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The ones Yu Mo showed to Chi Fang were all unopened. Chi Fang took a look and found that they were all pure black, without the messy patterns he had imagined. Yu Mo saw that Chi Fang stared at the packaging for a long time, and couldn’t help but ask: “Is there any problem?”

Chi Fang smiled and shook his head, and glanced at the bedroom: “Do I change here?”

Yu Mo reddened, and he coughed slightly: “I’ll go next door.”

Changing clothes was not something which flustered Chi Fang, anyway, it was not as if he was streaking. It was just that Chi Fang changed his clothes and went out, but he didn’t see Yu Mo at the door. Chi Fang looked at the left and right sides again, but he didn’t find anyone.

What about Yu Mo… did he run away shyly?

Chi Fang felt that such a possibility was not impossible.

No one could be found, so Chi Fang thought it was better for him to go downstairs and go to the pool. The sun in the sky was still so hot, Chi Fang did some warm-up exercise by the swimming pool, and then went directly into the water. The coolness in the water dissipated the heat from the body, and Chi Fang couldn’t help sighing comfortably.

Sure enough, one still had to go swimming in summer!

Chi Fang closed his eyes and lay down in the pool for a while, when he heard footsteps coming. He opened his eyes slightly, just in time to see Yu Mo coming over, wearing long swimming trunks, and holding a plate in his hand.

Chi Fang always felt that Yu Mo was a little thin and tall. Chi Fang once suspected that everything Yu Mo ate was growing on his head and wondered how Yu Mo could fight so hard. However… Chi Fang lay on the edge of the pool, burying his face between his arms, leaving only a pair of big eyes aimed at Yu Mo, who had taken off his shirt, not only did he not make people feel that he was thin, but he also has a thin layer of muscle.

Chi Fang blushed inexplicably, and his entire ears became hot. If the water below him was even slightly hot, he even felt that his whole body would be red.

Too bad… Wasn’t it just seeing the person he liked in front of him! Even though he thought so in his heart, Chi Fang couldn’t help shrinking under the water bit by bit. When Yu Mo walked near him, Chi Fang’s head was the only thing above the water.

Yu Mo’s gaze calmly swept across Chi Fang’s back, and he placed the plate in his hand in front of the Chi Fang. On the plate were two cups of drinks and some small desserts.

“I, I, I, I, I will go for a swim first.” Chi Fang couldn’t stand the weird atmosphere, so he silently shrank into the water, turned around and ran away.

Yu Mo’s swimming pool was very large, because it had a circular shape and also had a slight arc, Chi Fang silently swam to the corner, seeing that Yu Mo couldn’t be seen, he breathed a sigh of relief, found another platform, and went up to lie down.

Twenty years had been in vain!

Chi Fang hated iron for not becoming steel[1]and patted his forehead. Shouldn’t he rush to play with Yu Mo? How come he was scared away!

But… Chi Fang thought of the way Yu Mo walked in front of him in his mind, and then silently sank into the water.

Ahhhhh, what was he thinking!

Chi Fang plunged into the water fiercely.

Yu Mo heard the sound of the water on the other side, couldn’t help but turn his head and take a look, and saw Chi Fang pounce in the swimming pool.

A question mark appeared silently on Yu Mo’s head.

The sequelae of going mad in the swimming pool was that Chi Fang got tired very quickly, and silently swam back to the vicinity of Yu Mo, ignoring Yu Mo’s gaze, and climbed to the shore. There were two white lounge chairs on the shore of the swimming pool, and the plate previously held by Yu Mo was placed on a table beside him.

Chi Fang found a lounge chair and lay down, then covered himself with a bath towel. When the scorching gaze on his body disappeared, he turned his head slightly and looked at the teenager swimming in the water.

That night Chi Fang still rested in the villa, but Yu Mo didn’t dare to go too far, so he let Chi Fang stay in another room.

After that day, Yu Mo began to study hard, not to learn school knowledge, but to learn all kinds of things within the family. Chi Fang was a little puzzled. If Yu Mo wanted to get in touch with Yu’s company, he should have taken these lessons ten years earlier, how could he start when he was almost an adult.

It was just that Yu Mo was really too busy. The messages that Chi Fang sent him several times were only responded to in the early morning, and Chi Fang didn’t have a chance to ask about it. It was not until two days before the start of high school that Yu Mo was released. It was just that those few days were Mother Chi’s birthday. To celebrate Mother Chi’s birthday, Chi Fang went out to play with the whole family and did not come back until the beginning of school.

On the first day of school, Chi Fang arrived at the school very early, so Chi Fang went to the bulletin board first because they were to be reclassified. Although Mother Chi found someone, the information about class assignment would not be released until the beginning of school year. Chi Fang looked around in front of the bulletin board, and finally saw the names of himself and Yu Mo in the nineteenth class of high school.

“Huh… okay.” Chi Fang smiled.

It just so happened that the two boys on the side were also in Class 19. Seeing the division, one of them couldn’t help but vomit, “It’s over, how can I be assigned to a class with that God of Learning?”

Chi Fang turned slightly to his side and glanced at the boy. He was the second in the school year before. He seemed to be called…Li Guangxuan?

Yu Mo dominated the first year of the school year in his freshman year, and he was never given a chance. They were originally not in the same class, so he could confidently say that he was the second in the first year but top of the class in Class 2. Now… even the class ranking would be beaten back to second.

