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Su Xingchen originally already liked to play with dogs, but this time he came back to Shanghai with two dogs who had been separated from him for four months, so he was even more excited.

Because it was a bit late, he couldn’t take the two dogs to get injections and a deworming.

“Brother, I will take them to take a bath.” Su Xingchen said.

He rolled up the sleeves and drove the two dogs into the bathroom to help them take a bath.

Yu Feng looked at him, didn’t say anything, just muttered: “Playing with dogs makes him lose his ambitions.”

This was true.

Su Xingchen circled around the two dogs, and he was busy for two hours.

“Hey.” Yu Feng couldn’t see it anymore, standing at the door of the bathroom, he folded his arm to look at him.

“Huh? I’m almost done.” Two dogs squatted obediently in front of Su Xingchen, letting him comb their hair with a comb.

Yu Feng was still hungry, and didn’t expect Su Xingchen to cook, so he opened his mouth and turned around to order some dishes.

“Brother, are you ordering takeout?” Su Xingchen poked her head out and looked at Yu Feng: “Don’t forget to order more, as the dogs will eat too.”

Yu Feng was depressed, this guy was finally looking at him, but it was still for the dogs.

“That’s right.” Su Xingchen said after a while: “Where can we buy chicken feed in Shanghai?”

Yu Feng: …

After returning home with the animals, what weird things were happening?

The two dogs that were washed by Su Xingchen looked good, fat and strong.

After Su Xingchen finished dinner, he fed the chicken with rice grains and went to take a bath first.

After the shower, he wore thick fur pajamas and played wildly with the two dogs in the living room.

Until he saw Yu Feng standing at the door of the bedroom covered in water vapor, beckoning to him: “Come here.”

Su Xingchen gave a start, carefully recalling his performance today, and wondered what was wrong.

“What are you doing?” He walked over to Yu Feng.

Yu Feng looked at him for a moment, squeezed his chin directly, and kissed him with a slight bit of resentment.

This kiss caused Su Xingchen’s tongue to hurt, and he couldn’t help frowning.

But said nothing.

After Yu Feng had kissed enough, he let go of him with a little grievance, and pressed his thumb against the corner of his red mouth.

“Dogs are more fun or am I more fun?”

Su Xingchen: “…”

“Go inside, I’ll dry my hair and come to you.” When he did not get an answer, Yu Feng turned around and went to the bathroom after speaking.

Su Xingchen paused and followed: “I’ll help you blow it.”

Yu Feng was overjoyed, but immediately thought of the scene of Su Xingchen helping the dog to blow his hair, and his face became ugly: “No need, I will blow it myself.”

He was eating the dog’s vinegar.

Su Xingchen thought he didn’t like him bringing the dogs back, and immediately became depressed in his heart.

But there was no way he could just leave the two dogs in the country without anyone caring about them, right?

Su Xingchen’s emotions didn’t fluctuate much past several months. It was only because of the dog’s relationship that he felt regretful.

He thought that if he didn’t go back to school, he would live a good life in the country with the dogs and a group of chickens.

At this time, Yu Feng walked out, his hair was still a bit moist, and it was obviously not dry.

“Why didn’t you blow dry your hair well in such a cold weather?” Su Xingchen frowned, and put his thoughts behind.

Yu Feng didn’t want to admit that he was afraid that Su Xingchen would be impatient, and go out to play with the dogs.

“Really…” Su Xingchen muttered, then went in and took out the hair dryer, plugged it into the plugboard at the head of the bed, and dried Yu Feng’s hair.

Because of their height difference, he could only stand while Yu Feng sat down.

“You don’t care about your body much. Be careful or when you get old, it would be the root of a disease.” Su Xingchen whispered while blowing his hair.

Yu Feng immediately remembered the age difference between him and Su Xingchen, which was a full eight years old.

Suddenly, he didn’t feel good in his heart.

Even if he consciously quit smoking and drinking, and reduced the number of late nights, the age difference was there, and he couldn’t smooth it out with a little attention.

Su Xingchen didn’t know what Yu Feng was thinking but felt that this guy’s temper today was confusing.

“Do you not want me to send the dogs away?” he asked.

As a result, Yu Feng was at a loss: “What?” He didn’t think about not raising the dogs at all. He had known from the beginning that they would be bringing the dogs back, so he suggested: “No, I will take you to the pet shop tomorrow to get them an injection, and also buy dog food.”

“Oh.” Su Xingchen was relieved.

Since it wasn’t because of the dogs, he frowned. What was this person thinking?

“I used to smoke and drink and stay up late and fought fiercely.” Yu Feng held the slender wrist that helped him blow his hair and turned off the hair dryer.

Su Xingchen felt that the dryness was also good, so he put it away.

As for Yu Feng’s words: “It’s fine if you know it, and you must pay attention to it in the future.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I will die young, so that you will become a widow at a young age.” Yu Feng asked nonchalantly.

Su Xingchen glanced at him, too lazy to talk.

The man stubbornly broke his face, and the two looked at each other.

Su Xingchen realized that this guy might not be joking but seriously asking him: If I die, what will you do?

