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Sitting on the chair where the actors rested on the set, Yan Qingchi looked at the post and felt that there was no way to save him. Yuan Mingxu was really hopeless. They all reminded him but he couldn’t hold back his anger and still had something to say, and this was after they gave him some advice to make him a little colder, even telling him that Jiang Mochen wouldn’t stand up for him and did not miss him anymore, so why did he still insist on being loyal to him in life and death? This kind of person was really hopeless and would get himself killed sooner or later without him taking any action.

As he was watching, he heard the director calling his name, so he put down his phone and stood up to prepare for filming. At this time, Yan Qingchi had no idea that a new storm was brewing on the Internet.

What can you do in 6 hours? What’s the use of 6 hours? In 6 hours, someone can draw a beautiful picture; in 6 hours, someone can compose a moving melody; in 6 hours, someone can learn a new skill. Similarly, 6 hours is enough to cause a bloody storm on the Internet.

As soon as Yuan Mingxu’s interview came out, Yuan Mingxu’s fans felt that there was something wrong. Yuan Mingxu said that he did not expect that he would be beaten. Then Yuan Mingxu said that some people were different from what they appeared on camera but he found it difficult to tell. These two answers were nothing separately, but when combined, they sounded a bit subtle. Fans of Yuan Mingxu immediately reviewed the Weibo posts posted by Yuan Mingxu when he was recording the show and found that only 13 of the 14 people who participated in the recording appeared in his Weibo pictures. They searched through the recording list and the photos on Weibo one by one, and found that even Wei Lan had appeared, but Yan Qingchi did not, not even once.

During the interview, Yuan Mingxu said that he was confused when he was beaten, and he was not good at judging some people. Yuan Mingxu’s fans went crazy and bombarded Yan Qingchi, saying that he deliberately slapped Yuan Mingxu in the face in front of the camera and mistreated him behind the scenes.

Yan Qingchi relied on the broadcast of these three episodes of “Let’s Fight! Friend!” to attract a lot of fans, and the new fans were still in the honeymoon period. How could they tolerate their idol being scolded for no reason, so they rolled up their sleeves and started fighting with Yuan Mingxu’s fans.

Fans of Yuan Mingxu said that Yan Qingchi hit people intentionally, and fans of Yan Qingchi said that fans of Yuan Mingxu had persecution delusions.

Fans of Yuan Mingxu pointed out: Why don’t you explain why there are so many photos on Weibo but not even one has Yan Qingchi?

Fans of Yan Qingchi were confident: Then go and ask the rightful owner of your family.

The feud between the two families was intense and heated, which even brought up past events.

“Who doesn’t know that Yan Qingchi relied on Nancheng and took advantage of Jiang Mochen’s resources to rise to the top. Otherwise, where was it his turn to participate in “Let’s Fight! Friends!”, he wouldn’t even know where he got his resources from.”

“It’s not that Yuan Mingxu returned to China just because a variety show invited him. Combined with Guan Jingshen’s departure, could it be…”

“F**k, stop talking upstairs, it’s scary to think about it!”

“Sister Sunshine, please come on, don’t you have a good idea of the sports level of your master? Even if you are blind, no one is blind. He is like this, and he still wants to be the permanent resident guest of “Let’s fight! Friend!”, wake up quickly, wake up.”

“Yan Qingchi is Nancheng’s artist and Jiang Mochen’s savior. Jiang Mochen is willing to take him, and Nancheng is willing to support him. What’s the matter? Yuan Mingxu, on the other hand, has consumed so much of Jiang Mochen’s resources and he is not even Nancheng’s artist. It just doesn’t make sense.”

“The most important thing is that he has eaten so many resources without making any splash. This is your ability, hahahahahaha.”

“Yuan Mingxu and Yan Qingchi’s fans are shameless. The two families are at odds with each other. As the third family, you first accuse our father Jiang Mochen of doing free poverty alleviation, then you still pull him out and lay a gun on him. If you accuse our father Jiang again, I will directly destroy the post!”

