CREG Ch. 43: Public Service Announcement 2

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Qiao Lingfeng returned to City B directly from other places. When he arrived at the studio of the TV station building, Shen Yu was already “adapting to the shooting environment” with Xu Maomao in his arms at the director’s request.

Shen Yu was worried that Xu Maomao would act too smart and cause others to speculate, so he asked him to pretend to be stupid, so today’s Oscar looked not much different from an ordinary cat, which meant he was just a little smarter and a little more well-behaved than ordinary cats.

But Qiao Lingfeng knew Oscar’s normal IQ, so he asked a little strangely: “Is the little baby a little nervous today?”

“Maybe.” Shen Yu said.

Xu Maomao pouted, I am keeping a low profile.

Qiao Lingfeng smiled and said, “Long time no see again, honey, did you miss Dad Qiao?” As he said this, he hugged him tightly and raised him to his flaming red lips. However, he glanced at Shen Yu and did not dare to kiss him.

It was difficult for Xu Maomao to look directly at this ba**ard. The sometimes lively and sometimes cold star Qiao on the screen had a seriously low IQ, which really destroyed his image in his mind. Xu Maomao turned around, not wanting to be affected if this low IQ was contagious.

The director came over: “Xiao Qiao, didn’t you say you wanted to bring a cat trainer?”

“Cat trainer sounds too ugly,” Qiao Lingfeng complained, “His name is Leo.”

“Oh, when will he be coming?”

“He’ll be here soon.” Qiao Lingfeng said while calling to urge, “Xiao Ao[1], where have you been? Are you lost? Then hurry up, the cats have been waiting for a long time… Hehe, what? If the cat doesn’t tell you, he’ll know when he comes!”

After hanging up the phone, Qiao Lingfeng gloated to Xu Maomao and Shen Yu, “A Yu, you’re sc**wed. What if Oscar baby sees him and doesn’t want you? You can’t blame me, hahaha! Anyway, all the cats who come to my house bow to him!” Qiao Lingfeng was full of confidence, because judging from the several cat parties he had held, without exception, the cats wanted to stay in his house and stick to Leo.

Shen Yu sneered, lighting up his friend’s innocence. But at the same time, he also became a little curious, was that person really that magical?

The director began to tell Qiao Lingfeng about the scene, while the makeup artist began to change the looks of Xu Maomao and other pets. Yes, there was not only a cat, but also a dog, a rabbit, a guinea pig, and even a pet snake, which was a medium-sized python.

It could be said that Xu Maomao’s solo scenes and the scenes with Qiao Lingfeng were not very difficult, but there was one scene where he had to share the frame with the snake, which scared Xu Maomao!

Although it was a pet snake and very docile, he was afraid of getting so close to such a cold-blooded animal!

Even Shen Yu noticed his nervousness and asked if they could change it. Unexpectedly, the director said: “In the wild animal world, cats are experts at fighting snakes. They are not afraid at all. He must be just nervous. You see, the guinea pig is not even afraid.”

The natural enemies of guinea pigs were snakes, but the guinea pig they found was very courageous. With a snake coiled next to it, it was still chirping for cherry tomatoes and snacks, so the director disagreed with the change.

Shen Yu patiently mobilized Xu Maomao: “Don’t be afraid, that snake doesn’t have venomous fangs.”

Xu Maomao: QAQ, please hold me while I wait…

Anyway, this was the first preview, and the director team was not worried about these pets not being able to complete such a simple shot, not to mention Qiao Lingfeng had vowed that his person would surely persuade Xu Maomao to be good.

Just as they were preparing for the second round of rehearsals, Leo finally came.

At that time, Qiao Lingfeng was performing an “intimate scene” with Xu Maomao, and a man who looked young and like he was only twenty years old walked into the studio.

There were many staff at the scene, blocking the boy’s view, so he walked straight to the pet area without any precautions until he saw a familiar tall man. Because this man had a very prominent appearance, he easily stood out in the crowd.

Shen Yu?!

The boy’s upturned cat eyes suddenly rounded, and his face turned pale. Because he was too frightened, he staggered and bumped into the equipment on the side. The equipment was made of stainless steel and fell to the ground with a loud noise.

Everyone looked towards the commotion, including the actors who were rehearsing.

Qiao Lingfeng recognized him first: “Xiao Ao, you are finally here!”

Leo went so stiff since he was surrounded by all the eyes. His eyes seemed to be attracted by an irresistible force and moved from Qiao Lingfeng’s face to the cat in his arms. And the cat happened to meet his eyes.

The two pairs of bright big eyes seemed to be looking across the sea of people and thousands of mountains and rivers, just locked together.

Xu Maomao’s whole body trembled suddenly, and he felt that the blood all over his body was boiling when he saw this young man named Leo, until he was clamoring to get closer, closer, infinitely closer!

What happened?

Leo’s face turned pale as soon as he saw the cat, and his body moved back involuntarily. Unexpectedly, some staff member enthusiastically went to help him, and happily pulled him over: “Mr. Li, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time. The cat is a little uncooperative. Please…”

“Let me go!” Leo screamed.

Xu Maomao was stunned for a moment. This voice sounded like the Great Cat Immortal! He couldn’t believe it, it was really the voice of the Great Cat Immortal!

While the staff was still pushing and shoving the young man, Xu Maomao jumped out of Qiao Lingfeng’s arms and rushed towards the young man. The boy quickly broke away from the person holding him and ran away!

The bad cat was actually running away?

Xu Maomao chased after him persistently.

The studio was in chaos.


“Xiao Ao!”

“Hey, don’t run away!”

But the Ragdoll cat didn’t listen to the shit shoveling officer’s instructions at all and rushed out of the studio in the blink of an eye, as if possessed by a cheetah. Shen Yu was stunned when he saw this, followed without hesitation.