“If you really die young, I’ll change my boyfriend.” Su Xingchen looked at Yu Feng seriously: “Have you heard? So, you have to live longer and don’t die so early. Otherwise, there will be other men, sleeping with your beloved…well…”

“Don’t joke.” Yu Feng stretched out his long arms, confined his boyfriend in his arms, and enthusiastically blocked the other’s mouth to prevent him from saying things that annoyed him.

It was only eight years, no big deal, he would persist for a few years, then how could he not accompany Su Xingchen to his old age.

“You…have you eaten today?” Su Xingchen felt a bit reluctant today.

According to the other party’s past habits, his status had to be given priority.

Today, it was like a deliberate competition, which made him overwhelmed.

This was what led to Su Xingchen particularly admiring Yu Feng. He used to smoke and drink heavily, and often stayed up late, but his energy was still so vigorous that he couldn’t tell that he was about to die young.

On the contrary, it was Su Xingchen. At this age, he still took a long time to recover. He ate like a bottomless pit as much as he could, but he had never had any meat on his body.

Compared with Yu Feng, there was really no comparison.

“It’s a rare holiday, don’t you treat me well, when do you plan to satisfy me?” Yu Feng asked dissatisfied, with desire.

He was so direct.

It was so hard to have fun in school as they had to take into consideration this and that.

Su Xingchen knew what he said was reasonable.

Rolling in the sheets in the school dormitory was too restrictive, and he was especially afraid of others listening to them through the door.

“…Then it’s up to you.” He gave up resistance.

Yu Feng kissed him with satisfaction, but his movements were not as gentle as the kiss on his mouth.

Su Xingchen was miserable, faintly looking forward to the end of the winter vacation.

At three o’clock in the morning, the two dogs groaned with hunger at the bedroom door.

Su Xingchen awakened Yu Feng: “I’m going to look at the dog and the chicken, ok?”

Yu Feng: “…”

When he got up and put on clothes, he felt a little strange on his back, so he turned around and looked at his shoulder, and found some obvious marks.

But he didn’t care and went out wearing a pair of trousers.

He heated up the leftovers from last night in the microwave and fed to the two stupid dogs.

Yu Feng discovered that the chickens had not been fed yet.

Where could there be chicken feed in Shanghai? Who knew when he was doing game development, that he would have to worry about all this as well?

“Old Pei, where can I buy chicken feed nearby?”

Pei Wen was at a loss.

Yu Feng then told him about returning from the countryside yesterday.

Pei Wen said: “I’ll have to ask my old landlady.”

After hanging up the phone for a while, he called back to tell Yu Feng.

The old landlady was really a treasure chest, Yu Feng thought.

Su Xingchen slept until noon, got up to clean up, and went out with the two dogs. By the time he returned, it was already time for dinner.

The family of four randomly found a restaurant where pets could be brought in and had an afternoon tea.

The young man with gorgeous eyes had the strange feeling of being stared at all day long.

The man who looked at him was itchy in his heart.

But he knew that Su Xingchen couldn’t bear it, so he couldn’t toss him about that night.

After a while, they took the dogs to the pet shop, and Su Xingchen asked the clerk to cut the dogs’ nails.

He didn’t cut it yesterday because there was no suitable tool at home.

They could buy one at the pet store this time.

“Your nails should be cut too.” Yu Feng glanced at Su Xingchen’s hand.

“Should it?” Su Xingchen remembered that it was not long since he had cut his nails, so he raised his hand to see them.

“Well, it hurts when you scratch someone,” Mr. Yu said.

Only then did Su Xingchen understand what he was talking about, his face flushed suddenly, and he silently put his hands down.

In order to alleviate this weird atmosphere, he said nonchalantly: “How did you spend the Chinese New Year before?”

Yu Feng knew that this person was always shy, so he didn’t force it, but he couldn’t really answer the topic of how he celebrated the New Year.

Because he had no concept of Chinese New Year before, he would spend those days as he usually did.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you want to say it?” Su Xingchen asked curiously.

After a while, Yu Feng said, “How did I live before? I was probably waiting to spend time with you.”

Su Xingchen was stunned, and after thinking back and forth on it several times, he finally understood what the man meant.

He couldn’t tell what it felt like in his heart.

Anyway, he took Yu Feng’s hand and clasped his fingers.

Even if there were a lot of eyes peeping at them, he felt that he cared more about Yu Feng’s feelings than the eyes of others.

“You are really a person who is easily moved.” Yu Feng smiled, glanced at the hand held by Su Xingchen, paused, and lifted it up and kissed it.

In short, as long as Su Xingchen dared to take a step forward, the rest was his business.

This person just needed to be loved by him.

Su Xingchen pursed his mouth and whispered, “Have you ever seen someone who was with a person just because he was moved?”

There was no movement around, and he continued to speak: “It’s all because of bad hobbies?”

“No matter how cute you are, I’m going to kiss you.” Yu Feng said with a patience and his expression looked really scary.

Su Xingchen was honest after hearing this.

“Fuck…” Yu Feng removed his eyes and thought to himself, his Su Xingchen was cute even if he was staring at him, thinking about other things.

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