Fans of Yuan Mingxu’s family and Yan Qingchi’s family did not dare to provoke Jiang Mochen’s fans, so they could only stop and tear each other apart in anger. After tearing and tearing, it was back to the pillow fight. Fans of Yuan Mingxu’s family said that Yan Qingchi was scheming, and fans of Yan Qingchi’s family said that Yuan Mingxu was a fool.

The two sides were scolding each other, when Yan Qingchi’s fan said, “The reason why our brother hit your idiot is because your idiot didn’t hug Wei Lan properly. Otherwise, when Wei Lan hid for a moment, the inertia of his force would also affect him. They could have hid together, but what was the result? He let go early, and Wei Lan didn’t pay attention because he was hiding. If he didn’t hide, it was because he wasn’t serious about playing the game. Who’s to blame for that?”

Galaxy Sisters[1] immediately exploded, “You can’t live without mentioning Wei Lan, right? Yuan Mingxu should be torn up, not having fun while playing games, sitting there like an idiot, thank god, my brother has good skills, so nothing happened, otherwise if something had gone wrong, could he bear the consequences? But if you want to tear each other apart, please focus on yourselves, sister Oats, and your family’s quarrels don’t mess with our brother.”

However, even though the Galaxy Guardian Team said so but on the other side they were already at odds with the Yuan Mingxu family fans. How could they not notice what Yan Qingchi’s fans noticed? They didn’t mention it before because everyone else was being nice. They saw it and turned a blind eye for the time being, just pretending not to care. But Yan Qingchi’s fans now pointed out that if they still turned a blind eye and pretended to be nice, wouldn’t it make people think that Wei Lan was easy to bully.

So, the Galaxy Guardian team angrily tore Yuan Mingxu apart. The fans of the Yuan Mingxu family were still fighting with the Yan Qingchi family. Now when they saw the fans of the Wei Lan family coming over, they almost spit out a mouthful of blood. Wei Lan fans were fans of him since his talent show days. When Wei Lan debuted in the talent show, they fought with other contestants every day. Later, Wei Lan exposed the shady story behind the scenes and announced his withdrawal from the competition. They fought with the program team again and waited until Wei Lan was asked to participate in the music show again. Then, they started to fight with the guests on the show. It can be said that they had gone through many obstacles all the way. Fighting was a common occurrence for them. Looking at the entire fan circle, there were few who could match their firepower. To deal with Yuan Mingxu’s fans, Galaxy Sisters didn’t even need big fans to take action. They only had to send out one or two small teams to deal with them.

Passers-by were eating melons and watching the show, and they all said, “Good job, please make it louder!”

After Yan Qingchi and Wei Lan finished filming their daytime scenes, they were eating and chatting happily. Yan Qingchi opened the forum and saw that Galaxy Sisters had already pressed Yuan Mingxu’s fan to the ground and rubbed it in. Everyone all lamented that indeed, mom fans were better than girlfriend fans.

Yan Qingchi understood the cause and effect, clicked his tongue a few times, and sighed to Wei Lan: “The fight on the Internet is like a war without gunpowder, it’s so terrible.”

Wei Lan took his mobile phone, looked at it, and understood what happened. After looking it over, he was so angry that he threw his chopsticks down on the spot.

“He dares to act like a demon under my nose. He really thinks that his path of stardom is too smooth!”

Yan Qingchi’s heart jumped suddenly because of fright. “What’s wrong with you?”

Wei Lan was as irritable as a balloon about to burst. He ignored him, took out his mobile phone and tweeted directly.

Wei Lan V: @Yuan Mingxu Make it clear, who does one thing in front of the camera and another behind the scenes, and why does it make you feel hard to tell? You and I were recording the same variety show. We were in the same team. Why don’t I know? Stop making insinuations and insinuating others. Just say it directly. If you don’t want to talk, let me help you.

