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The dormitory broadcasted a wake-up call at 7 o’clock every morning, but Yan Qing usually set her alarm clock for 5:30 to get up early to practice dancing, desperate to make up for her weaknesses.

Today’s alarm clock had no ringtone, just dull vibrations.

Yan Qing woke up and asked the phone vaguely: “Why aren’t you ringing…” The phone answered with a faint smile, with a tired hoarse voice: “Because you are still on the phone with me.”

Yan Qing was startled for a moment. She reacted like someone had stepped on her tail, and she looked at the screen carefully. Their call time was more than six hours, and he hadn’t hung up all night.

“…You haven’t slept again?!”

Huo Yunshen said in a low voice “Yes. Your voice was always there, and I was not willing to sleep.”

Yan Qing tried to reason with him: “If you hang up, won’t I not be there anymore?”

He answered fluently. “I can’t sleep without your voice anyway.”

Yan Qing was confused by Huo Yunshen’s rogue theory. She hugged her two thin legs on the bed and asked anxiously: “Is there any way to make you sleep?”

He needed to sleep or his body would definitely collapse if this continued.

There were so many sudden deaths in the news because of insufficient rest, she didn’t want anything to happen to Huo Yunshen.

“Maybe there is only one,” he slowed down, grinding word by word, “You sleep next to me.”

Yan Qing tried her best not to collapse and said with tenderness full of water: “Shen baby, you can’t act like a rogue with me.”

Shen baby said in a dignified manner: “I’m serious.”

Yan Qing hung up her phone with hatred, but still cared about him, so she tentatively sent a message to Min Jing, asking him about the deep-seated cause of Huo Yunshen’s insomnia, although she understood his condition last time, but the reason of it was still unclear to her.

Min Jing simply called her: “Miss Yan, last time I said that his condition is a relatively serious stress disorder, it is a mental trauma caused by overstimulation, not insomnia in the general sense. On the morning of the accident, he was sleeping at home while Yun Qing went out to buy breakfast and was kidnapped outside the house. He lost her just one door away.”

Yan Qing raised her eyes and looked at the bright little girl in the photo.

“At that time, he was tortured in an unnatural manner, unable to sleep or eat. He hated these two things from the bottom of his heart. Over time, his body and spirit took it as an instinct. When he falls asleep, he would repeatedly dream of Yun Qing leaving him and eating too much. He always remembers the breakfast she didn’t buy back.”

Yan Qing asked softly: “He treats sleep and eating as his mistakes, right?”

He thinks, if he didn’t sleep, he won’t have lost Qingqing. If he didn’t have to eat, Qingqing would not go out.

He blamed everything on himself.

“It can be understood,” Min Jing affirmed, “No matter how good the doctor is, he can’t do anything about him. He can only relieve him and stop his condition from deteriorating. He has a part of his life that has died with Yun Qing in the accident. That day, if you didn’t show up, he wouldn’t have been saved.”

“If you want to untie the bell, you can only rely on the person who tied the bell.”

Yan Qing sighed bitterly.

It turned out that Mr. Huo was telling the truth.

But the heart-warming little wife who could cure his illness was really not good enough.

Min Jing finished talking with Yan Qing, sorted out the information, got off the car, rang the doorbell, and entered Huo Yunshen’s villa. He stood in the living room, looked up at the spiral staircase, almost blinded, and quickly adjusted his glasses.

His Brother Shen always wore black and grey formal clothes all the time, and his aura was not at all like a young man in his twenties. He dared not say this, and he dared not care.

It was fine today. He finally changed his clothes. He was wearing a simple pair of black trousers and a loose navy blue sweater. His short hair was deliberately not styled. It naturally hung down to cover his little eyebrows which hid a lot of his powerful aura, he looked like the unruly and rebellious youth he was in school.

Min Jing “wowed”, and looked and him with starry eyes, feeling that he had gone back to his teens: “Brother, you are looking handsome!”

Huo Yunshen blankly came down the stairs, stared for a moment before asking: “Are you sure?”

Min Jing madly nodded.

Huo Yunshen pinched the corners of his mouth deeply, looked down at his shirt, and touched the corners cherishingly.

This was bought by Qingqing three years ago. He wrapped it inside three layers and guarded it, and it was the first time he wore it today.

He had a poor personality and poor health. He was pale and thinner than before. He had many old and new scars on his body. Not to mention his reputation from the outside world.

Counting on and off, there was nothing that Qingqing would like.

He could only make himself look better, maybe he could change himself so she would pay him more attention.

After all, she was entering the entertainment circle, which had so many coquettish bitches, he couldn’t tolerate Qingqing always going to see others.

Huo Yunshen glanced over the thin documents in Min Jing’s hand, his eyes turned cold: “Just these few?”

