CREG Ch. 42: Public Service Announcement

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Xu Maomao had just opened the live broadcast room, but before the live broadcast officially started, Shen Yu brought all four cats over, interrupting his plan.

“Meow?” My dear, what are you doing? I want to dance in the Pure Land of Paradise today! My front paws are almost cramped because of those enchanting gestures. It’s hard to learn the oiran step, okay?

“No dancing today.” Shen Yu put on a mask, turned the camera on himself, and appeared in the live broadcast room in person.

The audience, who were eagerly waiting for the live broadcast of Ragdoll Cat’s new dance, had been waiting in front of the screen for a long time. As soon as the live broadcast started, they saw a handsome man with very heroic features and a mask, and a big Ragdoll cat and four little country cats crowded on the screen.

[The shit shoveler is out again!]

[w(Д) Wearing a mask means a lot, what about the anchor’s beautiful face?]

[Ahhhhhhhhhh O(≦)O eyes are the long and narrow shape I like! ]

[The mountain roots are so erect, saliva~~]

[Men with erect noses are very strong. I saw it right last time!]


Xu Maomao was also a little unhappy. Who was this little nympho? Was this what you call your husband? Snort! I haven’t even called it yet! Is there a blackout function in the live broadcast room? He wants to blacken this little prodigal, hum!

The message board was too dirty. So, Shen Yu coughed twice and cleared his throat. He tried his best to ignore the confessions of people asking for s*x and sleep and said calmly: “I will do the live broadcast today.”

Shen Yu had a strange aura. It could make people listen to him patiently, but it was of no use to the crazy girls in the live broadcast room. Instead, it aroused a lot of people to even crazily browse the screen and buy gifts!

[Ahhhhhhhhhhh the voice is so s*xy!]

[Ah, please sleep, please sleep with me, I’ll bring my own condoms!]

[I want to hear the anchor’s moans]

Xu Maomao: “…” I want to hear it too, covering my face.

Shen Yu’s face didn’t turn red, and his heart didn’t beat fast, because he didn’t care that they were driving openly in the comment area. He slowly began to introduce the purpose of today: “Actually, the reason why I appeared on the scene today was for the four cats in my arms. Three days ago, our Oscar went out to play, and met a dead mother cat and five kittens on the side of the road…” The comment section which had been dirty gradually became quiet because of this comment, as most of the people who could come to the cute pet channel were pet lovers, even if the dirty Party was the majority, they were mainly attracted by Oscar’s name.

When Shen Yu introduced the four kittens in an orderly manner, Pain Xun’s staff quietly pushed the live broadcast room to the cover, which immediately attracted many female viewers who thought it was a male celebrity.

“…I want to find suitable local owners for the four little cats. Because these four little guys have suffered a lot, I have certain requirements for the owners. First, they must have a stable place to live…” The picky Shen Yu began to explain the adoption conditions, which actually sounded quite harsh because he required income and family relationships, but everyone listened very carefully. Who asked the anchor to be so handsome and have such a charming voice?

“…the basic conditions are these. If the audience is willing to adopt, they can go directly to the Nausicaa Pet Store. I need to conduct a simple interview with the adopter. If appropriate, I can provide one season of free cat food…”

[(*@ ο@*) Wow~ Can I have an interview? Does that mean I can meet the host?]

Shen Yu was about to say “yes”, but Xu Maomao jumped up and bravely kissed the shit shovel officer’s mouth through the mask!

“Meow!” Don’t I know what the hell you little bas***ds are up to? Shen Yu, don’t agree to them!

[Hahaha, the master is announcing that the shit shovel officer is his!]

[The sense of territory is super strong!]

Shen Yu’s face went slightly red under the mask, and the corners of his mouth were raised slightly. He hugged Xu Maomao and rubbed it hard. Then he smiled at the camera and said, “My cat master loves to be jealous, so it’s just luck if you get to see me. Maybe the therapist would be there to receive you.”

[Ah Ah Ah This is too pampering, the shit shoveler will not come out to pick up the guests if the cat master is not happy]

[(#‵′) Damn, I really want to be Oscar! I also want to be hugged by the anchor]

[I don’t want to be Oscar, I want to be the shit shoveler! I want to stroke and kiss Oscar!]

[The same goes for me, we are very single-minded, we only want Oscar!]


Seeing that his popularity had revived, Xu Maomao felt a little happier. He patted his butt and jumped out of Shen Yu’s arms. Shen Yu’s eyes looked deeply at his big tail flicking back and forth, and he licked his tongue in recollection of what he had just done, his eyes getting darker and darker.

The results of this live broadcast were amazing. On the second day, many people from the local area and neighboring cities came to apply for the job of shit shoveling officers. Although many of them were unreliable, the number of kittens was not huge. So, in just one week, the four kittens found new homes.

When the cats were sent away one after another, Xu Maomao was still a little reluctant to part with them.

Shen Yu scoffed: “Are you used to being a mother cat?”

“Meow!” It’s the father cat!

Shen Yu said slowly: “Do you want to give birth to one by yourself? Anyway, the Transformation Pill has come out, and the Childbirth Pill should not be far away…”

“Meow!” (ノ`Д)ノ!


The Chinese New Year was approaching, and the staff of animal protection associations in various provinces and cities across the country were particularly troubled. They didn’t know why, but every Chinese New Year, there were always many owners who talked about abandoning their pets. Later, after investigation, they found that many of the owners were college students or working out of town. They may be going on annual vacation when they find that they couldn’t take their pets with them. They could send their pets to pet stores, but it was too expensive. If they were responsible, they might leave them in the pet store. But if they are irresponsible, they just threw their pets away. So every year they tried to mobilize people in the cute pet circle to have a sense of responsibility.

