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No matter how unwilling Yu Mo was, this matter remained the same. Chi Fang looked at Yu Mo coming back to his seat with a black face, couldn’t help but smile, and poked Yu Mo’s elbow, “Isn’t it good to be a monitor?”

Yu Mo gave Chi Fang a silent look. He didn’t think it was good to be a babysitter for a group of children. After a few days, he must let the teacher remove him as the monitor of the class!

After school started, Chi Fang began to live in the small apartment again, and only went home on weekends.

In the first week of school, the freshmen in the first year of high school had military training. They disbanded earlier than the school bell at noon, and the training venue was closer than their teaching building. This made Chi Fang have to wait for a long time whenever they went to eat at noon. Chi Fang endured it for two days, but still couldn’t bear to wait for more than half an hour to eat noodles, and then he could only hurriedly stuff it into his mouth. He poked Yu Mo: “Should we go out to eat?”

Yu Mo nodded.

Leaning on the noodle restaurant outside the school, Chi Fang just escaped the wave of high school freshmen.

After the second year of high school got separated into liberal arts and sciences, some of the students who had been ranked lower because of their partiality to certain subjects, began to gradually shine. The first monthly test came very quickly. After all, it was the first test in a new class. In addition, the momentum of the new semester had not passed. In the days leading up to the test, there were no students in the whole class who missed the classes.

Chi Fang was also a little nervous. His previous scores in liberal arts were actually slightly better than those in science. Now that there were no liberal arts to raise points, he was very afraid that he would fall back in this exam.

Because Yu Mo was busy during the summer vacation, Chi Fang did not ask Yu Mo for tutoring, but instead hired a college student as his tutor. It was just that the level of this tutor’s lecture was obviously not as good as that of Yu Mo. He had to explain several times, so that Chi Fang could vaguely understand what was going on, and the effect was not so good.

It was just that Chi Fang was usually smiling. Although Yu Mo could feel that Chi Fang’s mood was not right recently, he didn’t expect Chi Fang to be anxious because of an exam.

By the day before the monthly exam, Chi Fang actually suffered from insomnia.

He tossed about on the bed for a long time, turned over and sat up silently. Chi Fang lived in the small apartment tonight. There was no holiday before the monthly exam. Instead, the exam was directly on a Saturday and Sunday. Thus, Chi Fang did not go home.

Taking a look at the time, it was already late at night.

Chi Fang pondered for a moment, and suddenly sent a message to Pang Zifei, thinking that he might still be awake at this time.

Chi Fang: Are you there?

Pang Zifei was estimated to be playing with a mobile phone, so he responded quickly.

Pang Zifei: Am I blind? Chi Xiaofang, how come you are playing with the mobile phone at this time of night?!

Chi Fang turned over silently.

Chi Fang: I can’t sleep.

Chi Fang: How are you in the imperial capital? Are you playing well?

Pang Zifei: I’m fine, what’s wrong with you? Could it be Yu Mo is bullying you? Did you confess?

Chi Fang choked, holding his cell phone harder.

Chi Fang: No!!!

Pang Zifei was speechless, puzzled: Then why are you having insomnia late at night?

Chi Fang rubbed his face and replied: Because the exam is going to be tomorrow…

Pang Zifei: …

Pang Zifei: Brother, I have to train tomorrow, stop making trouble.

Chi Fang twitched the corners of his mouth, turned off the phone viciously, and stared at the ceiling in a daze. Actually, it wasn’t all because of the exam. This month, Chi Fang had been a little uneasy in his heart. He insisted on thinking back about his previous life. It started when he chose science.

This was where he completely deviated from his previous life.

Since choosing Science, Chi Fang had always dreamed the things that happened in the previous life, which made Chi Fang’s whole person uneasy, always worried that he could not change the future, and worried that he would make the future worse.

He was also becoming more and more uneasy about his choice of science. Was it because he chose science that these warnings had appeared?

The phone in his hand shook again, and Chi Fang regained his senses and clicked on it.

Pang Zifei: [The damage to hair from staying up late.]

Pang Zifei: [Because of staying up all night for a long time, he was paralyzed.]

Pang Zifei: [A good-natured person turned into a fool. Experts discovered after researching that it was because of…]

Pang Zifei: Go to sleep!

Chi Fang: …

Being so disturbed by Pang Zifei, his depressed mood suddenly improved. Chi Fang reluctantly gave him an answer and threw the phone aside.

However, he still dreamed.

Chi Fang was conscious that this was a dream, but he didn’t know if it was a fantasy or something from the previous life. He looked around and found that this seemed to be the hotel where he wanted to invite Yu Mo to meet before, but it was a pity that Yu Mo had not appeared.

Looking up slightly, Chi Fang looked at a certain seat by the window on the second floor, and he saw a person there as expected.

It turned out that his profile was so handsome. Chi Fang silently gave a compliment in his heart. It was a pity… Chi Fang on the second floor just raised his hand and took a sip of tea.

Shaking his head, Chi Fang turned his head and looked around. Because it was a dream, the surrounding scenery was a bit blurry, but it was still clearly visible.

So… Was it possible that this dream was due to his feeling uncomfortable about Yu Mo not appearing?

Chi Fang blinked blankly and was about to try if he could wake up with a bite, when he saw a car parked outside the hotel.

