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On the other hand, after Xu Yi saw this statement, she went a little hysterical. She couldn’t believe it and said, “That Pei Jin and this Pei Jin are obviously the same person! Are they both blind! How could the statement of the boy’s college be like this? He Xun must have made a move, only he has this ability!”

After speaking, Xu Yi looked at Mengmeng on the side, she looked like a drowning person holding onto a piece of driftwood, her face was a bit crazy, and she kept talking. “Mengmeng, you also met He Xun’s roommate, and you know Pei Jin very well. Tell me, are they the same person?”

Mengmeng was actually a little afraid of a Xu Yi like this.

She looked like she had lost her mind, she had no sense, and she was scary. Did self-esteem and jealousy really make people become like this, not like the self they used to be?

This was really terrible.

Mengmeng naturally knew that these two Pei Jins were the same person, but she wouldn’t say it. Before Pei Jin trusted her so much and told her the truth, she naturally had to live up to Pei Jin’s trust in her.

She shook her head and denied, “That Pei Jin has already gone abroad. After he went abroad, I haven’t contacted him for this period of time.”

“Gone abroad? Really gone abroad?” Xu Yi muttered a few words to herself. After that, she looked at Mengmeng suspiciously, “Really? You aren’t lying to me?”

Mengmeng took a step back subconsciously and pretended to say nonchalantly, “Why would I lie to you? I know that Pei Jin very well. The transfer student looks different from that Pei Jin, did you make a mistake?” Mengmeng insisted that the two Pei Jin were different people.

Xu Yi was angry and felt unwilling. She took out her mobile phone and wanted to post a few more posts, but because of the official statement of the boys’ college, not many students believed her on the Internet.

In the afternoon, Xu Yi was called to the office by the head teacher.

Xu Yi originally thought it was for something good and came to the office with great interest. Unexpectedly, the head teacher went straight to the point and asked her to post a post to apologize to Pei Jin.

Xu Yi smiled reluctantly: “Teacher, what are you talking about?”

Her head teacher sighed, “The poster that posted that post is you, don’t deny it, since I have called you, it has been confirmed.”

Xu Yi still wanted to quibble, “Teacher, I don’t have…”

The head teacher’s tone became serious, “Xu Yi, do you want to apologize to Pei Jin in front of the teachers and students in the school, or do you apologize under the name of the Poster online?” The head teacher stood up and patted her shoulder helplessly, “Xu Yi, don’t let the matter go to the point where it cannot end.”

Xu Yi felt cold all over when she heard these words.

At night, the school forum had an apology post from the Poster. In the post, she admitted that all the news about Pei Jin that she had said before was false, and that she deliberately fabricated it for the sake of blackening Pei Jin. She said that she did not expect that what she said would cause such a big response, and she was very sorry for that. She learned from this matter and will never do it again in the future.

Finally, she sincerely apologized to classmate Pei Jin, hoping to be forgiven by Pei Jin.

Not long after the post of apology appeared, there was gossip in the school saying that the school flower was about to transfer to another school. They didn’t know whether it was true or not.

However, regardless of whether the school flower transferred or not, the “girl mixing in boy’s college” matter that had been making a lot of noise in the past two days had finally come to an end.

Although the issue of “girls mixing in boy’s college” was resolved very quickly, the impact of this matter was still not small.

Except for Twelfth Middle School, the students in the boys’ college next door also knew about it, and even the students in other schools knew about it.

Pei Jin had just started class that day, and her phone kept shaking in her pocket.

She took a look and found that it was a WeChat message from a person named “Qingqing”.

[Qingqing: [with picture]]

[Qingqing: This Pei Jin, it wouldn’t be you, right?

Pei Jin didn’t know who this Qingqing was. She had been in this book for almost a month. This was still the first message from Qingqing. Presumably, the relationship between the original body and this Qingqing was not very good.

But Qingqing…

Then Pei Jin suddenly thought that when she still had short hair, Father Pei had said that he would let her go shopping with her girlfriend Qingqing. At that time, she refused and chose to go shopping alone. So, this Qingqing, was it her best friend Qingqing in the mouth of Father Pei?

