YXBG Ch. 50: The Temptation of Food

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On the second day after Hu Fei became the Asian boxing champion, Zhang Xiangyi appeared at the gate of Hu’s courtyard.

He could be regarded as having found a reasonable excuse to visit.

It was Mother Hu who opened the door. Before Zhang Xiangyi had time to speak, he heard Hu Yueer screaming from inside: “Mom–! Don’t let that bear in!”

“Oh, this child, the older she gets, the ruder she is!” Frowning and complaining, she drew Zhang Xiangyi inward, “Xiangyi must have come to congratulate us because of the championship!”

“Well, auntie, this is a gift from everyone. I told them that they would bother you too much by running around. So, it’s better for me to take a trip to finish the business.” Zhang Xiangyi said very logically and diligently.

“Well, you have heart, I always said that you are a good child …”

“Mom! Why did you let him in!” Hu Yueer blew down from upstairs like a gust of wind, staring fiercely at Zhang Xiangyi.

“Ah… Xiaoyue, you are at home too…” Zhang Xiangyi greeted her shyly.

Hu Yueer could hardly keep herself from jumping directly on his head and stepping on him, “Xiaoyue!” What the hell was he calling her! And he clearly heard her voice just now, but now he was pretending as if he hadn’t, this went to show how thick this bear’s face was!

“Yueer! Don’t be rude to guests!” Mother Hu lowered her face.

Hu Yueer bit her lip with anger and ran back upstairs again.

“Auntie, she seems to be in a bad mood, I’ll go talk to her…” Zhang Xiangyi hurriedly said.

“Well, it’s hot downstairs. I don’t like to turn on the air conditioner as I’m old. You go up first, and aunt will get you some fruit.”

Zhang Xiangyi nodded, put down the gifts, and went straight to the second floor.

It was only that when he stepped into the second floor, that he felt as if he had fallen into an ice cellar, he froze so coldly!

Hu Yue’er, did she want to live forever by relying on modern freezing technology?

“You still have face…” Hu Yue’er looked at him and narrowed her eyes.

“I’m not here to apologize to you specifically…” Zhang Xiangyi muttered, “Although I think I was not wrong about that…”

“Shut up!” Hu Yueer almost leaped on him and scratched him a face full of flowers, “You are not allowed to say anything!”

“Well, I won’t say, but it’s been so long, your anger should have cooled down!” He said and looked around, “Where is Jin Jian?” She shouldn’t have made a cat meat hot pot out of Jin Jian in anger…

“Sent to be neutered!” She said angrily.

“…” Zhang Xiangyi suddenly felt his hips tighten. He looked at Hu Yueer in awe and respect.

This woman was really ruthless and absolute!

“In order to express my apologies, I want to invite you and auntie to have dinner tonight!” He had heard Hu Fei say that Hu Yueer was a food lover and could both eat and cook well. If anyone wanted to please her, they must get good food. He did his homework in advance and asked many friends in order to choose such a place!

“Huh, what delicious place can you pick…” Hu Yueer’s pointed chin was raised high, very disapproving.

“Don’t worry, it’s really delicious. It’s definitely not the kind of famous internet celebrity shop. Now, let me save face!” He begged brazenly, “You have to give someone a chance to make up for it? After all, I am innocent too. It was because of Jin Jian. Even if you want to send it to me, it’s not easy to achieve, isn’t it…”

Hu Yueer couldn’t hold back a smile, and then sternly said: “Okay, but if it doesn’t taste good, I will stew your bear paw for dinner next time!”


The agent Qin Yuan recommended to Sean was Vivian, whose Chinese name was Bai Lu, she was well versed in mainland entertainment routines. Yin Xiaomei was stepped on by other female celebrities’ press releases, but after Bai Lu’s manipulation, her image gradually became positive again.

Bai Lu used to be the agent of Yu Ziqi, a frontline actress in the mainland, but she didn’t expect that after Yu Ziqi had become popular, her opinions increased. She didn’t want to be a hard-working actor. She just wanted to make money by being a traffic star. Coupled with her life in the entertainment industry, she became more utilitarian, so she soon parted ways with Bai Lu and changed to a new agent.    

Yin Xiaomei had seen her previous cases and selected scripts and variety shows. She felt that although Bai Lu looked like a little boy with short hair, she really had a lot of ideas. Most importantly, she didn’t have much breath of the entertainment industry.    

Yin Xiaomei’s time of return was not short, and she had also met some other agents in the entertainment industry. She didn’t know what it was to pretend. After meeting these people, she now had a very clear understanding.    

When they opened their mouth, it was about how they took part in a few big cases. How they invested hundreds of millions of dollars to make a famous movie. How they would like to build a few hotels. What kind of hotel would they build? A word written on the face![1]    

Bai Lu was not only capable, but also a normal person, which made Yin Xiaomei very pleased and also made her respect her.    

Sean was finally able to breathe and took a leave of absence as he planned to go back to the UK for a trip with his family.    

Because of Bai Lu’s great strength, Yin Xiaomei’s TV series had received great attention, and even before the filming was finished, they were first bought by the David Video Channels as a weekend hit. You should know that after many TV series were finished, even if they had first-line actors, it may take two or three years for it to broadcast. This was not only a waste of time, but also had a bad influence on the popularity of the actors.    

When Yin Xiaomei told Chang Mei about this, she was very excited: “They only watched the first five episodes, and they found it to be particularly good, and one and a half hours for one episode actually doesn’t meet the domestic requirements, but they felt that it was so very good. It’s complete! Hey, I don’t know why mom, I’m very confident in this TV series!”    

Chang Mei smiled while preparing the food, “Mom always thinks that your vision is good.” Before, because she couldn’t respond on time, Yin Xiaomei was very gloomy for two days, which made Chang Mei feel very sorry, so recently she had prepared dinner for her daughter every day, and her mood seemed to have improved a lot when she looked at her.

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[1] She is basically saying that all they do is make empty brags.

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