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Fu Yuanzhou was quite happy to learn that his former girlfriend was about to return to China.

In retrospect, Xiaofei probably returned to China at this time in his last life as well. Her name was Yu Fei, she was Xie Lin’s cousin. She grew up with them when she was a child, but when she was five years old, her parents divorced, and she went abroad with her mother because her mother was a fashion designer and wanted to go abroad to pursue her own career and dreams.

Until this year, when Yu Fei’s mother missed her family and her contacts in China were quite good, so she came up with the idea of coming back to China to open a studio, so she returned to China and Yu Fei came back with her, and they reunited. After a while, their relationship began.

Fu Yuanzhou quit the chat page with Xie Lin and found Yu Fei’s name in his contacts. He subconsciously wanted to send her a message, but stopped halfway through, and later deleted it.

In fact, before the reunion, although he had Xiao Fei’s contact information, the two of them were completely unfamiliar. They had no more contact than a greeting sent on the New Year. Other than that, there was almost no exchange, and now sending messages would seem very abrupt.

Not only that, Fu Yuanzhou also discovered that he had even mistyped Xiao Fei’s name and wrote “Yu Fei” as “Yu Fei[1]“. If it weren’t for the same pronunciation, maybe he would think that this was another person.

He quickly changed the name, thinking that fortunately it was not seen by Yu Fei, and then he clicked on Yu Fei’s Moments. He wanted to browse the photos as he missed his girlfriend’s beautiful appearance, but it was empty inside, and there was not even one photo.

Also… Fu Yuanzhou suddenly realized that Xiaofei hadn’t returned to China at this time, and she used instagram to post updates, and never used domestic social software.

Or go to instagram to have a look? He still remembered Xiaofei’s account.

Fu Yuanzhou slid open the phone screen but suddenly stopped.

He was silent for a while, and finally gave up the idea, the instagram software had been uninstalled from the phone, because as soon as he saw this icon, he would think of another person.

It was because he met this man on instagram in his first year of high school that he stepped into the abyss step by step in his past life, and finally ended up with such a miserable ending.

After rebirth, Fu Yuanzhou quickly blocked out all the contact information of the man and uninstalled the Instagram app. He didn’t download it this time. Anyway, Xiaofei would return to China soon. He was not in a hurry.

Fu Yuanzhou pursed his lips and replied an “OK” emoticon to Xie Lin.

When replying, he silently glared at Xie Lin’s profile picture. Now that he thought of it, he was also angry. Later, he and Yu Fei broke up for some reason and he was depressed, but Xie Lin was in a good mood. He never supported them when the two of them were dating, even when they were just confirming their relationship, this kid didn’t show him a good face for several days.

“I can’t look at him…”

Fu Yuanzhou mumbled to himself. Don’t look down on him now for not having the ability, although he would not pursue it now, but he would always remember the hatred of Xie Lin biting him without permission, and he would never forget it, even in death.

As for whether to reconnect with Yu Fei this time, Fu Yuanzhou hadn’t decided yet.

It also depended on the situation. The most important thing was that Xiaofei had to be an Omega, and at worst had to be a Beta. If she was Alpha… then it would not be considered at all. Would he have to give her a baby in the future??

The vacation time always passed quickly, and it was the time to go back to school in a blink of an eye. In the past few days, Fu Yuanzhou had adapted very quickly, because apart from gender differentiation, other aspects were no different from before.

It was just that there were some places that were not convenient. He had to take inhibitors on time and had to wear a suppression collar.

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t like wearing the collar because it always reminded him of the fact that he was an Omega, but since the last time he was bitten by Xie Lin, he had a bit of a psychological shadow. In order not to have children, he recognized that he had to wear the collar, even if he was single for a lifetime.

When he became twenty, he would immediately get his glands removed, so as not to have to worry about it.

On the day of returning to school, in the morning, while washing and looking in the mirror, Fu Yuanzhou touched the collar around his neck, thinking this way.

In his opinion, this rule was a bit unreasonable. Why did he have to be 20 years old? If there was no age requirement, he would have gotten his glands removed as soon as possible.

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t like his peach-flavored pheromone at all. It was soft and sweet. He got angry when he smelled it. If the smell leaked out, where would he put his face.

After washing, he went downstairs to eat breakfast. The driver at home would send him to school. When he got on the car, Xie Lin was already seated in the back seat. The two of them lived next to each other. Xie Lin lived alone so they went to school together in his car.

“Morning.” After a brief hesitation, Fu Yuanzhou still chose to sit with Xie Lin, instead of going to sit on the co-pilot seat.

This was the first time they met after that day. Fu Yuanzhou was still a bit embarrassed, but seeing Xie Lin’s calm expression, he didn’t show anything unusual, otherwise it would be even worse if the driver noticed what happened between the two of them.

Xie Lin slightly nodded his head slightly, his gaze fell on Fu Yuanzhou, and asked: “Have you finished your vacation homework?”

“Well, it’s done…”

Fu Yuanzhou responded, but he actually copied a lot of content, such as History and Geography. After writing it, he felt that his hand would break. He didn’t study or read before, so now he was slowly making up for it.

After a few days of review, he still felt that the efficiency of his review was relatively low, because there were too many things he had to make up, and it would be better for someone to tutor him.

He could have asked Xie Lin to help him sort out his knowledge before, but he still cared a little bit about that day. What’s more, Xie Lin was a year older than him. He was a senior in high school and had already started school for several days. He didn’t want to distract Xie Lin, even if he knew that Xie Lin was the most qualified to help him review.

