Ji Lin immediately felt refreshed as he listened to the shouts of the fans. Siyu covered her face. Under the warm gaze of dozens of eyes, her whole body was steaming.

In fact, as a star, she should get used to this kind of high-profile feeling, but unfortunately, she didn’t plan to work long in the entertainment circle, so apart from filming and variety shows, she had never had close contact with fans. Only today did she got to know how fanatical these fans were.

Siyu was stared at by so many people, so she felt very uncomfortable, and quickly pulled Ji Lin, who wanted to show off, to sit down. Fortunately, the actors and the audience were separated. She was petite and retracted into the seat which blocked the hot eyes from the outside, this made her feel better.

“A Lin, stop playing. This is a preview screening. We are not the protagonists today.” Siyu whispered to Ji Lin. After thinking about it, she knew why Ji Lin did that. Last time in the live show, this guy was going to triumphantly announce the relationship between them, but netizens didn’t think he was breaking the news. It was just treated as a joke. After the show, Ji Lin was depressed for a long time. After making more preparations, he wanted to find another good time to announce.

This kind of secret relationship involved the secrets of the two families. If it was not done properly, it would damage Ji Lin’s image. Siyu later thought about it, it was better to uncover it step by step.

“I just gave a gift, and it was not I who asked them to call…” Ji Lin defended, then saw his sister’s helpless eyes, immediately changed his words, and confessed his mistake, “I am wrong, I will definitely not be so reckless next time!”

Siyu: “…” What else could she say when the other party was so fast in admitting their wrongs? She could only let it go.

When the movie was about to start, Siyu saw Han Tiantian and Xu Qingwan walking in tandem. Han Tiantian’s lips were tightly pressed, and her always sweet and pleasant face was dark, as if holding in her anger, and walking behind her was Xu Qingwan, who was clearly dressed up, from head to toe in a luxurious outfit, showing off her curvaceous figure, the corners of her mouth slightly raised, and her face seemed to be a little proud.

Han Tiantian didn’t even look at her, rushed to the empty place on the other side of Siyu, sat down with a cold face and said nothing.

Xu Qingwan had a clear goal and walked straight in Ji Lin’s direction, apparently trying to occupy the empty position next to Ji Lin.

Damn, Ji Lin cursed secretly in his heart. Would this woman look at other people’s gazes? She was already semi-nude publicly, repelling even people in the circle, and she could still approach him with a shy face? If normal people encountered this kind of thing, let alone staying away from him, at least they would dare come in front of him, but Xu Qingwan still seized every opportunity to get close to Ji Lin. Ji Lin couldn’t understand, was it possible that Xu Qingwan was a masochist?

Ji Lin immediately thought of changing positions, but the other position next to Siyu was already occupied by Han Tiantian. Besides, with so many people staring at him, he couldn’t act like a child clamouring to drive Xu Qingwan away. Otherwise, the face of the entire crew would be lost.

Xu Qingwan was sure of this, and walked over without hesitation. Seeing him, she was about to sit down. Ji Lin’s eyes lit up and found that Director Liang was coming from the entrance, so he discussed with Siyu softly and immediately got up. Director Liang greeted him, and he naturally started talking with others, and then while chatting, he sat down among the director’s group.

Xu Qingwan watched Ji Lin slip away without looking back, her sharp long nails scratching marks on the soft leather seat: “…”

Xu Qingwan was still a little afraid of Director Liang, knowing that he didn’t like her. When Director Liang was around, she naturally had no guts to follow him.

As soon as Ji Lin left, she certainly couldn’t be near Siyu, and so she turned her footsteps and sat farther away.

Han Tiantian sat on the side, taking in everything that happened just now, without concealing the irony in her eyes, snorted coldly, and mumbled: “She deserves it!”

“Xu Qingwan offended you?” Siyu turned her head and asked Han Tiantian in a low voice. In her impression, Han Tiantian and Xu Qingwan did not have much interaction. The two should have had no issues, but Han Tiantian suddenly rushed towards her just now, and even made a mockery of her. Xu Qingwan must have provoked her.