“Yes, there are too few things that can be found,” Min Jing frowned and handed the things respectfully. “The life trajectory of Yan Qing can be traced in Canada. It is not fabricated out of thin air. The hospitalization and diagnosis and treatment records of the ‘serious illness’ three years ago were found, but there was no abnormality. The case showed that it was a normal illness that has nothing to do with memory.”

“As for her parents, of course they cannot be the Yun family couple. They were a Chinese couple who have never been seen before. Their true identities have also been erased, but what is certain is that they were in a car accident. Their death was an accident.”

“I guess the couple were used to tie Yan Qing abroad and even monitor her. Because of the accident, they died and Yan Qing had the opportunity to return to China and met you on the bridge.”

Huo Yunshen’s gaze stopped on the few pages of the investigation report, his fingers tightened, the paper was clenched into a ball, as he squeezed it in the palm of his hand.

After Qingqing’s biological mother died young, it was because she always had a trace of affection for her father Yun Chengze that she repeatedly tolerated the Yun family’s harsh treatment, but it was this so-called Yun family’s patron who personally took her from outside their home and kidnapped his biological daughter, whom he had ignored for many years.

Later, when he took control of the Huo family and took revenge against the Yun family, he learned from them that the Yun family had encountered a major financial crisis at the time, and Yun Chengze planned to use Qingqing as a gift to give away, and only because of this reason took her onto a private jet.

No one knew who was he going to give her to or where he was taking her.

The only certainty was that the plane crashed midway, Yun Chengze died, and traces of his remains were found, but there was no sign of Qingqing. When she came back and met him on the bridge in that moment of life and death, she no longer remembered him.

Even if he eradicated all the remaining members of the Yun family and killed those who had bullied Qingqing one by one, he still would not be able to vent the slightest bit of his pain and rage.

After three years of loneliness, she had suffered a lot, and he couldn’t even imagine it now.

Huo Yunshen opened his bloodshot eyes: “Continue to investigate, starting with the neurological drug detected by Dr. He. According to the detailed report he later provided, Qingqing still has traces of using it in the past year.”

Min Jing stayed focused.

He knew that he couldn’t provoke Brother Shen right now, or he would explode at any point. Just as he was about to quit, Huo Yunshen said again: “Get me a reservation for the small kitchen of the medicinal restaurant at noon.”

“…It’s the kitchen? Not ordering food? Brother, what do you want to do?”

Huo Yunshen opened his thin lips slightly, and threw out the words: “I will cook for Qingqing.”

Then, he will send it by himself and have dinner with Qingqing.

He missed her and couldn’t wait.

Yan Qing had a very full schedule in the morning and met with members of the new team to study the repertoire and performance during the next knockout. It was then that she discovered that there was nothing to say about Ouyang and Little Curly, but she was afraid that the three little girls who came in at the end indeed had shortcomings in their capabilities. It was difficult to integrate them within a few days to win this battle together.

Little Curly quietly proposed two plans. Either give up the three of them, just stand out and win votes for themself, or take care of the group, lower the level, and cooperate with their poor level of performance.

Five gazes turned to Yan Qing.

Yan Qing bent her lips and made a final decision in front of everyone as the captain: “I choose the third one. If it is good, we need to be better. If it is not good enough, then let them become better.” She said it proudly, and she did it very well.

By the time the cafeteria opened at noon, Yan Qing was exhausted and had no appetite. She poked at the rice in the bowl with her chopsticks, it was difficult to swallow, and her thoughts were a little floating, thinking of the person who couldn’t sleep all night.

It was after twelve o’clock, and she didn’t know if he had had anything to eat.

There were a lot of people in the cafeteria, so she couldn’t openly take out the forbidden cell phone to ask him, so she could only stay entangled in her heart.

This time she was set to find a cure for Huo Yunshen.

She was so hungry, but the food was unpalatable, there was nothing to her liking in the cafeteria to eat, and she had no energy to brainstorm.

Yan Qing was supporting her chin, and the security door not far from her seat was opened a gap. Cleaner aunty poked her head in and whispered: “Little girl–“

“You are calling me?” Yan Qing hurriedly stood up, ” What’s the matter, Auntie?”

Auntie smiled: “It’s a little bit of a favour, can you help me?”

Yan Qing briefly explained to the girls at the same table, and declined them to follow. She then walked out of the door and into the common stairs: “You said.”

The auntie looked around very vigilantly to make sure that there was no one else, and then she covered her mouth and said, “You go up one floor, there is a handsome deliveryman who said that he has brought you delicious food.”

A food delivery person!

Yan Qing’s heartbeat fastened, she couldn’t see the figure, but she raced fast and ran up, and saw a familiar figure on the corner staircase.

He had stretched his straight and long legs, while he was sitting on the steps, wearing a rarely seen casual sweater, a baseball cap on his head, and had two large insulated packets in his arms.