Eh? This car? Chi Fang took two steps forward, and no one could see him in his dream anyway.

After the black car stopped, the driver quickly got out of the car and opened the rear right door. A pair of long legs in suit stepped out of the car door, Chi Fang stared at the adult Yu Mo in amazement, that is, J got out of the car.

Yu Mo was dressed in a suit, obviously handsome, and he actually held a bunch of flowers in his hand.

Chi Fang walked forward subconsciously. It happened that after Yu Mo slightly lowered his head to adjust his sleeves, he raised his eyes and met Chi Fang’s line of sight, as if he was looking directly at Chi Fang.

Chi Fang woke up instantly from his dream.

He lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling blankly for a while before he suddenly reacted.

Wait, didn’t Yu Mo not appear back then?!

Chi Fang’s whole person was dumbfounded. In his memory, it should be that he waited until twelve o’clock, and Yu Mo didn’t attend the appointment. After that, the entire account disappeared, and the person also disappeared. Why did he feel that Yu Mo had gone to the hotel in his dream?

Was it…because dream and reality were both opposite? But were the things he dreamed about in the previous life similar with what he remembered.

Chi Fang touched the phone subconsciously, trying to ask Yu Mo to understand it. However, when he saw the message on the chat box with Yu Mo, he realized that it was impossible for Yu Mo to know what would happen in the future. He didn’t even know… that they had a date in the future.

Taking two deep breaths to calm down his anxious mood, Chi Fang clicked back to the phone screen and glanced at the time.

4:35 in the morning.

He only slept for a total of three hours, but Chi Fang didn’t feel a trace of sleepiness at all. He couldn’t help but think about what happened that night, but no matter how he recalled it, nothing else changed.

That rose… Chi Fang rubbed his forehead, his forehead tingling slightly.

No, he saw the rose. Chi Fang shrank into a ball, enduring a headache and trying to remember. He didn’t intend to confess directly that night, he just wanted to meet the person he liked, at least to know who that person was. He didn’t prepare a rose at all, but when he finally left the hotel, he did indeed take a rose in his hand.

That rose…Did J bring it there? So, they did meet?

The headache became more and more unbearable, Chi Fang’s forehead was full of sweat, and finally he had to give up. In the next few hours, although Chi Fang barely fell asleep, he did not continue to dream.

The next day, Yu Mo waited for a long time at the school gate, only to see Chi Fang coming from the side with an ugly face. Yu Mo frowned, took a step forward, reached out and touched Chi Fang’s forehead, “Sick?”

Chi Fang did not hide, let Yu Mo check and shook his head, “No.”

Just didn’t rest well. Coupled with something on his mind.

Handing the breakfast he bought to Chi Fang, Yu Mo followed Chi Fang to his examination room. The last time Chi Fang took the exam, there was more than 300 students in the school year, and his grades barely fell within the above level. When he arrived at the examination room, Chi Fang casually ate two bites of buns and couldn’t eat anymore. He couldn’t help staring at Yu Mo. Although he knew that Yu Mo couldn’t know the future, he still couldn’t help but want to ask.

“Yu Mo, do you think…under what circumstances would you delete your entire account on that software?” Chi Fang asked.

Yu Mo didn’t hesitate to say, “If my existence would be detrimental to you.” After finishing speaking, he was puzzled: “What’s the matter?”

Chi Fang gnawed the bun silently, shook his head, and refused to speak any more.

There was something on his mind, and he didn’t rest well. Chi Fang had a headache, and he was sleepy during the exam. Fortunately, he secretly bought a can of coffee. He also knew that Yu Mo would definitely not let it go when he saw that he was drinking coffee. He put it in his schoolbag and waited until Yu Mo left before taking it out again.

Relying on coffee and willpower, Chi Fang barely survived the first day of the exam. Fortunately, the first day the subjects for testing were English and biology, so Chi Fang didn’t completely wreck them. That night, Chi Fang had a good rest and didn’t have any dreams. The forehead didn’t hurt so much during the exam the next day.

After the second year of high school, the scores of the papers began to rise, and the examination time was much longer. The grades in the second year of high school were ready much faster than those in the first year of high school, and the math papers were already approved the next day.

Chi Fang took a look at his score. He scored 107 with a perfect score of 150, but he passed, but compared to before, he still went back a lot. It seemed that what happened that day still affected him a lot, and he didn’t know what will happen to the other subjects.

Chi Fang rubbed his forehead.

Yu Mo didn’t read his full score paper, but carefully read the wrong questions of Chi Fang and frowned.

“This question,” Yu Mo paused, pointing to Chi Fang’s wrong question, and his voice lowered, “I said…”

Chi Fang saw that Yu Mo explained the same question type to him on Saturday night. It was just that at that time he didn’t really remember it because he didn’t sleep well the day before, and he had a headache for the exam that day.

Chi Fang couldn’t help but cough and looked at Yu Mo with his eyes lowered. Yu Mo silently wrote the correct problem-solving steps again on his paper, but his expression was a bit aggrieved no matter what.

“I was wrong…” Chi Fang hurriedly reached out and pulled the corner of Yu Mo’s sleeve, shook it, and said softly, “I was wrong, don’t be angry? Yu Mo, Little teacher…Brother Yu Mo?”

Yu Mo’s pen fell on the paper violently, poking a hole out of the paper.

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