TBLF Ch. 88.2

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She shook her head, her body trembling: “No, there is nothing there, I’m afraid.”

“Don’t be afraid, someone will protect us.”

“Who is it?”

“His name is Ji Rang, he is the best in the world. There are also several good people, shall we go out together to meet him?”

The white mist dissipated behind them, and a warm light gradually came over.

She leaned down, hugged the one exactly the same herself, and said softly: “He loves you like mom and dad, he will give you strawberry candies every day, and secretly learn how to make small cakes. He is very smart and promised to join you in the same college. Sure enough, he did what he said. He is also very powerful, and he will keep everyone away who wants to hurt you. He gives you all his love. So, don’t be afraid anymore.”



That boy was her love.

She knew that he could only live well only if she lived well.

Therefore, she had to wake up as soon as possible, and she couldn’t make him worry anymore.

She took her hand, step by step, towards the warm light.

A tear slipped from the corner of her eye.

Qi Ying slowly opened his eyes.

The heart, which was always empty and painful, finally seemed to be filled.

She remembered.

She was Qi Ying of the past and also Qi Ying of the present.

She was Qi Ying who once lost her general and committed suicide, and she was also the Qi Ying who died because of the loss of her parents.

In both lives, she chose the same weak method to face the cruel reality.

The intense stimulation in the same situation allowed her to regain the memories of her previous life during the coma.

She couldn’t accept the painful reality and escaped from all this, so she closed herself off, pushed the memory of the previous life out to take over the body consciousness, self-hypnotized herself that she was not her.

She thought, as long as she wasn’t her, it wouldn’t be so painful.

This was her demons.

It was finally over now.

She would like that young man to love the world again.

There was a faint smell of disinfectant in the air, mixed with the sweet fragrance of strawberry candy.

She slowly sat up from the bed and saw a lot of strawberry candy next to the pillow. The room was filled with flowers and fruits, and the bedside table had a large pile of greeting cards wishing her to get well soon.

The window was ajar, and the night breeze and moonlight came in gently.

At the ajar door, the boy stood with his back to her.

Outside, Qu Dazhuang hugged the laptop and said: “Brother, the last hour has passed. After twelve o’clock, there would really be no chance to apply.”

Ji Rang looked indifferent: “How many times do you want me to say it? Go back. “

Qu Dazhuang’s eyes were helpless and sad, and he slowly closed the laptop.

Ji Rang was about to turn around and go back when he suddenly felt that the corners of his clothes were gently tugged.

When he stiffened, his whole body trembled, but he didn’t dare to turn his head, for fear that it was an illusion.

Until the little girl’s soft voice came from behind: “What major are you going to study?”

He turned around like a puppet with rusty joints. The little girl was pale, but her eyes were so bright, and her smile was so sweet.

He stretched out his hand, gently touched her cheek, then drew back abruptly, fearing it was a dream, and would disappear as soon as he touched her.

Qi Ying grabbed his hand and placed it on her face.

The warm touch spread to his heart through the palm of his hand.

The shrivelled and dried heart finally came back to life.

Ji Rang wanted to cry a little but didn’t want the little girl to see his tears, closed his eyes, held back the tears, and squeezed out a smile: “You finally woke up.”

The little girl curled her eyes and smiled: “We made an appointment. We’re going to college together.” She said, “I can’t break my promise.”

Ji Rang leaned down, avoiding the injury on her head, hugged her gently, with a low and warm voice; “Well, my baby is the most trustworthy.”

Qu Dazhuang cried out with excitement outside.

Weeping and shouting: “Quick! Hurry up and fill in your choices! You can hug after you fill it out!”

Qi Ying had a favorite school and major, and applied to the University of B Medical School.

Ji Rang stared at the application page but did not move.

Qi Ying didn’t urge him but looked at him obediently.

After a while, Ji Rang turned around and asked her, “Should I go to City B, too?”

Her eyes were bright: “Of course it’s good.”

Ji Rang smiled, looked at the computer, and slowly typed the name of the school.

——Mom! mom! Today we wrote the composition about what we want to be when we grow up!

——Arang is so amazing, what would Arang want to do when he grows up?



——I want to catch all the bad guys!

——Well, Arang is great, and mother is proud of you.

He once gave up his dream with his own hands, but now, he would pick it up again for her.

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  1. Finally, YingYing is awake :’) go and chase your dreams, you two! Be happy forever!

  2. I knew it… It has always been his dream. If it was only a forced dream, he wouldn’t have been that excellent in the past.
    He only rejected it to rebel.
    He didn’t want to make her family happy after putting him through all those grievance. But now he realised that he shouldn’t let his family influencing his choice of life… He should choose his future bases on his own parameter.
    He was a general in the past and now he can be a general again because it is simply his passion, it has nothing to do with his family.

  3. She finally accepted the truth!
    Tbh with one being a doctor and the other a cop they’ll have trouble spending time together. Both work long hours and only one of them has slightly better pay. Not an ending I would choose but it could be worse I guess.

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