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Shen Yu rushed home and saw Xu Maomao taking care of five little milk cats “kindly”!

“Meow!” You, the shit shoveling officer, are back. Seeing this, Xu Maomao crawled out of the nest. The five kittens suddenly lost the care of the big cat and meowed anxiously, with a very delicate voice.

Shen Yu walked over, knelt down and asked in disbelief: “Did you give birth to these kittens?” Anyway, there were enough bizarre things happening now, and one more thing was not too much.

Xu Maomao had a black line on his head as he wrote: “Picked them up!” God, please have a normal brain circuit!

Ignoring the details of the transparent cat, Xu Maomao roughly explained the story of how he ran out to play and picked up a litter of stray cats. There were so many flaws that Shen Yu no longer knew whether to blame him for running around in the winter or to be grateful that he had saved the litter of cats.

But the first thing to do now was to take good care of these five little milk cats. Shen Yu carefully took them out of the nest one by one. Although he was not a veterinarian, he ran a pet shop after all, so he could still conduct a general inspection.

These five kittens were the most common breed, and were about three months old. What surprised Shen Yu was that in this season, despite being stray cats, although they were underweight, they were quite healthy and energetic. You should know that mother cats usually didn’t have enough milk during this month. So, without human care, stray kittens could easily die.

Although the little cats felt that the smell of Shen Yu and Xu Maomao was not right, they were not afraid of strangers at all. They rocked and rubbed against them very affectionately. They especially liked to cuddle in the arms of the big cat Xu Maomao. They even stepped on Xu Maomao’s abdomen with their small paws.

“Meow!” “Are you looking for milk?” I’m a male cat, male!

Shen Yu pressed his fist to his lips and smiled sullenly, “Can you bring along cubs?”

Xu Maomao shook his head in horror, male god, don’t really treat me like a cat, I don’t understand this!

He brought them back to let Shen Yu figure out a way rather than bringing up the kitten, besides, he didn’t have that function!

“Got it.” Shen Yu didn’t plan to raise too many cats, “Let’s take care of them for a few days first, and then find a suitable owner for them.”

One of his and Qiao Lingfeng’s plans was to establish a private pet shelter. Shelter was the premise, but the focus was on finding suitable homes for many stray animals and abandoned pets. They were determined to establish a healthy and active adoption mechanism. Now it was a good opportunity, since Shen Yu was already working on this matter.

In the next few days, Shen Yu and Xu Maomao took good care of the kittens until they were completely weaned. Generally speaking, small animals that had just been weaned would always be a little fussy and weak, but these cats did not feel uncomfortable at all, but were very lively and energetic.

Because Xu Maomao always secretly fed them high-grade canned food, which laid a good foundation for their physical fitness.

After Shen Yu assessed their situation in detail, he decided to start looking for an owner for them.

Naturally, there were many people who loved pets in his circle, but after he actually sent the photos and information, he was rejected by many people. The reasons were highly unified: they didn’t like the breed.

Pastoral cats were lively, clever, and good-looking, but many people still wanted to keep other cat breeds that were more well-behaved.

Shen Yu saw this very clearly. He could not criticize these friends for not really loving pets. After all, keeping a pet was a long-term matter, and having a requirement for good appearance was actually a kind of responsibility. At least these people knew exactly what they liked, and these people often had enough sense of responsibility, just like human couples who went to orphanages to adopt because of infertility, they would also have requirements for their adopted children. Of course, if the adopter didn’t care about bloodlines at all, he was definitely very kind and fraternal.

But the impulsive Xiao Guan became angry on seeing this. She said without hesitation: “Manager, I want these five cats, hum!”

Shen Yu glanced sideways: “I’ll give you just one. You can’t take care of all of them.”

He knew that there was an old man in Xiao Guan’s family, too many pets would be an annoyance to the old man.

After a few days of wandering, he finally found a suitable family willing to adopt two of the cats. However, this family still had several cats. The owner was a little worried that the new cats would be bullied, so he asked if he could be a trial adopter for a few days.

Shen Yu actually didn’t agree with it at first, because some adult cats were indeed very aggressive, but the head of the household was very enthusiastic, so he agreed to take the two over for a look.

The head of the household happened to live very close, and it could be reached in about ten minutes on foot.

He put the two black and white kittens in self-heating warm take-out cages, while Xu Maomao took care of the remaining two at home.

On the way, Shen Yu was carrying a take-out cage. While identifying the direction, he patted the cage gently with steady steps. For some reason, the kittens in the cage were very excited.

When they were about to reach the community where the head of the household lived, the kittens suddenly meowed loudly in the cage. The sound didn’t sound like they were frightened, but just full of pure excitement.

Shen Yu frowned and wanted to lift the thin quilt to see them, but from the corner of his eye, he saw two people passing by.

Although Shen Yu looked gentle and polite, in fact, apart from being warm-hearted towards animals, he kept a polite but detached distance from ordinary people, and rarely meddled in other people’s business, especially now with a litter of little ones. He didn’t want to be distracted at all from the milk cat’s situation, but these two people were really weird.

