TBLF Ch. 89

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After Qi Ying woke up, she underwent a comprehensive examination, and it was basically confirmed that she was OK, but she had to be hospitalized for observation for a period of time. During this period, class 2 students came to visit one after another, and the ward was very lively every day.

But before long, the school boss drove them away with a cold face.

Although they had graduated, but the big brother’s prestige was still there, everyone was still afraid of him, and when they saw his face change, they dared not stay any longer and ran away one after another.

Qi Ying amusedly rebuked him: “What are you doing, trying to scare them?”

Ji Rang rolled down the hospital bed, let her lie down, and adjusted her quilt: “You just woke up, you need to rest more, they will disturb you. “He touched her head without disturbing the gauze. “Close your eyes and go to sleep.”

She closed her eyes obediently and asked him softly, “Can I be discharged before my birthday? I don’t want to be in the hospital for my eighteenth birthday.”

“Listen to the doctor, and only if the doctor said yes.” When the attending doctor came to visit the room, Qi Ying asked expectantly about her discharge time, but she didn’t expect the doctor to tell her that she would be discharged on her birthday.

However, due to her head injury, they needed to be careful of the sequelae. The doctor specifically explained: “You can’t go to the amusement park to play those high-altitude events for half a year. The sound effects of the cinema are too loud, so please don’t go. Recently the temperature outside is too high. So just stay at home, calm and quiet.”

The little girl’s eyes darkened, and she gave an aggrieved “Oh”.

In the evening, Han Yang came over with a box of milk candy. He heard Ji Rang say that Qi Ying liked to eat sweets and went to the mall after getting off work.

Work was too busy. This was the first time he had come here since she woke up. Seeing the bright smile of the little girl, he felt a lot of exhaustion from work evaporate.

Wasn’t it this smile that they desperately guarded?

Qi Ying saw his eyes redden, and obediently shouted “Uncle Han”.

Han Yang was full of emotion.

Ji Rang went to pour him a cup of hot water. Han Yang talked with Qi Ying for a while, remembered something, and then turned to ask him: “I heard that you applied for the police academy?”

Ji Rang nodded.

Han Yang was full of approval and moved: “Good boy, uncle believes that you will become the best policeman.”

The three were chatting, when Yu Cheng came over with dinner. Recently, Wu Yinghua studied the recipes of the Ten Complete Supplements and made Qi Ying different recipes every day. Ji Rang had become a little fatter after eating them.

When he saw Han Yang was there, he was excited and happy. He asked him again and again if he had any meals. Then he called Wu Yinghua and asked her to bring me some more food. The benefactor was here, and he had not eaten yet!

Han Yang understood the feelings of the family. Their gratitude was always pure and sincere. Even a bite of the food and fruit they sent being consumed by him, would give them great comfort.

He didn’t refuse and smiled and nodded. Yu Cheng was really happy, first he took out the lunch box for Qi Ying and Ji Rang for them to eat, and then he pulled Han Yang into the corridor with a mysterious look.

With that look, Han Yang thought he was going to stuff him with a red envelope.

However, Yu Cheng said: “Captain Han, do you have any children?”

Han Yang was forty-two this year, devoted to work and unmarried.

He shook his head, and Yu Cheng grasped his hand: “Then let our family Yingying recognize you as a godfather?!”

Han Yang: “…………”

This direction was simply unexpected.

Yu Cheng was afraid that he would refuse, so sighing and wiping tears, he said: “Our family Yingying has had a bad life. You should already know that her father was an anti-drug policeman just like you. He sacrificed himself and her mother was also implicated. I just hope that this child will be successful in life in the future, but who knows that this happened again. Captain Han, you saved her! You are her benefactor! Two days ago, I went to the Wenhua Temple and asked the monk for her fortune. He said that she had met a noble person, I wondered, aren’t you the noble person she has met?!”

Han Yang couldn’t laugh or cry.

