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After Yu Mo didn’t move for a while, Chi Fang couldn’t help but let his gaze drift and coughed lightly.

Anyway, Yu Mo…wait, when was Yu Mo’s birthday? Chi Fang blinked and approached Yu Mo, “Yu Mo, when is your birthday?”

Yu Mo was stunned by Chi Fang’s question, and then said: “November.”

In November, didn’t he miss Yu Mo’s birthday last year? Chi Fang couldn’t help but ask, “Which day?”

Yu Mo paused, and then said, “November 11th.”

November 11th, was that not Singles’ Day? When mentioning Singles’ Day, Chi Fang thought of Yu Mo inexplicably alienating himself during that time. He hadn’t realized his feelings at the time and was aggrieved by Yu Mo’s rejection. Thinking about it now, he could guess what he was vaguely thinking at that time, but he didn’t notice it, and thought he was sad because of being left out by his friends… Pang Zifei ran to train every day for half a month, but he was not at all sad.

“Then you see, you are half a year older than me. It’s okay for me to call you Brother Yu Mo, right?” Chi Fang returned to his senses and smiled at Yu Mo’s dark eyes.

Yu Mo was a little flustered when asked by Chi Fang, but he still resisted and did not back off, “It’s, it’s okay.”

“Then… Brother Yu Mo?” Chi Fang called him in a low voice, and then he watched Yu Mo. The ears turned red instantly, and even the pale skin on the back of his neck was also covered with a layer of light red. “Tell me again?”

How come he hadn’t noticed before that Yu Mo was so easily shy.

Yu Mo gave a light cough, took out a piece of paper, and told Chi Fang again.

Seeing that Yu Mo’s face had returned to normal, Chi Fang sat up straight again, and said seriously: “I know I was wrong. I will definitely listen to the little teacher’s lecture seriously in the future.” Yu Mo nodded, lowered his head and explained the question. Then, Yu Mo said, “Then do it again now.”

Chi Fang: “…”

He had been looking at Yu Mo just now, and he didn’t even listen to what Yu Mo said…

Chi Fang silently took the paper, bowed his head and looked at the paper. Although he didn’t listen to it completely, Chi Fang had still heard Yu Mo’s explanation approximately. So, in addition to it, he tossed in a few formulas. The problem was finally successfully solved by him.

“Look!” Chi Fang pushed the draft paper straight forward, “I told you I listened!”

Yu Mo looked down at the paper, then was silent for a while, and handed the paper he had explained on before to Chi Fang. Chi Fang took a look, and Yu Mo had used another calculation method. Except for the first three steps which were the same, there was nothing similar later.

Chi Fang: “…cough.”

Yu Mo was also not angry, as Chi Fang could solve the problem at least.

In the next few classes, other subject teachers also gradually released results. Yu Mo’s grades were very stable. Except for the deduction of a few points for Chinese because of his composition, he scored full marks in other subjects. Chi Fang’s grades weren’t as bad as he thought. His English was still perfect, but his biology was affected a bit, but it wasn’t that big. Chi Fang calculated the total score in his heart and relaxed.

After the monthly exam, the atmosphere in the class gradually began to change. Previously, these students were scattered in various classes, and everyone was a top student in their class. However, after being gathered in one class, even if the rankings in the school year were still the same, the class ranking was lagging far behind.

Zeng Xiaoying was always in the top ten of the Class 2 in her first year of high school. However, in this monthly exam, although her exam was better than before, she ranked more than 30 in Class 19. After seeing the transcript of the class ranking, Zeng Xiaoying had been lying on the table. Chi Fang was a little worried, but he couldn’t say anything.

Chi Fang ranked more than 300 in the school year for the exam this time, which was slightly higher than last time, but was ranked 41st in the class.

And there were only 50 people in Class 19, which meant that he was the ninth from the bottom of the class.

Although he knew that the people, he was going to compete with were not ordinary students, Chi Fang couldn’t help feeling a little bit depressed in his heart.

Could he really catch up with Yu Mo in the last two years?

After the second year of high school, he began to study in the evening. Yu Mo began to consider buying an apartment near the school, otherwise it would be a waste of time for him to spend more than an hour going home every night.

“You want to buy an apartment?” Chi Fang was stunned when he heard the news, “Where would you buy it?”

Yu Mo thought for a while, “It’s best to be next door to you, so I can help you with tuition at night.”

It was a pity, because Yu Mo was a little late. The nearby apartments were basically rented out during the summer vacation. The rest either did not have good room location, or there were various problems. The better ones were far away from Chi Fang’s apartment. Thus, Yu Mo only glanced at them and refused.

Chi Fang watched Yu Mo being busy for a few days, but not being able to find anything to his satisfaction. He had to rush back to the villa every night, and his whole spirit had become a little worse.

“Why… don’t you live in my house?” Chi Fang hesitated. The space in his home was still relatively large, but the only problem was that his apartment had only one bedroom, so if Yu Mo lived with him, they would have to share the double bed.

It was nothing to him, it was just Yu Mo… the dignified young master of Yu’s family, squeezing into a bed with him, would be wronged, no matter how he thought about it.

Yu Mo paused, reacting to what Chi Fang was saying, and squinted slightly, “Isn’t it troublesome?”

Chi Fang looked at Yu Mo and smiled: “How come, you can just help me with tuition, that’s it. But there is only one bedroom in my house…”

“Yes.” Yu Mo said solemnly.

