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Lu Chengyu thought that Yan Mu would confess to him in a particularly sensational and touching way, but reality told him that he was unexpected and unpretentious.

He could confirm that he had a good impression of Yan Mu, but this good impression did not seem to have reached the stage of love. Thinking about it carefully, he was still somewhat different with Yan Mu, but this difference was not enough to prove that this mood was love.

He was not an honest person, but he never lied about his emotions. He looked at Yan Mu with uneasy sternness. After a long silence, he said: “I know your heart, but I am not sure of my own feelings. This is right. I am not fair.”

“There is no such thing as fairness and unfairness in feelings.” Yan Mu said, looking at him, “Why don’t you try? Maybe you will soon find that I am the best person for you.”

Lu Chengyu touched his nose and said: “What if I find that you are not the most suitable person for me?” In fact, from a certain angle, Yan Mu was also a very confident person.

Yan Mu said after a long silence: “I won’t let this happen by any chance.” He thought about various possibilities, the only thing he didn’t want to think about was Lu Chengyu getting separated from him after being with him. Sometimes if you don’t get it, you won’t have that big a problem, but once you get it, you never want to lose it again.

Lu Chengyu stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder: “Then you work hard, I am optimistic about you.”

Maybe, he could really get something from Yan Mu that he had never had in his previous life, not because he was too easily moved, but because of the other person’s eyes which were too sincere.

Yan Mu’s expression first changed from dazed to contemplative, and then from contemplative to ecstasy. Because Lu Chengyu was injured, he finally grabbed the quilt covering Lu Chengyu twice with excitement: “You mean… you want to be with me?”

Lu Chengyu smiled and hooked his fingers at him. He was obedient and leaned his head over.

“My wise sir, why are you stupid now?” Lu Chengyu scratched Yan Mu’s chin with his index finger, then yawned, and pointed to the companion bed next to him, “It’s almost bright, you now get in bed and go to sleep, or I will change my decision.” After speaking, he slowly retracted into the quilt, not forgetting to pull the quilt, leaving his injured arm outside the quilt.

Yan Mu looked at Lu Chengyu who was already lying in the quilt with red face, stiffly stepped forward to tidy up the quilt for Lu Chengyu, and then lay down on the companion bed next to him. After lying down for a few minutes, he remembered that he didn’t take off his coat, and got up and took off his coat. After covering himself with the quilt, he wondered why was the scene of his confession and the result of the confession so strange?

Was he moved or embarrassed?

Sure enough, TV shows were all deceptive.

Mu Qirong, who returned from outside the door, silently closed the door of the ward. He did not see his tall brother being teased by Xiao Lu, nor did he see his cousin walking in a daze. He felt very sleepy. He needed to go home and sleep, his eyes were beginning to have hallucinations.

After Yan Mu turned on the bed for an entire hour, he heard the sound of cleaners mopping the floor and nurses passing by. He tried hard to calm his mood, but the facts proved that his previous calmness were all locked out of this ward.

In the end, he simply adjusted to a position that was comfortable and conducive to observing Lu Chengyu’s sleeping face. He stared at Lu Chengyu for a few hours, and the more he looked at it, the more he felt that Lu Chengyu looked more beautiful. Even the dull hair pressed out by the sleeping posture seemed better than others.

When Lu Chengyu woke up the next day, it was already around nine o’clock in the morning. He looked at Yan Mu who had a pair of dark circles under his eyes, but his spirit was very good. However, sometimes it was really interesting to see the other person flustered, and he couldn’t help but want to tease him.

Yan Mu went out to answer the phone several times, and Lu Chengyu guessed that it might be related to the attack. These things involved secrets between the families, so he never asked, but judging from Yan Mu’s reaction, this matter may not be simple.

“Xiao Lu, I need to go out and do some things. Xiao Zhuang and Zeyun will come over in the afternoon. If you have anything, let them do it.” Yan Mu prepared several fruits that Lu Chengyu could reach. He took the cell phone from a sterile bag and gave it to Lu Chengyu, “Call me if you have anything.”

Lu Chengyu took a look at the cell phone and found that it was a new cell phone. The model was very similar to what Yan Mu was using now. After discovering this, he raised his eyebrows and glanced at Yan Mu.

“Your phone was broken last night,” Yan Mu explained when Lu Chengyu was looking at him, “I have transferred your phone number to this new phone.”

Lu Chengyu smiled at him. Laughing, he put the phone to hand, “Go and do your work, I’m fine here, don’t worry.”

“Then you must be careful,” Yan Mu hesitated and walked to the door, then looked back at Lu Chengyu a few times. He made a big stride out of the hospital. As soon as he walked out of the hospital door, the warmth on his face disappeared. Thinking of Lu Chengyu’s bloody arm, the coldness in his eyes could no longer be concealed.

