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Xu Qingli had a boyfriend!

When they had come to Mu’s old house to practice calligraphy, they saw that Xu Qingli and her boyfriend had come to visit her elders, seeing this, Mu Yixi and Feng Weiming looked at each other and were quite surprised!

After pitting Xu Qingli that night, Mu Yixi carefully observed Mrs. Mu’s reaction. He didn’t know if she really didn’t care or concealed it well. Mu Yixi didn’t notice any abnormalities in Mrs. Mu and her relationship with Mu Jiurong was also the same as usual, it was still more than close but not enough.

Xu Qingli was also Mu Jiurong’s assistant secretary, and Mu Yixi could meet her once or twice a month in Yilian manor.

She was still respectful to Mrs. Mu, but her attitude towards him had improved a little bit more than before and she had become enthusiastic towards him.

As for how Mrs. Mu and Xu Qingli got along when they were alone, Mu Yixi had no way of knowing. This made him uncertain of their true thoughts for a while.

But in Mu Yixi’s impression, the Xu Qingli who was so obsessed with Mu Jiurong that she had not married until the age of forty in his last life, suddenly had a boyfriend?

This boyfriend was Yue Yang, twenty-six years old, of medium build, average looks, had a family business and was from a small family. They were suited to each other.

Xu Qingli’s mother Tang Yanhua was extremely satisfied! She pulled him over to show him to Grandma Mu, who also thought she was a good boy! The two old ladies looked at the young couple Xu Qingli and Yue Yang, smiling from ear to ear!

Doubts arose in Mu Yixi’s heart: Could it be that Mrs. Mu used a method?

Or was Xu Qingli finally wanting to open up, no longer clinging to Mu Jiurong?

Mu Yixi was puzzled, and he thought about it when he started practicing calligraphy. He was criticized by Mu Jingwei for being inattentive, and he was fined to write one more article! When he went back, he dragged Feng Weiming to analyze it together, but Feng Weiming didn’t understand it either. Feng Weiming intuitively disliked Xu Qingli, but his understanding of her was superficial, and most of it was heard from Mu Yixi. Mu Yixi didn’t say much, only that Xu Qingli’s treatment of Mu Jiurong was unusual and might affect the relationship between Mu Jiurong and his wife. Feng Weiming only paid attention to it. When he was being raised by Mu Jiuqing, Mu Jiuqing had no shortage of suitors. Many wanted to get close to Mu Jiuqing through him. He saw a lot and knew a little bit about the relationship between men and women. He understood that Mu Yixi meant when he said that Xu Qingli had other thoughts, which might ruin Mrs. Mu’s marriage.

So, Feng Weiming and Mu Yixi united against the same enemy.

But it was said that since Xu Qingli had a boyfriend, they had started talking about marriage. It seemed that the couple’s success was ironclad, and Feng Weiming also found it very sudden.

He didn’t think Mu Yixi was lying, so since Mu Yixi was fine, Xu Qingli must be the one who had the problem.

Feng Weiming hesitated and pointed out the most obvious point: “Everyone is happy.” Xu Qingli had a boyfriend, and everyone was very happy.

Needless to say, Tang Yanhua was happy to find a good home for her daughter at the right age unlike her brother Xu Zhao, so she was completely relieved. Grandma Mu had watched Xu Qingli grow up and treated her as a daughter. She was also very happy. It was estimated that Mrs. Mu must also be happy since the woman who coveted her husband was going to marry someone else, and she didn’t need to feel constrained because of her sensitive identity anymore. Mu Yixuan knew that her sister Qingli was going to be a bride, so she could be a beautiful flower girl, so she must be happy too… It was a happy ending for everyone!

Yue Yang’s appearance as the leading actor was all is in line with Tang Yanhua’s vision!

Mu Yixi knew the problem.

Xu Qingli had done it deliberately!