But even if they were, Qingqing and her were probably plastic girlfriends. Otherwise, how come they hadn’t been in contact for so long?

Pei Jin calmly replied, [Little Five: It’s not me.

[Qingqing: Oh, I thought so. I knew you would not be so capable.

How to answer this? So, the original body and this Qingqing must be plastic friends.

Pei Jin didn’t plan to reply, but at this time, Qingqing sent another message.

[Qingqing: Where did you transfer to?]

[Little Five: Is there anything?

[Qingqing: It’s been a long time since we saw each other, and I want to see you. Things have passed for so long, you should have calmed down?]

Pei Jin looked at these words lost in thought. It’s been so long? What was the matter?

Did something happen to the original body before she came into the book?

She just wanted to ask the matter clearly, but Qingqing’s next sentence had already arrived.

[Qingqing: Isn’t it just that the confession was rejected? What’s the big deal? Are there fewer girls who were rejected by Qin Jun? If I hadn’t assisted you, maybe Qin Jun would never know that you liked him in this life. Instead of thanking me, you even lost your temper at me. Also, you are too obsessive, and you just transferred directly without saying a word. Would you like to be persuaded?

Pei Jin held the phone and didn’t respond for a long time.

The original body was just a supporting female character used to set off the heroine in the novel “National Male High School”. There were not many descriptions of her. Even if there were descriptions, they were only some negative words, which were used to set off the words used for the heroine. There was nothing in the book about which school the female supporting character attended before transferring to the boy’s college, and what happened to her there.

She always thought that the original transfer to boys’ college was as written in the book, because she was in the rebellious period and wanted to do something deviant and appreciate the male sex more. However, was it possible that there was something else hidden in the matter of the original transfer?

Pei Jin clicked into her WeChat Moments for the first time.

She had never seen the Moments posted by the original body before, and all the posts in the circles of friends posted by the original body were only visible to herself. She thought it was about the original person, so she had never seen it. But now she was really curious why the original body transferred to another school.

She suddenly thought this matter was a bit important.

There were many posts in her circles of friends which had been sent by the original body, there were hundreds of them, and one would be sent every two or three days.

But two-thirds of these hundreds of posts were related to one person.

Qin Jun.

From the words sent by the original body, she had summed up what kind of person Qin Jun probably was, and why he was liked by the original body.

Super school tyrant, good looks, good in sports, the male God in the hearts of the many girls in Huai’an High School, it was a pity that he had a cold personality, and looked like a stranger all day long, and there was nothing else in his eyes except for studying.

There were many photos of Qin Jun in the original circle of friends, most of which were blurry photos from the back, and some of them were profile photos.

These photos were obviously taken secretly by the original body, and the sharpness was not high.

But even so, Pei Jin could roughly see that Qin Jun was not bad, even Ji Chengju in “All Boys’ High School” was not as handsome as Qin Jun.

It seemed that the vision of the original body was not bad.

From these words, Pei Jin could see how the original body was almost crazy about Qin Jun. It was just a pity that she did not know where the original body had now been reincarnated.

Pei Jin bit her lower lip unconsciously.

So, was it possible that the original body was psychologically depressed because of a failed confession, so she simply gave up on herself and transferred to a boys’ college?

While Pei Jin was still thinking, the plastic girlfriend of the original owner sent another message.

[Qingqing: Why don’t you reply to me? Do you really want to be out of touch with me?]

[Little Five: No ……]

[Qingqing: Qin Jun’s birthday is this weekend, the class is ready to give him a surprise, are you coming or not?]

Pei Jin let out a breath. Qin Jun’s birthday, should she go to join in the excitement?

It was the original body who was crazy about him, not her.

Pei Jin simply replied neatly, [Little Five: Not going.

[Qingqing: Really not coming? Don’t regret it then.]

Pei Jin felt a little helpless, [Little Five: I won’t regret it.]

[Qingqing: So hard-spirited? I don’t believe it. You like Qin Jun so much. You were ready to give Qin Jun a birthday present half a year ago. Why won’t you come this time for his birthday? Forget it, I’ll contact you again when the time comes. 】

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