When Yan Qingchi walked around the table and came behind Wei Lan, he saw that Wei Lan had already pressed send. He was so frightened that he quickly pressed Wei Lan’s shoulders and said, “My young master, delete it as soon as possible.”

As he said this, he was about to grab Wei Lan’s cell phone, but Wei Lan could not let him do so. The two of them struggled for a long time, but Yan Qingchi failed to grab Wei Lan’s cell phone.

“Aren’t you afraid that your agent will scold you?” Yan Qingchi was helpless.

“Why would he scold me? What have I done wrong? Yuan Mingxu is challenging my authority and playing tricks under my nose. Does he really think I am dead?”

“I am very grateful that you have this heart. But if you do this, your agent will hate me to death.”

“You think too much.” Wei Lan sat back in his chair, “If I didn’t go and he said this kind of thing and did this kind of thing, I won’t think much of it. If you were unhappy, you will directly retaliate, even if I was not there! Now that I have gone, the nature is different, you know?! Do you think I really just went there to have fun and be bored? I just went to watch the fun and entertainment! Although I like the liveliness, but I still have to suppress him, otherwise I will be sorry for my name.”

Wei Lan looked at him, “You also know that I debuted in the draft, and I was almost cheated, so I hate to see such secret activities. I can’t see it, that’s it, if I see it, then I can’t bear it. Even if it’s not you, but someone else, I will end up speaking out directly. That’s the kind of person I am, so if you don’t want to provoke me, don’t do these messy things in front of me. It doesn’t matter to me. I will go home and inherit the family business even if I have to quit the circle. What should I be afraid of?”

Yan Qingchi was rendered speechless by what he said. He could only sigh and pat him on the shoulder, “You are really…the last light in the entertainment industry!”

“Stop complimenting me. You thought I was being arrogant just now.”

“I just don’t think you need to wade into my muddy water.”

“I’ve been through a lot of muddy water, and it’s not as good as yours. Don’t worry, Zhang Cheng is already used to it.”

What Zhang Cheng already used to, Yan Qingchi didn’t know, but Yan Qingchi knew that Galaxy Sisters must be angry.

As soon as Wei Lan’s Weibo post went viral, the entire forum and Weibo exploded. Some people speculated that Yuan Mingxu’s fans had wronged the wrong person. Was Yuan Mingxu actually talking about Wei Lan? After all, it was Wei Lan who hid first when he was beaten, and in this variety show, Wei Lan’s appearance was indeed somewhat different from his usual appearance.

Most passers-by said, did Yuan Mingxu feel that his path of stardom was too smooth and he was asking for trouble?

A small number of passers-by said that Yuan Mingxu was not stupid enough to dare to insinuate Wei Lan, was he?

However, this could not stop the angry Galaxy Sisters from standing on the street for their brother after seeing their brother die, feeling wronged for their brother and tearing Yuan Mingxu to pieces angrily!

For a time, Yuan Mingxu’s scandal was flying all over the place. Yuan Mingxu’s fans tried hard to control the situation. However, sister fans of Wei Lan, who were unable to resist her eagerness to protect their younger brother, only made them wail: “Is this entertainment industry surnamed Wei? Wei Lan said this, can’t you?”

Galaxy Sisters said: “You can’t say it, aren’t you still saying it now? You’re being arrogant and standing up, shut up!”

Soon, the matter reached a new climax, when Yang Xiaoxiao forwarded Wei Lan’s Weibo, with the text: “My brother is super cute. I was very happy to be in the same team with my brother. I was also very happy to record the whole program. I didn’t think anyone was bad.”

People eating melons were shocked: “Is this a team?”

“Yang Xiaoxiao doesn’t count as taking sides. She herself is a sister fan of Wei Lan. Looking through her Weibo from three years ago, you can still see the Weibo that was used to canvass for votes for Wei Lan when he debuted. She has her own attributes, so it doesn’t count.” Yang Xiaoxiao’s fans explained.

