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The little girl had a glamorous and tender face. At this moment, the brilliant light circle above her head was so bright and her eyes were so beautiful that she didn’t look like a real person.

Huo Yunshen looked down at the hand she had actively clenched, and his black pupils overflowed with enthusiasm, but then he immediately thought of something, and quickly lost the glow turning them back into dark pools.

His lips trembled slightly, and he asked hoarsely: “Am I about to die?”

Yan Qing’s drama just started, and before it reached its peak, she was stuck by Mr. Huo.

Her head was full of question marks, what’s the situation?

Did her wifely tender love, cause her husband to question his life?

Was her level too low, and her body movements and expression language could not perfectly reflect the personality? Or did Mr. Huo dislike this style? Hey, she didn’t know how Yun Qing coaxed him before. She had no point of reference, so she could only try them all one by one.

Yan Qing improved in time, took a deep breath, and changed her posture and tone every minute.

Her eyes turned red, her shoulders shrunk slightly, she looked at him worriedly, and whispered timidly: “What are you guessing? Don’t scare me.” When she said this, the furrow between Huo Yunshen’s eyebrows became deeper.

In the past three years, he had consumed too much of his body. He didn’t care about it before, and even felt that the more pain the better. It could be used to suppress the pain in his heart, so he had always been indulgent.

But now Qingqing had returned to his side. He was afraid of death and sickness. He wanted to keep this life and use it to stay with her for the rest of his life.

Did something go wrong?

He fainted this time, was he dying of any illness?

The blood in his whole body coagulated and froze, and he forcefully held her back: “If I have some disease, can’t it be cured?”

Yan Qing’s tears were brewing but they didn’t fall, and she got stuck again, lying on the side of the bed, staring up in a daze. His brain had short-circuited.

No, wait a minute, this signal didn’t seem to be connected successfully. The two were talking about different things.

It was because of her exaggerated acting. It was too hard for her as she was sad that she caused Huo Yunshen to misunderstand the situation.

Yan Qing patted her cheeks and sat close to Huo Yunshen, and reached out her hand and touched his forehead, empathizing and comforting: “Don’t think too much, Shenshen, you will be fine when the fever subsides.”

Huo Yunshen heard her calling him “Shenshen” again, she not only whispered softly, but was also willing to touch him.

Without being threatened or forced, Qingqing was willing to treat him this way, except for hospice care, he couldn’t think of any other reason for her doing so.

Yan Qing saw that Huo Yunshen didn’t say a word, his lips were pale and dry, and his red lips were cracked. She brought over the tray sadly and took the pumpkin polenta carefully boiled in it, scooped a spoonful and blew on it until it was lukewarm. She said, “I made it myself, I know you are uncomfortable, but eat a little bit.”

She cooked porridge for him and was feeding him by hand.

Huo Yunshen didn’t even dare to dream, he was almost certain that he would die in a few days.

At the end of this life, he could no longer have Qingqing.

He tore his heart, closed his eyes, and showed a bitter smile. A desperate gloom appeared on his face. Fortunately, Qingqing didn’t remember him. His death, maybe it was what she hoped, without his entanglement, it could make her life easier and free.

Huo Yunshen was silent for a long time, and said in a low voice: “I will call a lawyer to come over to liquidate the assets at night, and all of them will be under your name in advance. If you are unhappy in the entertainment circle in the future, you can come home. Everything belongs to you. You don’t need to do anything. These things I leave will allow you to have fun for a lifetime…”

Yan Qing’s spoon stopped in the air, completely shocked by him.

Huo Yunshen’s brain had burnt out?!

She was such a heart-warming little angel who eagerly fed him porridge. He was actually telling her about his funeral!!!

Yan Qing’s acting skills were too tender, and she was stretched thin, so her tone changed as she said: “Why are you talking nonsense!”

She met Huo Yunshen’s deep and silent eyes, that suddenly gave her an initiation, with an unspeakable astringency, which surged from the bottom of her heart to the tip of her tongue, and she couldn’t say anything.

Huo Yunshen thought he was about to die because he was being kindly treated by her, and he still wanted to give her his wealth, fearing that without his protection, she would suffer alone in the future.

Yan Qing didn’t have to pretend this time, her eyes turned red. She learned the posture Huo Yunshen had used to her, pinched his chin with one hand, and clarified word by word: “Huo Yunshen, you listen to me clearly, you are just fatigued and you have a fever and cold, no serious illness, you will not die, me being close to you is not a form of hospice care, it is me fulfilling the contract, I want to treat you like this, I want to accompany you out of the shadows, I hope you understand?”