Hearing her approaching, he raised his head and lifted the brim of his hat.

His eyes were narrow and sharp, and his pupils were pitch black, faintly shining with an eager colourful light.

The words “Mr. Huo” was changed to “Shen Baby” by Yan Qing in time, as she asked in surprise: “Why are you here, and why did you say that you are a food delivery person?”

Huo Yunshen’s eyes curled slightly: “That’s right, I’m your food delivery guy.”

He unscrewed the lid just like last time to let the fragrance waft out. His smile was very shallow, but his eyes were soft and moist: “Qingqing, can we eat together?”

Beauty and food were both present, at this time Qingqing’s cat tail was cocked and she almost meowed.

Huo Yunshen glanced at the steps with a slightly embarrassed look, and said: “The ground is dirty and cold. I only brought one mat.”

Yan Qing cleverly said: “Then I will eat while squatting.”

“Squatting will cause your legs to be sore, how will you practice dance?” Huo Yunshen was particularly considerate, his eyes flashed across his stretched legs, “Come here, sit here.”

Yan Qing’s ears became hot.

Sitting on his thighs to eat? !

“No,” she had to object again, and said difficultly, “I can eat while standing.”

“While standing, how will you feed me?”

Yan Qing almost bit her tongue: “Hey-hey. Hello?”

Huo Yunshen’s face was soaked in the light from the window, looking too soft, making Yan Qing feel dumbfounded, holding her breath slightly.

He calmly said: “I am a patient, unable to sleep or eat. I depend on you to accompany me, but you refuse, and I depend on you to feed me. Do you refuse doing that also? You are my wife. There is no place to sit, is it wrong for you to sit on my thigh?”

Yan Qing was defeated by Huo Yunshen.

This man’s logic had always crushed her, regardless of whether he was reasonable or unreasonable, and he could calmly talk about these things.

Yan Qing didn’t care, anyway, she was now Huo Yunshen’s wife, and it was only natural to coax her husband to eat.

She put on a sweet smile, sat on Huo Yunshen’s long legs in a subtle posture, took the full porcelain bowl, and fed a carrot to his mouth. When she wanted to continue to feed him, she suddenly retracted her hand and subconsciously said: “Hey, that’s wrong, you don’t like carrots.”

She sent it to her mouth happily, exchanged it with a piece of soft pork ribs to feed him, but saw Huo Yunshen’s expression change, the emotions in his eyes turning upside down. He pinched her waist tightly.

Yan Qing was taken aback: “What’s the matter with you!”

Huo Yunshen stared at her intently, as if wanting to laugh, and rubbed away his  restrained tears, then hissed: “The previous words, say it again!”

Yan Qing said involuntarily: “You… you don’t like to eat…carrots.”

Huo Yunshen clasped her neck deeply and stared into the depths of her eyes, but while speaking, he kept the volume very low, for fear of scaring her, he slowly asked: “How do you know, I don’t like to eat carrots.”

Yan Qing’s chopsticks loosened, and they fell into the bowl.

Her blank mind squeezed for a moment, and something flashed by, so fast that she couldn’t capture it, and in a blink of an eyes, it returned to normal.

“I…” She licked her inexplicably dry lips, and asked in confusion, “I might have heard it from you?”

Huo Yunshen’s chest was swelling, and he wanted to embed her in his body and never let her go. Then, he tried his best to suppress his desire of doing so, forcing himself not to behave too abnormally, and said hoarsely: “You don’t need to give me an answer, you just need to remember, me asking you this sentence is enough.”

This was the first time she remembered some detail of the past which was actually related to him.

He believed that there would be countless times in the future.

When there were enough memories, Qingqing might connect those memories and remember Huo Yunshen who once existed in her life, even if it was only an afterimage, a fragment, he would be content.

Huo Yunshen raised his lips and smiled, pulling her closer, and begging in a deep voice: “My wife, will you feed me?”

Yan Qing couldn’t understand the special feeling in her heart. The more she thought about it, the more chaotic her thoughts became, such that she got a headache. Huo Yunshen’s response was obviously not wrong, but she subtly explained it away as a patient’s emotional impermanence.

She fed him the ribs and said, “Your wife has applied to be offline temporarily. She is also hungry and wants to feed herself.”

After she said that, she gave the small bowl to Huo Yunshen, and scooped it up again. She was a little flustered, so she turned her back, and sat on his knees to eat.

Her back was very narrow like a thin strip, which was most suitable for being held in his arms.

Huo Yunshen pressed out countless red marks on his palms before taking control of both hands.

Now was not the time, if he was too extreme, she wouldn’t dare to come home at night.

