KHSW Ch. 327

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“Don’t worry, even if Zhu Wenyuan knows about this, it won’t matter, because I still have a handle on him.” Yao Ru said without any scruples.

“What’s Zhu Wenyuan’s background?” Weiner was confused, “Why didn’t I know about this?”

Yao Ru glanced lightly, there were still many things she didn’t know.

“It’s nothing. Anyway, you should pay close attention to Ling Xi and Pei Shan to see what they do.”

“I know.”

However, not long after, Zhu Wenyuan walked in.

When Weiner saw Zhu Wenyuan, he immediately said hello, “General Manager, why are you here in person?”

Zhu Wenyuan’s face looked a little unhappy, “You go out first.”

Weiner nodded slightly and walked out of the office.

Seeing his ugly expression, Yao Ru thought it was because she had something on him in her hand, “Don’t worry, as long as Ling Xi terminates the contract with the company, I will definitely destroy the photo of you and a certain female artist.”

“I am no longer the general manager.” Zhu Wenyuan’s face was solemn and a little lost.

“What did you say? Not the general manager anymore? Are you kidding me?”

“No, it was decided by the president.”

Yao Ru then showed a surprised look, “How could the CEO…”

Zhu Wenyuan suppressed the anger in his heart and said extremely calmly: “You can post those photos if you want. They are of no use to me anyway.”

Now Yao Ru was concerned about another matter, “Then…has the company agreed to terminate the contract with Ling Xi?”

“No.” After Zhu Wenyuan uttered these two words coldly, he raised his legs and left.

Yao Ru slowly sat on the chair, her fingertips clasping the table again and again. This Ling Xi really bothered her.

When Zhu Wenyuan was already packing his things and preparing to leave home, Chi Jingyu called him in time.

“Hello? Mr. Chi, are you talking about Ling Xi? Okay, I understand. Thank you Mr. Xu and Mr. Chi for giving me a chance. I will go and apologize to Ling Xi.”

Zhu Wenyuan only felt that he was resurrected with full blood. As long as he could still be the general manager of “Yiling”, he could do anything, let alone apologize to Ling Xi.

On the other side, Ling Xi was about to arrive home, but Zhu Wenyuan called, saying that there was something important and asked her to go back quickly.

Ling Xi had no choice but to ask the driver to turn around and go back to the company, but she was confused. Her matter should have been solved. She didn’t plan to release the recording now. It would be broadcast live on the entire network at the celebrity charity night in a few days.

After she hurried back to the company, everyone had basically finished work.

Was there anything important that the general manager could not talk about over the phone?

“Knock-knock-knock-” The sound of high heels on the brick surface was very clear.

But when she just walked into the general manager’s office, the general manager suddenly appeared in front of Ling Xi and said, “Ling Xi, I heard that you like roses very much, so I want to give you this bouquet of flowers.”

Ling Xi was startled by his sudden appearance and immediately took a step back and swallowed, “General Manager, what are you doing?”

Ling Xi automatically thought, maybe the general manager had taken a liking to her?

This idea frightened Ling Xi.

“Come on, take it first and then talk.”

Ling Xi took the flowers tremblingly, “General manager, didn’t you say there’s something urgent?”

Zhu Wenyuan walked to the chair, gently pulled it out, and pointed respectfully with one hand, “Come, please sit here.”

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