Because of the identity of the Mu family brothers and the involvement of several other family heirs, this attack caused a lot of trouble and the thorough investigation was also very vigorous. It’s a pity that the little gangsters caught didn’t even know who was behind the scenes, and the source of the phone number that contacted them and the down payment funds transferred to them were also unknown, and the matter was not easy to investigate.

The truck blocking their road was also stolen by the gangsters. It had nothing to do with the master behind the scenes, and this clue could not be used.

But to everyone’s surprise, the call recording was actually saved on the phone of the bully leader. Perhaps it was because the employer was too generous and the bully was afraid that after he paid the first payment, the latter would not be given to them. The conversation was recorded as a means to threaten the other party to pay obediently in the future.

Unfortunately, after the expert called up this audio, it was found that the voice of the other party was not normal, and there was a suspicion of using a voice changer, so it was not so easy to deal with this matter as soon as possible.

Yan Mu sat next to Mu Qihua, listening to what the investigators had explained, and blankly pushed aside the pile of information in front of him: “In the boundary of the capital, someone who dares to attack innocent people so boldly shows that these people already don’t have the law in their eyes[1]. This kind of thing has already made a lot of noise outside. If you don’t find it out, I’m afraid it’s not easy to give you an explanation.”

“If such a bad incident occurs in a country’s capital, and the case cannot be solved quickly, who will dare to go out willingly,” Mu Qihua glanced at Yan Mu, then softened his words, “However, I believe that your ability to solve crimes will not be any less for this matter.” The case team leader laughed twice, but he scolded the eighteen generations of the ancestors of the master behind the scenes in his mind. What kind of brains and guts dared to attack Mu, Yan, Zhuang, and Zhang family heirs blatantly. If something happened to any of these four family heirs, the capital would be turned upside down. Wasn’t this forcing them to die?

The person at the top of this matter had already spoken, and they had to conduct a serious, urgent and vigorous investigation. A thorough investigation represented the attitude of everyone above. This was to get people out regardless of all consequences, otherwise these families may be unhappy. But with them little shrimps, how easy was it to do these things?

“You all, please be rest assured, our team members have been carefully investigating the case, and I believe that the case will come to light soon.” The case team leader said with anger on his face, “Not to mention the capital, it is not allowed to happen in other places. Ignoring the laws and regulations, the plot of this incident is too bad, and the impact is too great. If criminals are not severely punished, how should we face the people!”

Mu Qihua nodded reservedly. He seemed to be very satisfied with what the case leader said. He lightly touched the table with his right index finger, and said with a smile: “I have some suspicious personnel’s information here. It is better to take a look at it. After all, to maintain national security, everyone has the responsibility, right?”

“Yes, yes,” the team leader nodded with a smile, and took a pile of information from the bodyguard behind Mu Qihua. After only reading a few pages, his complexion changed several times. Looking at Mu Qihua with difficulty, “Mister Mu, you…”

“What?” Mu Qihua looked at each other with a puzzled expression, “These materials are useless?”

The group leader wiped the sweat from his forehead, and finally gritted his teeth and said, “Thank you, Mister Mu, for your help. The information you provided has really helped us a lot.” He put the information in the drawer and solemnly said, “We will definitely investigate this matter carefully.”

“In that case, we brothers won’t bother you in handling the case,” Mu Qihua stood up slowly, turned and glanced at Yan Mu behind him, “What else does cousin have to say?”

“I believe the team leader, there is nothing to say, but I must remind the team leader.” Yan Mu leaned over the team leader expressionlessly and said a few words. After seeing the team leader’s face changed, he slowly stood up straight.

“Thanking Mr. Yan for his trust, please be rest assured, I will give the people an explanation within three days,” his face was a little stiff, but he tried his best to make himself smile better, so as not to make the other party think he had any dissatisfaction.

“Yeah.” Yan Mu nodded, turned around and walked out of the police bureau. As for the expression of the team leader, it had nothing to do with him.

Sending away the two evil gods, the group leader’s feet were soft, and he sat back on the chair. In this case, the above-mentioned forces had intervened, so they need to worry about a lot of things to find out the truth of the matter. Seeing this attitude from the Mu family now, he did not dare to oppose the Mu family at all.

And what the grandson of the Mu family said, he knew exactly what he was doing behind his back. The other party had his own handle. If he didn’t want to follow Mu’s family, there was no way out. In this case, it was better to follow Mu’s family and bet on the risk of wealth, and he would bet on a situation that could not be easily changed.

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[1] Are not concerned about doing anything illegal.

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