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Mu Yixi woke up with the smell of the disinfectant around him.




Seeing him open his eyes, Mrs. Mu and Mu Yiqi along with Weiming who were guarding the bed surrounded him, and Mu Yixuan who was lying on another hospital bed turned over and sat up, craning her neck to look at him.

Both Mrs. Mu and Mu Yiqi’s eyes were red. Feng Weiming did not have red eyes, but his complexion was not good. They stared at him without blinking.

Mu Yixi blinked slowly.

His memory still remained at the moment the car was knocked over. A huge black shadow shrouded him from above in an instant. He didn’t even have time to escape. He reflexively hugged Mu Yixuan and lay down, firmly guarding her under his body!

He felt a pain in his head, and then he didn’t know anything.

“Where is Xiaoxuan? Is Xiaoxuan okay?” Mu Yixi regained consciousness and asked immediately. He was startled because when he opened his mouth, his voice was hoarse and dry.

And because he was too excited, he felt dizzy. At this time, he also noticed a tightness on his head, so it was probably wrapped in gauze.

“Brother, brother, I’m here! I’m fine!” Mu Yixuan immediately said loudly when she heard him asking about her. As she said this and started sobbing, Mu Yixuan’s swollen rabbit eyes appeared beside Mu Yixi’s bed with those swollen rabbit eyes setting off against her pale face. Mu Yiqi hugged her shoulders like a guard, and a lingering fear flashed across his face.

Mu Yixuan didn’t seem to be in serious trouble but had some slight abrasions on her forehead and hands and feet, which had been properly handled. But for safety reasons, she needed to stay in the hospital for observation for one or two days. In order to facilitate care, she and Mu Yixi were placed in the same ward.

Mu Yixi breathed a sigh of relief, only then did he have the intention to look at his own situation. He moved cautiously, and there was pain in his left hand, but it was not intolerable. Apart from the suffocation in his chest, he didn’t seem to be hurt. The overall situation was much better than when he had woken up after being beaten into the hospital by his grandmother Hu Lijiao.

So, he pulled the corners of his lips and smiled at everyone to comfort them.

Mrs. Mu’s tears flowed down!

“You, you…” Mrs. Mu choked up, not knowing what to say for a while. She was scared to death in these two days! There was an accident at the school, and news of the injuries of the two children reached her, and her whole body was weakened. She immediately rushed to the hospital with Mu Jiurong, and learned that Mu Yixuan had only suffered minor injuries but before she could breathe a sigh of relief, Mu Yixi’s unconsciousness made her heart race again!

When the police came to explain the situation, Mrs. Mu got to know how dangerous the situation was at that time! A man suspected of suffering from mental illness drove a car and wanted to rush into school. He was smashed away by a man driving a motorcycle. The car changed its direction and crashed into a parked car on the other side. Mu Yixi and Mu Yixuan happened to be beside the car, and the whole body was pressed on them after the car turned over!

If it weren’t for Mu Yixi’s quick response, as he got into the car holding Mu Yixuan and hugged Mu Yixuan tightly in the bumps to protect her, what Mrs. Mu would see would be the bodies of the two of them… thinking about this, Mrs. Mu was terrified.

With Mu Yixi’s ability to react, he could have actually escaped in time, but he chose to protect his sister. Mrs. Mu was angry at his boldness and desperation, but if it weren’t for him, Mu Yixuan would not have been able to keep her small life.

Mrs. Mu expressed her sincere gratitude to Mu Yixi, and then she was shocked to realize her selfishness. Although she had always treated Mu Yixi very nicely, treating him just like a parent would their child, and never differentiated among the several children, but at this critical juncture, the first thing she thought of was her biological child. If Mu Yixuan was gone, she would probably be half dead.

Perhaps this was nothing wrong, but Mrs. Mu felt guilty towards Mu Yixi, and she couldn’t face him for a while.

Seeing Mrs. Mu’s tears, Mu Yixi suddenly went silly. When had he seen Mrs. Mu’s feelings so exposed, she had always been graceful and indifferent? So, he hurriedly said: “Mom, don’t cry. Xiaoxuan and I are fine…”

“You stupid boy!” Mrs. Mu was deeply touched, and she cried straight in his arms.