Yu Cheng said, and his eyes were red again: “Our family Yingying is very obedient and very good. If you consider her a goddaughter, she will definitely not cause you trouble. What do you think of it?”

Han Yang’s eyes were full of emotion. After a while, he sighed, and nodded: “Sure. I have a relationship with this child. I have been wandering for half my life alone and now I got a daughter. It is my blessing.”

Yu Cheng wept with joy, and immediately pulled Han Yang back to the ward, pointing at the still eating Qi Ying, and said excitedly: “Yingying, call Dad!”

Ji Rang: “…”

Qi Ying: “Huh?”

Of course, things couldn’t be done so hastily. After discussing with Han Yang, Yu Cheng decided to wait for the day Qi Ying was discharged from the hospital, which happened to be her eighteenth birthday, to hold a banquet at home, and at the same time to have her formally recognize Han Yang as her godfather.

Time flew by, and soon it was the night before she was being discharged from the hospital.

Because Qi Ying couldn’t stay up all night, Ji Rang didn’t insist on his usual ritual, and he coaxed her to sleep early.

He couldn’t sleep, and waited until 12 o’clock at night, then he got up from the companion bed secretly, walked gently to the side of the bed, leaned over and kissed her on her eyes.

He whispered: “Happy birthday, baby.” The little girl had fallen into a deep sleep, and her breath was full of fragrance.

He finally went to bed contentedly.

Early the next morning, Yu Cheng came over to go through the discharge procedures. Qi Ying removed the hospital gown and put on the little red skirt Ji Qian gave her when she came to visit a few days ago.

Ji Rang was packing his luggage. After staying there for nearly two months, the ward was almost his second home. There were also a lot of visiting gifts, which filled two boxes.

Yu Cheng returned after completing the discharge procedures and walked out with Ji Rang carrying a box.

Qi Ying was wearing a little red skirt and followed obediently.

When she walked to the corridor, the little boy who was hospitalized in the ward next door ran out with a rose, and said gruffly, “Sister Yingying, happy birthday.”

Qi Ying was pleasantly surprised, took the rose flower and touched the little boy’s head, and said thank you.

When she walked to the nurse’s station, the nurses who had been taking care of her came out with a beautifully wrapped gift box and smiled and handed it to her: “Yingying, happy birthday, goodbye.”

Walking all the way to the elevator, she received a full seven or eight gifts.

Yu Cheng was overwhelmed: “Our Yingying is very popular.”

She smiled happily with the gifts and walked out of the hospital door. Yu Cheng and Ji Rang moved her luggage into the car. Qi Ying stood on the steps and waited, raising her eyes when she saw the words “Happy Birthday” composed of pink strawberry candies on the huge LED screen of the commercial building directly across the street.

She stared at it for a long time, thinking it was a coincidence.

After getting on the bus, the car slowly drove away from the hospital and passed the bus station next to the hospital. The advertisement in the glass showcase of the platform was also “Happy Birthday.”

As the car drove all the way, wherever she would see, she would see a place that said, “Happy Birthday”.

When waiting for the red light, a bus stopped next to him, and Qi Ying saw a huge “Happy Birthday” banner on the outside of the bus body.

She finally couldn’t help it, turned her head and asked Ji Rang in a low voice, “Are they wishing me a happy birthday?”

Ji Rang smiled: “You didn’t know until now?”

Her eyes were bright, and she wowed and turned quickly. Her little hand scratched the car window as she looked around.

There were really many wishes. On the way home, wherever there were advertisements, all were birthday wishes to her.

When the car drove into the community, the camphor trees on both sides of the community were full of colorful balloons, and each balloon had “Happy Birthday” written on it, lightly floating in the wind.

Qi Ying jumped out of the car with red eyes, looked at it seriously for a while, then turned and threw herself into the boy’s arms.

She put his arms around her neck and asked softly: “Did you give it to me?”

Ji Rang hugged her with a smile, lowered his head, and kissed her soft hair: “Welcome to adulthood, baby.”

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