“Hey, this Chi Fang, isn’t he the one I know?” The other boy was a little surprised when he saw Chi Fang’s name. “The one that failed the first monthly exam?”

“It seems so,” Li Guangxuan pouted, “He has a lot of money in his family, and I heard that his grades in the senior high school entrance examination were very poor. He could enter the first high school entirely by money.”

“Then what did he do to squeeze into the key class? The class has all three hundred ranks in the school year. If he does not reach it, won’t he feel ashamed?”

Li Guangxuan sneered, “Who knows, maybe people just think it’s fun…”

Chi Fang rubbed his forehead helplessly and didn’t confront the two little kids. He was just about to turn his head and leave, when he heard someone calling him behind him.

“Chi Fang.”

Chi Fang turned around and saw Yu Mo approaching.

The voices of the two boys around him stopped abruptly, as they were all talking about others behind their backs, and they were heard by the person involved. The two looked at each other with a little embarrassment and hid in the crowd. After all, they were still children, and their faces were not so thick.

Chi Fang didn’t care about them but looked at Yu Mo with a smile: “Morning.”

He hadn’t seen Yu Mo for more than a month, and he didn’t know what training Yu Mo had received. His original fair complexion had turned a little darker. Even the height had grown a bit taller. He had reached a height of 1.71 meters.

Yu Mo came over, glanced at the two boys coldly, and nodded at Chi Fang, “Morning.”

“Let’s go, the two of us are still classmates. Let’s go to the class first.” Chi Fang said.

The second year building was a little bit inward than the first year building. The nineteenth class was at the innermost corner of the fourth floor, which was much cleaner than their earlier class. There were not many classmates sitting in the class. Although knowing that the teacher would rearrange the seats in the end, Chi Fang followed Yu Mo to the back door first and sat down.

After a while, the seats in the class gradually filled up. Chi Fang blinked, looked around, and saw a few familiar people. The squad leader of high school, Zeng Xiaoying and the sports committee member. Zeng Xiaoying was also very happy to see Chi Fang. She was a bit introverted, and finally met a familiar person, and hurriedly walked to the seat in front of Chi Fang and sat down.

The people in the class also greeted each other in twos and threes. Although Chi Fang looked good, there was a cold-faced Yu Mo sitting on his side. The girls who originally wanted to get close to Chi Fang were scared away by Yu Mo’s gaze.

Chi Fang didn’t care too much, instead he was happy and leisurely.

After a while, Zeng Xiaoying in the front row suddenly turned her head and said to Chi Fang: “Eh, Chi Fang, do you know? I heard that Zhu Ling did not enter the key class this time.”

Chi Fang was stunned, a little surprised, “Her grades…have always been good?”

“Yeah,” Zeng Xiaoying was also a little puzzled, “I heard that it seemed that she had directly handed in a blank paper during the exam. I don’t know why.”

Chi Fang paused, not speaking.

The class bell rang, and a tall and thin middle-aged man followed a few students into the classroom. The man put the book in his hand on the desk and looked around the students before he said: “My surname is Fan. I am your head teacher, and I am also responsible for teaching you language. Some people may not rank high in the school year, but I will not remember those. I will only remember how much you have improved each time you take the exam.”

“If you regress…” The expressionless teacher Fan suddenly pushed the glasses he was wearing up his nose. The slightly reflective lenses made it difficult to see his expression.

Chi Fang felt cold and panicked suddenly.

Teacher Fan left an unfinished sentence and let the students in the class finish it for themselves. It was reported on the first day that the timetable was not prepared. Teacher Fan ordered a few people to follow him to bring the textbooks. It was almost ten o’clock after they were distributed.

The broadcast informed the head teachers of each class to go to the meeting. Teacher Fan looked around and his gaze alighted on Yu Mo, “You, that classmate by the back door.”

Yu Mo stood up silently.

“You will help the teacher to watch the self-study for a while.” After that, regardless of Yu Mo’s expression, he went straight out.

Yu Mo: “…”

Although he wanted to ignore it, after all, he had to deal with this teacher for the next two years, so Yu Mo took the math book and stood on the podium. He didn’t know if it was because of the unpleasant aura on Yu Mo’s body, but the noisy class actually quietened little by little. Several boys who were still talking loudly just looked at each other, and they all lay on the table silently, not daring to say a word.

Looking at it this way, Yu Mo was quite majestic.

Teacher Fan attended the meeting for almost an hour. Although he ordered someone to watch the discipline before leaving, he also knew how difficult it was to manage these little ghosts who just started school. Ready to be angered to death, Teacher Fan walked to the gate of Class 19 quietly, without even saying a word.

Teacher Fan opened the door suspiciously and saw that the group of people in the class lowered their heads quietly, some were sleeping, and some were playing with their mobile phones, but no one dared to speak. And the student he ordered, after seeing him come back, got up and packed his book, and was about to return to his seat.

“Your name is… Yu Mo, right?” Teacher Fan said suddenly.

Yu Mo’s footsteps paused, and he couldn’t help feeling an unpleasant premonition in his heart.

“The discipline is well managed,” Teacher Fan smiled and looked at Yu Mo, “You will be the monitor of Class 19 from now on.”

Yu Mo: …

He shouldn’t have gone up just now!

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[1] For not meeting expectations.

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