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Xu Maomao almost cried: “I also have a lot of work!” I have to write three to four million words every year, and I am about to be in a hurry to churn out the manuscript!

Shen Yu: “What do you want to do that you insisted on taking over Xu Maomao’s body?”

Oscar was coy and refused to say anything.

Shen Yu’s face sank, and he asked: “Is there any use in pretending to be deaf and mute?”

Oscar: “You, you shit shoveler, how dare you yell at me!”

“Ha,” Shen Yu smiled coldly, “If you don’t answer, I will tell Qiao Lingfeng about this, and I think he will definitely agree to send you back. Then I will have a hundred ways to make you unable to leave the house again until you return your body.” In other words, he would be detained like a cat.

The young man looked in horror at the man who used to be gentle to him, but somehow had become so evil and ruthless. Then he looked at Xu Maomao, who was staring at him with eager eyes. He knew that he was doomed, and he felt really guilty, so he finally said: “Okay, okay, I’ll tell you why I did it!”

The young man’s cheeks weny a little red: “Actually, I actually like Brother Qiao…”

Xu Maomao was stunned: “Is he having a relationship with a cat?”

Shen Yu almost couldn’t stop himself from laughing out loud.

“But Brother Qiao always comes home so rarely, and we don’t even see him a few times.” The young man looked at Shen Yu angrily, “You don’t let me go to his house to play.”

Shen Yu was injured internally, his car Oscar wanted to follow Qiao Lingfeng, thinking this he was confused.

Xu Maomao was puzzled and angry: “Then why did you have to switch with my body?”

“Humph, of course because you are so annoying! You actually refused to agree to be friends with my shit shoveler because you hate me!” Oscar had an expression on his face that said, “I can’t believe that there are people in this world who hate me who is so cute.” He snorted angrily, “So I tried to see if I can punish you.”

Xu Maomao was confused: “The punishment is to take my body?”

Shen Yu also accused unhappily: “Oscar, you went too far.”

Oscar glared at him and lowered his voice guiltily: “Actually, I just tried it, and I didn’t expect it to succeed.” It had been awakening its ability for some time, and it had also secretly tried spells on other humans, but it had never been successful, until he met Xu Maomao in a dream.

It cast a spell on Xu Maomao with the intention of trying it. Not only did it succeed in one try, but it also possessed Xu Maomao’s body very well without any discomfort at all. After pretending to be human for a few days, he decided to go out and flirt with his familiar brother Qiao Lingfeng. The rich and colorful life of human beings had opened the door to a new world for him, and then he found that being a human being was fun, and he was even more reluctant to return the body.

He only liked Qiao Lingfeng a little bit, but the real reason was that he liked the feeling of being a human more and more.

While Oscar was talking, he looked at the shit shoveler whose face was as black as the bottom of a pot. In the end, he didn’t dare to say anything anymore. In fact, he still had something to say.

It felt that this body was its own, and it might have been reincarnated in the wrong body by mistake. Moreover, it had recently awakened other abilities, and had been having vague and weird dreams. It felt that in its previous life, it should have been the spirit of all things!

Oscar whispered: “I think this may be destiny.”

God’s destiny!

Xu Maomao was furious: “That doesn’t count as a mission!” You actually want to turn into a human and fall in love with a little fresh meat?

“Give my body back to me!” Xu Maomao said angrily, “Practice yourself. I have recently taken the Transformation Pill, which can help you get twice the result with half the effort.”

Xu Maomao said and wanted to pounce on him, but Oscar dodged.

He lowered his head and said, “Give me a little more time.”


Xu Maomao firmly believed that he must change his body back today. Otherwise, if he left it for a long night, the impure Oscar would most likely escape, and they couldn’t even think of finding him by then!

Seeing that the cat was about to start a fight with the boy, Shen Yu was about to persuade him politely and then with force, when there was a sound and the door to the room opened.

The two people who entered the house were dressed in strange clothes, and they were the weirdos they met before. Among them, the man in the red coat was carrying the unconscious Qiao Lingfeng on his back.

When Xu Maomao saw the young man in Mao suit, he stopped scratching and said in surprise: “Black Lightning!”

Shen Yu came over with a sharp look: “Who is Black Lightning?”

“Uh, that black cat…”

“Humph!” That black cat?

Shen Yu glanced at the young man with hostility and thought to himself, he was indeed handsome. But so what! This cat is mine! Thinking this, he took Xu Maomao into his arms possessively.

Black Lightning stared at Xu Maomao closely, with a very complicated expression. He had listened to what he just said without saying a word. He never expected that this cat was not a cat, but a human!

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” Shen Yu asked unkindly, “What’s going on with Qiao Lingfeng?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the boy transformed from Oscar had already plopped down and knelt down towards the man in the red coat.

“Suan, Suan, Suan Ni is great!”

Suan Ni?!

Xu Maomao looked at the man who looked like a rich peasant in surprise, this was the group leader Suan Ni[1]?!

“This human is called Qiao Lingfeng?” The handsome man in a red coat, known as “Suan Ni”, moved Qiao Lingfeng from his back to the sofa in the room. “He is fine. He will wake up in a while.”

Shen Yu cautiously explored his friend’s body with his hands. After checking his friend’s breathing and heartbeat to confirm that he was just sleeping, he asked cautiously: “Are you humans or cats?”

The man in the big red coat said with piercing eyes, “I am the leader of the Cat Clan Branch of the General Administration of Demons – Suan Ni.”

When it said this, its fiery red hair moved without any wind, and it looked somewhat solemn.

As an ordinary cat, Oscar was so intimidated that he trembled.

Xu Maomao originally thought that Suan Ni was just the nickname of the group leader, but now looking at the posture, he vaguely suspected that Suan Ni was the Suan Ni, the ancient mythical beast!

“So?” Shen Yu frowned.

“Human, don’t be rude to master.” Black Lightning said tit for tat.

Shen Yu demonstratively touched Oscar in his arms but was too lazy to say anything.

Suan Ni waved his hand and walked up to Oscar: “You little kitten, you are very courageous.”

“…” QAQ

Oscar trembled because the pressure Suan Ni gave him was very heavy. But what made it even more alarmed was that Black Lightning, who looked particularly fierce at first glance, was staring at it with a scrutinizing expression. His expression was a bit playful, but more sinister.

Black Lightning said coldly: “So, you are the real Oscar?”

Oscar shrank and nodded, obviously seeing that this cat was even more difficult to mess with.

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[1] Guys, till now the group leader was called Ginger but in Chinese pinyin he would be called Suan Ni…

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