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Sure enough, sparks appeared on Black lightning’s body in the next second, and it said expressionlessly: “You used demonic methods to control human souls without authorization, which violates Chapter 36, Chapter 15 of the “Laws of Human Life” in the demon world, and the provisions of Chapter 20, Article 12, and Article 5 of the “Cat Clan Code”… After being forced to exchange his soul with a cat for several months, the person’s soul has been damaged, and it was still more damaged when the frostbite incident occurred. Then you refused to return his body and have an extremely bad attitude in admitting your mistake. You should be punished for several crimes according to the laws of the demon world! You should be deprived of political rights in the cat world for life, and be punished with using the demon-breaking pill to return to your original form!”

As soon as these words came out, not only Oscar, but also Xu Maomao also became scared.

Was this so serious?!

Oscar was so scared that his legs went weak. The Demon-Breaking Pill meant depriving him of his spiritual consciousness. From then on, he would be no different from an ordinary animal. In fact, there was nothing wrong with being a silly family pet, but after seeing all kinds of anecdotes about the world, he couldn’t bear to be as ignorant as before.

The poor boy burst into tears and wanted to escape, but where could he escape from the two big men in front of him?

Xu Maomao said: “Does it have to be like this? What if I choose to forgive it? Even in the human world, as long as the victim does not sue in the court, the court cannot sentence the criminal. Can you be accommodating…”

Oscar burst into tears after hearing this. Then he looked at Black Lightning and Suan Ni.

“You want to plead for it? It’s so naughty.”

Xu Maomao nodded, returning to his original form sounded too scary.

Black Lightning took a deep look at Xu Maomao and said, “Okay.”

“Apprentice, you are going to scare the cat to death!” Suan Ni was partly complaining and partly scolding. His precious apprentice was always so strict on the surface, but in fact he had a clear heart. Come on, if that Oscar was really unforgivable in his eyes, he would have shattered his demon core with a burst of thunder and lightning. How could he read out the criminal law regulations!

Humph, it was just to scare the younger generation.

“Let’s do this. Oscar, you obediently return your body to the human being, and you can be given a lighter sentence.” Suan Ni said, “You will have to do hard labor for a few years and then we will let you go free or something, okay?”

How would Oscar dare to say anything bad? He hurriedly walked up to Xu Maomao with his legs that had gone as soft as noodles. He was afraid that he would regret it and said hastily: “Then, let’s change back.”

Xu Maomao couldn’t wait to jump out of Shen Yu’s arms, while squatting properly, he comforted Oscar who was frightened and had turned pale: “Don’t be discouraged, you can transform quickly if you practice hard…”

Oscar muttered: “But if I wait until I transform, Brother Qiao would already be old…”

He fell out of love with Qiao Lingfeng because of his declining appearance and old age. This relationship could be said to be very superficial!

Shen Yu & Xu Maomao: “…”

Was it really true? It was all the fault of Qiao Lingfeng, who always provoked the cat when he had nothing to do! Shen Yu has decided to beat him up when he woke up, so that he would stop attracting cats and dogs. This evil behavior must be curbed in the future!

Oscar put a hand on Xu Maomao’s head: “Close your eyes.”

Xu Maomao then closed his eyes obediently. He saw a faint fluorescent light glowing on their bodies. Oscar’s fluorescent light was blue, and Xu Maomao’s was golden. The two fluorescent lights intertwined and became brighter and brighter. However, when they were about to switch, the light dissipated.

Xu Maomao opened his eyes, only to see the equally confused young man in front of him.

They hadn’t returned to their proper shells yet!

“Let’s do it again, I will help you.” Suan Ni raised his hand, and the red light from his fingertips enveloped them.

So Xu Maomao closed his eyes again.

However, even if Suan Ni helped, when he opened his eyes again, Xu Maomao found that he still could not return to his body.

“I’ll try.” Black Lightning also took action, evoking a dazzling blue light.

But there was still no success. No matter how many times they tried, Oscar and Xu Maomao still couldn’t switch. After several trials, both cats were very tired, not physically, but mentally.

“What’s going on?” Shen Yu asked.

Oscar shook his head in horror: “I, I have worked very hard, I really didn’t do anything bad!”

Xu Maomao was so frustrated that he almost cried: “Why can’t I go back…”

Black Lightning walked towards Oscar, its human form was bigger than Oscar’s boy form and much taller. Its long and powerful fingers touched Oscar’s eyebrows. The boy’s whole body trembled like it was hit by an electric shock, then a suction force appeared at the top of his head and made him unable to move. Black Lightning let it go after a while, frowned and said, “Maybe you have been swapping bodies for too long, and your soul has gotten embedded into the body too deeply.”

Xu Maomao was a little anxious: “What should I do?”

Black Lightning coldly glanced at Oscar sideways and said with an evil look in his eyes: “Master, let me take him back for separation.”

Suan Ni looked at Oscar sympathetically: “This is the only way.”

Oscar: …Wow QAQ sounds so painful.

But no one sympathized with it, it was something it brought on itself.

Suan Ni said to Xu Maomao: “Human, please give us a while, and your body will be returned to you.”

Xu Maomao was about to cry but had no tears: “Okay.” What else could he say other than good!

Shen Yu paused, and finally asked Black Lightning: “What you just said, is it true that exchanging souls for several months will damage Xu Maomao’s soul body?”

“Yes.” Black Lightning nodded, “Leave it to me alone, let me treat him.”

As it spoke, it raised its chin, signaling Shen Yu to hand over Xu Maomao to it.

Although Shen Yu felt unhappy, he could only put the cat into Black Lightning’s arms for Xu Maomao’s sake.

Black Lightning hugged Xu Maomao, and a complicated light flashed in his eyes. The next second, he and the cat disappeared from the room.

Shen Yu was startled, but Suan Ni said lazily: “It’s okay, my disciple just brought that human back to his own space. They are still here, but they just aren’t visible to us.”

Shen Yu was so jealous that his eyes were on fire!

The second time, the second time he kidnapped his partner in front of him!

Xu Maomao felt a sudden change before his eyes. Everyone around him had disappeared, leaving only himself and Black Lightning.

This space was completely white, like fairy mist lingering around you, and it was magnificent.

“Perhaps… Maomao,” Black Lightning’s slightly cold and hoarse voice came, “Sure enough, the soul is embedded too deep, even my mysterious illusion cannot reveal your human soul.”

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