Chi Fang paused, looking at Yu Mo, bending his eyes for a while.

“Then I’ll help you move this weekend.”

On Friday night, Chi Fang asked for leave for self-study at night, and went back to the villa with Yu Mo. He hesitated to speak to Mother Chi, only to say that Yu Mo didn’t have a place to live in and it was too much trouble, so he wanted Yu Mo to live in the apartment with him.

Chi Fang also knew that his rhetoric was too false. If nothing else, would the young master of the dignified Yu family have no place to live?

Mother Chi was drinking tea originally. Hearing Chi Fang’s words, she stirred the tea gently in her hands for a while, watching the ups and downs of the tea in the teacup, and finally opened her hands lightly. The tea spoon landed on the wall of the cup with a crisp sound. She raised her head slightly and glanced at Chi Fang: “It’s decided?”

Chi Fang felt that Mother Chi’s words were a little bit profound, but he didn’t dare to ask carefully, so he nodded happily, “Well, mom, anyway. Yu Mo has helped me so much, so consider this as me doing him a favor too.”

Mother Chi looked at him, picked up the teacup after a long time, and took a sip: “You decide for yourself.”

Chi Fang knew that Mother Chi was like this.

He didn’t know how Yu Mo told his family. On Saturday morning, Chi Fang went to Yu’s house and saw Yu Mo packing things. Yu Mo usually didn’t like his things to be touched by others, even if it was moving, he would arrange his things himself. The driver with a few workers moved the packed cartons to the car.

He didn’t have a lot of things, just books and notebooks for study, as well as a change of clothes.

Before Chi Fang came over, Yu Mo was sorting out by himself, and the speed was inevitably slower. After Chi Fang came over, he helped Yu Mo start to pack up. He didn’t move to Yu Mo’s closet either, just helped him put away the textbooks and exercise books he usually used.

Yu Mo didn’t refuse either. With the help of Chi Fang, the packing speed was also faster. After finishing everything up, he let others help to move it. Then Chi Fang followed Yu Mo downstairs.

Mother Yu was not at home, Chi Fang looked around and asked, “Have you had breakfast?”

Yu Mo shook his head silently.

He couldn’t fall asleep last night and got up at five o’clock in the morning and started to pack up.

“…All right,” Chi Fang helplessly, “put things away first, and then I will cook you some noodles.”

There were not many cars out as it was Saturday morning, and it was only nine o’clock when they reached under the small apartment. Chi Fang opened the door of the apartment and asked people to move the box to the living room. When everyone was gone, Chi Fang asked Yu Mo to take a break on the sofa in the living room. He went to the small kitchen and made Yu Mo a bowl of noodles.

Chi Fang’s craftsmanship in the noodles was much better than that of Yu Mo. He also fried a poached egg for Yu Mo and brought it to Yu Mo: “Eat first.”

Watching Yu Mo obediently eat breakfast, Chi Fang went to the side of the bookshelf. He usually didn’t put anything on it. After a little cleaning, half of the bookshelves were cleared out. He also cleaned out the small closet on the right, and put the clothes separately for Yu Mo.

After Yu Mo finished eating the noodles, he put the bowl in the kitchen, hesitated for a moment, turned on the water, and flushed the bowl again. This was Yu Mo’s first time washing dishes, and he didn’t know what to do, so he washed the bowl in and out.

Chi Fang heard the sound from the kitchen and came over to see, “…It’s not done that way.”

He took the bowl helplessly, cleaned it carefully, and put it in the cupboard.

Yu Mo saw it but didn’t understand it. After thinking about it, while Chi Fang didn’t pay attention, he quietly sent a message to the driver.

“Buy a dishwasher.” The two boys took a rest on the sofa, and then started tossing out the boxes. Yu Mo took a total of four boxes, two boxes of books, one box of clothes and shoes, and another box with some messy daily necessities, plus the computer he was carrying, so it was quite fast to organize.

The last time Yu Mo came to Chi Fang’s small apartment was the time when Chi Fang had a fever. He remembered that the bed in Chi Fang’s room was obviously a single bed, but this time he went in and saw a two-meter-long bed placed there.

Chi Fang saw that Yu Mo’s gaze fell on the bed, and he smiled: “I changed it last semester, thinking that if you come to play someday, you won’t need to sleep on the sofa.”

Who ever thought that Yu Mo would stay over in the end?

Yu Mo nodded, hiding a trace of disappointment in his eyes. If it was a single bed… Forget it, the single bed was too small, and the two boys would definitely not be comfortable lying down.

They put the book on the shelf and hung up the clothes. Chi Fang looked a little worried at his desk. His desk was a standard computer desk, leaning against the wall, but it could only sit one person. In this way, it would be very troublesome for Yu Mo to read.

Chi Fang didn’t hesitate, patted the desk lightly, and said to Yu Mo: “Let the driver help change the table to a bigger one, the one that can sit on both sides.”

Yu Mo nodded and sent a message to the driver. The driver was buying a dishwasher for him in the mall. He scratched his head when he saw the message and went to the furniture side.

After busily working all morning, Chi Fang had sweated a lot. He adjusted his collar and looked at Yu Mo: “You clean up first, I’ll go take a shower.”

Yu Mo’s actions of cleaning up his clothes paused slightly, and he silently nodded.

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