She had liked Mu Jiurong since she was a child. Whenever she saw any men, she would always use Mu Jiurong as a reference, with a very high vision, how could she suddenly like a man whose conditions were much worse than Mu Jiurong? Bringing such a man back was most likely for blocking Tang Yanhua’s mouth, because in Tang Yanhua’s mind, Xu Qingli’s status was only worthy of Yue Yang’s type.

It was not surprising that Xu Qingli would find a boyfriend as a shield to prevaricate against Tang Yanhua urging her to marry, but how could she still be so natural and calm when it came to getting married?

Although the date of the wedding had not been confirmed, she had shown no rejection towards getting married and had always laughed and said that she would marry him as soon as possible.

But she should be very clear that if she got married, even if she was divorced in the future, she would not be able to enter Mu’s house in this life. The Mu family treated her as if she were their own child. But when it came to marriage, the threshold for the Mu family was not low.

What exactly did Xu Qingli want to do?

Although they were cautious towards her, they still needed to study hard. So, Mu Yixi and the others had little contact with Xu Qingli every day. Mu Jiurong and Mrs. Mu would obviously not take the initiative to talk about Xu Qingli. Mu Yixi only heard about her occasionally when he went to Mu’s old house. If it was to be said in a few words, Xu Qingli and her boyfriend were in a stable relationship, and good things were coming.

After a long time, Mu Yixi also let go.

Because now there was no reason to guard against thieves all the time, so Mu Yixi decided to bring Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan a little closer.

Mu Yiqi had no objection, he and Mu Yixi were used to being inseparable. And no matter what Mu Yiqi wanted to do, whether it was exercise or studies, Mu Yixi could keep up with him. The two brothers had similar interests, so they didn’t get bored together.

Mu Yixuan complained sweetly: “Brother, you are about to become a second mother!”

Ten-year-old Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi, who were in the fifth grade, already had the demeanor of handsome teenagers. Mu Yixi often took Mu Yiqi to the third grade classroom downstairs to see Mu Yixuan, followed by Feng Weiming, the most recognized young man in the school, and Qin He, a big-time student at the Ya’an Primary School. As soon as this line-up came out, it immediately attracted the attention of the entire floor.

Mu Yixuan was their sister, the only little girl who dared to approach the four of them in one breath, further she was still very doted on, and had become the existence of whom all her little girlfriends were envious and jealous of and had to flatter. Mu Yixuan got so much face, so there was no need to mention how proud she was!

She was a small person with a strong backing! o(*////▽////*) q So this complaint was not true. Mu Yixuan liked her brother Teddy the most!

On Friday, Mu Yixi and Mu Yiqi ordered Feng Weiming to get out of the physical education class first, and then they went to the third grade floor to meet Mu Yixuan together, but they didn’t expect that she would be nowhere to be found.

A little girl plucked up the courage to come over, her face flushed red, as she stammered: “Just now, someone came to see Xiaoxuan, Xiaoxuan went out with her. Xiaoxuan asked me to tell you that she was at the gate of the school, waiting for you.”

Mu Yixi recognized her as one of Mu Yixuan’s best friends, named Lu Yinyin. He smiled gently at her: “Sister Yinyin, thank you. Did Xiaoxuan tell you who was looking for her?”

Lu Yinyin didn’t expect Mu Yixi to remember her name. She had become flattered and said with encouragement: “She didn’t say. But she seemed to know that sister very well, and I seemed to hear her calling her Qin…Sister…”

“Sister Qingli?” Mu Yixi asked.    

Suddenly, Lu Yinyin nodded affirmatively: “Yes! That’s the name!”

“Thank you.” Mu Yixi said hurriedly, turning his head and rushing to the school gate.

Feng Weiming frowned and quickly followed.

Mu Yiqi was taken aback by their reaction: “Xiaoxi, Mingming, why are you running?”

Mu Yixi didn’t answer his question, his whole body stretched tight!