As the distance drew closer, their rapid breaths were entangled with each other.

Her delicate cheeks were close at hand, her pupils were full of light, and her lips were wet and red, opening and closing incessantly.

Huo Yunshen’s nerves were strained by her inch by inch, he wanted to kiss her fiercely, and if he was sure he was still alive, she also hoped that he would be alive.

However, the next moment Yan Qing stepped back, converged in time, turned back to being considerate and cute, tilted her head to discuss: “So, you have to cooperate with me, I don’t play Yun Qing well, and I need to make progress slowly. You have to give me space, okay?”

Huo Yunshen stared at her and smiled, choked slightly with his smile.

“Okay.” It turned out to be her playing a role, forcing herself to be nice to him.

How did that matter?

He wanted her to be fake too.

Yan Qing breathed a sigh of relief and entered the little wife’s setting dedicatedly and asked sweetly: “Then let’s try to understand everything. Do you want to have porridge?”


Yan Qing fed him thoughtfully. As he swallowed, his fingers were trembling with happiness.

The bowl of porridge quickly reached the bottom. Yan Qing wiped the corners of his mouth with a tissue. She just stretched out her hand and was caught by him.

She subconsciously wanted to withdraw, but then remembered his character setting, and tried to calm down, her apricot shaped eyes softened as she asked: “What’s the matter?”

Huo Yunshen stared at her: “You mean starting today, you won’t hide from me?”

“I won’t hide.”

“You will satisfy all my desires?”

Yan Qing couldn’t keep up with Huo Yunshen’s general thoughts. Thinking about it, it was not wrong to say so, so she nodded: “I will satisfy you as much as possible.”

Huo Yunshen slowly leaned forward and approached her. His breath gradually oppressed: “Does it also mean that you are willing to do your wife’s responsibility?”

Yan Qing quickly covered her neckline: “As long as, it doesn’t mean going to bed with you!”

Huo Yunshen’s lips were slightly bent, and he tapped her on the tip of her nose: “Can I kiss you next time? Can I hold your hands?”

“No, no.” Yan Qing anxiously said, “I’m only emotionally comforting you. No, physical connection!”

Huo Yunshen’s smile got deeper, and he followed her request: “Okay, the physical contact can be put on hold, then emotionally you can no longer refuse, saying that it is to treat me, you can’t just play a role.”

This was reasonable, Yan Qing nodded her head obediently and asked for help with an open mind: “You said it yourself.”

“You are not allowed to refuse to answer the phone, and reply to the message in time to let me know what you are doing.”

“Okay— ” In Huo Yunshen’s eyes, Qingqing was like a cat wagging her little tail, glutinously “meowing” at him.

“We need more contact. It is too little for you to come home once a week, at least three times, so as not to delay your recording.”

She wrinkled her nose and meowed again.

“Stay tonight.”

Qingqing’s cat stopped meowing: “No, the parts that were not recorded during the day will be re-recorded tonight. I have already received a notice; can I stay over tomorrow?”

“Yes,” Huo Yunshen did not hesitate, as if he had expected it, and said naturally, “Then you owe me, remember to repay to me.”

Yan Qing was dizzy and turned to go out of the bedroom, always feeling that something was wrong.

Wasn’t she the dominant one? After a few words, she became a well-behaved kitten and owed him an account as well!

Huo Yunshen stood on the terrace and watched Yan Qing leaving. He did not move until she had disappeared for a long time.

Qingqing didn’t really accept him, and didn’t want to pester him.

She was kind-hearted, pitying him, acting patiently, just pretending.

Huo Yunshen’s deep eyelashes drooped, and the arc at the end of his eyes was sharp and gloomy, but also covered with fanatical sweetness.

His chest was shaking rapidly, and his heart trembled because of her small decision.

That afternoon in school, Qingqing caught up with him, who was dripping blood, and said, “Don’t think that I will sympathize with you when you bleed. For the last time, I will bandage you.”

He was pierced by her words and a smile broke on his face. He desperately asked her: “How can it be the last time?”

She opened her mouth to say something to hurt him, his bloody eyes looked at her tightly: “Don’t sentence me to death, let me chase you, okay?”

Today, he still wanted to say the same thing to Qingqing.

She lied to him with gentleness, he was willing, as long as he was not sentenced to death, he would chase her again.

Before Yan Qing left, she secretly took a photo of Yun Qing and placed it in a drawer on the bedside table in her bedroom. The photo frame was spotlessly polished.