Mu Yixi didn’t know where to put his hands and feet, so he winced helplessly at Mu Yiqi and the others. But Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan were close to each other, watching him squash their mouths their tears flowed down their faces.

Facing the horrible scene of a car accident and the brother who they were getting along with day and night lying motionless on the hospital bed with a white face, they were all terrified!

At this time, Feng Weiming was the most reliable one.

He calmly said: “Auntie, Xiaoxi has just woken up, we need to call a doctor and feed him water.”

When Feng Weiming reminded her, Mrs. Mu barely restrained her emotions and rang to call the doctor.

The doctor came soon. After a series of examinations, Mu Yixi knew that his left hand was fractured, there was a slight concussion, but his injury was not serious. It was a miracle in such a serious accident.

Seven people were injured in the accident. Among them, the most injured was the motorcycle driver, because he crashed into the car with a person and a car under the condition of only wearing a helmet, and at one time he had needed to be sent to the ICU for rescue. The second was Mu’s driver, Xiao He, who turned over with the car while sitting in the car. His injuries were not minor, but fortunately his life was saved. The third was the car driver. Mu Yixi’s injury ranked fourth, and the others, including Mu Yixuan, had minor injuries.

The motorcycle driver had become a hero!

If he hadn’t dared his life to prevent the car from rushing into the school, the consequences would be countless times more serious than now.

But his collision also led to the near death of Xiao He, Mu Yixi and Mu Yixuan.

The Mu family couldn’t appreciate the motorcycle driver at all. Only Mu Yixi became interested in him.

After Mu Yixi woke up, Mrs. Mu took meticulous care of him. Mu Yixuan could be discharged from the hospital but was not willing to be discharged and wanted to stay to accompany Mu Yixi. Mu Yiqi refused to leave, preferring to sleep in a bed in the hospital. He was behaving a little nervously and had turned into an old hen staring at Mu Yixi and Mu Yixuan all the time. He had to see them in his sight alive so that he would not be restless.

Feng Weiming said, “I will stay with Aqi.”

Mrs. Mu simply asked them all to leave, but everyone wanted to stay with Mu Yixi.

Many people came to see Mu Yixi and Mu Yixuan. The school principal, some teachers, classmates, and the police also sent a friendly female policeman over who asked a few questions from them gently and carefully. From Mu’s family, Mu Jingwei and Grandma Mu came, and Grandma Mu took Mu Yixi in her arms and sighed at her for being a good boy. Mu Jiuan and his wife Lu Peiya also came with Mu Yirun and Mu Yiyun. Lu Peiya shed tears as she had become afraid after listening of the scene from Mrs. Mu. Both Mu Yirun and Mu Yiyun were studying in Ya’an. Mu Yiyun and Mu Yixuan were at the same level only in different classes.

“How could this happen? What was that person thinking?” Lu Peiya had become a frightened bird and was extremely worried about the safety of the school.

The lunatic who drove the car into the school was said to be from a rich family, but his business failed, and he fell into the quagmire.

But at this time, it was too late to regret. The nature of the matter was too bad, and the students at the Ya’an Primary School had a hard background, so this matter would definitely be dealt with severely. Armed police had been stationed in Ya’an recently, and it was estimated that they would not be withdrawn in a short time.

Mrs. Mu couldn’t be more distressed that the children had suffered from this unwarranted disaster. She hated the driver who caused the accident. This kind of people who only dared to vent their anger on unarmed innocent children were the most hateful!

Because of this scare, Mrs. Mu’s mood was a little unstable. She looked at the children at home all the time, and even Mu Jiurong was annoyed by her for two days.

For more than two years, Mu Jiurong’s attitude towards Mu Yixi had neither been salty nor indifferent. Occasionally, one more glance and one more question were all because of Mrs. Mu’s face.

This time Mu Yixi protected Mu Yixuan, and Mu Jiurong finally looked at this son.

“Recover well, Dad will not let go of those who hurt you.” Mu Jiurong said lightly.

Mu Yixi was very suspicious. But he also hoped that Mu Jiurong would seriously check whether the accident was really an accident.