He clearly saw that Xu Maomao was chasing the boy.

Qiao Lingfeng, who just had the cat in his hands, was confused: “Damn, why is it so excited? What is Xiao Ao running for? Forget it, you chase him too!” After saying that, he left a group of staff to join the tracking team, and the studio people collapsed immediately, what happened!

The young man was very fast. Seeing that he could not catch up, Xu Maomao was so anxious that he almost cried. At this time, Shen Yu had already rushed to his side.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong with him?”

In order to save time, Xu Maomao simply drank a bottle of vocal potion in front of him. Anyway, in Shen Yu’s opinion, he was just drinking air.

“That man is Oscar, catch him!”

Upon hearing this, Shen Yu picked up where the cat left and chased after him.

The boy was very flexible but lacked endurance. After escaping several turns, he was finally blocked by the long-legged oppa Shen Yu.

He huddled in a corner, with high walls on both sides. He couldn’t get up with his human body. He ran with his heart pounding like thunder and panting like an ox, but Shen Yu was still only panting slightly. His tall body covered the small body, until all the dead ends were tightly blocked.

“Oscar,” Shen Yu took a deep breath and asked, “Is it you?”

The young man shuddered and avoided the sight of his shit shoveler. Just as he was about to deny it, Xu Maomao jumped out of Shen Yu’s arms, he rushed to the young man’s feet, jumped up, and scratched the young man’s chest with his claws.

The close physical contact made the young man and Xu Maomao tremble like they were suffering from electric shocks. The powerful induction between the soul and the body allowed Xu Maomao to completely determine his identity. Under the effect of the vocal potion, he shouted: “It’s him, that’s it!”

The boy still wanted to run away, but Shen Yu slowly wrapped him up with a sense of pressure: “Very good, Oscar. I happened to prepare your favorite dried fish today, let’s reminisce about the past together.”

The boy: “…”

When Qiao Lingfeng caught up, he saw his friend dragging his hourly worker back towards the studio. The little hourly worker Leo looked hopeless, but Shen Yu seeming as easy as catching a chick, dragged him into the studio building without mercy, and into an empty room that was temporarily empty. Baby Oscar followed him in with a high-spirited look.

…A Yu and Xiao Ao know each other? How did this seem like the kind of eight o’clock bi**h who had a strong sense of sight of r**e!?

Could it be that…A Yu wants to play in a dark room with Xiao Ao!!!

Qiao Lingfeng: Covering her face with excitement.gif

Tsk, it turns out that the serious A Yu is also a fun-loving person, chicken jelly! My old friend who has been single for many years is finally no longer single!

Qiao Lingfeng, who thought he had brokered a good deal, laughed mischievously, and his peach blossom eyes wandered over the blocked door for a moment. Finally, he gave up his evil thoughts of eavesdropping and decided to “give them space.” Just as he was about to leave, he saw two people in strange clothes. The handsome guys approached the room and seemed to want to go in furtively.

One of them was wearing a black Chinese tunic suit, and the other… Qiao Lingfeng was dumbfounded as he looked at his black and red cotton-padded jacket, the incredibly exaggerated large ingot necklace, and the Buddhist beads on his hands. He couldn’t help complaining: It’s amazing how the soil turned out like this.

What do these two people want to do? Listen from the corner? No, for the sake of A Yu’s s*xual happiness, he had to stop them.

Qiao Lingfeng walked over righteously and said to them: “Who are you? You can’t enter this building without documents…”

Brother Red Cat looked over in surprise and saw in front of him a human with red lips and white teeth, stained with foreign devils. His hair color was weird, his face was small, and his facial features were very delicate. He must have an outstanding appearance in the human world.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen a celebrity? Did you sneak in?” Qiao Lingfeng waved his hand, “Okay, I know many fans will come in here to peek at celebrities. Fortunately, you met me today. If the security guard had already picked up the stick, he would surely drive you away. Leave quickly, I can pretend not to have seen you…”

Before he could finish his words, a strange bolt of lightning struck Qiao Lingfeng from behind. He rolled his eyes, felt soft and fell down.

The red-clothed master was startled and stretched out his hand to catch him firmly.

“Disciple, what are you doing? He is just an ordinary person.”

“It’s too noisy.” Black Lightning said coldly, “Don’t worry, the slightest electric current won’t hurt him at all. He will wake up in half an hour.”

“You’re too rude. You need to change this.” The big red cat muttered, carrying the human behind his back. “Did you read that right? That man named Shen Yu held a human hostage?”

“That’s right, indeed it’s a human being.”

Originally, matters between humans was not the business of the big red cat, but just now they smelled an evil spirit from that human being.

“Just watch and listen to what’s going on inside them.” The big red cat with good fortune and longevity character on his clothes reached out and erected a transparent barrier with it as the center, isolating the space in the room. Then his ears trembled, transforming into cat ears with better hearing.

The walls that were supposed to be very soundproof were now useless, and the sounds in the room were clearly transmitted to the ears of the two cats outside the door.

“Oscar, I already know about the exchange of souls between you and Xu Maomao,” Shen Yu said solemnly, “It’s time to pay, can you return your body to him?”

“You, you recognized the wrong person.!”

“You don’t admit your mistake! Although we don’t look alike! I recognized you as soon as I met you just now! You are the Cat Immortal!” This was the angry voice of Xu Maomao.

Seeing that he couldn’t escape, the young man finally lowered his head, “… Meow.”

“Is it really you?” Shen Yu was incredulous, “Why do you look different?”

“… He did something.” The young man said hesitantly.

“Change back and give my body back to me!” Xu Maomao waved his little paws excitedly.

The young man shrank: “Hey! I haven’t completed the task yet.”

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[1] This is because in Chinese, Leo’s name is given as Li Ao.

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