Han Tiantian and Siyu had a good relationship. So, she didn’t hide the matter from her. “There are people behind them. As long as they don’t do too much, people usually give up decisively to fight for the next opportunity. But this Xu Qingwan is different, and she has to come over and apologize to me!”

Although Han Tiantian took the sweet route, she had a hot temper, otherwise she would not break off with the company as soon as soon as she found that they were treating her and other people differently. Ji Lin had always been a movie celebrity, so what he blocked was Xu Qingwan in the movie circle. He hadn’t been able to reach out into the TV circle. So when Xu Qingwan bumped into a wall, there was really no other way she could do it, she had to abandon the route of becoming a goddess in the film circle and plan to take over the TV industry.

It was just that she is not a first-line actress. She could not become the protagonist of a good TV series, and she was not willing to play small roles, so she thought of another way-to use the dividends she earned to invest in online dramas, but this way, she happened to go foul of Han Tiantian, who was looking for opportunities after flying solo. Originally, a web drama was already in talks with Han Tiantian. Xu Qingwan used money to hit people, and the web drama had always been short of money, so they kicked Han Tiantian away unkindly and gave the role to Xu Qingwan.

Han Tiantian didn’t want to care about it, but she just ran into Xu Qingwan in the corridor, but Xu Qingwan apologized to her, saying that she really needed this opportunity and would try her best to compensate her in the future, and asked Han Tiantian if she had any intentions to perform a supporting role in the drama.

Han Tiantian was so angry that she wanted to vomited blood, supporting role? She hdn’t fallen to the point where she had to be matched by Xu Qingwan!

Before, she still didn’t understand why Ji Lin was so hostile to Xu Qingwan, but now she finally understood that this woman really had a problem with her brain!

Han Tiantian became more and more angry. It didn’t matter if she missed an opportunity, but she cared of she was slapped in the face when someone ran to her to show off her might. She couldn’t bear it, so she quarrelled with Xu Qingwan in the hallway.

That corridor was a passage for backstage employees. At that time, Han Tiantian didn’t see anyone at all, and she cursed for a while. But then she suddenly heard the sound of pressing shutters, and she only caught a figure slipping away from the back door. Her curses must have been heard.

Han Tiantian immediately questioned Xu Qingwan, but Xu Qingwan gritted her teeth and said that she hadn’t done anything, and just cried. Han Tiantian didn’t catch the person and couldn’t do anything to her.

By now, if Han Tiantian hadn’t figured out that this was a trap, she would have been in this industry in vain for so many years.

“I asked my assistant to check it, and I asked the PR side to keep an eye on it. What I fear most is the recording.” Han Tiantian said with a calm face, “It’s no wonder Xu Qingwan didn’t say a word at that time.”

Siyu frowned: “Is she crazy “?

Xu Qingwan was like a changed person, she was too radical, acting more and more unscrupulous, she seems to always be playing tricks. Like the last time she bought a water army and stepped on Han Tiantian. Did she want to gain a sense of existence so much?

Han Tiantian said: “I don’t know if she’s crazy or not. I won’t just let it go.”

This guy was a mad dog who bit people, and she had offended her. To say a few words, they were slammed together…Han Tiantian was also anxious in her heart. She left the original company and worked on her own. All aspects were not as good as before. There were only a few people in the studio, and her ability was extremely limited, even though she vowed to Siyu that she was going to hold her accountable, but she knew in her heart that she would suffer a secret loss this time.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ll help you figure out a solution.” Siyu turned the phone in her hand and thought of Lu Xingzhou. He was the president of Huanyi and Xu Qingwan’s immediate boss. Something Han Tiantian could not do alone, Huanyi can, as long as they greeted the major media in advance and suppressed the unfavourable news about Han Tiantian.

Han Tiantian grinned reluctantly, but didn’t take Siyu’s words too seriously. She knew that Siyu and Ji Lin had a good relationship, but even if they had a good relationship, they couldn’t control all the media’s mouths? What’s more, she still didn’t know who was behind Xu Qingwan!

“Thank you…Forget it, I will solve this by myself, you can’t get rid of that annoying fly.” When it came to Xu Qingwan, Han Tiantian was now full of disgust.

Siyu leaned over and patted her arm comfortingly.

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