FESM Extra 14: Benjamin × Li Xin

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Because the wedding was prepared so quickly, Li Xin was still confused until the day before the wedding.

When Benjamin took him to try on dresses, he felt that his legs didn’t feel like his own, it was as if he were stepping on cotton. In a daze, he took off his clothes and put on his wedding clothes. Benjamin fiddled with his tie and when he looked at the young man in the mirror, he didn’t dare to recognize him.

Benjamin chuckled and pinched his face: “It’s so beautiful.”

Li Xin blushed: “Are we getting married tomorrow? But I’m not ready yet…”

Benjamin said softly: “You don’t need to make any preparations, just stay with me tomorrow.”

Li Xin nodded stiffly.

The next day, before dawn, the Behe family’s wedding team took Li Xin from his parents’ house in Lyra to the wedding hotel. Along the way, a lighting matrix composed of countless intelligent mechas changed different light effects. It was like a grand light show.

Benjamin and Li Xin were sitting in the cockpit of the S-class mecha in the middle. Looking through the portholes at the bright lights outside the window, Li Xin was shocked beyond words. If Benjamin’s giant screen lights when he proposed in the Imperial Capital Building caught the attention of the people of the empire, then today, the light show of the mecha team welcoming the bride could definitely only be described as “gorgeous”.

Benjamin smiled and said: “I asked Iman to prepare this. Mechas are the tradition of our Behe family. It is also customary to add mechas to the wedding team. I wonder if you like it?”

Li Xin’s eyes were filled with excitement: “This is too spectacular…”

The neat rows of smart mechas welcoming the bride looked very cool at first sight, comparable to a grand scene in a science fiction movie. The Behe family wedding was really distinctive. Li Xin had a premonition that his name might go on the hot search again.

Benjamin gently hugged his shoulders: “I wanted to give you an unforgettable wedding.”

Li Xin knew that Benjamin had carefully prepared the wedding, but he did not expect that so many officers from the Hydra Legion would come to the wedding.

The tall and straight soldiers, equipped with the latest smart mechs, stood on both sides of the red carpet to escort them. When Li Xin walked along the red carpet with Benjamin, he even had the feeling of following the general to review the mech troops.

However, apart from the mech elements, the wedding banquet was decorated very warmly.

The bright red carpet was spread all the way to the main stage, and the roof was decorated with a large number of flowers. Flower-studded vines hung down from the roof, making the entire banquet hall look like a huge flower room. The flowers were a combination of pure white and light purple. Not only were flowers hanging from the roof, but the main stage and both sides of the red carpet were also surrounded by flowers. The whole wedding banquet scene was as romantic as a dream.

Li Xin’s head was dizzy, and he couldn’t believe that the wedding scene would be so grand.

“Welcome the two newlyweds!” The officiant this time was General Ling An from the military department.

Benjamin held Li Xin’s hand with a smile and found that the beta man’s palm was covered with sweat, and his fingers were trembling slightly. Benjamin clenched his hand a little bit, and his fingers gently passed through his fingers, interlocking his fingers.

After Li Xin was held by him, he relaxed a little, and followed Benjamin’s footsteps.

The two walked side by side through the long red carpet and came to the swearing-in stage.

Ling An asked: “Mr. Benjamin Behe, are you willing to marry Mr. Li Xin and love, cherish and respect him from now on and never leave him forever?”

Benjamin’s voice was sonorous and powerful, as it echoed throughout the entire venue: “I do.”

Ling An smiled slightly and said: “Mr. Li Xin, are you willing to marry Mr. Benjamin? From now on, you will love, cherish, and respect him, and never leave him forever?”

The whole venue was very quiet, and Li Xin could hear the sound of his heart beating.

As long as he said I’m willing, he would get married to this alpha under the witness of everyone. He thought he would be nervous or hesitant, but strangely, at this moment, his mood calmed down instead.

Because he met General Benjamin’s extremely gentle eyes.

In the eyes of the alpha, he saw his own projection.

Benjamin just looked at him like this, expecting him to say that. In such gentle eyes, he had long been completely sunk, and there was no room for resistance at all.

Li Xin looked into Benjamin’s eyes and said with a smile, “I do.”

He was sincerely willing to be with this alpha.

Ling An said: “I declare that from now on, Benjamin and Li Xin are officially legally married! Now, you can kiss each other.”