Forget it, I’ll find a tutor after school starts…

Fu Yuanzhou was thinking, and suddenly he felt something sway in front of him. He took a closer look and found that a slender hand had reached out to his neck to help him arrange his collar. Because the distance was so close, he could even smell the very faint smell of red wine on the tip of his fingers.

His heart jumped, and he subconsciously hid to the side. Seeing him showing such a reaction, Xie Lin quickly retracted his hand, raised his eyes to look at him, and said after a moment of silence, “Sorry, I scared you.”

“Well, It’s okay…”

Fu Yuanzhou responded vaguely and began to regret, thinking his reaction was a little overdone. Xie Lin cared about him. What should he do if he hurt Xie Lin? He had done so many misdeeds before, hurting him again and again. This time, he didn’t want to make him sad anymore.

The two were silent all the way, and the car drove to the entrance of the school. They got out of the car and walked into the teaching building together. When they were about to go to their respective floors, Fu Yuanzhou suddenly stretched out his hand and gently grabbed the hem of Xie Lin’s clothes.

Xie Lin stopped and looked at him. Fu Yuanzhou was embarrassed to look at him and lowered his head and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry, but I also have a problem…it will definitely not happen in the future. Can you not mind this?”

“I won’t.”

Xie Lin showed a faint smile. When he smiled, it was as if the ice and snow melted, and his cold eyebrows seemed even more vivid and beautiful.

He stretched out his hand and gently rubbed the top of Fu Yuanzhou’s hair: “I will not be angry with you.”

Fu Yuanzhou was very moved, holding Xie Lin’s hand, his eyes were very bright: “We will always be the best brothers and friends!”

“… “

Xie Lin was silent for a while, then suddenly turned to go upstairs.

Damn, what kind of person is he, it’s rare for him to be so emotional, how could this person not say a word!

Fu Yuanzhou was angry and showed his middle finger to Xie Lin’s back, and then walked into the classroom of Class 1.

There were 16 classes in their grade. Classes 1 and 2 were experimental science classes, and classes 3 to 14 were ordinary classes. Class 15 and 16 were liberal arts classes after the division between science and liberal arts.

But Fu Yuanzhou didn’t come to Class 1 to report. He just came to say hello to the classmates and left. Every year, their school re-arranged the science classes. When he was in the first year of high school, he didn’t study well and ranked very poorly. So, he automatically dropped out of the experimental class in his second year of high school and was assigned to class 7.

Although Fu Yuanzhou’s grades plummeted in his first year of high school, his fate was surprisingly good, and he was especially popular. He was familiar with most of his grade and had a good relationship with his old classmates. Everyone liked him very much.

Tiancheng No. 1 Middle School was the best middle school in the city. Grades were very important to every student. However, most people in the school were pure-minded and would never exclude anyone because of poor grades.

What’s more, Fu Yuanzhou was not good at studying and his grades were not good. But he was first-class in other aspects. No matter his appearance or family background, few people could compare with him. He had a wide range of interests and was also good at sports. He represented the class to participate in high jump and sprint events in the sports meeting and won the first place for them every time.

Everyone was very reluctant to see Fu Yuanzhou leave. Some girls even prepared small gifts for him. Fu Yuanzhou accepted them with a smile and announced in a very low-key manner that he would definitely return by the third year of high school.

The others laughed, diminishing the sorrow of parting, and the atmosphere was full of joy, except for one person who was out of tune with them, sitting motionless in his position, quietly flipping the book on the table, seemingly not paying attention to the commotion on this side.

Fu Yuanzhou glanced at the boy and shrugged nonchalantly.

Some people like him, and naturally others hated him. That person was one of them. His name was Ran Shutang. He was the number one in their class. He was naturally number one in the grade. He had never fallen from this position before. The second place was always two to thirty points behind him.

What was more frightening was that Ran Shutang was still a skipper, and was thus two years younger than them, but he had won various competition awards. He was the darling of the teacher and the well-deserved god of learning in the eyes of his classmates.

To talk about the feud between him and Ran Shutang, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t remember clearly. He felt like he was inexplicably hated by Ran Shutang. In his impression, Ran Shutang had never smiled at him, and was always cold towards him.

Of course, Fu Yuanzhou would not be broad-minded enough to befriend someone who didn’t want to see him. This rebirth was no exception, even though he was still slightly guessing what gender Ran Shutang was, if he was an Omega, it would be perfect.

Although Ran Shutang didn’t wear a collar, some Omegas just didn’t want to wear it. This guy was so delicate, it didn’t make sense if he was not an Omega, right?

Thinking that Ran Shutang was probably an Omega, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t stop his smile. At this moment, he saw that the time was almost up, so he bid farewell to everyone, walked out of the classroom with his schoolbag, and prepared to report to the new class.

“Hey, Yuanzhou, you forgot to take your phone!”

Suddenly someone called him, Fu Yuanzhou immediately turned his head and glanced across the classroom, but unexpectedly found that Ran Shutang was not reading a book but was looking up at the direction of the door. It seemed to be just now… he was looking at his back?

It seemed that he hadn’t expected that he would suddenly turn his head back, Ran Shutang moved his eyes for a while, and a few ripples appeared on that beautiful and indifferent face, he lowered his eyes to avoid looking at him, and focused his gaze on the book again.

But Fu Yuanzhou noticed sharply that Ran Shutang’s ears seemed to turn red a little bit.

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[1] They are written differently in Chinese.

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