Huo Yunshen reminded her unintentionally: “I have to attend to some business in the afternoon. I will return at night. I will leave the car and driver here and the car will be parked in the old place. When you are finished, you can go home anytime.”

Yan Qing suddenly stopped eating as her eyes widened on listening to Huo Yunshen.

The head of the household would not be at home!

Could she run wild at will!

The coveted recording room, the curious large cloakroom, and the big soft bed that was hundreds of times more comfortable than the small bed in the dormitory! She could be alone and enjoy!

She turned her head with a pure face, and enthusiastically rewarded her husband with a piece of yam: “Shenshen, you can rest assured to go to work, it doesn’t matter how late it is, leave the home to me!”

Yan Qing ate and drank enough, and fed her husband well. Full of fighting spirit, she entered the practice room and continued to struggle, but her heart always seemed to grow grass, unable to settle down, and all those charming little fairies in the mansion floated in front of her.

She calmly prepared the single task list for the team carefully, distributed it, and immediately ran to find An Lan, put her hands together to ask for leave: “Please Sister An Lan.”

An Lan knew that she was hardworking and responsible, and would never slack off on business. She was ashamed of the two injuries, so she let her go with just two instructions.

For the first time, Yan Qing got into the Huo Yunshen’s luxury car with anticipation, and went all the way to her newlywed home.

When she got home, the door was closed, and the house was full of her photos.

Without knowing that in a seemingly unmanned spare commercial vehicle in the courtyard, someone lifted his eyes from the document and smiled.

He looked through the living room window and watched as Yan Qing rushed from the first floor to the second floor. She didn’t come down for a long time. He guessed that she was going to play in the recording studio. Then he accepted his work, opened the door and got off the car, and quietly opened the door with the fingerprint lock and entered the house.

He stood there for a while, and her scent was in the air.

He lied to her to come back early today, hoping that the house would smell more of her, and even if she was away, it would be able to give him a little comfort.

Yan Qing didn’t bother to look at the cloakroom and bedroom, and unopened the lock of the recording room with a definite goal, her cheeks flushed with excitement.

She touched everything, and there was still no sense of reality that these things belonged to her.

When she was in Canada, her parents often frowned upon her singing and composing music, and sometimes they would take care of her, tell her to stay at home and do less “useless things”. Of course, the tools and resources she could use were very few, passing by. She was reluctant to leave this room filled with professional equipment.

Now…things were better than seeing from the window, everything was in front of her.

No one would interfere with her. For the first time, she was given a safe place exclusively for herself, where she could do what she liked.

Yan Qing touched it with her fingertips cautiously. After adapting for a little while, she couldn’t control her excitement, turned on the sound test effect, and played a dance song that she used in the dance practice every day.

When the rhythm came out, the superior sound quality made her jump in happiness.

At first she was nervous, but it didn’t take long for her to accept the fact that this was her own recording room, and her husband would be coming back very late, and it was her home at this moment.

The tune and the body had been in harmony in hundreds of steps, Yan Qing’s complexion gradually turned red, she threw off her slippers, and twisted her waist naturally on the warm floor with her bare feet.

She took off the coat as it was coming in her way.

The trousers were also long, so she took them off.

Yan Qing was left with a tight short T-shirt and shorts. She was completely immersed in the sound of the fast-paced drums. While strolling around lovingly, she sang happily, twisting more and more freely, putting focus on making standard moves in the practice room.

Girl group dance, that she had learned was super sexy!

Huo Yunshen sat downstairs awkwardly, wanting to give her more time to be free, until he heard a single loop of dance music, and the slight sound of feet stepping on the floor.

His Adam’s apple rolled, realizing what she was doing, he couldn’t wait any longer, walked slowly up the stairs, stopped silently in front of the recording room, and turned the handle.

There was no mirror inside.

Yan Qing’s long eyelashes fell, she was dancing casually based on feelings.

Her waist was thin and porcelain white, and her slender legs were evenly fleshed out. Her hair was slightly soaked with sweat, and a few strands stuck to her flawless cheeks.

Huo Yunshen’s mouth went dry and his eyes were hot on her, his treasure.

In front of him, she moved her soft waist unsuspectingly.

Yan Qing happily turned her head, not paying attention to the dripping of sweat on the floor. She stepped on it with bare feet, slipped out of control, and leaned back, and was about to fall firmly.

She couldn’t hold back the momentum of her fall and felt that she would be hurt very badly. She panicked and closed her eyes to wait for the pain.

However, what she really hit was a man’s violently agitated chest.

Yan Qing’s body became stiff, and the back that was intimately attached to her sent heat surging unknowingly towards her limbs.

She was caught!

The man seemed to have been out of control for a long time, and he entangled her from behind and held her, then a low voice rang above her head, arrogantly disturbing her nerves: “Hey, the time you owe it to me, can you dance for your husband again? To compensate?”

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