Mu Yixi believed that with Xu Qingli’s cautiousness, she didn’t have the courage or ability to make such a fuss.

But the timing of her appearance was too coincidental, and Mu Yixi couldn’t help but think about it.

Both Xu Zhao and Xu Qingli came to visit, especially Xu Qingli, who came several times, very hospitable and enthusiastic.

But both Mrs. Mu and Mu Yiqi’s attitudes were rather indifferent. The driver Xiao He and Xu Qingli went to pick the children, hurting two of them in the process. Xu Qingli’s carelessness was certain. And when Mu Yiqi saw the accident happen with his own eyes, Xu Qingli did not hesitate to leave Mu Yixi and Mu Yixuan to escape. Mu Yiqi was very upset, and afterwards told the situation to Mrs. Mu.

They could understand Xu Qingli’s behavior intellectually but could not accept it emotionally.

No matter how much Xu Qingli liked the Mu family’s children before, and seemed to treat them as her relatives, this critical moment showed how true Xu Qingli really was towards them.

Even if she was not to blame, the intimacy over the years had disappeared.

Mu Yixi also found that Xu Qingli had a guilty conscience. He inquired from the nurse sister that Xu Qingli had visited the motorcycle driver who had saved many people.

When the news that the motorcycle driver woke up came, Xu Qingli was just there, her face had changed slightly on the spot. Although it returned to normal soon, Mu Yixi clearly saw it.

Sure enough, it was as he expected…

Xu Qingli regretted until her intestines were all blue!

She never thought it would be such a big trouble!

Obviously, everything was well planned!

Her mother, Tang Yanhua, had been concerned about her marriage since her brother Xu Zhao got married, and she kept talking about it in front of Mu Jingwei and Grandma Mu, which bothered Xu Qingli. In addition, when Mu Jiurong was drunk that night, and she returned him to Yilian manor, she helped him upstairs. After meeting Mrs. Mu, she did something stupid and couldn’t help worrying whether Mrs. Mu had seen anything. If Mu Jiurong knew that she had thoughts about him that she shouldn’t have, in order to protect Mrs. Mu, she wouldn’t be allowed to stay in Mu family anymore.

Under the double pressure, Xu Qingli had an idea and found Yue Yang. Yue Yang did have a family background and work, which would definitely satisfy Tang Yanhua, and Mrs. Mu would get to know that she had a boyfriend, even if she was suspicious in the first place, it would gradually disappear afterwards. It could be described as achieving multitude of things in one fell swoop!

But when it came to marriage, Xu Qingli was just talking. Of course, she would not marry Yue Yang. Because even without Mu Jiurong’s comparison, Yue Yang was not a good match. He was honest on the surface, but in fact he had a lot of troubles. If she hadn’t got a handle to catch him, he wouldn’t be so obedient as to help her.

Xu Qingli waited for a suitable time to “break up” with him.

The two had been “communicating” for almost a year, and Tang Yanhua’s urging of marriage had become more frequent.

Fortunately, Xu Qingli thought of another way to do it in one fell swoop!

This was the inspiration she got from Mu Yixuan’s incident where she was almost kidnapped when she was three years old. At that time, she saved Mu Yixuan in a muddle, and benefited greatly from it. The Mu family’s attitude towards her changed, and even Mu Jiurong finally saw her differently.

But in the past two years, she stopped working as Mu Yixuan’s nanny. Although Xu Qingli was able to get closer to Mu Jiurong, her relationship with the older and younger generations of Mu’s family had become estranged.

She wanted to win the attention of the Mu family again and couldn’t help but “replay the old trick.”

She hired someone to drive over and hit Mu Yixuan!

Hit cleverly and hard! And then she would “desperately” save her!

In the process of saving people, it was best to suffer a little serious injury, so that Mu’s family would be grateful and guilty to her. Then Yue Yang would take the opportunity to “break up” with her and leave her when she “needed” him most. She would act hurt and heartbroken, then she could stay away from feelings…

What a moving story!

When Xu Qingli made this plan, she felt that no one in this world admired Jiurong more than her. See how much she was willing to sacrifice for him!

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