In the photo, the sixteen-year-old Yun Qing had long black hair, hanging over her shoulders, her cheeks were delicate, her big eyes were wet with light, and she looked extremely delicate and pure.

Yan Qing sat in the car and touched her face, and sighed sincerely: “Hey, the goddess is so beautiful, but unfortunately I didn’t have a photo before. I don’t know if I was so beautiful when I was sixteen.”

She brought this photo back, it was of great use.

The driver directly sent Yan Qing back to the base camp of the program group.

The scene at the amusement park had long since disappeared. At that time, there were a lot of media and there was a lot of fanfare.

After half a day, the Internet was slaughtered by the bloody storm, and even the Song Xueran incident was brought up. The vast majority of netizens were angry and distressed, sending her beautiful photos wildly, but there were also a small group of different voices that thought she was too much. The program had several major events as soon as it was broadcasted, and it was related to her again and again.

Yan Qing’s mentality was quite stable, and she understood that every artist when communicating to the masses was like this, and this would not change just because she was a victim.

This road was originally bumpy, but with Huo Yunshen’s shelter, she was able to land smoothly again and again.

When Yan Qing arrived at the dormitory, she was surrounded by the girls. The people who had been embarrassed at the scene before seemed to have forgotten the situation, and acted more positively than Ouyang and Curly, and moved towards her.

“Yes, since you were framed, shouldn’t the group start again with another method?”

“I must be with you this time! You should talk to the program group quickly and change your position from the last, otherwise there will be more suffering to come.”

“Yes, it’s not fair. No matter who joins your group, we are definitely better than them.”

Yan Qing did not speak, silently glanced out of the crowd.

The three undergraduates in her group were wiping tears in anxiety. She shook her head: “They are pretty good, everyone it is not that bad.”

The content to be supplemented at night was not as much as Yan Qing imagined. Under the discussion of the senior leaders of Chengfeng, it was decided to keep the entire situation as a whole, and cut it into a feature film as usual, as an excellent breaking point.

After the supplementary recording, the players dispersed. Yan Qing just carried a bag and wanted to go together, but was left alone by the mentor group, while they solemnly apologized for not defending her in the morning.

He Xingjian was left till the end.

In the large empty practice room, he took a step forward with a very low voice, and asked: “Is it Mr. Huo?”

Yan Qing frowned vigilantly, and stepped back: “If there is nothing else, I will go back first.”

He Xingjian was wearing a white shirt and looked slender. His facial features were very eye-catching under the light. He said in an eager tone: “Last time you said that you weren’t with Mr. Huo. The actual meaning is, do you only serve as a stand-in for someone else?”

“…You were eavesdropping?!”

“No,” he explained anxiously, “I went to find you to bring a drink, and I happened to hear it, don’t be stupid, what’s the end of this road? Now it seems like you have a backer, what will happen in the future? Can someone like him forget his old love and marry you? You can’t get into his life, he is just using you as a tool.”

Yan Qing was very angry, so she asked: “Even if I’m a tool for Mr. Huo, at least he sought justice for me on the spot. You have been talking about chasing me, and I was given an F in the previous primary assessment. This time, you found out in advance that I had a contradiction with Yun Ling. Under the circumstances, you didn’t doubt her, just let me admit that I was unlucky. As the chief mentor, you didn’t even say a word of justice. Is this what you think is good?”

He Xingjian frowned, “Because I am this way, I know how deep and terrible the entertainment circle is, so I want to teach you to forbear and let you get used to lowering your eyebrows and pleasing others. It’s good for you. I was thinking for your sake! Listen to me, don’t follow him. He will never marry you.”

Yan Qing said to her heart, sorry, the marriage is already done.

She bowed to He Xingjian: “Thank you for your  guidance, you don’t need to talk more about my personal matters.”

After speaking, she turned and walked to the door.

She heard He Xingjian smash the cabinet by the wall as if venting out his anger and frustration, and then chasing her, as he handed a cup of hot drink to apologize: “I’m really not malicious, don’t be angry.”

Yan Qing looked at the paper cup, and a thought passed through her consciousness.

How recently… He Xingjian always gave her drinks.

She was hesitating to answer it. After all, it was unnecessary to be stiff. In the zipper gap of the handbag, a light suddenly lit up, and it was she who turned it into silent mode.

She didn’t need to think about it, the suitor could only give way when the legitimate husband was calling.

Yan Qing smiled apologetically: “I’m not angry, I’m leaving in a hurry.”