Nothing happened, then why did Xu Qingli come to the school specially to find Mu Yixuan?

Mu Yixi did not forget that the two dangers Mu Yixuan experienced when she was a child were related to Xu Qingli. One was the kidnapping case when Mu Yixuan was three years old, and the second was a traffic accident when she was nine years old, and in both incidents, Xu Qingli played the role of savior, thus gaining the full trust of Mu Yixuan and Mrs. Mu as well as the Mu family.

When Mu Yixuan was three years old, there was already a kidnapping case, and Xu Qingli gained a credit and was remembered by the Mu family. Mu Yixuan was eight years old this year, one year before the traffic accident had happened in his previous life.

But after the variable where Gu Ling married Xu Zhao, Mu Yixi had long been less sure about the “past” he knew. After Xu Qingli made a boyfriend, he intuitively felt that she was planning something, and he followed Mu Yiqi and Mu Yixuan closely.

Xu Qingli hadn’t moved, but now she had made a move, and this caused Mu Yixi to immediately heighten his vigilance!

He wanted to rush to Mu Yixuan’s side as soon as possible!

When he ran to the school gate, he just saw Xu Qingli smiling and handing Mu Yixuan an exquisite box.

Mu Yixi shouted: “Xiaoxuan!”

Xu Qingli and Mu Yixuan raised their heads together. Mu Yixuan smiled sweetly, holding the box and presenting her treasure to Mu Yixi: “Big Brother, Sister Qingli bought us cakes from Candy House!”

Candy House was a well-known cake shop in Xin’an City. It was said that people were always lined up to get an order of cakes. So, they were always booked, and you couldn’t order it without a week’s notice. In such a long time, Mu Yixi and the others had only eaten it once, and the sweet-loving Mu Yixi and Mu Yixuan had never forgotten the cake shop.

Mu Yixi breathed evenly, winking at Feng Weiming behind him, asking him to drag Mu Yiqi away. He walked over to Mu Yixuan himself and took the cake box with one hand, and took Mu Yixuan’s hand with the other, and smiled: “We’ve troubled you, Sister Qingli. Sister Qingli doesn’t have to go to work today? How come you have time to come over?”

“Uncle Rong asked for a leave today. Xiao He and I happened to pass by your school on a business trip and came to pick you up. Don’t worry, your father knows.” Xu Qingli said, pointing to the car parked on the opposite road.

Xiao He, the driver who had been newly allocated to Mu Jiurong, stretched out his hand from the car window and waved to them.

“That’s it…” Mu Yixi observed Xu Qingli’s face. Seeing that she had no trace of abnormality, he wondered if he was being too worried.

“Brother, let’s go home and eat cake.” Mu Yixuan said softly, her big eyes gleaming with desire.

“Okay, let’s go.” Mu Yixi led Mu Yixuan carefully across the road, leaving Xu Qingli behind intentionally or unintentionally.

Xu Qingli said: “Look carefully at the road and be careful of the vehicles.”

As school had gotten over, many students and parents were gathered at the school gate. There were other people crossing the road with Mu Yixi and Mu Yixuan.

Mu Yixi sent Mu Yixuan to the side of the car, half-heartedly. At this moment, it was impossible for Xu Qingli to arrange a traffic accident to “save” Mu Yixuan, unless she was so frantic that she didn’t take the lives of other people seriously.

Xu Qingli might be paranoid, but she was not a murderer.

Suddenly there was a harsh brake and engine noise coming from not far away, and a car appeared in the middle of the road without warning! The car twisted around in the shape of a snake, and then rushed towards the school gate!

Many students and parents stood there!

“Ah!” The screams came one after another!

It was too late to say that it was fast, a heavy motorcycle came out of nowhere, hit the car at full speed from one side with all its strength, and knocked the car away from the school gate!

The car skidded and crashed into the parked vehicle opposite the school gate. The one that was hit the most was the one with Xiao He—

“Xiao Xuan!”

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