Benjamin hugged Li Xin and kissed him hard.

Li Xin was flushed by his kiss, and his eyelashes trembled violently. He always felt that it was too embarrassing to be kissed like this in front of so many relatives and friends. However, Benjamin was thick-skinned enough to hug him and kiss him for three full minutes and only then did he let him go.

Li Xin’s eyes didn’t know where to hide his cooked face. Benjamin held his lover’s hand contentedly and bowed to all the guests.

Li Xin followed Benjamin with his head feeling dizzy, greeting and toasting the guests. Li Xin felt even more embarrassed when he saw Qin Yize, Xiao Zhuo and other acquaintances. On the other hand, Qin Yize took the initiative to stand up, raised his glass and said, “Senior, I wish you happiness.” He looked at Benjamin and said, “Treat Li Xin well, if I get to know that you bullied him, I won’t let you go.”

Benjamin smiled and raised his glass: “I will accept this. Don’t worry, I will make him happy.”

The two alphas who were jealous of each other could be regarded to have settled their grievances with this glass of wine.

Luo Ning had just given birth to a baby some time ago and could not drink. But he secretly leaned into Li Xin’s ear and told him about the congratulatory gifts they had brought. Li Xin was flattered, and quickly waved his hands and said, “How can this be done…”

Luo Ning said, “You’re welcome, this is a wish from Yize and I, we hope you will be happy.”

Li Xin wanted to decline, but Luo Ning directly handed the gift to Benjamin and said: “Take care of Brother Li.”

Benjamin nodded: “I will.”

Li Xin wanted to say a few more words, but was dragged away by Benjamin, so he could only accept it for now and planned to talk to Qin Yize about the studio in a few days.

After being busy for a long time, the wedding was finally over. Benjamin took Li Xin back to the wedding room in Capital Star.

Li Xin was already very familiar with this wedding room. After all, he had lived here for a long time. However, Benjamin had renovated it, and it was more like “home” than before, and all kinds of daily necessities were also available now, all in pairs.

Li Xin took off his heavy dress as soon as he entered the door and opened the envelope that Luo Ning had given to Benjamin. Inside was the transfer contract of Qin Yize’s studio equity, and a real estate certificate from His Highness the Second Prince. Li Xin couldn’t help but say: “Why did they give such a big gift? It really shouldn’t have happened.”

Benjamin came over, glanced at it, and said: “You have helped Qin Yize for so many years, and Qin Yize should give you some congratulatory gifts, so you can accept it.”

Li Xin frowned and said, “It’s not right, okay? When the studio was first established, I didn’t pay a penny. It was all Yize’s own money. He transferred it all to me and let me be the boss in the future. I want to call him and ask him to take back all the equity…”

Li Xin muttered for a long time, and was about to get up to find the communication device, but the next moment, his body suddenly rose into the air——

Benjamin grabbed his long arms and hugged the Beta directly.

Li Xin who was suddenly picked up was a little dizzy: “What are you doing…”

Benjamin said helplessly: “Now is not the time to worry about these things, you should think of something else.”

Li Xin was stunned: “Think of something else? What else is important?”

Benjamin bit his ear lightly, and whispered in his ear: “For example, how you will spend tonight’s bridal chamber wedding night with me.”

Li Xin realized the meaning of the alpha and his whole face turned red instantly.

Benjamin carried him all the way to the bedroom, and Li Xin found that the familiar double bed had also been rearranged, with new bedding and a pair of pillows, so Benjamin pressed him directly on the brand-new bed, quickly peeled off his clothes, and looked at him with eyes full of fiery desire.

Li Xin met those eyes, and his whole body trembled. He wanted to say something but was kissed directly by Benjamin.

When he was kissed until his whole body became limp, he heard the alpha whispering in his ear: “Didn’t you say that it’s your first time to have a wedding night in the bridal chamber? I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.”

Li Xin couldn’t even hear it. Turning red, he stammered: “I, I’m not very good at…”

Benjamin kissed his wet lips, and said against his ear, “It’s okay, tonight, leave it to me.”

The deep voice in his ears made Li Xin’s eyelashes tremble slightly. He hesitated for a few seconds, then finally closed his eyes resignedly, took the initiative to hug the alpha’s shoulders, and completely gave himself to him.

This was destined to be an unforgettable bridal chamber wedding night.

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