KHSW Ch. 326

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“Hiss—” Zhao Li exhaled softly. It turned out that she was not dreaming.

“Are you telling the truth?” Zhao Li asked again.

Ling Xi nodded slightly, “If you are willing.”

“Yes, of course I do.” They didn’t expect them to get a big deal.

Gong Dehai and Zhao Li looked at each other and smiled, such a good thing happened to them.

Meng Xinyan looked at the bottle of perfume and then at Ling Xi. She probably guessed what her daughter wanted to do.

At the same time, Gong Dehai thought of the person who sold him the perfume. He remembered that when he asked her how much it cost for the first time, the woman said “not much, only three million.” He didn’t believe it at the time. Now it seemed that she actually…

He regretted himself but said that she was cheating.

Ling Xi didn’t say anything more about the interview, “Mom, let’s go back first!”

Meng Xinyan knew that today’s matter was fruitless, and she sighed as if she could not find out. It seemed that she could only clarify it by herself, although it was not as convincing as Zhao Li’s words.

Ling Xi wore a peaked cap and a mask at the same time.

A person suddenly popped up in Gong Dehai’s mind, the person who sold them perfume that night.

Mengmeng reluctantly waved to Ling Xi, “Goodbye, sister Ling Xi.”

Ling Xi remembered that the last time she saw her, she called her “auntie”. The smile on her face was hidden by the mask, “Goodbye, cutie.”

She and Meng Xinyan had already walked out of the door, but Gong Dehai suddenly called out to her, “Please wait a moment.”

The two looked back.

“Ms. Ling Xi, we won’t sell this bottle of perfume. You’d better take the money back! This card will be returned to you.”

Hearing Gong Dehai’s words, Zhao Li ran out of the house regardless of the cold weather, “Why did you become confused? What did you say? This bottle of perfume has already been sold to others. If you say you won’t sell it, you won’t sell it. Give me the card.”

Gong Dehai, however, held his bank card tightly.

Ling Xi looked at him doubtfully, “What’s wrong? Why don’t you want to sell it?”

Zhao Li smiled sarcastically, “Miss Ling Xi, don’t listen to him. Since this is my birthday gift, I naturally have the right to sell it.”

Ling Xi nodded, “Yes, since you have already sold it to me, it would be bad if you want to go back on your words.”

After Ling Xi and Meng Xinyan left, Gong Dehai looked slightly annoyed, “This bottle of perfume belongs to Ling Xi.”

Zhao Li raised her head suddenly, “What did you say?”

When Yao Ru saw the “solemn statement” forwarded by Pei Shan, her face almost turned green.

“Today, some Internet users continue to publish and spread untrue and defamatory content on online platforms. The above content is fabricated and spread by intentional persons. Such behaviour has brought a great reputation crisis to Miss Ling Xi. With mental injury, Miss Ling Xi is an excellent actress…”

Yao Ru threw down her phone angrily because she also saw Zhao Li’s apology statement and Meng Xinyan’s clarification statement.

Yao Ru’s manager, Weiner, looked at her face carefully. He didn’t know what had happened to her recently. Her temper was even more irritable and she was more difficult to maintain than before.

“Yao Ru, are you okay?”

Yao Ru took a deep breath, “They probably didn’t make a statement about Ling Xi’s fraudulent donation, right?”

“Not yet.”

Yao Ru’s face became slightly better, “That’s good. I finally found these two clues about her. Now one of them has been ruined. Don’t let anything go wrong with the other one.”

“If this matter is known to the company, do you know what the consequences will be?” Weiner’s right eyelid had been twitching today, and he had a bad premonition.

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