She didn’t take the drink, and hurried back to the dormitory, closed the door and locked it, pinched her face and opened her voice to change modes, connected the phone, and went into the quilt. Then she whispered: “Shenshen.”

After screaming, she was a little numb, and said hurriedly: “Wait, card! Come back!”

She tried her tone of voice several times, and found one which was more satisfying, and she reopened:”Shenshen.”

Huo Yunshen’s voice slid into her ears, like a smile but a non-smiling voice: “Add two words.”

She was dumbfounded: “What?”

“You understand.”

Yan Qing really understood, she covered her face and held her shame back, and muttered obediently: “Shenshen baby.”

“Well, I’m here,” Huo Yunshen said in a calm tone, “If you don’t come home tonight, can I ask for some compensation?”

Yan Qing was about to ask about Huo Yunshen’s strange thoughts, when the PA broadcast in the room rang: “Please prepare, in ten minutes, we will take a picture of the dormitory at night.”

She was taken aback, and quickly said to Huo Yunshen: “I have to hang up first. The dormitory shoot is starting.”

There was no sound from the other side, and the breathing was hidden, and it was pitiful.

Yan Qing replied softly: “Okay, okay, I’ll call you when it’s over.”

She hid her mobile phone while complaining. Who would have thought that the perverted Huo Yunshen, the person in charge of the dignified Huo family, would let her coax him at night. She was a little cold and unhappy.

It was so difficult.

Yan Qing cleaned up the dormitory, unlocked the door, and waited for the photographer to come over. The corridor was messy, and there were still several rooms before her turn.

She waited bored, remembering that there was a major event that had not been done yet, so she hurriedly took out Yun Qing’s photo frame that she had smuggled back, and solemnly placed it on the small shelf on the wall next to the bed.

It looked a bit monotonous, but she didn’t know what Yun Qing liked. She brought two small cakes and milk, picked a few useful make-up items, and placed them next to the photo frame.

Alas, it was in a spiritual position.

She had been thinking since she decided to become a “little wife”. Now that she had changed her way, if she wanted to really get involved with Yun Qing’s husband, she should report to her every day.

Otherwise, her conscience would be disturbed.

Yan Qing knelt and sat on the bed, facing the photo frame, placed her fists on her lips, closed her eyes and meditated seriously.

“Goddess, I want to save your husband, but also to leave smoothly in three years. I don’t really covet him.”

“Don’t worry, he only loves you, and the person you love is about to fall apart. I can help him.”

“He is good to me, it’s all for you, don’t be sad, don’t be jealous…”

Yan Qing made sure that she only muttered for no more than 30 seconds, and the concealed dormitory door was suddenly pushed open. Several photographers squeezed in together, raising their lenses to aim at her, who was worshiping her own photo.

The photographers were stunned, their expressions were wonderful, and they cried out as fucking, this material!

The hot search topic at the time of the broadcast has already jumped to the front – #Want to be popular, worship yourself#

#Want to make a C debut? worship yourself#

#Want to turn a good luck every time in distress? Worship yourself!#

Yan Qing and the photographer looked at each other, looked at the camera, and then at Yun Qing in the frame.

So embarrassing.

But she still had to be strong in business so she kept smiling.

Yan Qing filmed the whole scene without much animation, introduced the various objects in the dormitory mechanically, and finally turned to the photo frame under the eager gaze of the photographers.

She squinted, hinting with sweet eyes.

Don’t ask more, can’t I love myself?

It was late at night when the building quietened again. Yan Qing wanted to cry without tears and lay on the bed, but then she remembered that she hadn’t called her Shenshen baby yet, with his spooky temper, she couldn’t not call him, or he would stay awake waiting for her call.

He was sick, and he would collapse if he doesn’t sleep, so he had to be coaxed.

Yan Qing took out her mobile phone and made a call, and he answered it in seconds.

“Shenshen baby.”

“I’m here.”

“Let’s say, how can I not have insomnia?” Mr. Huo’s voice was soft and magnetic, soothing her nerves, making her feel sleepy: “Sing to me, Sing a song…I haven’t sung it to others.”

Yan Qing slandered.

The requirements were high, but also critical and persistent.

But her tongue seemed to have its own thoughts, and it overflowed lightly—

“My baby, baby, I will give you a little sweetness, so that you can sleep well all night…”

Yan Qing sang herself to sleep. She didn’t know when she closed her eyes.

Huo Yunshen was on the other side of the phone, listening to her soft breathing all night.

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