This year, the National Association of China had allocated a fund to promote this concept, and the publicity department had already made a plan to shoot a public service advertisement to awaken people’s love and sense of responsibility. While looking for suitable pet models, people from the association saw this live broadcast.

A smart ragdoll cat picked up a litter of kittens while running out to play? Shockingly, even pet cats would feel sorry for stray cats these days. This was full of positive energy!

“Contact the owner of this live broadcast room immediately!” the leader ordered.

Not long after, Shen Yu received the invitation information.

Four staff members, carrying a large bag of toys, visited Shen Yu’s home in person just like visiting children.

“An advertisement?” Shen Yu was also surprised and took over their promotional brochure.

“Meow meow~” Xu Maomao came around excitedly, climbed on his shoulder, and read the words on it with him.

“It turns out it’s a public service announcement.” Shen Yu nodded and said, “Oscar is indeed the best candidate.”

“Your cat is smart and has its own traffic. Using it as a model will definitely attract more people, and it will also be able to convey our message better. It’s really in high spirits.” The staff member said while fixating his obsessed eyes on the ragdoll cat on his shoulder. Look, what a beautiful little thing. Hey, I want to stroke!

“Xu…Oscar, do you want to shoot a commercial?”

“Meow!” I want to go. Because if you shoot an advertisement, the broadcast platform would become TV and other channels, such as trains, buses, etc. The scope would be very wide, and the number of likes would be so high that it might scare the cat! He was so excited just thinking about it!

“Well…” the staff member said hesitantly, “Because it is a charity category, the remuneration is very small. I wonder if you would mind?”

Of course Shen Yu didn’t care, he was not short of money, and Xu Maomao didn’t care even more, what he needed most was love value!

So the matter of filming the commercial was quickly finalized. In order to further expand its influence, the planning department and advertising company also invited people from the entertainment industry. This advertisement was said to be slated to play on many radio stations across the country during the Chinese New Year, and the theme was selling meng and attracting fans. Many artists had also signed up to maintain their high exposure during the Chinese New Year, and they didn’t care about the lack of pay.

The director and producer picked through the list, and finally settled on Qiao Lingfeng, an acquaintance of Shen Yu and Xu Maomao.

Because Qiao Lingfeng’s Big and Small were quite famous, and he had a good image, there were a lot of scandals, but there was no stone hammer, and there was no other messy news on weekdays, so they felt he was very suitable for public service announcements.

Qiao Lingfeng was still out of town when he received the notice. When he heard that the pet he was cooperating with was Oscar, he was so happy that he called him quickly: “A Yu, I’m going to shoot a commercial with your Oscar!”

Shen Yu was a little jealous, but it didn’t matter how handsome a star was: “Oh, I’m giving you a bargain.”

“Ah, I’m so happy. You have to tell the baby in advance to be good when the time comes!” Qiao Lingfeng had filmed with cats and dogs before, so he knew that shooting with animals was not that easy. “Tell me, should I get familiar with the little baby in advance?”

“Tsk, you are already familiar enough.” Shen Yu said coolly, and then deliberately said to Xu Maomao, “Oscar, you don’t have to be too good when filming. It doesn’t matter if you scratch his face.”

Xu Maomao: “…”

“Hey, you are such a heartless man!” Qiao Lingfeng pretended to cry on the other end of the phone for a while, and then said seriously, “It’s very troublesome to shoot commercials. The little baby may not necessarily have the patience, so let’s do this. I’ll bring the hourly worker from home tomorrow. He can communicate with the cat. Really, we can complete the task as quickly as possible.”

Of course, Shen Yu felt that his worries were unfounded. After all, Oscar was actually a big man, and he was not worried at all that Xu Maomao would not cooperate.

But if Qiao Lingfeng wanted to bring someone with him, he could bring someone with him, and he said: “It’s up to you.”


The big red coated man and the all-black body who had been stationed in Shen’s community for a while saw Shen Yu helping their four compatriots one by one. After the cats found their next home, the whole cat became erratic.

“Maybe this human being is not a bad person? Although his technique is very similar to the evil demon’s technique of absorbing yin and picking up yang.”

Thunder and lightning were yin, and real fire was yang.

After analysis, the red jacket had determined that Shen Yu’s absorption technique was very overbearing and close to the evil technique in history.

“Master, what are your plans?” The black cat said with a cold face. Its usual approach was to be simple and rough, but the big red cat just said that he was a lucky beast and could not do anything that was too disgraceful, so he just stayed at the station for several days. He didn’t study anything, but he found out that Shen Yu was a good shit shoveler.

“Continue to observe. If there is a foul, take it down immediately.” The big red cat said confidently.

At this time, Shen Yu’s car drove out, and the two cats clearly saw him holding the ragdoll cat named Oscar. The ragdoll cat still yawned with a tired look on his face.

“Oscar…” Black Cat muttered these three words.

“Where are they going?” Big Red Jacket asked doubtfully, “Let’s follow.”

The two walked to a hidden bush. After a while, two cats, one black and one red, came out and followed the car quickly, while flying over the wall.

The author has something to say:

One day in the future, after some kind of intense exercise.

Shen Yu: Maomao, give me a litter of kittens.

Maomao: QAQ can’t give birth.

Shen Yu: That’s because your husband hasn’t done enough.

Maomao:… Stay, stay away! It’s about to catch fire!

There should be no plot of giving birth to kittens in the text, it can only be provoked by s**ual intercourse~

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