The two men who passed by him were very tall men, about the same height as him. One was wearing a black Chinese tunic suit and white cloth shoes, while the other… was wearing a very bright red jacket with “Fu” written all over it, and the trousers were black jacket pants with “Shou” written all over it, a big blinding gold ingot was hanging around his neck, and he was holding Buddhist beads in his hand. This “lucky and long-lived” person with an indescribable outfit also had exaggerated fiery red mid-length hair on top of his head, and wore small round black sunglasses in the style of the Republic of China that he might think were fashionable but was full of retro vibes… This outfit, let alone in the international cosplay competition in city S, even in today’s city B, it would be very strange, especially since these two men were both tall, so they stood out from the crowd and were even more eye-catching.

The black man beside him looked more low-key, but Shen Yu took a second glance inadvertently, and met the sharp gaze of that man, feeling a little inexplicably familiar.

“Meow, meow.” The little milk cats in the cage meowed, quickly drawing Shen Yu’s attention back, and he decided to ignore those two weird people.

“Good boy, we’ll be there soon.” Shen Yu reached in and comforted them for a moment. The cats liked him very much and nuzzled him affectionately. Sure enough, they calmed down. Shen Yu continued to carry the cage, and after walking for a while, he entered the community where the head of the household was located.

“Big Red Jacket” and “Black Mao Suit” looked at each other, and Brother Jacket made a gesture: Follow!

The black tunic suit whispered: “Master, be careful, he has my compatriots in his hand.”

“Yes, I will try his skills.”

Seeing Shen Yu pass by a dead tree, the red jacket pointed his finger from a distance, and suddenly a bag of garbage appeared out of thin air ten meters above Shen Yu’s head, and then fell straight down.

Sensing something, Shen Yu tilted his head.

However, the master’s intention was not to drop the bag of garbage, and its purpose was also not to hit him. Instead, it rubbed against the dead branches at high speed, causing sparks.

The weather was dry, and the friction would cause fire. It could be said to be very logical!

The handsome man in the red jacket cocked his tail in his heart at his own thoughtfulness and wit, and then he hooked his fingertips, and the garbage bag was rubbed decisively to catch fire, and “naturally” passed by Shen Yu’s side, bringing a burst of flames.

It stood to reason that the angle at which the fire fell would definitely burn Shen Yu’s back, but the big red jacket and the black Mao suit were surprised to see that when the flame was only ten centimeters away from Shen Yu, it was caught like water meeting a sponge and absorbed!

The burning garbage bag fell to the ground with a thud. Shen Yu looked back and saw a blazing fire ball on the ground.

He looked up doubtfully, and there happened to be a few sparks on the branches.

“Whose prank is this?” Shen Yu thought to himself, feeling very suspicious and condemning the prankster in his heart for being unethical.

He waited there for a while, trying to see if the bad guy would show up. During this waiting period, the fire was still not extinguished, so Shen Yu put the take-out basket close to the fire and opened his hands to soak in the fiery temperature.

The red coat and black tunic hiding in the dark were both stunned.

Even the cool black Chinese tunic had a complicated expression on his face. He trembled in disbelief and said, “Master…he is using your three-flavored real fire to warm himself…”

“This human being is not even afraid of my fire!?” The master was secretly startled, “It’s not good, it’s not good, this person has a very high rank, which is extraordinary!”

“Go ahead, you and I should try together.” The black tunic said coldly.

“No, he has cat hostages on his hands!” Big Red Jacket shook his head, “And I have not received a clear warning from our cat clans or the Demon Management Bureau, so I cannot act rashly at the moment.”

“…” The black tunic looked at him speechlessly.

The black tunic thought to himself that he had clearly promised in the temple that “he had been forced to act”, so could he be more domineering and decisive?

But thinking that Oscar protected this human being, Black Lightning couldn’t take action directly, so he could only wait and see what happened with his master.

“Hey, you two are from outside, right?”

At this moment, a man wearing a security uniform came over, “Have you registered? If you haven’t registered yet, hurry up and register. It’s really… the Chinese New Year is almost here, and everybody’s relatives from the countryside are coming. There are a lot of them.”

Looking at the big red coat, it must have been passed down from his grandparents, tsk tsk, even the top-notch appearance couldn’t save such a rustic attire.

So the Big Red Cat was rejected by the security guards on the first day when he re-entered human society. There were two cats, one could make lightning bolts, and the other could light shamisen real fire, but they had no privileges in the human world, and they had to obediently register even to enter a community!

And Shen Yu had successfully found the head of the household.

He never expected that the owner’s cats were even more ferocious than he expected. As soon as they saw that the owner was about to take two kittens into the house, they frantically tried to attack them. Shen Yu tried hard to stabilize the situation. They were still okay when they faced Shen Yu, but in a blink of an eye when they met the kittens, they regained their hostility, and there was a tendency to refuse to accept it unless these kittens were chased away.

Cats were generally solitary animals, but it was rare to see such a discordant aura.

Two hours later, Shen Yu reluctantly took the kittens and left again.

There were still four kittens that had not been given away. Although Shen Yu did not want to raise too many kittens, he was still willing to keep them if there was no suitable home for them. After all, he was very picky, and there were very few people around him who were eligible for adoption.

When he returned home and saw Xu Maomao preparing to live broadcast, Shen Yu suddenly had an idea and thought of a good way. There weren’t that many people around him who were suitable, but that was not always the case online.

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Property register: who is coming, who is visiting!

Black cat os: It’s over, I can’t write…

Big red cat os: Fortunately, I can still write my name…

Property Manager (looked at it carefully): What’s the last name of a dog? Your name is a dog?

Big Red Cat os: The pronunciation is wrong! Is this seat wrong? Forget it, let’s register first

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