“But Chen Xuanlang also posted on Weibo.” Someone reminded.

Everyone was shocked again, even Yan Qingchi was a little shocked. Yang Xiaoxiao posted on Weibo. It could be said that it was because she was a fan of Wei Lan and supported Wei Lan unconditionally, but why did Chen Xuanlang also post it?

Chen Xuanlang’s Weibo was very simple: Before I knew it, there are only two episodes left to record, and this season is coming to an end, and I am still a little reluctant to leave. This season there were some old friends and some new friends. The old friends had a tacit understanding as always, while the new friends have brought me many surprises. I believe the last two episodes will be even more exciting!

This Weibo was very official, but the timing was a bit subtle. Being stuck at this point seemed to mean that everyone was fine and that he agreed with Wei Lan.

Yan Qingchi was a little puzzled, and Chen Xuanlang’s agent was also puzzled.

After seeing the Weibo, Chen Xuanlang’s manager immediately found his artist and asked him, “What are you posting on Weibo at this time?”

“Do I need your approval to post on Weibo now?” Chen Xuanlang asked.

The agent was speechless, “Forget it, you can just do what you want. Anyway, it won’t hurt because you are on Wei Lan’s side. You should think more before doing something next time and discuss it with me first.”

Chen Xuanlang ignored him and turned his head away, only feeling troubled. He didn’t post on Weibo to side with Wei Lan, but because he knew that Wei Lan’s appearance would divert trouble to him and lead conflicts to him, even though Yuan Mingxu was obviously alluding to Yan Qingchi. Yuan Mingxu had also spread rumors about Yan Qingchi in front of him. When he and Sun Xun talked about it later, Sun Xun was so helpless that he only sent him a string of ellipses, telling him that Yuan Mingxu and Jiang Mochen were indeed not having a pleasant relationship anymore while advising him not to be gullible.

Chen Xuanlang had always been grateful and guilty to Yan Qingchi for his kind reminder about Ruan Wenxuan and had always wanted to give him something back. It just so happened that Yuan Mingxu said this, and it happened that Wei Lan and Yang Xiaoxiao both got on the court, so he also posted on Weibo. He originally wanted to speak more clearly but thinking that Wei Lan had finally brought the focus to him, mentioning Yan Qingchi at this time would just betray his good intentions, so Chen Xuanlang did not speak so clearly, but it could be regarded as a united front with Wei Lan.

Immediately afterwards, Sun Xun also posted on Weibo: The thing that impressed me the most: How does Yan Qingchi seem to know everything. The person with the biggest contrast: Wei Lan looks like a bully every day, but is actually quite innocent, cute and obedient. Recommending a friend: Jiang Mochen, after all, we haven’t seen each other for a long time.

His Weibo post was much clearer than what Chen Xuanlang posted, and even matched Wei Lan’s post. The three questions were exactly what the reporter asked Yuan Mingxu, expressing his feelings for Yan Qingchi along with appreciation and liking for Wei Lan while also cueing Jiang Mochen.

Yan Qingchi’s fans and Wei Lan’s fans quickly rushed to Sun Xun’s Weibo to thank Sun Xun for speaking up for their brothers.

And what about Little House Sister? Sister Little House wanted to tear up these people who messed with their boss Jiang! What a mess, why do the two of them wanted to cue their boss Jiang! Couldn’t Mr. Jiang be allowed to film well?

The author has something to say:

Wei Lan: Who told you to act like a demon in front of my eyes, do you think I am dead?

The recording points of the previous variety shows were closed one by one. Yuan Mingxu is about to face the first low point in his life, and it is all his own fault~ And, Yuan Mingxu always cue Jiang Mochen out of habit and wanting to show Zhou Yixing, even though he said that he will never pester Mr. Jiang again, but he wants to hang on both sides and make Mr. Jiang and Zhou Yixing bend their backs for him [face covering]

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[1] For those who don’t remember this is the name of WL’s fan group.

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